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03 January, 2013

Black Op Shooting Survival: Evade. Conceal. Eliminate.

Kill or be Killed

I had written this entry about a week ago, and now I feel it's appropriate to post my particular take on this. Especially in light of the fact that the US Department of Homeland Security had funded and released an active shooter survival video entitled Run. Hide. Fight. The brief public service message was actually produced by the City of Houston Mayor's Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security, and I sat down and watched the almost 6 minute video. I was fully prepared in the belief that it was going to be utter rubbish, but I was actually surprised that it actually contained some workable basic points. I wonder if DHS gave any thought to the fact that it may actually impede or stop an engineered black op shooting. In any event, it's worth a look if you have the time, and bear in mind that I am NOT endorsing any DHS propaganda. However, if it contains information of value then take it and use it to possibly save your life. I've learned a long time ago that one can occasionally discover information of benefit from unlikely or even repugnant sources from time to time.

This latest black op shooting had me thinking about methods to improve the odds of people surviving one, and possibly turning the tables on their assailants. In a way, I am a bit hesitant to impart this information for fear that future perpetrators may educate and prepare themselves against these survival tactics. However, I believe that it's more important to get the information out to the masses to share with the more vulnerable of our population. I'd like to initiate this as a dialogue and invite anyone with any additional advice or ideas to participate. My hope is that this collected information can save lives, catch or eliminate threats and route state-sponsored terrorists. Sending a message that we the citizenry are not sitting ducks murdered to advance disarmament agendas or serve as the means to establish phoney laws to manifest a police state.

Tactical Survival

When a black op strikes your school, public place or workplace, time is absolutely critical as it usually occurs without warning. The perpetrators will most likely be trained and will kill without hesitation or mercy. When faced with parties attempting to kill you or your associates or loved ones, you will have to put yourself into this mental space as well. You will need to prepare yourself to kill, maim or otherwise disable your attacker with extreme prejudice, clarity and precision. Your hesitation or paralysis due to fear will get you killed straight away. If you can evade a dangerous situation do so at the earliest opportunity, but if you are unable, then you will only have one recourse. Your advantage over them is knowing your environment and you should mentally note the following when you got to your school, place of work or any public place. If you can escape or evade an attacker, that should of course be your very first course of action assisting as many as you can.

• Note where all exits are. Are there any windows? Semi-concealed doors to attics or basements? Make sure to casually scan your perimeter and mentally note the locations of all of these.

• Modern construction often uses drywall that can be broken with a few well-placed foot stomps. Depending on one's girth and physique, you may be able to wriggle between the wooden wall studs into an adjoining room for evasion.

• If you cannot flee the situation with any immediacy and safety, then find proper cover. This is NOT under a desk, in a closet or anything else to which bullets can readily pass. You'll want to find the heaviest, most dense object or structure you can find, and you'll want to make sure that your head and centre mass are suitably protected. Crouch if you can, and present yourself as the smallest possible target. DO NOT make any noises whatsoever and keep yourself as calm and focused as you possibly can. Panic, fear and hysteria are your worst enemies in situations such as these. Do not over-think your predicament, think clearly and move with efficiency and purpose.

• Scan your perimeter for things that can be converted to defensive or offensive weapons. Most likely if you're caught in a shooting rampage, you will be faced with a gunman or gunmen that will be shooting using an automatic or semi-automatic weapon. Therefore, you'll need to secure or fashion makeshift weaponry quickly in order to address this reality if escape is impossible. One of the best is grabbing any and as many fire extinguishers as you can safely. Fire extinguishers can provide a reasonable screen cover similar to smoke, and work well to hindering visual clarity. Well timed and aimed extinguishers can also be used to blind or choke an assailant if shot directly at the face. This will not obviously work if the perp is wearing a gas mask, however gas masks lack peripheral vision so use that to your advantage.

• If you have access to any fire alarms pull them. The loud noise will not only help in disorienting an attacker, it will guarantee the quick arrival of emergency personnel. It will also draw the attention of any passerby who will become eyewitnesses and complicate any black op and the perpetrator's escape.

• Darkness is your friend, so shut off or otherwise disable as many lights as you can. Unless the attacker has night vision capacity, the absence of light will play to your favour and against the shooter. Use this to your best advantage and create diversions to confuse and attack your assailant with brutal but controlled violence.

