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12 July, 2014

Everlasting Resilience and Triumph Assured

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The hearts of the awakened and just world go out to your long-suffering struggle against an intractable and hosted evil. Palestine, one day soon you will realise true freedom and nation amongst the true bearers of humanity and justice. No matter the lies, the vicious, callow propaganda and vitriol, the righteous eyes of the world can truly see what is transpiring and whom the demonic, murderous parties responsible are. For we all bear witness to one of the most horrific catalogue of war crimes and the most depraved, unchecked, evil allowed to run amok in our age and there are millions who stand against it. The reign of monsters is fast failing and coming to an end as they lay exposed before all, for all of their abominations and agendas. To begin the journey to victory, all you have to do is awaken, educate yourself, resist and fully terminate your compliance.

If anyone at all has any trouble believing that the Israeli Zionist regime is incapable of savage, campaigns of ultra-violence and unprovoked brutality, just view the video below. Witness what they do to an outspoken Jewish lad who stands against Nazism rebranded with a Star of David sigil.

You don't know how hard I've restrained myself from cursing out these morally defective demons in this post and subsequent replies. The war crimes I've witnessed during this blatantly genocidal campaign are amongst the worst I've witnessed in quite a while, barring Syria and the Ukraine and a dozen other countries targeted by western military and intelligence. The difference in this UN sanctioned abomination, is that they are deliberately murdering civilians, going after hospitals and the critical infrastructure of occupied Palestine. This is the very definition of international war crimes and genocide.

This time however, there is considerable blowback as the UN has been exposed badly as the globalist joke they are and whatever remaining illusion of credibility they traded in has been spent in a flash. ANYONE supporting this outrage and gutter-stooping to defend these psychotic, blood-lusting, Zionist freaks is an accomplice to war crimes full stop. If people are willing to call Nazis to task for their banker and west-backed "field tests", yet fail to do the exact same to these scum in absolute, then any international laws against genocide and war crimes are a bloody farce. It is becoming clear that Israel has lost their desperate gambit on so many levels and hopefully this time it is unrecoverable. Their zeal for wholesale butchery has made a shambles of their failing economy, and to the just people of the world, they are a pack of infanticidal serial killers. Slavering psychopaths exclaiming gibberish justifications that not even a hardcore monster like Dick Cheney would dare publicly voice.

If this real-time horror spectacle has taught us one thing, it has revealed before all — the supporters, accomplices and proud backers of this hell. From the ever-complicit media propaganda mills to the Zionist-tethered, self-appointed leaders, they all lay exposed before the world and we will NEVER forget their frivolous affectations nor monstrous inhumanity. All about the world collective millions of citizens (but more aptly - hostages) have voiced their outrage and condemnation trying to rouse the international legal bodies to do their fucking job and arrest this rampant brutality in earnest. Alas, they too are discovering that these entities are compromised and suckling under the belt buckle of Israel and its criminal Zionist agenda. Much like the archetypical three monkeys, they have been ordered to hear nothing, to see nothing and to say nothing.

Israel's rabid behaviour has made them international pariahs and no amount of hollow wolf cries of anti-Semite will extricate them from this. For these false-pretenders are in fact the true anti-Semites of the world in its most literal sense (those confused need only review the dictionary definition of the term). From the craven bastards who gleefully set up chairs overlooking the bombing and wanton murders of Palestinian civilians to the hordes of soul-deprived apologists, I can honestly and unreservedly say that I've never seen more patently wicked individuals infesting our human race. Stand down Nazis, your title as "most evil" has been supplanted by a new heir to the throne. 

To those who wish to put names to the victims of the Israeli slaughter, please visit Aangirfan's site and their phenomenal job of compiling a growing list of Palestinians murdered. 

Pay your respects here: The Victims of Gaza: A List of 627 Palestinians Killed

Here's also a remarkably cognizant and candid article that should have occurred long ago. It's by Benjamin Silverman imploring the Jewish community taking a stand on the right side of history and oppose Israel's criminal enterprise and submission to Zionism: