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19 March, 2020

Crucible in the Heart of the Storm

If you are born free, you will fight to remain free. 
If you are born caged, you will fear freedom,
and seek the safety of the cage.

Stay safe, stay sane, stay free. 

These are the times of fire in the crucible, where men and women are forged into steel, their resolve honed razor sharp. These are the threshing fields where wheat separates from chaff. 

Make loud and heed your true instincts as ancestors warn upon the winds. Bind together under your human commonality, sheath and sort your divisions. Hate and fear are the poison your enemy sets out to divide and weaken you. 

Fear not your fellow brother, your fellow sister of this planet, you are all comrades at arms. For together you are life in it's truest expression. Individually, you are each a sacred sanctuary in the tribe of humanity.

There's storms on the horizon, let thunder roar and lightning tear sky asunder. Let the rain hit your face and loose your cry to the heavens... 



  1. HHQ!

    OMgoodness. I check my blogroll and what do I see?!
    An update. A new post!
    And a timely bit of inspiration too!
    Made my day, it really did.

    Hope you've been well all these years?

  2. Greetings Penny, so good to hear from you. Hope you are staying safe with your family, and your community is not affected too much by this virulent maelstrom. I’m doing well, long in tooth, still mad as hell and punching up. So much has happened since we last talked and I feel this would fast become a novella in short order covering even part of it.

    These times are surreal, I don't think anyone's seen anything like it. In the midst of this new hellish trial of peoples mettle, we will see people rise and fall to the challenge. Yet, with all the negatives of fear, death, uncertainty and panic, I’m starting to think we may find an unexpected providence of sorts. Not in the sense of a Bill Gates eugenic elation of population control, but more like using it as an opportunity to get our collective act together. We now have all been forced to learn to prepare, to be independent, more self-reliant and drawn to help ourselves, neighbour and community. We are learning the store is not always going to have the goods you require and to prepare alternatives. We store food and eat healthier and go outside to experience real life. We will learn to barter and work together as things become desperate. We have also now encountered our own mortality and must learn to make peace with it or tie it about our waist and drag it ‘round like an anchor.

    I’m not a follower, nor a promoter of any progressive religion but have incorporated the best of all into a logical, personal coexistence with the universe and my place within it. I’ve seen miracles and I’ve seen horrors, I’ve seen everlasting suffering without end on this planet. Moreover though, I’ve seen a chance and I truly believe as our common enemy plots his diabolical designs, that this is a poignant reminder that puts them in their place. A vivid reminder that these are NOT the gods and demigods they hubristically swagger about as. But instead, a gaggle of fearful, cowardly, satanically infused psychopaths desperate to cling to any semblance of power. They see probably for the first time that there are things much larger than they are at work.

    People like to assume quite childlike, that God, or some divine intervention will unleash their fury upon the wicked and make all right. However if you examine the legends, this has happened way too many times. So much so that I believe whatever power larger than ourselves, just finally stood down and watched to see just how far it could go before we helped ourselves. I think that Superman no longer wishes to save Lois Lane despite her cries, screams and prayers and is instead might be waiting for her to rise to the challenge and sort her own house.

    Eventually an adult stops changing the child’s diaper and they mature enough and learn to carry this out for themselves. Or they immaturely sit in their own excreta awaiting someone to come clean it for them. The divine whatever didn’t create this mess, we did… including this engineered virus poised to cull a swath of the global populace. It is up to US and ONLY US to sort our house right, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a little help from the universe.

    Cheers and respect sister,

    — HHQ


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