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04 April, 2012

Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men?

The satanic façade and masquerade of a closet elitist

Friends, enemies and good readers, as anticipated, Killing Joke have released their latest CD Monday. However, going forward, I cannot in all good conscience support them any longer due to the fundamental contradictions they display. On the one hand, they produce vibrant, articulate musical outrage coupled with a unifying message, performed with organic thunder with deftness of musical proficiency. This, in contrast, appears to be only one facet of their being and beneath it lurks some diabolical affiliations and seriously nefarious interests that I personally cannot abide by, much less promote. I'm a man of truth and always have been, no matter where it takes me or to whom its barrel is levelled. Truth is truth, and reality is undeniably reality, stark and unyielding. It has always been my mission to wield this particular sword with the utmost objectivity and to the best of my mortal ability. If we don't have simple, raw truth, then all that remains are lies and the accompanying delusion which binds us to that which we are attempting to transcend.

Through email correspondence with a regular reader of my blog, who's a rather steadfast fellow on the path of justice and veracity. I was alerted by him to some rather disturbing facts about Jaz Coleman, Geordie Walker and Killing Joke in general, that I had somehow overlooked. Namely the matter of their affiliation with satanism in the form of lauding the works of one Aleister Crowley, and his particular brand of Golden Dawn/Ordo Templi Orientis magick. This, in addition to their incorporation of Rosecrusianism, Kabbalah, Druidry, elements of Freemasonry, and other occult sources of unholy power. This is not conjecture and instead a great part of this is readily admitted by Mr. Coleman himself in interviews. By Killing Joke's own admission, and in other biographical documents, they state that these are the interests that they infuse into their persona and music. So, therefore, this wickedness is summoned and carried forth into the minds and consciousness of their fans an audience. These satanic works and the long dead Mr. Crowley, all represent everything our collective enemies love and the impetus of everything that currently slithers beneath us, undermining our security, lives and freedom.

It was no joy for me hearing that in 1982 when Jaz Coleman and Geordie Walker effectively disbanded Killing Joke and moved to Iceland. They did so to seek solace and space to enact an elabourate, demonic ritual known as 'Abramelin Working' . For a frame of reference, Wikipedia defines this satanic invocation as follows: "During the period of the work, the magician must daily pray before sunrise and again at sunset. During this preparatory phase, there are many restrictions: chastity must be observed, alcoholic beverages refused, and the magician must conduct his business with scrupulous fairness.

After the preparatory phase has been successfully completed, the magician's Holy Guardian Angel will appear and reveal magical secrets. Once this is accomplished, the magician must evoke the twelve Kings and Dukes of Hell (Lucifer, Satan, Leviathan, Belial, etc.) and bind them. Thereby, the magician gains command of them in his own mental universe, and removes their negative influence from his life. Further, these spirits must deliver a number of familiar spirits (four principal familiars, and several more associated with a set of magical word-square talismans provided in the Abramelin's Book Four).

The magical goals for which the demons can be employed are typical of those found in grimoires: the practitioner is promised the ability to find buried treasure, cast love charms, the ability of magical flight, and the secret of invisibility, to list a small number of examples".

The post continues by stating: "For Coleman a one world government is necessary to curb the irresponsibility that’s grown from corporate manipulations of the populace, and to somehow control the dangers of over population and wars that have marked the 20th century".

What does Jaz think of conspiracies that he alludes to in Killing Joke's songs? In an interview for Invisible Oranges he promulgated "I don’t care for the whole conspiracy culture. I certainly don’t buy into most of it. But I do buy into the fact that there is a secret history of the world. There’s two histories. There’s a history for the ordinary, and there is a history for the initiated or enlightened. It’s always been the case throughout history". He continues, "You could also live in a state of fucking paranoia as well that drives you mad. A lot of the things that drive conspiracy theories are phantoms. What makes you think anyone gives a flying monkey about half of our lives? Most of us aren’t terrorists or terrorist material, and I think half the time all the conspiracy culture is fuelled by fantasists. But it sells, doesn’t it?" It certainly does Jaz, quite a Janus-like turnabout, for it seems to reveal that for him, so-called conspiracies are nothing more than a band marketing gimmick to lure in the youth.

