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13 May, 2012

False Flag Alert: US

Illustration by David Dees

A high potential for a possible long planned false flag has recently surfaced. As readers know, I've talked quite a bit on the subject as I've tried earnestly to alert people to its imminence. So far, I've been happily errant on predicting what is never pre-announced, and of this I've been grateful. Nonetheless, when events and circumstances begin to converge like dark clouds on the horizon, and indicate a possibly violent incident, I feel it's appropriate to sound an alarm. You see, the threat of an impending false flag has never diminished, and has been there covertly lurking in the wings. Just laying in wait for desperate and irrevocably psychopathic monsters, to issue the murderous command to their terminally servile underlings. The motive for a false flag has always been there as well as the means, however the issue has always been waiting on opportunity. The cat is well out of the bag in terms of 9/11 & 7/7 exposure, and the cowardly culprits are now terrified of being caught red-handed. I honestly believe that a contrived terrorist incident could have been launched earlier, if not for the incessant, direct-to-target reporting on the blogosphere. This, in addition to the enhanced cognition and vigilance of the citizenry-at-large loathe to play victim again. Our ability to report and document, with incredible speed and accuracy, has cost them dearly in their fascist campaigns. However this time, their contingencies include logistics to declare martial law and sever the civilian information exchange that continues hindering their plans.

This new assessment of mine is based upon some recent convergence of facts and evidence, that indicate that they may use the upcoming NATO Summit In Chicago, USA to stage a low-yield nuclear false flag operation either this coming May 20th or 21st. Mike Rivero of advances a very convincing hypothesis, that they may even use a low-yield nuke. Either secreted in the bowels of a docked ship's bilge, or perhaps magnetically adhered and concealed elsewhere on it. Another red flag is the fact that Chicago area medical facilities are training and preparing quite "coincidentally" for radioactive contingent emergencies. It's also quite normal for a major city to be virtually shut down and the citizenry alerted and prepared for evacuation. According to a Red Cross internal memo sent to volunteers and emergency services in the Milwaukee area, the Red Cross chapter in Chicago stated "The American Red Cross in southeastern Wisconsin has been asked to place a number of shelters on standby in the event of evacuation of Chicago". When pressed on this memo, the Red Cross said the evacuation plan was not theirs alone, and their direction came from the City of Chicago and the Secret Service. After all, this financially destructive and logistically absurd level of tyrannical preparation occurs during every NATO summit right? As an added bonus, they can also hijack the term 'May Day' afterwards, and not un-coincidentally, the term mayday in ship and aviation emergency parlance is a call of distress.

For some background on May Day, an astute reader named Slozo, had contributed the following in the comments section, which I am adding into the post:

"I was looking up what sort of trash might be on Wiki on "National Workers Day" (May Day) when I ran into this VERY interesting tidbit that adds another explosive tie-in of Chicago to May Day:

From Wikipedia, "History" (of May Day)
"International Workers' Day is the commemoration of the 1886 Haymarket affair in Chicago. The police were trying to disperse a public assembly during a general strike for the eight-hour workday, when an unidentified person threw a bomb at them. The police reacted by firing on the workers, killing dozens of demonstrators and several of their own officers. "Reliable witnesses testified that all the pistol flashes came from the center of the street, where the police were standing, and none from the crowd. Moreover, initial newspaper reports made no mention of firing by civilians. A telegraph pole at the scene was filled with bullet holes, all coming from the direction of the police."

In 1889, the first congress of the Second International, meeting in Paris for the centennial of the French Revolution and the Exposition Universelle, following a proposal by Raymond Lavigne, called for international demonstrations on the 1890 anniversary of the Chicago protests.[5] May Day was formally recognized as an annual event at the International's second congress in 1891.[citation needed]

Additionally egregious, is that the government enforcers have set up what they call a militarised Red Zone perimeter in Chicago. Within this zone area, they state that they will declare martial law, patrolling and enforcing their security directives with paramilitary weapons and materiel. Urban warfare drills and cross-department paramilitary exercises will be conducted within the Chicago area. A no-fly zone with zero-tolerance, shoot-down orders, will also be established over the skies of Chicago during the summit. In addition, anti-missile batteries will be created to form a virtual missile shield within the city's boundaries. How can this all happen in a US city? Well, the citizens of Chicago have a dual-national (US/Israel) mayor named Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel has been investigated and documented as being a placed operative for the Mossad, who got his start as Chief of Staff in Obama's administration. His vetting for that office revealed that back in 2008, he had/has an active active FBI counter-intelligence file on him. It makes sense considering that his father Benjamin M. Emanuel, was a member of a known Israeli terrorist organisation named Irgun. Now he slithered his way to becoming installed as Chicago's mayor and its citizens will now get a first-hand glimpse of what it kind of feels like to be a Palestinian for at least two days.

