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25 July, 2011

Man on a Mission: Anders Behring Breivik & the Norway Terror Op

Where have I seen this kind of posed picture from before?
Oh yes, now I remember.
65 years to date on 22, July 1946, the Israeli terrorist group Irgun bombed the King David Hotel with the intent to destroy documents and intelligence data on Israeli terrorist groups, their members and criminal activities collected by the British military/intelligence. Historically, numerous covert campaigns have been carried out that the anniversaries have macabre and suspiciously timed events occur. For example, domestic terror ops that occur in the U.S. during the month of April such as the OKC bombing, Columbine and the kill spree at Virginia Tech. Usually they are a sick homage to Hitler's birthday, the satanic Walpurgisnacht or Columbine. The one thing they all have in common is that they are of synthesised origin, engineered beyond the logistical capabilities of simple lone nuts. This time they used different type of patsy, a Eugenicist's ideal dream child, who could double as the centrefold for Der Stürmer.

On 29, June 2011 here: I foreshadowed that there was to be a false flag terror incident, so much so that I placed my international False Flag Warning System to Red. Though I didn't exclusively call this one it does classify as one nonetheless, and I will sadly inform you that this Norway incident is a conditioning lead up to one much larger and worse. I have advanced that it will occur sometime in September (the anniversary of 9/11 most likely) due to the propagated chatter coming from intelligence front groups and managed pseudo-gangs. There may even be another incident of this same magnitude again before then to exponentially amplify the fear/terror agenda into overdrive.
The Norway terror suspect Anders Behring Breivik is a self confessed  frimurerloge (Freemason). On 23, July 2011 I wrote the following reply at A13's brilliant blog Thirteenth Monkey "Well, considering that Norway's staunchly right-wing Progress party are vehement supporters of Israel and were the only party in Norway to support Israel's war on Gaza in 2008-2009, I would say that is one of the first places I would investigate as a terrorist staging ground, and possible centre of recruitment for the patsies in this attack would be this lot." Well, 24 hours later it has been officially confirmed that, Breivik was indeed a youth and adult member of the conservative Fremskrittspartiet (FrP) or Progress Party, according to the Norwegian newspaper VG. Now I'm not saying that it proves that Breivik was a sayan patsy working for the Mossad, but it is a good piece of evidence in that direction. In 7, October 2005 the BBC ran a story that reported: Karin Linstad, a pro-Palestinian activist and leading member of the Norwegian Palestine Committee was a double-agent for the Mossad. A book entitled War and Diplomacy, by Odd Karsten Tveit, is said to have revealed Ms. Linstad's role as a Mossad operative.
The latest in patsy chic.
In 15, November 2010, an article surfaced that stated the U.S had been discovered spying on the citizens of 5 Scandinavian countries including Norway. The U.S.were accused of illegally spying on hundreds of people in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Iceland. Officials in the five countries expressed their unhappiness at the surveillance tactics that were conducted without the knowledge of the individual nations' governments. Specifically, the U.S. Embassy in Norway was named and directly accused of espionage. The exposure manifested as early as November 3, when the Norwegian media outlet TV2 screened a report stating that a group of U.S. agents has been surveilling 15 to 20 Norwegians for 10 years, mostly at various rallies. It stated suspects were photographed, with the information then sent on to Washington, allegedly to prevent terrorist attacks against U.S. embassies.

The MSM reporting is rancid with Zionist manipulations, as they all are lockstep branding Breivik as a Neo-Nazi in much the similar vein as Lee Harvey Oswald was jacketed as a Communist. Breivik very well might be, but the language being used on him seems strategically poisonous and a bit contrived to say the least. Frankly, it stinks like a classic black ops patsy setup. This includes the sudden appearance of an over 1,500 page manifesto entitled “A European Declaration of Independence", that was alleged to have been published on the day of the attack itself. On it Breivik used a pen-name alias of Andrew Berwick from London UK dated 2011.