Coleman then pontificates on his view of how the state of the world should be managed. "The biggest problem is how to tell the subcontinent of India not to reproduce. Part of it is education. Gandhi tried this – [offering] free radios for sterilisation. There needs to be mass education and taxes on people for every child. In schoolbooks, there should be no positive associations with childbirth. That would be a good start." Really Jaz? More than a bit hypocritical, since you bloody well have three fucking children of your own. For crypto-Eugenicist promoters, what they say is never, ever, supposed to apply to them or their brood, that's rules for the rabble.

On global management he states: "The only logical answer is to divide the world into four blocks. The Americas, the European Union, The African Union, and the Asia-Pacific Union. Then a world council that will be annexed onto the exiting U.N. That’s the only way to solve all of these problems effectively at once. And now you see! It could still go two ways. It could be the dream of Beethoven and Schiller, the brotherhood of man. Or it could be an authoritarian model. We have a choice there also". Well done Jaz, you've managed to articulate the exact same rubbish and agenda that our enemies wish to create. That's just a coincidence though eh? Cut the world into more easily managed sectors for the predators to control and if it wasn't for their rapacious greed (Greece financial plunder), it would be well on it's way.

Like a loose thread in a ratty, old sweater, the background on Jaz Coleman and his bizarre philosophies and bankrupt postulations come apart the more I pull at it. I'll leave any further investigation to those in dire need of more vomitous examples, as now I am thoroughly sickened and ashamed that I ever recommended them to anyone. I apologise, for in my zeal and haste for promoting the progressive, I let sentimentality and loyalty get the better of me and I should have absolutely fucking known better. Now I feel cheated, deceived, betrayed and pissed off, and I'll come away with this an even harder and distrustful man, more well for the lesson.

As those of you who know me virtually through my writing, you know that evil and the worship of it is something I cannot stomach, condone nor ignorantly propagate. Had I taken the time to investigate them further I would have, should have sussed it out, and perhaps I carry the guilt of failing to do so.The dialectic reality is that one cannot server two masters, and the fact that Killing Joke has these inherent contradictions, makes me as both a (former) supporter and fan confront an ugly actuality that Jaz and company are perhaps taking the piss at our expense. Using our collective and growing hunger for justice to propel another more covert agenda. Go to and watch the intro which is an interview with Jaz, interspersed with some rather repugnant and symbolism laden publicity shots (VigilantCitizen and Aferrismoon should have a field day there).

Once again I learned the lesson eternal — always… always…  be careful of whom and what you ally yourself to, always be focused and vigilant. In all honesty though, I had been a fan of Killing Joke pretty much when they started and I never saw this dark side until very, very, recently. With the advent of the internet, now nothing can be concealed for long and evidence can be found with persistence and patience. Lately it seems Jaz has become more candid, more open about their dark proclivities and its influence .  Since discovering this new and rather ugly reality, I've struggled with trying to resolve this contradiction and my moral response to it. I could just ignore it all and accept the music at face value, but I've reached a crossroads and cannot reconcile the two. So, what we have is a band seemingly all about energising their audience with catalytic lyrics that reveal and inspire progressive ideas. Converse to this, is that the band plays about with satanic powers, performs rituals and is influenced by the satanic personages whom manifested and articulated them. Rolling about in the very same dark arts worshipped and utilised by those who seek to enslave us. As they revel in and incorporate into every aspect of warfare they deploy as PSYOPS and vile policy against us. Evil no longer hides in shadows, instead it lurks in the plain sight of the 'Revelation of the Method', mocking us all as a "killing joke".

I think this all has affected me so profoundly is because I was such an a fan of theirs for many years and sung their praises. That being said, if I didn't pass this information onto my readers, I would be derelict in my duties and an outright hypocrite. To conceal this truth would undermine the foundation of truth that I've established here and that is something counter to everything I stand for and believe. So here we are, and it is what it is, and I am coming from a political standpoint and not a religious one. Though I am versed in the teachings of many religions, and taken the best teachings from each, religion has always been a personal matter that I am perpetually analysing and updating. It doesn't have a place in political investigations which require sharp eyes, lightning analysis and objectivity.

