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23 November, 2010

Chemtrails? — What's all this about then?

I've seen them, they are real and I know the difference between a Chemtrail and Contrail. I thought that this would make a good case to examine as there is a lot of obfuscation and confusion swirling about it. It's ramifications are particularly troubling and everyone needs to turn their eyes skyward and begin documenting what they see and experience from these malignant streaks across the sky.

What are Chemtrails? 
A relatively recent (circa 1990 to now) man-made phenomena where long streaks of chemically engineered particulate matter is introduced artificially into the atmosphere by jet delivery. It is extremely covert by design but overt in deployment and implementation. In the course of my research into this I found much disinformation and state-sponsored propaganda out on this subject. Much of the shite put out is to readily dismiss these strange white streaks as Contrails. Nothing could be further from the truth as you'll find out as I did below.

Contrail photo by Versageek
What is the difference between Chemtrails and Contrails? 
Chemtrails are long trail aerosolised hyper-sprays primarily composed of micro particles of Aluminum, Barium salts and Strontium. They are sprayed over the skies from horizon to horizon often in grid or criss-cross patterns. Chemtrails form very long trails that dissipate extremely slowly over hours, and settle downwards from the sky down spreading outwards. Clouds that are touched by Chemtrails are turned into a milky, slurry that looks like smeared white pastel on a blue background. Clouds can also disintegrate after a spraying due to the Barium salts which. Contrails are composed of short-trail jet condensation that forms a short ice crystal trail that dissipates after a small amount of time.

What are Chemtrails composed of? 
Aluminum, Barium salts and Strontium particulate matter, that has been documented through testing of air, soil, water and hair samples collected from fly-over areas. These aerial sorties can also deploy anything, including pathogenic viruses, mass immunisations, bio-toxic materiel or desiccates such as Barium Oxide which dry up rainclouds and induce droughts. Barium Oxide specifically absorbs both Carbon Dioxide and water from the atmosphere. Which fits the agenda of the climatist fraudsters to a tee, the thing is, that depletion of Carbon Dioxide directly affect crop growth and output, not to mention Oxygen production by plants. The water depletion suits an agenda of drought which reduces independent crop production and drastically increases deaths due to lack of potable water sources. The next war will be for control of global water resources, as governments, the World Bank and corporate privatised interests are racing to purloin many international freshwater sources. According to an article by Dr. Vandana Shiva entitled "Monsanto's Expanding Monopolies", Monsanto is currently pursuing new "Aquaculture" business opportunities in emergent water depletions. 

What is the human health impact of using these toxic aerosols? 
Alzheimer's disease, respiratory infections, neurological problems and inducement of cancers. Engineered food shortages due to reduced Carbon Dioxide and drought inducement. Corralling of the global populace to purchase genetically modified food stuffs and seeds for sustenance and farming.

Chemtrail photo by Kalani Kordus
Why are they deploying these over the public? 
From all appearances, control, chemical/biological agents testing, attritional culling or compromise of immune systems of the population, potential introduction of lethal pathogens, weather manipulation, crop destruction and drought imposition.

Who is behind these operations? 
Scientists in the field of Geo-engineering, and due to the massive costs and logistics involved, some heavy financial backing from a number of sources. Rothschild money through a myriad of fronts is a speculative top suspect due to the inherent benefits that fall full in line with their known goals. Bill Gates is on record as contributing 4.5 million dollars from 2007 until 2010 so far, with Ken Caldeira (Carnegie Institution for Science) and David Keith (University of Calgary in Canada) as acting point-men. Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines is another documented big money donor. Another likely suspect party could be Monsanto, as they were primarily responsible for the production of chemical defoliants Agents Orange, Blue, Pink and White. They stand to gain favourably with independent farming destruction and a forced push to GM foods. Guess who just happened to develop an Aluminum resistant gene which they incorporate into their genetically modified seed crops? None other than Monsanto… wow, talk about coincidence!

What agendas do these fill? 
Ozone depletion, droughts in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere; respiratory ailments and infections, mass vectoring of viruses for depopulation. As well as destruction of soil for growing crops, attritional deforestation. Aluminised soil reduces plant growth by specifically disturbing root growth and function. It severely neutralises the Ph of soil so that crops have a difficult time growing as they prefer acidic soils in the range of 6.0 and 6.5.

Where do they spray these poisons? 
Stratospheric aerosolised dispersion as they term it is performed all over the world, with some areas receiving more attention than others.

Chemtrails photo by Erdhummel
What other effects does this spraying have? 
Aluminum in particular, bio-accumulates in the body over time, eventually becoming Aluminum Oxide which can cause serious and deleterious neurological damage which doesn't flush out, much like lead. Aluminum in large quantities in the environment with long-term exposure is carcinogenic. In addition, there are significant and established connections between Aluminum and Alzheimer's Disease, known to be caused by an accumulation of Aluminum toxins in the brain.