Even if no false flag does occur what this NATO summit does produce, is acclimating the populace to an encroaching military/police-state. It's sets a sickening new precedent designed to produce a chilling effect on protesting deteriorating conditions, and confronting those who are its architects. These psychopathic criminals and their retinue of lackeys and enforcers, are chomping at the bit to use violence as means of political suppression. Using power and violent force to make brutal examples of those who dare protest, whilst utilising this terrorism to shock people into silent obedience. The cruel irony is not lost that this week, the US government just chastised the Russian government for brutally suppressing protesters. True, unfettered hypocrisy that knows neither shame nor bounds.

Here are but a few rather impending and intersecting circumstances that may make create an opportune moment for them to engineer and launch a synthetic terror attack. Bear in mind that the UK/US/Israel  triumvirate may also entertain a contingency to execute a multi-pronged attack. Perhaps staging another bit of nastiness at the London Olympics. My thinking is that this time they don't want isolated incidents that don't get them the mileage they are seeking. That these inside-job terrorists may instead be coordinating multiple attacks, to instil into the populace an all-consuming hysteria. An encapsulating, driving fear of uncertainty, chaos and impending doom. A ploy meant to drive the mindless to underwrite any and all Draconian measures for the illusion of security. Irreversible confiscations of freedom which will well seal the fate of their enslavement once implemented.

• Israel's Knesset has now unified both Likud and Kadima parties, forcing a Netanyahu (Nutty-fake-Jew) back-door power-play. Thus providing the zio-lunatic with a broad, new latitude, and a prime window to pursue his zealous attempts to ignite a proxy war against Iran. A war he intends to instigate and/or provoke, then have the US, the UK, and any other nation they can cajole, threaten or sucker into fighting it for him.

• The European Union is fast crumbling into a globalist's nightmare, as their economic austerity shell game is now experiencing critical blowback. Iceland has relatively broken free of the central banking scam, with Greece attempting to extricate itself and Spain and Italy's citizens organising to do the same. The new French President Francois Hollande, has outright expressed the intent to no longer utilise the US dollar as a medium of exchange. In short order, the support legs from the table of exploitation are buckling and slowly removing themselves, making a domino effect collapse a certainty.

• The true US figure for unemployment is at 40% making around 59 million Americans currently existing in a desperate and decaying living situation. Due to the gleeful outsourcing of jobs to the internationally enslaved and intentionally impoverished, there are extremely diminished sources for employment. Those whose unemployment  benefits have terminated are forced to exhausting their 401K savings (if they have them) and turning to government food stamps to subsist. All others who have no means available to them for support are faced with very desperate prospects to sustain themselves. That's about 59 million hungry and enraged people sick of being abused by a system that views them as nothing more than flesh commodities to extract the maximum amount of revenue from. What will happen when those people are driven to action to provide redress for their suffering? The government and military know, and that's why we are witnessing the increased militarisation of the local and regional police, as well as the public display of new urban warfare technologies and armaments in the streets. Drones will be soon be deployed as a counter-insurgency tool in the skies of the US. Some will be controlled by the US military, while others managed and piloted by (believe it or not) Israel and other domestic contractors. There will be no oversight, no legal protections, just a transplantation of the methods and murderous tactics used in Pakistan.