Ultimately bands, much like favourite leaders or personalities, are to be viewed as simply tram rides, that you board and ride for a short while and then disembark when the journey has ended. Only a fool rides all the way to the end of a line they do not command the direction of. Mindlessly dispensing full trust only to conclude embarrassingly that they should have gotten off well earlier. History well documents case after case of people who rode their trams with mad drivers who jettison their vehicles whilst driving, leaving all to perish. Or the driver who runs it straight off a cliff killing all passengers aboard. So-called leaders and all personalities are just bus rides for your journey and edification, just keep your eyes open and try not to sleep past your stop. At one point I rode the David Icke and Alex Jones bus lines, as well as a number of other trams travelling towards my destination. At the time they all seemed proper, fit and mapped to my journey, and I travelled on them until they diverted from that path. To which I promptly stood up, disembarked at the next stop, boarded another tram and rode a bit further on that line. This is life, and you must take control of navigating your way to where you need to go. This has served me well in all my years and I encourage you all to do the very same. Which is why it's nothing for me to ring the bell and get off the Killing Joke bus. I'll keep walking down the road and then board another travelling in the correct direction.

Venerate the destination and never the method of travel.

Cheers all.


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  1. "Venerate the destination and never the method of travel."

    Amen to that - good luck for the rest of your journey. x

  2. A man of honour as always, HHQ.

    These are the tests of true self-questioning and examination . . . smashing down old statues you once held up so proudly. Good for you.

    Financial crash coming soon my friend, and war follows it. Hope you are financialy settled in hard assets and good to go . . . because when the shit hits fan, it'll be too late to prepare.

  3. Slozo! How are you friend? A man without honour is a sham and a shell, a ghost of a man who once walked the earth. The only thing that awaits the man who does not live their word, is the hell of disgrace, hypocrisy and failure which will stain the soul forever.

    As for the upcoming war and economic maelstrom, we are existing in times which will test the mettle of the masses as few in the western world have ever experienced. The writing is on the wall and the stench is in the wind. Bullies NEVER acquiesce peacefully and this all will end violently. I've known this for quite some time now and as is now obvious, a bully will only escalate its violent parasitism against its prey. It will keep pushing, squeezing and intimidating until the final logical conclusion. This is not what any intelligent person desires, but this system is hell-bent on making us slaves and victims and has for quite some time now.

    We've been at war for eons now and it's just now heating up with new and egregious provocations that grow day by day, as we just try to struggle through and live. You are spot-on-mark friend, hot war is coming and it will be the worst thing a person has to witness and try to fight in it. No one, save those who've experienced this first-hand will believe just how truly horrifying and hellish war can be. Preparations have already started in the U.S. with the Department of Fatherland Security buying 450 million .40 calibre rounds of hollow-point ammunition. The U.S. Forest Service, a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture had also requisitioned a huge purchase of ammunition in the following numbers and calibres:

    (1) 40 calibre, 180 grain, 120,000 rounds or equivalent,
    (2) 9mm, 124 grain, 50,000 rounds or equivalent,
    (3) .38 calibre, 135 grain, 10,000 rounds or equivalent,
    (4) .380 calibre, 90 grain, 6,000 rounds or equivalent,
    (5) .223 calibre, 64 grain, 87,500 rounds or equivalent,
    (6) 12 gauge .00 buck, 15,000 rounds or equivalent,
    (7) .40 calibre frangible, 10,000 rounds or equivalent,
    (8) 9mm caliber frangible, 10,000 rounds or equivalent,
    (9) .223 caliber frangible, 10,000 rounds or equivalent,
    (10) 12 gauge 1 oz slug, 7,500 rounds or equivalent

    Does this sound like the amounts of ordnance purchased normally, or does it sound more like preparation for some contingency they've plan?

