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19 March, 2020

Crucible in the Heart of the Storm

If you are born free, you will fight to remain free. 
If you are born caged, you will fear freedom,
and seek the safety of the cage.

Stay safe, stay sane, stay free. 

These are the times of fire in the crucible, where men and women are forged into steel, their resolve honed razor sharp. These are the threshing fields where wheat separates from chaff. 

Make loud and heed your true instincts as ancestors warn upon the winds. Bind together under your human commonality, sheath and sort your divisions. Hate and fear are the poison your enemy sets out to divide and weaken you. 

Fear not your fellow brother, your fellow sister of this planet, you are all comrades at arms. For together you are life in it's truest expression. Individually, you are each a sacred sanctuary in the tribe of humanity.

There's storms on the horizon, let thunder roar and lightning tear sky asunder. Let the rain hit your face and loose your cry to the heavens... 


23 September, 2014

The Union Hi-Jack

Well, it appears that once again true people’s democracy has been subverted and the dream of a free Scotland has been thwarted, upon orders by utter cunts of the crown. To all those traitorous,  happy little slaves who voted NO, I say a hale and hearty fuck the lot of you! I will be laughing as your pimp Cameron and his central bank puppet-masters drop austerity measures on you so heavy that it breaks your bones. You see, none of you will be able to withstand it, unlike your freedom-loving fellow Scots whom acquired the skills necessary to resist and survive. Not to worry though, I'm sure they'll be there for you just as you were there for them and your country. You great fatted whores deserve everything the EU, bankers and crown have coming at you and guess what? They won't be taking any of your No votes then. You're nothing more than two-pence prostitutes who've grown so accustomed to having a pimp that you know no other way, and now fight to defend him no matter how many times he's beaten and exploited you.

With the rigged referendum, Scotland has been dragged back in heavy chains onto the crime plantation known as the UK, fronted by a hell-bitch geezer well past her expiration date and a cheap punk who protects paedophiles like he was receiving a commission for each. The semblance of a democracy in full action was deep-shadowed by agents and accomplices of the realm busy pulling every crooked stunt imaginable. The mission: Ensure that Scotland’s attempts to break free are run into the ground at all costs, and make them a stark and bitter example to any other independence-minded countries such as Sicily, Catalonia, Bavaria, Venice, etc.

What the currently compiling evidence in this referendum fraud indicates is that the following crimes were committed to secure the No votes for the British colonial powers in charge:

- Rampant voter fraud including issuing voting privileges to the dead, and children from ages 3 to 11 in reported cases.

- Blocking registered voters out by previously voting in their names. So when the parties concerned showed up to vote, they were told that they already had voted and their names were crossed off.

- Yes votes deliberately put into the No vote piles to be counted as No votes by traitorous crown accomplices working as ballot counters.

- No Exit polls conducted whatsoever to mask and further the fraud and deception. For those who may not know, Exit polls are collected by large numbers of researchers standing outside polling stations and asking tens of thousands of people how they voted. Data collected includes demographic information, such as age, gender, race or social class. The exit polls would reveal in short order, just how the people voted in real time.

- At least one case of deliberate ballot box stuffing caught on video -

For a top shelf read on the the great Scottish vote swindle of 2014 I recommend this article: Scottish Referendum Result Undoubtedly Rigged

16 September, 2014

A Free Scotland in Our Lifetime

This says it all and it absolutely must happen against desperate banker and British covert machinations. This 18th, resurrect the spirit of William Wallace and honour all those who gave their lives in the struggle to make Scotland free. I've wanted to see this for as long as I can remember and the prospect has me absolutely over the moon. We must make this dream a become a reality now!

