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19 March, 2020

Crucible in the Heart of the Storm

If you are born free, you will fight to remain free. 
If you are born caged, you will fear freedom,
and seek the safety of the cage.

Stay safe, stay sane, stay free. 

These are the times of fire in the crucible, where men and women are forged into steel, their resolve honed razor sharp. These are the threshing fields where wheat separates from chaff. 

Make loud and heed your true instincts as ancestors warn upon the winds. Bind together under your human commonality, sheath and sort your divisions. Hate and fear are the poison your enemy sets out to divide and weaken you. 

Fear not your fellow brother, your fellow sister of this planet, you are all comrades at arms. For together you are life in it's truest expression. Individually, you are each a sacred sanctuary in the tribe of humanity.

There's storms on the horizon, let thunder roar and lightning tear sky asunder. Let the rain hit your face and loose your cry to the heavens...