    In the UK, the government is attempting to put the final touches on their establishment of a Stasi surveillance state. In France, the government is deploying false flag(s) to escalate and expedite an Israeli proxy war against Muslims. One operation they're running currently involves the continuation of the recent murder spree ascribed to the very conveniently demised Mohamed Merah. This time the guise is the propagation of "serial killer" who's employing a suspiciously similar M.O. they bad-jacket Merah with. The imminent false flag in the US that will establish martial law is also coming, and my latest forecast would place it to be somewhere around October of this year. Just before they install another or the same demon infused monster as president. Until then, they'll continue running they're literally bankrupt financial system, rigging gold and silver prices, and gaming the system. Sucking out as much profits as they can, and ensuring that the losses are passed onto the masses as bailouts and austerity measures.

    As Slozo stated readers, prepare your resources accordingly and plan your logistics well. By the time it hits, you will not be able to fast-course that knowledge and preparation in time.


  4. I also want to add another warning flag in the world financial markets that indicate something nasty is planned. That is the 450 and counting resignations of high ranking executives in world banks, investment banks, etc. You can read their names on the tally list here: American Kabuki - Resignations from World Banks

    Keep in mind, these are outright resignations, not retirements with golden parachute bonuses and obscene payouts. It appears that some of these vipers have either guilty consciences for their crimes and are trying to bow out. Or more likely, that they were complicit in the planning of some nasty bit of financial implosion that's coming and are trying to keep their names off the latest financial logs and ledgers. An exercise in futility as their names are documented on the above website for all the world to see.

  5. HHQ,

    That ammo you list? Sounds legit, FYI. All regular-styled wildlife-killing ammo, seriously. The only thing there that really could be like an actual serious bullet is the 1oz slug, but that's usually used in a rifle/shotgun for big game - deer, moose, bear, etc, where anything smaller would just piss it off.

    The amount of ammo sounds large, yes; but the US is a large place, especially when you include the huge game reserves, parks, etc of places like Alaska. I could easily see that.

    The more wildly the market fluctuates up and down, the sooner to financial armageddon we arrive. Then it's crisi, reaction, solution . . . bingo, bango, New World Order in the form of no more paper currency, all electronic, and on down the path to slavery we all go. And as we both know, in between there will be some nasty false flags, wars, massive social unrest.

    My best advice to people who have real estate, gold, silver, or other hard assets: put yourself in a position where you can hoold onto it, and where you don't have to sell it (as in, having it on a shaky margin) when they crash the price to drive out the small investors. Hang on, sit tight, and you will profit.

    The difference between profit and loss is simply time.

  6. Slozo, I have to beg to differ on the DHS ammunition purchase. Though the US is indeed large, the amount that they requisitioned (450 million) is far too much to be considered legitimate. Also, the aegis of their department does not include wildlife, or such. That materiel is for animals of the 2-legged variety, who sport ideas contrary to their enslavement or internment in so-called fusion centres. It is additionally within the realm of possibility that these could be masked, proxy purchases for another less public agency.

    As for the central banks and their government cohorts crashing the price of gold and silver, they're doing it daily right now. Never has the calculated price suppression of these particular precious metals been more sustained, egregious and obvious. You are correct however, and people need to hang onto them nonetheless while they viciously shake that tree. They are trying to scare and dislodge as many investors as they can, while gaming the system with illegal short-selling and other off-hours price manipulations.

  7. I had the opportunity to sit with Jaz and Martin Glover for an in depth interview prior to writing the piece from The Eyeless Owl that you quoted in this article, and I'd have to say I did not get the impression that there was any subterfuge or malicious intent to their motives.

    An interesting side note to that, the original purpose of the interview was for a piece published in Alarm Magazine, and I got into a bit of a row with the editors who spun my interview with Jaz and Martin in a negative light, implying that Masonry was equal to conspiracy, which was the exact opposite of what I was trying to get at. A lot of this comes from misunderstanding Masonry, and the differences in the various Rites that exist beyond the initial three degrees of the Blue Lodge. There is a very diverse spectrum of beliefs, and I would recommend reading J.M. Roberts The Mythology of the Secret Societies and Christopher McKintosh's Rose Cross in the Age of Enlightentment, to get an idea of the kind of propaganda wars that have clouded the reality of these groups for nearly 300 years.

    "Let's not forget: governments work for the people. People don't work for governments in a democracy. And somewhere along the road this has been forgotten. What we have now are public servants, but they're sociopaths." - Jaz from an interview in April, 2012.