Show your support here: 

12 July, 2014

Everlasting Resilience and Triumph Assured

Image credit: Palestine flag-face, artist unknown from
The hearts of the awakened and just world go out to your long-suffering struggle against an intractable and hosted evil. Palestine, one day soon you will realise true freedom and nation amongst the true bearers of humanity and justice. No matter the lies, the vicious, callow propaganda and vitriol, the righteous eyes of the world can truly see what is transpiring and whom the demonic, murderous parties responsible are. For we all bear witness to one of the most horrific catalogue of war crimes and the most depraved, unchecked, evil allowed to run amok in our age and there are millions who stand against it. The reign of monsters is fast failing and coming to an end as they lay exposed before all, for all of their abominations and agendas. To begin the journey to victory, all you have to do is awaken, educate yourself, resist and fully terminate your compliance.

If anyone at all has any trouble believing that the Israeli Zionist regime is incapable of savage, campaigns of ultra-violence and unprovoked brutality, just view the video below. Witness what they do to an outspoken Jewish lad who stands against Nazism rebranded with a Star of David sigil.

You don't know how hard I've restrained myself from cursing out these morally defective demons in this post and subsequent replies. The war crimes I've witnessed during this blatantly genocidal campaign are amongst the worst I've witnessed in quite a while, barring Syria and the Ukraine and a dozen other countries targeted by western military and intelligence. The difference in this UN sanctioned abomination, is that they are deliberately murdering civilians, going after hospitals and the critical infrastructure of occupied Palestine. This is the very definition of international war crimes and genocide.

This time however, there is considerable blowback as the UN has been exposed badly as the globalist joke they are and whatever remaining illusion of credibility they traded in has been spent in a flash. ANYONE supporting this outrage and gutter-stooping to defend these psychotic, blood-lusting, Zionist freaks is an accomplice to war crimes full stop. If people are willing to call Nazis to task for their banker and west-backed "field tests", yet fail to do the exact same to these scum in absolute, then any international laws against genocide and war crimes are a bloody farce. It is becoming clear that Israel has lost their desperate gambit on so many levels and hopefully this time it is unrecoverable. Their zeal for wholesale butchery has made a shambles of their failing economy, and to the just people of the world, they are a pack of infanticidal serial killers. Slavering psychopaths exclaiming gibberish justifications that not even a hardcore monster like Dick Cheney would dare publicly voice.

If this real-time horror spectacle has taught us one thing, it has revealed before all — the supporters, accomplices and proud backers of this hell. From the ever-complicit media propaganda mills to the Zionist-tethered, self-appointed leaders, they all lay exposed before the world and we will NEVER forget their frivolous affectations nor monstrous inhumanity. All about the world collective millions of citizens (but more aptly - hostages) have voiced their outrage and condemnation trying to rouse the international legal bodies to do their fucking job and arrest this rampant brutality in earnest. Alas, they too are discovering that these entities are compromised and suckling under the belt buckle of Israel and its criminal Zionist agenda. Much like the archetypical three monkeys, they have been ordered to hear nothing, to see nothing and to say nothing.

Israel's rabid behaviour has made them international pariahs and no amount of hollow wolf cries of anti-Semite will extricate them from this. For these false-pretenders are in fact the true anti-Semites of the world in its most literal sense (those confused need only review the dictionary definition of the term). From the craven bastards who gleefully set up chairs overlooking the bombing and wanton murders of Palestinian civilians to the hordes of soul-deprived apologists, I can honestly and unreservedly say that I've never seen more patently wicked individuals infesting our human race. Stand down Nazis, your title as "most evil" has been supplanted by a new heir to the throne. 

To those who wish to put names to the victims of the Israeli slaughter, please visit Aangirfan's site and their phenomenal job of compiling a growing list of Palestinians murdered. 

Pay your respects here: The Victims of Gaza: A List of 627 Palestinians Killed

Here's also a remarkably cognizant and candid article that should have occurred long ago. It's by Benjamin Silverman imploring the Jewish community taking a stand on the right side of history and oppose Israel's criminal enterprise and submission to Zionism:

28 September, 2013

Kenya's Westgate Mall False Flag

Image credit to

It's now apparent that the soul-vacated bastards that impose their rule upon us all, are now taking their terrorist Operation Gladio worldwide. Their satanically contrived 'Strategy of Tension' sees as its mission to recruit, fund and train some of the most of the worst criminal scum imaginable. Then group them into state-sponsored pseudo-gangs and deploy them like wind-up toys to wreak their terror upon innocent men, women and children. This Al-Shabaab pop-up group is no different from any of the myriad of groups like Al-Nusra, or Al-Qaeda acting at the behest of the intelligence services of Israel, the US and UK. This Al-Shabaab group had only one aim, to kidnap, maim and murder innocent people wholesale and there is NOTHING political about that. Their mission marries up to the agenda of pursuing endless wars and breaking nations and people to accept outright western fascism topped with a Star of David.

Always remember that NO organic insurgency group EVER terrorises and murders the very masses they are allegedly trying to gain sympathy and support from. This is the telling mark that separates bands of government lackeys from genuine revolutionaries. This is a pattern that will never change and they think us all too stupid to be able to see through it. One by one the resource-rich nations of the world become their prey, and if they find your country of strategic value soon the predatory triad will discover terror cells and groups in your country. If not, then they'll simply fund and create or unleash them there, or perhaps stage a very expedient false flag terror incident against the indigenous populace.

Much has been discussed about the recent Westgate Mall false flag attack in Kenya this past week. So I thought I'd throw the evidence I've collected on the table too to try and suss the whys and wherefores as well. Below are some of the interesting facts and evidentiary tributaries about this case. I'll add more as I uncover it and please feel free to contribute anything of value in the comments section.
  • The obvious MI-6 connected "White Widow" Samantha Lewthwaite leading this intel cut-out group Al-Shabaab is one avenue worth examining. Such a hearty professional that she somehow evades capture once Westgate Mall is re-secured by security services. Obviously if this happened, on-site Israeli intelligence and security services must have played a large part in affecting not only her escape but also key members of this pseudo-gang Al-Shabaab. Lewthwaite, has been wanted in Kenya for some time for the reported possession of a forged South African passport. Bottom line is that the same triad of culprits responsible for orchestrating and carrying out 9/11, 7/7, Mumbai and others, pulled this false flag off — the Mossad, MI-6 and the CIA/DIA. Here's a bit of evidence towards that direction from the Kenyan Daily Nation on 22, September 2013. The article reports that foreign security officials -- from Israel as well as the United States and Britain -- were also seen at the complex throughout the drama. Forensic experts from Israel, the United States and United Kingdom have joined the Kenyan team in carrying out analysis at Westgate mall. One has to wonder whether this alliance has more to do with collecting and sanitising inconvenient evidence and supplanting it with proof that advances the official narrative.

    The enigmatic Ms. Samantha Lewthwaite, aka Natalie Faye, aka the media-dubbed "White Widow" as depicted in her false identity passport

  • As reported by the International Business Times, crack unit of Israeli commandos was airlifted to Kenya as soon as the Westgate Mall siege began, as Nairobi invoked a secret security pact between the two countries under which Jerusalem guarantees military assistance should the Kenyan government be threatened by a foreign force. In Israel, a senior defence official said there were no Israeli forces participating in an assault, but the official said it was possible that Israeli advisers were providing assistance. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was discussing a classified military issue, would not elaborate.

    Officials in the Israeli foreign ministry said that three Israeli citizens that were in the mall at the time of the attack were able to escape unharmed and were collected by the Deputy Israeli Ambassador to Kenya Yaki Lopez and the embassy security officer that were present on the scene (interesting and convenient eh?). Seems that if you're ever unfortunate enough to be caught in a false flag terror incident, the best plan of action is to find yourself the nearest group of Israelis.

    A French Huffington Post article dated 24, September 2013 entitled "Attentat de Nairobi: le Kenya et l'Afrique de l'Est, une zone stratégique pour Israël", had some particularly revealing information on the "special relationship" between Kenya and Israel. In it was stated: "Kenya, Ethiopia and Eritrea are three key countries for Israel because they serve as a buffer in a region that sees Islamic fundamentalism making great strides," said Galia Sabar, director of the African Studies Department at University of Tel Aviv. Ethiopia (with which Israel maintains excellent relations illustrated in particular by the immigration of Ethiopian Jews held by Israel) and Eritrea border the Red Sea, an economically and strategically important for Israel access, says Galia Sabar.