Part of Breivik's manifesto was taken almost word for word from the first few pages of the anti-technology manifesto written by "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski. It was also conveniently published in English as well as his native language, but it is unknown at this time whether it was originally written in English though it reads so. Throughout the scripted screed which rails on about a Muslim scourge is the familiar anti-muslim diatribe that could be found in your typical Zionist agit-prop. In fact, it reads very much like the Cliff notes of a Rothschild Mein Kampf 2.0.
The Terrorist Ken doll with Zio-Fascist Grip
The casualty total so far stands at 93 dead, with 30 wounded in the bomb blast, with 67 more wounded in the mass shooting. From this we are to gullibly accept that one fucking bloke acting alone, and without any military training or experience, carried out this much co-ordinated mayhem completely on his own. Of course people willing to believe this level of tripe also must be convinced that the film Rambo was a documentary. One reason for the high lethality in the shooting victims was the use of unconventional ammunition. Dr. Colin Poole, head of surgery at Ringriket Hospital in Honefoss northwest of Oslo, told The Associated Press that the gunman used special bullets designed to disintegrate inside the body and cause maximum internal damage. Poole said surgeons treating 16 gunshot victims have recovered no full bullets. There are also an uncorroborated report from an eyewitness stating that the gunman was talking into a headset during the commission of the shooting massacre.

Note also, that Norwegian police took almost 90 minutes to respond after reports that the gunman/gunmen began firing on the victims. The shooter(s) killing spree on Utøya island lasted for 1.5 hours, and Norwegian Beredskapstroppen (BT) were summoned after a 50 minute lapse of time had passed, then finally arriving a full 40 minutes later. Police Chief Sveinung Sponheim stated that the BT tac-teams were dispatched after 50 minutes then it took 20 minutes to drive to the lake and another 20 minutes to secure a boat to take them to the island. Here's the problem with this scenario, because Beredskapstroppen has two Rigid-hulled inflatable boats. This model has three engines with a total motor power capacity of 675 HP. For air transport Beredskapstroppen uses a military Bell 412 SP from the Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF). So from this evidence it suggests that this terror spree was allowed to progress to produce a high casualty rate.

Another red-herring piece of information is that 48 hours before the Oslo/Utøya island terror attack, the Oslo Police carried out an anti-terror drill. Apparently police were conducting a covert bombing exercise at a location near the Oslo Opera House. Then just 48 hours later a terrorist bomb blast hits a government building in the Norwegian capital. What are the odds of that? If you also recall drills of this nature were also carried out during 7/7 and during 9/11. Why? because drills make the best cover for big black ops terrorism. Especially when there are un-informed participants and patsies who are unaware it's actually real until it's too late, and that the "drill" has suddenly gone live in all aspects.

The ever-lying media are also propagating that Breivik does not have a military background, and despite Norway's mandatory military service. They are claiming that he has an exemption which can only be obtained if one declares they are a pacifist or for medical reasons. However, I'm also sure the exemption can also be obtained through intelligence intervention or through economic means of bribery. If we are to accept the ever-morphing official story we must believe that a lone nut with an assault rifle, a rifle and handgun and planted explosive ordnance, carried out a mass shooting single-handedly that would make an SAS strike-team look like first recruits. We must also believe (according to his back-story and manifesto) that he is a self-declared neo-Knights Templar on a collective crusade to purge Europe of all Marxist and Muslim influences. How does he accomplish this 'Great Work'? By targeting and gunning down innocent youth and adults who just so happen to be fiercely anti-Zionist as well as vocal advocates for war crimes trials and boycotts for Israel. That makes sense doesn't it? Sort of like declaring that you hate Russians and then summarily jumping up and lethally attacking your own family.

One telling entry in his manifesto read "Will attempt to initiate contact with cell 8b and 8c in late March," which seems to signify that he was not working alone, nor was he the leader.

Below are but a few key points that made Norway a specific black ops target for Israel:

• "Norway backs Palestinian bid for UN recognition in September" - July 21, 2011

• "Norway Announces Withdrawal From Libya Campaign by Aug 1" - June 10, 2011

• In autumn 2011 it is expected that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will bring the matter od Palestinian statehood to the UN. Where he will officially ask for UN membership and recognition of a Palestinian state within the borders before the 1967 war, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

• Norway is a major donor to the Palestinians and express that they are prepared to recognise its statehood. They chair a group of countries that meets regularly to coordinate financial aid for the Palestinians.

• The day previous to the terrorist incident,on Thursday 21, July 2011, Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store visited Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya. There he was met with demands from the Workers' Youth League (AUF) that Norway must recognise a Palestinian state and a unilateral economic embargo imposed on Israel from the Norwegian side. The AUF summer camp attracts some of the brightest and most ambitious members of the Labour Party’s next generation, so the massacre means a huge loss to the party’s future.

• Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visited Norway on Monday 18, July 2011.

• The terror blast also specifically damaged the Oil Ministry, which caught fire. If you recall, on 23, August 2010, Norway's Ministry of Finance announced that the Norway Oil Fund dumped their investments in the Israeli companies Africa-Israel Investments and Danya Cebus Ltd. According to the newspaper Dagbladet, police at the scene say the bombing attack appears to have been directed against the Department of Oil and Energy.

A report alleges that the same fuel/fertiliser composition used in the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal building explosion were also used in the Oslo bombing. This is interesting, because if a fertiliser explosive was used, it was as a distraction to draw the police and emergency teams to that direction. A diversion much like the planes were used in 9/11 to distract from placed charges going off in the building below. It is standard operating procedure (SoP) in black ops bomb terrorism and assassinations to use a diversions to carry out missions (see the Benazir Bhutto assassination for an illustrative example).

In the case of the Oklahoma City bombing the explosives used in the actual explosion proved to be of the Semtex/plastique variety placed at the base or actually on the building columns. According to blast effects tests conducted at the Wright Laboratory in Eglin Air Force Base, the Eglin Test Structure (ETS) data indicated that "The damage to the Murrah Federal building is consistent with damage resulting from mechanically coupled devices placed locally within the structure...". They also further stated that "due to the lack of symmetrical damage pattern at the Murrah building, it would be inconsistent with the results of the ETS test one, to state that all of the damage to the Murrah building is the result of the truck bomb". Why do I impart this information? Because, the M.O. is the same in the Norwegian terror bombing case, and displays evidence of either similar training or group of perpetrators. The Murrah Federal building attack also has at least one known hint of Mossad involvement in the character named Andreas Carl Strassmeier. 

On 4, April 2011 A.P. of the Twelth Bough ran down the following information ( "Elohim City was used as a paramilitary training ground. It had a runway. The head of security was Andreas Strassmeir. Strassmeir spoke fluent Hebrew and according to the London Times, he also had a Jewish girlfriend in the IDF." Elohim (Hebrew for God by the by) City was said to be the staging/training area for the alleged perpetrators of the Murrah building attack. Now I don't know about you but how many alleged Neo-Nazi's with direct ties to German intelligence do you know who have Israeli girlfriends in the IDF who speak English, German and Hebrew? Seems to be the exact qualifications for a double-agent cover in the Mossad for sure. You know how Israeli women just can't wait to shag off with a Neo-Nazi, which is the kind of rubbish that we're supposed to gleefully digest and just walk away with.


I was going to cover Breivik's affiliations and self-professed declarations of love for Zionism and Israel, but A13 at Thirteenth Monkey beat me to it. Please go to her site for that very critical angle of which she covered admirably,

*Update 2!*

I just wrote up a new post with some new updates and valuable information on the Norway massacre and some revealing background on the psychopath Breivik. Check it below:


  1. Hey HHQ!

    I did see something of interest.
    The police were looking for a second suspect, but, the shooters lawyer said the fellow worked alone, which I thought was so odd....

    Why would the shooters so called lawyer say that?

    here the lawyer says some other odd things

    "He wanted a change in society and, from his perspective, he needed to force through a revolution," Geir Lippestad, his lawyer, told public broadcaster NRK. "He wished to attack society and the structure of society."

    While some on the island reported that there was a second assailant and police said they were looking into that, Lippestad said his client claims to have acted alone.

    Isn't this guys lawyer prejudicing his case?

    I do agree wholeheartedly that this has false flag written all over it.

    I had an interview up way back about some Norwegians who had gone to Gaza and wrote a book about the experience, it was absolutely brutal, the interview that is.
    Their description of the atrocities visited on the people of Gaza during cast lead.

