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23 September, 2014

The Union Hi-Jack

Well, it appears that once again true people’s democracy has been subverted and the dream of a free Scotland has been thwarted, upon orders by utter cunts of the crown. To all those traitorous,  happy little slaves who voted NO, I say a hale and hearty fuck the lot of you! I will be laughing as your pimp Cameron and his central bank puppet-masters drop austerity measures on you so heavy that it breaks your bones. You see, none of you will be able to withstand it, unlike your freedom-loving fellow Scots whom acquired the skills necessary to resist and survive. Not to worry though, I'm sure they'll be there for you just as you were there for them and your country. You great fatted whores deserve everything the EU, bankers and crown have coming at you and guess what? They won't be taking any of your No votes then. You're nothing more than two-pence prostitutes who've grown so accustomed to having a pimp that you know no other way, and now fight to defend him no matter how many times he's beaten and exploited you.

With the rigged referendum, Scotland has been dragged back in heavy chains onto the crime plantation known as the UK, fronted by a hell-bitch geezer well past her expiration date and a cheap punk who protects paedophiles like he was receiving a commission for each. The semblance of a democracy in full action was deep-shadowed by agents and accomplices of the realm busy pulling every crooked stunt imaginable. The mission: Ensure that Scotland’s attempts to break free are run into the ground at all costs, and make them a stark and bitter example to any other independence-minded countries such as Sicily, Catalonia, Bavaria, Venice, etc.

What the currently compiling evidence in this referendum fraud indicates is that the following crimes were committed to secure the No votes for the British colonial powers in charge:

- Rampant voter fraud including issuing voting privileges to the dead, and children from ages 3 to 11 in reported cases.

- Blocking registered voters out by previously voting in their names. So when the parties concerned showed up to vote, they were told that they already had voted and their names were crossed off.

- Yes votes deliberately put into the No vote piles to be counted as No votes by traitorous crown accomplices working as ballot counters.

- No Exit polls conducted whatsoever to mask and further the fraud and deception. For those who may not know, Exit polls are collected by large numbers of researchers standing outside polling stations and asking tens of thousands of people how they voted. Data collected includes demographic information, such as age, gender, race or social class. The exit polls would reveal in short order, just how the people voted in real time.

- At least one case of deliberate ballot box stuffing caught on video -

For a top shelf read on the the great Scottish vote swindle of 2014 I recommend this article: Scottish Referendum Result Undoubtedly Rigged

16 September, 2014

A Free Scotland in Our Lifetime

This says it all and it absolutely must happen against desperate banker and British covert machinations. This 18th, resurrect the spirit of William Wallace and honour all those who gave their lives in the struggle to make Scotland free. I've wanted to see this for as long as I can remember and the prospect has me absolutely over the moon. We must make this dream a become a reality now!

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