    "The Horn of Africa is important for Israel's economic interests, including trade with Asia via the Red Sea," said Eli Karmon also a researcher at the Institute for Counter-Terrorism Research Herzliya, north Tel Aviv.

    On-site Israeli "advisor" making sure that only the right "terrorists" are targeted and their assets are allowed to evade capture

  • Previous to the attack, a field-op stash point was created and warehoused within an empty shop at the Westgate Mall. Changes of clothes (civilian attire), weapons (including powerful belt-fed machine guns), grenades, rocket-propelled grenades and other materiel were all stored there waiting for this state-sponsored gang of terrorists to run this black op. The shooters were set up and well prepared in advance with collusion from an inside party or parties, directly affiliated with the owners/management of the mall. Initial reports indicate that the perpetrators had prior access to the building and monitored Westgate for more than three months before Saturday's attack

  • Much like Sandy Hook, revealing CCTV and security footage from in and around Westgate Mall camera footage has been confiscated and suppressed. This critical footage is reported to contain CCTV clips revealing the well organised attackers moving from floor to floor and firing on crowds of shoppers. It is said that the attackers took up strategic positions on the roof, stairs and in the CCTV control room from where they surveilled the security services response to the attack. Unlike the blatant cover-up at Sandy Hook however, there are plenty of images available of the murdered, bloodied survivors and pictures of the mall damage.

    British SAS man alleged to be "off duty" on the scene of the Westgate Mall attack. How fortunate that he happened to be both armed (gun tucked in waistband) and in the right place and time. Nothing suspect here at all, carry on all.

  • The fact that Kenyan police intelligence and services were tipped off in advance that this mall terrorist incident was to occur is telling. Two NIS (National Intelligence Services) officers who did not want their identities revealed yesterday told the Star that their organisation had given advance warning of the attack to Inspector General of Police Service David Kimaiyo and Criminal Investigations Department director Ndegwa Muhoro. They also claimed that some senior officers within the Office of the President should be investigated for “suppressing” intelligence reports.
  • It has also emerged that a policewoman has recorded a statement after her brother who works for the NIS warned her not to visit Westgate on Saturday because of an impending attack. The NIS officer is being sought for interrogation. The pregnant policewoman regularly went window shopping in Westgate on Saturdays. "She has told police that her brother who is a NIS officer warned her not to visit Westgate that Saturday because she would not be able to run with her bulging tummy," a senior officer involved in the investigation said yesterday. The policewoman was picked up from her home on Tuesday night and taken to CID headquarters on Kiambu road where she was interrogated for four hours before being allowed to go home.
  •  An unnamed police doctor who has been summoned and deployed to the Westgate Mall has reported that the "terrorists" had tortured their victims before killing them. He was quoted as saying, "Those are not allegations. Those are fucking truths. They removed balls (testicles?), eyes, ears, nose. They get your hand and sharpen it like a pencil then they tell you to write your name with the blood. They drive knives inside a child's body. Actually if you look at all the bodies, unless those ones that were escaping, fingers are cut by pliers, the noses are ripped [off] by pliers."
  • Nairobi Senator Gidion Mbuvi Sonko has accused the National Intelligence Service of culpability in Saturday’s Westgate attack. Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has accused the National Intelligence Service of culpability in Saturday’s Westgate attack. Sonko said he had then furnished NIS with information detailing the escapades of the suspected terrorists. He claimed two women came to his office and informed him of some foreigners who were planning to attack shopping malls and key buildings in Nairobi. “The women told me the terrorists were living with them in Parklands and Westlands,” Mr Mbuvi said. “The women told me they were being mistreated and threatened with grenades and guns. They said the foreigners had been in Nairobi for three months”. He said he was told the National Assembly, the KICC where the Senate sits, and Village Market in Gigiri were also targets. Sonko claimed he took the women to intelligence officials, but nothing was done.
  • Throughout the siege and attack, the Westgate Mall kill-team utilised the US based Twitter to communicate and broadcast their rubbish. As soon as Twitter discovered their accounts they were shut down only to have more spring up almost instantly. This belies that this was not only premeditated but that contingencies were planned for to ensure this groups propaganda went out exactly as scheduled. For example, a few months ago Al-Shabaab members even emailed journalists with a new account after it was suspended for breaching Twitter guidelines, which ban threats of violence. It specifically urged reporters to follow their new account(s).
  • Physical evidence at the Westgate crime scene has been extremely compromised if not outright obliterated, as floors have been collapsed due to reported explosions that caused significant structural damage to the mall. Kenyan authorities rather suspiciously attempted to explain that the destruction instead was caused by "mattress fires" set by the militants. Apparently they must have consulted the same wankers in the US government who proffered that the Twin Towers were terminally weakened structurally by airplane petrol. I guess that any time now Rudy Giuliani or his equivalent in Kenya will step in and order the evidence-rich rubble to be conveniently whisked away from investigative eyes.