  2. great post HHQ, excellent application of critical thinking (we love that stuff!)...

    i am in full agreement that this is like Oklahoma City and in the sense that it precedes larger events to come. also i was reading at aan's and saw this link:

    from this post:

    November 1991 -- Mossad agents allowed to question Palestinian refugees, allowed by Norwegian security. Norwegian government supposedly not informed of the arrangement.

    "Norwegian-Israeli secret service cooperation runs within the framework of the so called "Kilowatt group". This is a loose "informal and practice oriented" network of secret services including the NATO-countries, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel and South Africa. It was created in the early seventies on Israeli initiative with the declared aim to combat terrorism. In first statements the chief of Overvakningspolitiet Svein Urdal declared that such cooperation was "natural and justified under certain circumstances" and his predecessor asserted that "we decide, how the cooperation is carried out and how eventual hosts shall behave." Norwegian security officials also point out the "give and take" character of Kilowatt. Mossad, they say, is an invaluable source of information, but asks for services in exchange.

    The Swedish journalist and secret service expert Jan Guillou asserts that Israel's influence on opinion making within the Kilowatt group is great: "Israel determines, what must be rated as dangerous." And with regard to the "give and take" game he notes: "When e.g. Israel expresses the wish that Palestinians or other Arabs be expelled from a scandinavian country, it can ask indirectly that this should happen. And it happens that it happens.""

    imagine my shock. but seriously, this is twenty years ago.

  3. Thanks Penny for the valuable info, the lawyers in these "lone nutter" type cases often take their cues from elsewhere. Cases like these are high-profile and winning it for their clients is way down at the list of their priorities. Win or lose, the barrister/lawyer attached to this will have their station and wealth significantly elevated particularly if he plays ball. Additionally more so if they stick to the script and ensure that their client rides the rails as ordered straight to prison. Breivik must still be of value to them other wise he'd get the Oswald/Columbine-killers treatment and get assassinated post-mission. They could have also played him like Sirhan Sirhan and fobbed him off as full-on insane, but the one ploy I was surprised they didn't pull is the old 'shooter carries out mission and then terminates himself conveniently' one. If they want to play it out in a court room, you can be sure it's to follow a planned agenda. Despite the lies of the conventional media, Breivik was trained in military and intelligence methodologies and he betrays it with his use of certain terminology, his thinking and manner. An experienced, trained eye knows what to look for and can spot it, because it pops forth from the landscape.

    Funny you bring up the Norwegian eyewitnesses to the grievous Gaza genocide. They're two doctors named Erik Fosse and Mads Gilbert that detailed the calculated and wanton murder of Palestinians in their book "Eyes in Gaza". The two were envoys of NORWAC (the Norwegian Aid Committee) and were present during Operation Cast Lead witnessing horrific war crimes that made the Nazis look good by comparison. I'll have to look up that interview you wrote on them as soon as I get a chance.

  4. A.P. thanks too for your absolutely invaluable contribution. I ran across this Kilowatt Group in the course of my research for this post but was done in knackerd, and bookmarked it for later. Salute to you for bringing it to the fore and anyone wanting more information on the covert back dealings of the Mossad in Norway and the Kilowatt Group, should read this brilliant post here: Mossad Has Been Active In Norway For Decades

    When I read this line as well as the last paragraph in your reply "Mossad, they say, is an invaluable source of information, but asks for services in exchange.", all I could think of is how they operate like this not just with Norway, but with all the nations of the world they seek to dominate and manipulate. In particular, that line indicated for me that they seek out a trade of services because it allows them extortion material and accomplice culpability in their crimes. Sort of a if you bring me down, I'll bring you down in the process type arrangement. 9/11 is a a great example of this type of joint crime architected by intrenched dual-national double-agents running lobbying extortion scams for money and materiel support.

    Well done good sister.

  5. HI HHQ,
    Sorry for taking so much time to get over here to your place and comment..
    Been bloody hectic hasn't it?
    There is so much going on at the moment and we are all distracted by all these angles, propaganda and spin...all the connections and ramifications of this "terror event".
    The connection to the strategem of the port athur shootings is very similar imo.
    Cheers and much respect.
    Excellent post and great research about the progress party, and thanks for the links over :)

  6. Right back at you, I just came from your site, bloody hectic indeed, from famine to feast. Yes the Breivik attack is very reminiscent of the Port Arthur attack. It has elements of the OKC bombing, Columbine and Port Arthur like some sort of depraved homage.