    Geopolitics is very complicated, and I think the real concern should be for groups like The Family, a fundamentalist group profiled by Jeff Sharlet in his book The Family, and in this piece he wrote for Harpers: and for the corporatism that currently controls much of the world's material resources.

    If you are going to condemn Jaz and Co. for their 'methods' you'd have to condemn Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras, Empedocles, Sufis of all shapes and sizes, Isaac Newton, William Blake, Shakespeare, nearly every well known poet from the Middle Ages through to the present day, most musicians, and from your list on the left hand side of the website: Marcus Garvey (who was influenced by Rosicrucianism, Mind Science, and Masonry), Malcom X (also influenced by Rosicrucianism and Masonry), Bill Hicks (who was good friends with Maynard James Keenan from Tool, who is influenced by...ok you get the idea :) ) John Lennon (who frequented the Magickal Childe bookstore in New York), and Jack Kirby (see the Secret Sun blog on Kirby's interest in mysticism and ancient aliens).

    This is not meant to rail on you, but divorcing yourself from heroes is just the first step to becoming free. If you haven't met someone face to face you don't know what is in their heart, and in order to truly come out of the present maelstrom we all have to realize that we're walking parallel paths.

    There are no controllers, there is only a journey that we are all taking together.

    Godspeed my friend!


  8. Jaz is convicted by his own words, and any damage incurred as such, are self-inflicted wounds. What I have discovered and presented is evidence of such and the band is clearly the wolf in sheep's clothing. I stand by my findings which are neither arbitrary nor conjecture, and there is even more evidence that I could have presented. You interviewed the man yes, but you know him as much as you know me, my background, and intent. Suffice it to say, but the world is filled with conniving personalities, and appearances can be deceiving. That's why serial killers and politicians are so successful at their endeavours. They are gifted charmers, who know what to say and how to say it convincingly to manipulate people. Listen to an interview with Charles Manson and you may come away with actually agreeing with some more sensible points of his rants. Examine his background, his alliances and agenda and you view him in his vile entirety. The point is Manson is a clever manipulator gifted in the art of psychological influence.

    You bring up some examples of the heroes I uphold on my blog, and specifically ally some of them like Garvey and Malcolm X, to Rosicrucianism and Masonry. Spurious evidence of which I've never seen, nor ever read. I've read a good many books on their lives, including rare tomes and volumes not available widely to the public. However, I do believe the answer to your assertion lay in that even if your contentions were accurate, it matters not in this case. As these gentlemen never spoke out of both sides of their mouths and came off looking like double-agents. They lived their words true and absolute, without any trace of traitorous betrayal. Jaz and company say certain things that make them appear to be about resistance, progressive change and the lot. Then conversely have and espouse beliefs that clearly marry quite well to the beliefs of our common enemies from on high. This is what I have a very serious and irrevocable issue with.

    I understand your forthrightness and respect your civil commentary, however I would implore you to sleuth a bit deeper into Mr. Jaz Coleman, and the backgrounds of Killing Joke, of what they state as well as their actions. I am not the first to discover these connections and examine them in the light of their glaring contradictions. If you read my very first post at this blog (to which I am now ashamed to have written), you'll read how I lauded them and what they allegedly stood for.

    I support humanity and the struggle against evil, and I will never support those who fuck about with demonic incantations, magick rituals or ignorantly tout the benefits of Eugenocide. I made the mistake of supporting them through belief in their lyrics and music which are now nothing more than a well-crafted façade. When I conducted my investigation I found startling information that revealed quite an opposite reality. It left me angry, betrayed and feeling quite the fool, for trusting so blindly in my zeal and hunger for some modicum of positivity in an encroaching cesspool of darkness.

    Well… as another top band Discharge once stated… Never Again!


  9. I think its fair to say that if one 'dresses up' the band around somewhat aggressive, diabolic imagery then some people who like the music will be drawn to the source of that imagery -
    people who like Bieber 'copy' him.

    A KJ 'following' exists and I assume that some of those like yourself have moved away from it as one grows more discerning about one's tastes. Other will continue, to the bitter end.