    Personnel alleged to be international "forensic experts", but looking a lot more like covert military contractors and special services men. The tactical sunglasses, physiques and similar style tops are a dead give-away and I'd say this particular lot are yanks.

  • It has since emerged that Sony Holding Limited, a real estate company led by Israeli Alex Trajtenberg, insured Westgate Shopping Mall through UK’s Lloyd’s market for about Sh6.6 billion. According to the Business Daily of Kenya (27, Sept. 2013 article "Westgate insurer faces Sh6.6 billion compensation bill"), the insurance deal specifically included a cover against political violence where acts of terrorism fall. Mr. Trajtenberg declined to comment on the matter. Alas, another smoking gun very reminiscent of Larry Silverstein's little murderous insurance fraud on 9/11. If you need any confirmation that this was a pre-planned false flag synthetic terror incident, it's right here. Keep in mind also, that the Westgate Mall was built by the Westfield Group in 2007. Now what you may not know, is that the Westfield Group was owned by Frank Lowy, who alongside Larry Silverstein made billions from the 9/11 synthetic terrorist attacks.
  • There are now emerging reports that the Al-Shabaab kill-team evaded capture completely by escaping via an underground tunnel through a sewer which runs several metres from the Westgate Mall to the neighbouring Nakummatt Ukay Mall. Now there is no security service on earth that can be so inept and moronic to have not obtained the blueprints of the mall when running their response contingencies. Professional tactical response training internationally teaches that the first order of business when entering a hostage situation is that you obtain blueprint data and know every possible entrance and exit to that structure. Then next you have your snipers or tac response members secure those locations. Secret, unchallenged escapes are the kind of rubbish is only depicted in the cinema. If this tunnel were left unsecured, then the orders came from knowledgeable tactical commanders who omitted the information of its existence. No matter how it occurred, it leaves one to a single remaining conclusion, and that is the perpetrators were allowed to escape!

17 September, 2013

Pavlov's Degeneration X


Spot on new Apple iPhone advert send up that tells it just like it is. For all those shiny new object, toy worshippers who believe this little hipster monolith has the consumer's best intentions at heart. Don't say I didn't warn you earlier here: and here:

Question: Are we really so conditioned and trained, as to accept a piece of technology that actively spies on it's user in ways that would have made Allen Dulles and J. Edgar Hoover sexually climax at the prospect? Seriously every new piece of technology seems to be vetted at Langley, Virginia, DARPA or the NSA and then delivered to Apple for production. Hiring the best alpha-state programmers to then market (at exorbitant prices mind you) the latest super-grass device they can create (with Asian slave labour). What level have we allowed some of ourselves to sink to keep bastards like these in business? And that business is being a front for live-time SIGINT intelligence data collection at a rate never known in world previously. It's one thing to be so stupid as to joyously share the most intimate, up-to-date and private details  of your life and whereabouts on known intelligence fronts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the lot, but where does it end? You're literally giving it all away and selling yourself down the river, and for fucking well what? To own the newest, most expensive spy device that's all the rage with people who are indoctrinated to become their own worst enemies? 

