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24 October, 2011


Greetings all,
    I have made the decision to discontinue blogging. I just can't continue carrying on in this current vehicle and need to move on. Will this be permanent? I honestly cannot say, but I do know that I need a critically intrinsic re-balance. I've spent too much time mucking about in the evil that the grimy little shitmops of the world toil their filthy hands in. I've seen too much and taken too much of it to my core, to the point where all I see is darkness, dread and crimes gleefully undertaken with zero consequences. I see an endless parade of victims whilst the culprits live gloriously and die peacefully and very old. Sickened by the traitorous enforcers too stupid to realise they are boiling with the other frogs in the pot. Rough dogs deluded to think they have cut themselves special considerations from the king by betraying the masses from whence they came.  Well-tired of the complicit mass media cheerleaders from hell with all their deceitful clangour.

I loudly question the state of the world and how it manages to function in such a terminally unjust, sickened and imbalanced condition. I'm an old soldier who's war-weary and battle-fatigued with the tacit acceptance of enslavement and abuse. Sure I see the valiant struggles of the Occupy Movement, but personally… I'm spent out of petrol and have been driving on fumes of well-exhausted fuel. It also doesn't help matters that I'm fundamentally misanthropic due to my extended tour of duty in slogging through the evil of men. I'm seeing people defined in terms of their vicious, selfish and cruel natures rather than the good they manifest. I don't think the problem is with humanity, I believe it to be within myself and how my sustained exposure to this horrid shite has distorted my perceptions rather badly. I've become saturated with negativity and all the good and brilliant things in my life have suffered from this fight which I've carried out as a priority over them. To restore a balance, my priorities must shift and I must walk a different path albeit towards the same direction. I feel what I'm currently doing is largely ineffectual and there are truth soldiers out there doing a much better and more consistent job. Seemingly tireless warriors with the perpetual means to regenerate themselves and keep moving onward. I've been at this for longer than I remember, in many different incarnations of progressive resistance and feel I've lost what fighting edge I once had. I began to feel as if I didn't give a fuck any more and all I had was running on the system's debt slave treadmill and this unending defensive war waged for freedom and a future.

In conclusion, I want to wish for you all the best of fortunes and promise for victory in the future. We will be victorious in this fight, but will need to become much more clever and perceptually wise to accomplish it. This course of advancement absolutely includes myself and I was by no means meant condescendingly. This is our fight, and our struggle and I must regroup to return much smarter and more effective to carry it forth. I am not taking the blog down in the hopes that some may find possible use or value for the information currently there. I want to take the time to thank every last one of my international supporters and contributors.

Cheers and respect to you all. Be seeing you somewhere and in some way on the frontlines.


07 October, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street Catalyst

Occupy Wall Street Protest photo credit to Benzedrine (Flickr)
First off, straight away I want to give a firm, crisp salute and big ups to all the massive, and sincere truth soldiers out on the front-lines of the Occupy Wall Street movement. If there's any soldiers you should be supporting it's them full stop, for while we toil away on the gerbil wheel of servitude and financially engineered enslavement, they are out there in mass expressing what needs to be said to the criminal chancres (bankers). While there are those of us who cower like beaten dogs afraid to even voice their dissatisfaction at our abuse, this lot are out day and night confronting the historical first-line enforcers of the bankers — the police and the treacherous provocateur infil-traitors. Whilst the cognitively retarded amongst us bray mocking laughter and pray that their pathetic lifestyles continue unabated, men, women and even children are standing up to declare enough to this rapacious gangsterism guised as government, corporations and financial institutions.

This same environment of inflicted covert/overt warfare upon the people exists in varying degrees of hostility throughout the world. As within it's the core, the same wicked centre exists, namely the central banking cabals and interests of the scheming, self-assumed "elite". Those victimised by their hand ALL want the same thing… an end to this hellish parasitism, secure a good life for themselves and their loved ones, a sovereign country they can be proud to call their own, and experience true freedom and prosperity. The citizen protester in Egypt or the Cote d'Ivoire is no different from the ones in New York and  Boston and in fact have the exact same enemies. The commonalities of our abuse at the hands of utter career criminals should take centre stage, rather than the paltry differences fostered and artificially exacerbated to drive us apart. We are the 99% pitted against a demonic 1% hard wired and driven to worship money, the suffering and death of others and absolute unchecked power. They will pursue every means to see that the system of siphoning the labour, resources and wealth of others for their personal avarice is never reversed or re-distributed to the benefit of the rightful owners. Leopards cannot change their spots, and neither can a clinical psychopath change their pathology. For them and their escalating greed there can be only one single path of no return, and that is the insatiable pursuit of other people's wealth until they are ultimately checked and routed. So don't expect any Buddha-like radical lifestyle changes with scum like these. As George Carlin so aptly put it and to paraphrase his words of wisdom: "… THEY HATE YOU". To them we are nothing more than disposable and replaceable livestock to be used, abused and summarily discarded. In converse, the cognitively aware masses know that they are nothing more than cowardly, ultra-predators in the class of a jackal or hyena, versed only in the art of bullshit, theft and deception. Does it sound like I fucking hate these tarted up murderers, marauding ravagers and thieves? You are absolutely spot on correct in that assessment, and that is normal. It is normal to hate someone who treats you like rubbish, looks upon you as less than an animal, and absurdly assumes that they are the gods of this world.