• By mandate, all buildings are required to have sprinklers installed in the ceiling, often they look like inverted metal daisies. A match or lighter held under it for a very short time will trigger an immediate and sustained water shower throughout the building this will make floors slippery, cut the power due to short-circuit and make things rather difficult for a gunman. It will also permanently destroy any computer equipment, unprotected cell phones and other electronic devices so keep this in mind.

• It is paramount if possible that video or photographic evidence is taken covertly. If you can do so safely, set up your cell phone to record video, or surreptitiously capture any images of the perpetrators. It's extremely important that before you attempt to take any pictures that you turn your cell phone to silent mode to disable the snapshot sound. The silent mode will also prevent any detection if you receive a phone call, also make sure to turn off the camera flash feature for obvious reasons. When you need to upload the images anonymously, bear in mind that  in digital photography, EXIF, short for Exchangeable Image File format information is embedded in each photo taken. This data includes GPS location geotagging information, date, time, camera make and model, shutter speed, etc. FYI, this data is stripped when images are converted to older file formats such as BMP, TGA, PNG, GIF

• If you're trapped in a room, immediately lock the door. Then find any table lamps, an extension cord or appliance that can be plugged in. Cut the wire to keep the wire as long as possible. If you're lucky and it's either long enough or can be made so with other matching appliance wiring, take the end opposite the plug and separate the two wires about an inch. Now strip the insulation off the ends of each wire about a half an inch. The idea is to have this wire long enough to touch the metal door knob and knock the attacker straight on their ass. When you suspect that the gunman is approaching the door hold the wire firmly at its insulation, about three inches from the exposed wiring. Now have someone else or yourself plug the wire into the closest electrical socket and wait. Ready yourself and as soon as the assailant tries to turn the door knob, quickly touch the door knob with the exposed wires and the assailant will receive a possibly incapacitating electrical shock. My next recommendation will sound a bit off-putting but will enhance this impact substantially. In midst of your wire pre-preparations, urinate into a container or stream directly, urine underneath the door. The idea is to create a puddle on the opposite side of the door that will act as an enhanced conductive that could electrocute the attacker. Be mindful not to be in any contact with that urine yourself as you will be electrocuted as well when you touch those live wires to the door knob.

• Ground glass can make a nasty little weapon if thrown into the eyes of an enemy and can be created without much difficulty if one has the time to do so. If you have the time and aren't worried about remaining silent, you'll want to create a good handful by crushing the glass with a heavy blunt object. Shards of glass make a desperate weapon but the dangers of it's use outweigh its effectiveness, as it can cut you badly if not wrapped properly and wielded without sound care.

• Your belt can be made into a swinging weapon with a reach, by taking it off and affixing a moderately heavy item to the buckle end. In close quarters this can be swung effectively into the face of an attacker, or the back of their head. At the base of the front of your neck there are two bones that spread laterally towards the shoulders. These are your clavicle bones and once they are broken, they totally render someone's arms useless. It takes approximately ten pounds of pressure per square inch to break those bones which can be executed with a length of pipe, a chair (can be use two break both simultaneously), or a fire extinguisher.

• Your prime directive is to utilise a makeshift weapon to secure an assailant's firearm, which will be ready to fire off-safety (for those unfamiliar) providing he hasn't run low or out of bullets. If he or she is a professional, or suitably trained, they will not have their rounds maintained at such deficit. Once an assailant is disabled, secure any and all weaponry from their person. Remove any masks and if possible take a picture of said perp and bind them with any available material you can use as tether. This person is extremely dangerous and you may need to make their prone position permanent if you know what I mean, after all they were trying to kill you.

• If an attacker is wearing body armour then the only vulnerable areas available will be maybe the knees, shins, and groin, but definitely the eyes, face, and head unless they're wearing a helmet. Another area of particular weakness is the femoral artery located The femoral artery is a main artery in the body that runs from the external iliac artery, near the stomach, all the way down both legs. It carries oxygen, among many other things, to the lower half of the body. Vital to the vascular survival of a person, if cut, an average person will typically bleed to death within 10 or 15 minutes without immediate medical intervention.