Chemtrail Component Toxicities Due to Excessive Exposure

Aluminum - Toxicity symptoms include:
  • Muscle weakness
  • Bone pain
  • Fractures that do not heal, especially in ribs and pelvis
  • Altered mental status
  • Premature Osteoporosis
  • Anemia
  • Impaired iron absorption
  • Impaired immunity
  • Seizures
  • Dementia
  • Growth retardation in children
  • Spinal deformities: Scoliosis or Kyphosis
Barium Salts - Soluble Barium compounds are poisonous. High exposure affects the nervous system causing cardiac irregularities, tremors, weakness, anxiety, Dyspnea (shortness of breath) and possible paralysis.

Chemtrails photo by Galouse
From my research into Chemtrails, a discernible pattern emerges that falls in direct line with Eugenocidal blueprints for the management and abrasive culling or compromise of the populace. It is literally polluting the atmosphere with metals and components that affect the health and the welfare of the citizenry at large.

* Postscript 11/27/10 - I've added some new information to the post today, thanks to Buffy's site Cloudwatching in Ottawa which contained some very spot on info. Keep an eye on old posts here, as I may add new, important data from time to time to preserve them as a possible resource to others. If I do, I'll postscript with the date of the update. Cheers.

  • What in the World Are They Spraying? The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup - A recently released documentary produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger 
Watch the documentary in 7 parts here: What in the World are they Spraying? 

20 November, 2010

New Post at Suspicious Deaths

Just composed a new post at Suraci's Suspicious Deaths blog, where I am a guest author. It's on the late, great Mae Brussell the brilliant researcher and investigator of high crimes against the populace by nefarious parties.

18 November, 2010

Killing Joke: Acrid Truths for a Resilient Humanity

Greetings to all, for my first post I thought I'd make it a positive one and run up a profile of a favourite band of mine, Killing Joke. For those who know of them, their legacy and impact goes unsaid, however if you have not experienced their sound and fury, you have been truly missing out. They are amongst the very few musical artists who have remained absolutely true to mission after many years. Through their 31 year history and diverse musical changes, they have endured and reflected contemporary, apocalyptic life. Their goal has always been to deliver the message first, and it is that level of integrity that exudes from the music and sets them well apart from the rest. Killing Joke, has a powerfully original, distinct sound and presence. Their music charged with a decidedly essential, progressive English character and comradeship, yet universal in scope and range.

They first began as a punk band, then moved quickly in to a diverse, tribal rhythm that goes from definitively heavy and primal, to insightful and profound. Their sound is driven, with lyrics infused with wit, insight and incisive social commentary. Their guitarist Kevin 'Geordie' Walker is phenomenal, and the dynamo of the ensemble, producing a scintillatingly electric signature sound large as life. Then you have the driving, thunderous intensity of Martin 'Youth' Glover whose cunning bass lines stoke the fire of the ensemble. 'Big Paul' Ferguson unleashes fiercely heavy, reverberative percussions. As for Killing Joke's heart? There can be none other except the brilliant frontman Jeremy 'Jaz' Coleman. Of whom there is neither equal nor comparison, in terms of lyrical sincerity, theatrical deliverance and acuity of vision. His proficient vocal stylings run the gamut from emotive poignancy, to utter feral ferocity, with spot on characterisations that manifest their songs to life. In totality, Killing Joke is an organic force, who use their music as an inspirational weapon, a fierce war-cry and clarion call to all who heed. 

So what's their view on current state of the world? From an 2003 interview featured in Blistering magazine, Jaz stated: "We should be free to do what we the hell we want to do. I don’t like this corporate world we live in. We’re out of line with it in Killing Joke. We are really out of line with this. I don’t like the fact that corporate giants such as Lockheed-Martin and Boeing are determining American farm policies. The corporate world is mentioned in one of the lines on the new album; ‘Five corporations earn more than forty-six nations’ (From ‘Blood On Your Hands’). I find it offensive. I’m very curious to see what will happen in the world now. Will we continually be giving the public servants and the greedy people the Vaseline and allow them to ream us up the ass? Are we just going to accept it? I don’t know. It’s a really depressing state of affairs. I feel angry about the situation. I think politically in the world, we’ve been had. I think we’ve been turned into economic slaves.