It has been nearly a month of defiance and rage fuelled resistance at Occupy Wall Street, that was organically inspired from protests seen in the UK, France, Greece, Egypt and elsewhere. It is now spreading like wildfire amongst the tinder of the increasingly enraged masses and similar protests are being organised nation-wide. Now there's a voice for the accumulated anger, frustration and opposition to this great entrenched evil, and for once there is a glimmer of light in the encroaching darkness. However with every progression there is always the slithering machinations of the wicked oppressors and plunderers, ever plotting to divide, co-opt, undermine, instigate violence, infiltrate and destroy. Once again they break open the well-worn copy of the COINTELPRO counter-insurgency handbook to analyse the weaknesses, assess potential threats and scout for the cunning opportunists and venal psychopaths amongst the activists to synthetically elevate as "official" spokespersons and leaders. Remember the Tea Party in the US started quite organically until it was quickly co-opted into the FBI-managed, shit-pit it is today, with a preening hell-bitch named Sarah Palin positioned as their leader.

Occupy Wall Street Activists photo credit to David_Shankbone (Flickr)
So what we have with the Occupy Wall Street protests is the catalytic beginnings of a widespread revolution, with the forces opposing it racing to derail, dissipate or co-opt it post-haste. With this in mind, let's examine some of the counter-insurgency strategies and tactics used and to be used, for to be forewarned is to be properly prepared.

1) The police have already tested the waters of utilising unprovoked violence against the activists and onlookers, only to to be caught red-handed and thus suffer some blowback. The aim of this obviously was to add an atmosphere of police terror and potential for sudden violence, to prevent more people from coming down to join and show their support. Needless to say they underestimated the resolve and counter-surveillance of the activists and  backfired, creating even more public support. Also, on the eve of the protests, banking criminals JP Morgan Chase sent a $4.6 million dollar bribe to the NYPD Police Foundation as incetive to be little more creative and zealous in their protest-busting.

2) The ever-complicit main-stream media at first did not want to cover Occupy Wall Street, except to deride, mock and ridicule it. Because their orders from on high were to pretend the mass protest didn't exist, and dismiss the protesters as confused jokers. The goal here is to isolate the activists and deny them any publicity. Fortunately, no one really uses the main stream media as a credible news source and the publicity and coverage was found all over the internet.

3) HUMINT (human intelligence) operatives were activated and deployed to spy on the protesters and document whom amongst them are potential organic leaders, and take the data to run up a profile and assessment. The assessment will determine what potential this individual has to lead and influence people and whether they have something in their background or interest that can be used to compromise them to use as an asset. If they are genuinely organic leaders then they are put on a secret watchlist and surveilled. Compromised leaders who are later co-opted are used to either head synthesised opposition groups or lead committed activists into a co-opted agenda. Other government infiltrated pseudo-leaders can network with one another in their placed positions and slowly take down the movement or steer it into dissipation. The warning signs for this are when you see the focus being taken off the original targets and initiatives, and onto weak reforms that move away from true demands.

4) As the movement progresses in range and scope, agent provocateurs who maybe informers, disgruntled or mentally disturbed protesters, paid assets, and police or federal agents disguised as activists are inserted into the movement. Their role is to perform orchestrated and strategic acts of wanton violence and/or destruction designed specifically to discredit the movement. Acts such as these are usually committed in full view of the media's cameras who just so happen to be on the scene filming the incident. If you need a very recent example of an agent provocateur in action, read here: American Spectator Editor Admits to Being Agent Provocateur at D.C. Museum. It describes the actions of a self-confessed agent provocateur and full-course shit mop, by the name of Patrick Howley.
Agent Provocateur Patrick Howley
Howley who is an assistant editor of the American Spectator, took as his mission to infiltrate an Occupy D.C. protest to incite an incident, with the express intent of discrediting the Occupy Movement.

5) When the movement becomes larger and more popular, and evades the capacity of the government forces to control or derail it, they then propagate unsubstantiated and contrived links of the movement, to so-called terrorist groups. To the point of employing their assets in their pseudo-gang fronts, like Al Qaeda, the Taliban, etc. to make public proclamations of support. This commonly used tactic is known as poisoning the well, and is used to drive away public support for a progressive movement. Another is to use state-created pseudo-gangs to commit crimes in the name of the movement, this was done during the 60's with groups like the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) and the Manson Family. These same pseudo-gangs can also be used to foster dissensions as factions, used to fractionalise the movement as a whole and create confusion in the public eye. This tactic was also used in the 60's when the Black Panther Party grew in power, the FBI Division Five, in concert with elements of intelligence community put together a pseudo-gang called US or United Slaves. This United Slaves front group claimed to represent the same interests of the movement, but instead performed acts of sabotage and executed orchestrated, sometimes murderous attacks on targeted leaders within the Black Panther Party infrastructure.

6) The state media apparatus will suddenly feature interviews with "movement spokespeople" who attempt to speak and represent the progressive movement. Some may indeed be organic but some will also will be controlled opposition agents used to subtly divert the focus and goals of the movement to ones of the enemy.

These are but a few examples of engineered subversion ploys and I am merely pointing this out for people to be aware of tactics and strategies used to destroy movements or catalysts for movements. The strength of a global movement in this generation, lies in everyone being a leader and any movement being democratically leaderless in construction. Keep in mind that the manuals for COINTELPRO and counter-insurgency were written and strategies were devised to take down movements with singular or multiple leaders.

99% minus 1% equals 100% justice.