Femoral Artery (large artery in red)

If the assailant's neck is exposed and vulnerable, then the severing of the Carotid artery will result in the death of a perpetrator within under 5 minutes and unconsciousness in 2 minutes or less. To accomplish a strategic, incapacitating strike effectively you need to be as brutal and as fast as possible. You'll have to prepare your mind, focus and execute without over-thinking, hesitation or mercy. This is about survival and if you've absolutely no recourse, then you must commit and act. If you don't, you will die most assuredly and it is always better to die fighting than to cower and beg a killer. Those in power who would use a massacre like this to advance their disarmament agenda are not done by a long shot. They will keep engineering other mass murder shootings again and again until they get what they achieve. Remember, the UK power architects did not stop at the slaughter at Dunblane, they contracted out another shooting massacre in Hungerford to reach their intended goal of citizen gun eradication.

Carotid Arteries

Crime scene documentation

In recent times we see an almost predictable escalation in engineered terrorist spree shootings. With this we now have law enforcement information on these crimes and perpetrators severely restricted, from orders on high. The quisling media now unquestionably changes facts to fit whatever the corporate/government script dictates. Information in these murder cases is omitted, manipulated and outright fabricated to push the agenda of supporting wanton criminality and fascist control. So when justice is subverted and we are the targets, it's time to change the play. That means bypassing the corrupt established system components  running us into the ground, and using the alternate means we have at our disposal. Now more than ever we need to protect ourselves from government engineered terrorism, sanctioned serial murders and wind-up toy MK programmed assassins. Conventional law-enforcement is at best failing the job, and worst in some incidents, actually colluding with the perpetrators. We know that the state-approved media cannot be trusted, and no better example of this is their compromised coverage of the Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings. So I have a few suggestions to accommodate this progressive proposal.

• When black ops or false flags are committed, proper crime scene documentation in all forms is a must: live audio reporting, eyewitness interviews, video and photographic crime scene evidence (within legal limits of course).

• If you are near one of these crime scenes, try and interview any critical witnesses. Capture it on audio with your phone preferably, or take notes with details on precise details on suspects, weapons used, their mode of transportation and times. After gathering this data email it to a reputable blog or upload it to Youtube, Vimeo or another video site. The important thing is remain anonymous and get this information up on the Internet. The information will propagate itself as bloggers, researchers and investigators link up to it internationally and spread the facts.

• If you can and have proximity, try an take pictures of the crime scene from a legal distance that does not interfere with law-enforcement operations. This is legal and Constitutionally protected in the US, and as long as you are not breaching a crime scene perimeter, you can perform photography of this type legally.

• If you are a victim or an eyewitness, you should document what you have seen and have experienced, and be sure to include every relevant detail. If you can do so, email or upload this information to a trusted blogging site or that can get this critical evidence out to the public.

These are just a few ideas I can think of off the top of my head. If I think of any more, or if anyone cares to add anything of value, I will gladly update the post to include the information.


    ** Reader Contribution! **   

One of my loyal and conscientious readers Slozo, had commented the following which I'm adding to the post for more visibility. I believe his contribution is most valuable and I encourage others with practical and effective active shooter survival information to please do so in the comments. That being said, here's Slozo's advice:

From my experience (extensively in the field of security), the whole education program designed to save kids in schools is actually designed to make thing easy for the attackers.

1) Everyone go to a room and lock yourself in (lockdown).

Great . . . no confusion for the attackers, no large groups of random people who might otherwise swarm or defend themselves against their attackers. They can slowly go from room to room, then easily gain access.

So, my #1 piece of advice?
Do not hide yourself in some room and lock yourself in. That is the last thing I would do, actually. The very first thing I WOULD do is get out.

Best way to do that is use many of the techniques you suggest - get those fire alarm bells ringing, open an emergency exit to set off a security alarm, set off the sprinkler systems, turn on loud radio/music if available, turn on the PA system loud, etc. If possible, convince your group to all go with you . . . if it was the old days, these events would never even get half way man. Huge mob of frightened/scared people fill the corridors, some attacker is seen by everyone, he might try some violence but will otherwise flee,

The big thing with them is secrecy, and compartmentalisation (separating large groups into smaller, more manageable ones).

Remember: power in numbers
Go on the offensive
Confuse and distract
The more people around, the more chance they will leave and abandon the mission.