If any band were to be known as one who unflinchingly reveals harsh realities, in the tradition of the Truth movement, it is them. In their latest CD endeavour entitled Absolute Dissent, the epic title track shouts out sheer defiance to the fascist encroachment:

Absolute Dissent
Absolute Dissent
I won't relent
I oppose poison water
I reject poison air
I expose poison bodies
I refuse complicity
I reject this prison planet
I reject and resent
Absolute Dissent
I won't relent
I abhor space weaponisation - Genocidal plans
From Jekyll Island to Chemtrails
Unelected control
I reject this poison planet
I reject and resent
Absolute Dissent
I won't relent
Brainwashed masses fit for fodder
Useless eaters - Condemn
Eradicate the worthless breeders
I oppose, resist, foment
I reject this poison planet
I reject and resent
Absolute Dissent
I won't relent

Their following song 'The Great Cull' exposes Eugenic depopulation and a world engineered into hellish Malthusian conditions by the likes of Monsanto (Monsanto feed, Monsanto seed… All the bees are dying). Check it below:

The Great Cull
Thomas Malthus, Eugenics
Are alive and kicking
Nutrients and vitamins
Extract from edible goods
Legislate, sick populations 
A higher rate of mortality
Food code (as it's known) 
Codex Alimentarius
Thin the herd, thin the herd, 
The great cull is coming down...
Develop virus market cure 
Exploit the panic
Contaminate by guile and stealth 
A quick strum of the harp
Depopulate initiate 
Pharmaceutical companies
All fall down, all fall down
Codex Alimentarius
Thin the herd, thin the herd
The great cull is coming down...
Most of us must die...
Instigate wars in population density centres
Maintain population below 500 million
Immunise, irradiate
Deregulate all toxins
Monsanto feed, Monsanto seed 
All the bees are dying
Depopulation in every nation
Follow the food code
All fall down, all fall down
Codex Alimentarius
Thin the herd, thin the herd
The great cull is coming down...

During their live performances Jaz has spoken out passionately on the murders of David Kelly and Princess Diana, Israel's war criminality and the criminal conspiracy of international bankers. In the song 'Dark Forces' from their self-titled 'Killing Joke' (2003), Jaz hisses the demonaic personage of an "elite" sociopath with:

Dark Forces
You'll need a bit of holy water
and a little bit of knowledge
to your Holy Guardian Angel
the Great Evil Around
God gave man dominion
over fowls of the air
and the fish of the sea
of desecration
Who wrote this MADNESS?
Get up! Wake up!
Some-one´s taking you for a ride!
Get up! Wake up!
Dark Forces!
They're printing up money
that doesn't exist
Then watch the wealthy
as they cash their chips
Economy's failed
start a war machine
devoid of moral cause
as we witness the end
of international laws
Get up! Wake up!
Some-one´s taking you for a ride!
Get up! Wake up!
Dark Forces!
I'm an inside man
of the serpent clan
33 degrees
I'll do as I please
power for powers sake
a personal treasure trove
and 2 weeks off
in bohemian grove...
You wanna come?
All the banking houses
that buy and sell
they'd sell their own mother
just eat shit die
like everyone else
Get up! Wake up!
Some-one´s taking you for a ride!
Get up! Wake up!
Dark Forces!
Get up! Wake up!
Some-one´s taking you for a ride!
Get up! Wake up!
Dark Forces!

Killing Joke is above all is a thinking and feeling people's band who provide a soundtrack to life that resonates with an utter conviction and vibrant purpose that stirs the noble warrior in us all. Their song titles alone provide insight into exactly where they stand and the subjects they explore. Here's but a small sampling:

Another Bloody Election
Absolute Dissent
The Great Cull
Money is Not Our God
Fresh Fever from the Skies
Dark Forces
You'll Never Get to Me
Total Invasion
The Death & Resurrection Show
Another Cult Goes Down
Follow the Leaders
Empire Song
Age of Greed
You're Being Followed

Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke
Do yourself a favour, drop whatever you're doing and introduce their vibrant soundtrack into your life. They are the finest band of spirit, fire, integrity and intelligence you're not listening to. Look for their new album tentatively entitled '2012', unleashed this April 2, 2012. The lads are solidly committed and put forth sterling effort to bring this one about, so be sure to give a listen, read and heed their words, and purchase a copy to support their mission. Their new album promises to be bang-on top shelf, and the upcoming song titles are as follows:  

1.Pole Shift
2.Fema Camp
4.Colony Collapse
5.Corporate Elect
6.In Cythera
10. On All Hallow’s Eve

If you are lucky enough to live near where they are playing whilst on tour this year, by all means make due effort to go. Their sincerity and power will change you and reignite the fire of life within you. This is not just a band, it is a force of power, a living entity they harness and unleash to breathe life and light in a landscape of drudge, despair, subjugation, horror and death.

        * UPDATE 4 APRIL, 2012!! *            

Please see my latest post here for some new and shocking revelations about Killing Joke 

It appears that I as well as many fans of their music, were duped by these lads who fancy at playing both sides. Throwing their lot in with worshipping the same demonic forces the self-dubbed "elite" do. I do believe that their actions behind the scenes qualify as those of a quintessential double-agent.

16 November, 2010

L'ouverture Officielle

Greetings friends, comrades, the truth-starved, the disaffected, and enemies both foreign and domestic, welcome to my war journal of sorts.

So... wot's all this then eh? Just decided it was time to throw my lot in finally to share and learn in this blogging effort.

Cheers and thanks for stopping by, pull up a chair and make yourself at home.