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28 August, 2013

The Syria CW False Flag - Unclever Lies & Amateur Deceptions

Above is an actual leaked Christmas 2012 email correspondence between UK BRITAM defence contractors conspiring to set off a Qatar supplied chemical weapon in Syria and blame it on Russian agents working for Assad. (Email placed on side for legibility)

Not to play Chicken Little… but we are now world that much closer to a possible  nuclear conflagration, all due to the petulant lunacy of a US tin-pot despot with a banker and Zionist short-leads about his neck, lashing him on to bankster-thug plundering and Israeli proxy-wars. The word must go forth without haste that portions of the citizenry of the US are in grave danger of a very vicious and calculated false-flag. A contrived event put together by desperate, genuine and irredeemable psychopaths slavering to get their abominable little banker orchestrated war started. A war to be gained through synthetically instigated outrage, deception and false nationalism wrapped in a flag via any and all means at the behest of Israel. To divert and bury the NSA illegalities, war crimes, embarrassing prisoner hunger strikes, Wall Street gangsterism and many other emergent outrages and criminal exploits. This time however, the masses are a bit wise to the game and want no part of it. They can now see through the pathetic veneer of Contras 2.0.

Few are so stupid as to believe that the government fights an alleged war against terror and terrorists does so by actually supporting, financing, training and arming those very self-same intel-front terrorists in Syria. Astonishingly enough, It's not even a secret they take any care in keeping anymore. After all, the mask has fallen, and the true demonic visage now lay exposed to all who care to look. In frantic desperation, they are becoming careless, sloppy and dangerous, for they know we're on to them and their house of a thousand deceits. Their credibility has been reduced to near zero and no one is fool enough to believe anything they bellow. The repercussions of which extend retroactively to everything they ever stated, promised or reported. That well-water is now poison and abandoned.

People may have been initially gullible to fall for Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, 7/7, the Boston bombings, however this is a new day, and they've since wiped the coma residue from their eyes. You see, great numbers of the populace have learned to read and analyse, share and report and now these fairytales implode on the launchpad before they have a chance to take flight. Few are so stupid as to believe that Assad would call for the UN to investigate chemical weapons used in Syria by the FSA (Free Syrian Army), then turn right around and deploy chemical agents upon his own people and army in front of the UN. What moronic White House amateur scripted that bankrupt narrative? Especially in the face of the emerging facts and evidence such as videos of rebel army thugs boastfully killing rabbits on film with chemical agents. As well as caches of Saudi Arabia sourced chemical agents, deployment equipment, counter-agent ampoules, gas masks and associated materiel have been discovered in hidden lairs of the Syrian rebel terrorists by the Syrian army.

Since post-9/11, the giant, star-spangled Golem and its skinny, rat-like Israeli controller perched atop its shoulders, have had their way with the world. Bullying, terrorising and murdering wholesale to steal what they want and to make grisly examples of anyone who dares challenge them. From resource-rich country to country they destabilise first with state-supported criminal elements who begin campaigns of terror and destruction. Then they utter broad pronouncements and threats to their targeted opposition linking them to crimes against humanity. Then with or without the support of the bribed and extorted international community, they move in for the kill. This has not gone unnoticed by their rivals and others with equalising weaponry, who have decided that they will not be trod upon as victims and slaves. Not too long ago Libya stood up, Gaddafi moved to reject the central bankers and start his own central bank with gold-backed Dinar. He stated and made moves to sell Libyan oil for gold instead of the dying-on-the-vine imperial fiat dollar. Shortly after, the US and western interests invaded, and had mercenaries summarily execute Gaddafi publicly in the street sans trial or charge. The bankers needed their example and got it in spades for all the world to see. There will be no free-range nations and all who fly a national flag will be under the thumb and protection of the Red Shield vampire mob.

Putin for one has drawn a line in the sand, as has China as well, albeit with a calculated lack of publicised fanfare. China has decided to make decisive financial moves to covertly establish a gold-backed Yuan and make deals for resources they need. Russia has begun severing central bank tethers by taking control of their own central bank, stockpiling gold and establishing deals for energy reserve resources such as gas and oil. Militarily, they by contrast are openly sick to death of the swaggering US conqueror incursions and have publicly announced their opposition to it all with declared logistical and implied military support for Iran and Syria. Stating that they would get personally involved if these countries were ever invaded. Then tensions heated further during the Snowden affair when Russia tired of the threats and barking decided to grant him full asylum. When Obama and his administration registered their dismay and disapproval, Putin diplomatically told them to cock it sideways and use it as a suppository. Now, we are faced with a military standoff over Syria that makes the Cuban Missile Crisis pale by comparison. All it takes is a raving, delusional sociopath the likes of John "Old Dummy" McCain, John "Bonesman" Kerry or Chuck "Zion-friendly" Hagel to green light an illegal invasion and the doors to hell will open wide. Be vigilant denizens of the US, this Labour Day may very well spawn the birth of a horrific new false flag, whilst everyone is lulled and captivated by state-approved festivities.

Source of top email (Since removed from The Daily Mail's website, but located here: Daily Mail - U.S. 'Backed Plan to Launch Chemical Weapon Attack on Syria and Blame it on Assad's Regime'