• US presidential candidate Ron Paul is increasingly winning delegates, which is publicly exposing the rigged election process and forcing the criminals behind the rigging to make more and more foolhardy and obvious moves to block him out from the election. Here's something else to consider for the upcoming US elections. I recall that during the reign of G.W. Bush, the idea began to be promoted as far back as July 2004, to suspend the national elections in the event of a major terrorist attack inside the United States. Well, with Ron Paul experiencing massively attended rallies, winning more delegates a growing public support of his candidacy. I can see Obama institute this contingency on the tails of an engineered false flag attack, as it would set a precedent and bypass the fact that he could not win an honest, un-tampered election. Lets be clear, he is now a dictator with the presidential lamination worn clear through. The truth is, is that his puppeteers desperately need him in place to retain their endgame momentum and Mitt Romney is just a media sensationalised distraction.

• Despite the insertion of spies, agent provocateurs, derailment operatives, agents of co-option and saboteurs, the Occupy Movement is progressing and slowly building strength and mass support. Their calls for revolutionary change may be diverse, but one message is very clear, they are anti-bailout and anti-austerity. This more than anything is the biggest threat to the Rothschild banking gangsters, as is the possibility of them further galvanising the masses to resistance and action.

• Currently there are wars being waged on two failed fronts Iraq and Afghanistan. Failed that is, unless you view them in true mission — as rapacious resource plundering, securing Opium crops and performing a genocidal Crusade on the behalf of Israel. With other imperial wars manufactured and fomented, Israel and its willing henchman are positioning themselves much like Rome before its fall. Largely by over extending their imperial military commitments, and in the case of the US and UK, facing financial ruin at home due to acute cases of financial parasite infestation. The madness and hubris is so shockingly dire, that they actually entertain deranged notions of engaging in conventional war fare with China and Russia.

The self-sanctified criminal class who have assumed and installed themselves as our leaders, need to create an immediate and dramatic diversion. They don't give a damn how many mass-murders they have to commit, nor how much suffering they wreak upon the masses. Until we recognise this as a relationship of escalating abuse, we accept the condition of us as livestock, to be done with as they desire.

Then there's yet another possibility altogether. That the escalated militarisation of Chicago along with the intangible threat and other ensuing "security" chaos, may itself be a diversion. Intelligence operations and strategies often utilise the use of diversions as a cover for the execution of their true missions. For example, during 9/11 the inside-job terrorists used the crashing of planes into the towers as a diversion, to cover the previously planted military-grade thermate and explosives used to take down the WTC buildings. While everyone is looking at the destruction above, shape charges and other destructive ordnance was used on the columns inside and below. Another diversion was used during Benazir Bhutto's assassination, when an explosion was discharged by members of the hit team nearby, whilst the assassins executed Ms. Bhutto. Sirhan Sirhan was a programmed hypno-assassin, proven to be both a patsy and a diversion during the RFK assassination. I think you get the point, but what if this NATO Summit with all its bully and bluster is just that… a diversion? Getting everyone to focus on events in Chicago, while the government lackeys and conspirators then stage their actual false flag incident at an entirely different location. This level of deception and  subterfuge is completely within the realm of possibility; we can all surmise the why, but cannot discern exactly the when or the how.

So, as always, the watchword is vigilance. Whether you are in the military, law-enforcement, intelligence, the financial sector,  are emergency or medical personnel, or simply one of the masses listen up. If you see, or hear of any information relating to false flag terrorism, or are ordered by superiors to be a traitor and assist in an inside-job terror operation, you need to report or leak it to trusted blogging journalists full-stop. That way it may be prevented by sheer exposure, the world to be forewarned and the culprits routed. If you are an accomplice to establishing this fascist hell-world, and believe you're safe and protected by your gang and handlers, remember the Night of the Long Knives. That was when the security forces and thugs that assisted in the establishment of the Nazis were betrayed, targeted and  summarily murdered. Why? Because they outlived their usefulness and were considered a threat, due to their expertise and the secrets they harboured. Too unbelievable? How many of you and your family have reservations at the self-assumed elite's bunkers, tucked away inside mountains or re-conditioned missile silos? What is in place to shield you, your loved ones or family members from the dystopian world you are helping to engineer?

Here's some bitter truth to swallow, your controllers don't give a solid shit about you, and you are only as useful to them as a tool in which to achieve their agenda. After your obsolescence, you will either be executed, incarcerated in a regional camp or mental institution, or perhaps simply discarded back to the masses and family members you sold out and betrayed. This is the New Order retirement package they've prepared as reward for your loyal service to them.