    I'm trying to cover angles that aren't being covered by you or others to avoid duplicating efforts and fostering confusion. Which explains why we are linking back to each other's work and having the readers run like clocks to keep up.

    Cheers and respect to you as well.

  7. Great post, HHQ. Very interesting angles indeed. Of course the kids/people killed are pro-peace, pro Palestinian. Makes sense.

    It's quite a statement from Mossad, and the PTB. It's a head on a stake right in the middle of town, proclaiming: You stand against us, we'll kill you.

    Definitely a lead up to a bigger event, and like all false flag attacks of any sort, they are multi-faceted in message and target. It's against Norway and its peaceful policies and stance against Israel's occupation, plus the pulling out of war thing; it's against peace-loving Palestinian supporters; it's against those against Israel (same thing, I suppose); and, maybe most importantly . . . it's a statement that NO ONE is safe from their wrath.

    No one is safe, not even some harmless kids in a camp on an island in some remote scandinavian country.

    Unless you are in a pro-Israel camp - then, you're good to go, naturally.

    Sick people out there, HHQ.

  8. Deeply sick "people" indeed and insatiably bloodthirsty. I put people in quotations because remorse, empathy and compassion for others is the prerequisite to retain your membership in the human club. Calling them animals is an insult to animals, but two-legged, soulless parasites and psychopaths works for me. Or perhaps foetid garbage wrapped in a flesh bin liner.

    Cheers friend, always good to hear your commentary.

  9. HHQ:

    I searched and searched my blog yesterday for that interview and I will be dammed if I can find it!

    I wanted to relink it in light of this incident, but no such luck so far,however if I can find it it will be moved up.

    I haven't touched this one because you and A-13 and so many others have covered it soo well, there is no need for me to, except I covered the media angle.

    That all said, did you know they found unexploded (explosives) undetonated explosive on the Island?

    I find that odd.
    No mention on where the explosives were found, how they got there, what kind of explosives etc., etc.,

    I know the msm wants the reader to ASSUME that the shooter brought them on the island..

    But there is no indication he had anything on him but phony ID.

    Was he carrying these weapons when he crossed the water onto the island? Were they planted in advance on the Island?
    Were the explosives pre-planted on the Island?
    These questions beg asking and even more so they require legitimate answers.

  10. Thanks Penny, and yes I did hear about the undetonated explosives, but was awaiting further confirmation. That part of the terror spree made me immediately think of the Columbine black op, where UXB's (unexploded bombs) were found on-site as well. Unfortunately, from this point forward most of the conventional main stream media news sources will be contaminated with disinformation. The official story is being hardened now and in incidents such as these it is absolutely critical to get to as many raw sources and collect as much of the early coverage as possible. For these often contain essential evidence and information before the sanitisers begin obscuring it to establish their poisoned version.

    Personally, I don't believe that Breivik planted those explosives by himself, as he confessed that he was working with at least 2 cells. The Knight's Templar group shite is a shoddy ruse being used as a cover for a regional black ops team. This took planning, logistics, surveillance and ground-level intel to pull off something as synchronised as this. Aangirfan is even talking about Breivik possibly having a double here: Breivik's Double

    What we really need is access to raw footage, eyewitness testimonies and other evidence directly from Norwegian sources. Where's is all the CCTV camera footage from the government buildings and shoppes nearby? Also, now, virtually everyone has a cell phone or device that captures digital video and still shots, and someone under siege in Utøya had to have taken digital shots. Perhaps they were even confiscated as "evidence" that will never see the light of day. Time will tell, but at the length truth will out.

  11. Watch the nine-minute video of the police boat here
    An amateur photographer filmed emergency squad on its way from the mainland to Utøya

  12. Very good evidence of the most feeble segment of that police operation. Grossly overloading a boat with police and ordnance, then taking their sweet time to finally fail foundering in the water until a citizen raced out to donate his craft to the response team. That shocking level of ineptitude and incompetence can only be seen as complicity in the proceedings. This false flag was allowed to occur at multiple law enforcement levels.

    Cheers for discovering and posting the link to that vital video T.R. Blogg.


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