    I heard Jaz Coleman on a Cechomor album [ a Czech folk-rock band] and his contributions were just discordant shite, while he is apparently a musical genius or somefing.

    Masks, dressing-up, rituals , standing over the world, manipulating - stock fare for the newelite , the esoteric insiders , awaiting prophecy - join the rapture.

    I have never met them so I can only speak about their im-age which appears generally pro-traume, discordant etc because they feel people need that , to wake them up, because KJ are awake.


  10. Thanks for your input AFM, I was hoping you would comment from your perspective. It adds more dimension to it all, and adds some light to try and discern some of KJ's absurd and sordid contradictions.


  11. I have known Killing Joke since 1979 and let me assure you there is nothing evil about them at all.
    The unstable fantasist around here seems to be the author of the above piece.

    I suggest you stop pointing fingers and speculating about people you do not know on a personal basis.

  12. My readers and I in particular, don't know you at all and considering you chose to be anonymous, you could very well be just a rather pathetic liar. I suggest you take up a reading course, as clearly you don't see how much of the post is Coleman hanging himself with his own words. Perhaps you should open your eyes and perhaps infuse some measure of objectivity into your conciousness instead of blindly deifying hypocrites like a lovesick schoolgirl. I follow evidence and facts, against subjectivity and conjecture, and damn any who are crushed by it's weight.

  13. Killing Joke recently denied accusations of being 'fascist' or 'homophobic', but they readily admit in interviews their occult interests and involvement. However the definition of the word occult means hidden, so is not necessarily evil. Jaz Coleman stated that he suffered 'possession' some years back, which he put down to the magical practices he was involved in at the time. It is said he has become an Anglican priest but I'm not sure if this is the case?

  14. No sacred cows, with bright façade but intent cloaked in black, and hooves caked with filth, can walk a clean path of the just without stained tracks that betray.

  15. Just stumbled across this article. It confirms suspicions I'd had about Killing Joke for several years, now.

    I first discovered them just over twenty years ago, at around the time of the Pandemonium album. Something about their music was different from anything I'd heard before, and soon I'd bought everything they'd ever done and within the space of a year could pretty much recite the lyrics to all their albums by heart. I saw them on two different tours, going backstage on both and meeting them (since the music had such a spell over me, I hung around in the cold after the gig for ages -- by which time most people had filtered away -- and ended up allowed in to see the band). I didn't really mix with other Killing Joke fans (I've always found too much one-upmanship amongst bands' followers), and so I didn't really know much about the band members or their beliefs. (I'd read an interview with them in which Jaz Coleman said he was an ordained minister with a church in New Zealand, but I didn't know what type of church this was -- and surmised that it must be a very unusual type of church, assuming that he wasn't simply lying.)

    Years passed and I sort of drifted away from the whole music scene (due to my getting older, I suppose), and my life changed dramatically in that I became a Christian. I don't mean I started going to church: I mean that I had a genuine "born again" experience of Jesus Christ, just as Jesus describes in the Gospels. ...And found that Killing Joke's music started making sense to me (It was as Jesus says in the Gospel of John "If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free."). The scales fell from my eyes and it became clear what the lyrics and the symbolism were actually driving at: I came to realise that Jaz Coleman is a Gnostic, and that he's essentially selling Gnosticism. I got rid of all my Killing Joke stuff shortly after realising this.

    Since then, I've listened to their later releases online, to find out what he is saying these days. It's the same stuff. Just read the lyrics to The Lightbringer.

    Jeremy "Jaz" Coleman's religion is the antithesis of what Jesus taught. It is the philosophia perennis, the universal world religion of Lucifer.

    Thank you for your article: keep seeking out the truth.

    1. Thanks for your educating comment Ex-Joker, and apologies for just posting this out of 'Awaiting Moderation' since the 26th of July. I don't get around to my site as often as I should and that's the reason for the delay.

      The thing about KJ is that they fancy playing head games with their followers and audience, whilst cloaking their dark proclivities. Puppetmaster Jaz and his KJ are hypocrites of the highest order and they know exactly what they're doing. They're more like a cult that bray out truth-isms whilst covertly pushing the agenda of the satanic, self-dubbed ultra-class of international criminal scum.


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