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23 June, 2012

False Flag 2012: UK Olympics?

In my previous post, I made mention of the possibility of our shit-demon enemies staging a false flag, synthetic terror attack at the 2012 Olympics. I'll keep things very short here as by now we all know the motive (war against Iran, and Islam-centric targets in the Middle East, as well as naked, raw fascism inflicted in the home countries). The opportunity, in addition to the means to carry it out, speak for themselves. As for the perpetrators, look no further than the usual crime conglomerate comprising the military, intelligence and governments of the Israel, the US & UK. 

And where would we be without the occult significance of it all? The opening of the Olympics in London begins 27, July 2012, which is in itself sports occult numerology of 27-7-2012 which breaks down to 7-9-5. Which in turn adds up to 21, and which further breaks down again into 3. I'll leave the rest to skilled numerologists to decipher and analyse further. As you'll also see, no sigil or gang signature was omitted, as the logo itself of the 2012 Olympics clearly reads the word: ZION.
I just discovered this brilliant video (below) which I believe best illustrates this impending scenario, in which these unholy bastards may callously and wantonly murder thousands to get what they want. I've a message to these sick monsters straight and true, to which I'm sure you will concur… Even if you succeed in your filthy mission, you will lose as no one but those with concurrent interests, or severely compromised mental faculties, will EVER believe anyone other than the US/Israel and UK carried this out. You are all vicious, conniving traitors who will be routed and ratted out by your associates, then convicted by civilian tribunal and hung for murder and treason. We are at your heels now for what you did on 9/11 and 7/7, and committing this act of desperate, criminal, terrorism will be your final undoing.

God save the Queen? Fuck her... God save the masses.