There's a saying, that to serve them is to deserve them, and just what has this place become? What have we allowed ourselves to degenerate into? C'mon people, man and woman up, and tell these media-sanctified abominations that they can take the lot of their spy devices, cock them sideways and shove them up straight up their infernal arses. Time to become analogue people in the free-range digital panopticon, or enjoy your shiny iFriend grassing you out at every turn.

Let's peruse a checklist of personal data collected from you by Apple technology shall we?

Voiceprints (SIRI/phone) ✓
Fingerprint(s) ✓
Your exact geo-location via GPS ✓
Up-to-date pictures of you, your friends and family ✓
Email contents ✓
Names, addresses and phone numbers of all your contacts ✓
Every detail of the items stored in your Calendar ✓
Surveillance audio taken from the built-in microphone ✓
Your browsing history and bookmarks ✓

Think MKULTRA is an X-Files fantasy? Guess what, you're well soaking in it.

28 August, 2013

The Syria CW False Flag - Unclever Lies & Amateur Deceptions

Above is an actual leaked Christmas 2012 email correspondence between UK BRITAM defence contractors conspiring to set off a Qatar supplied chemical weapon in Syria and blame it on Russian agents working for Assad. (Email placed on side for legibility)

Not to play Chicken Little… but we are now world that much closer to a possible  nuclear conflagration, all due to the petulant lunacy of a US tin-pot despot with a banker and Zionist short-leads about his neck, lashing him on to bankster-thug plundering and Israeli proxy-wars. The word must go forth without haste that portions of the citizenry of the US are in grave danger of a very vicious and calculated false-flag. A contrived event put together by desperate, genuine and irredeemable psychopaths slavering to get their abominable little banker orchestrated war started. A war to be gained through synthetically instigated outrage, deception and false nationalism wrapped in a flag via any and all means at the behest of Israel. To divert and bury the NSA illegalities, war crimes, embarrassing prisoner hunger strikes, Wall Street gangsterism and many other emergent outrages and criminal exploits. This time however, the masses are a bit wise to the game and want no part of it. They can now see through the pathetic veneer of Contras 2.0.

Few are so stupid as to believe that the government fights an alleged war against terror and terrorists does so by actually supporting, financing, training and arming those very self-same intel-front terrorists in Syria. Astonishingly enough, It's not even a secret they take any care in keeping anymore. After all, the mask has fallen, and the true demonic visage now lay exposed to all who care to look. In frantic desperation, they are becoming careless, sloppy and dangerous, for they know we're on to them and their house of a thousand deceits. Their credibility has been reduced to near zero and no one is fool enough to believe anything they bellow. The repercussions of which extend retroactively to everything they ever stated, promised or reported. That well-water is now poison and abandoned.

People may have been initially gullible to fall for Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, 7/7, the Boston bombings, however this is a new day, and they've since wiped the coma residue from their eyes. You see, great numbers of the populace have learned to read and analyse, share and report and now these fairytales implode on the launchpad before they have a chance to take flight. Few are so stupid as to believe that Assad would call for the UN to investigate chemical weapons used in Syria by the FSA (Free Syrian Army), then turn right around and deploy chemical agents upon his own people and army in front of the UN. What moronic White House amateur scripted that bankrupt narrative? Especially in the face of the emerging facts and evidence such as videos of rebel army thugs boastfully killing rabbits on film with chemical agents. As well as caches of Saudi Arabia sourced chemical agents, deployment equipment, counter-agent ampoules, gas masks and associated materiel have been discovered in hidden lairs of the Syrian rebel terrorists by the Syrian army.

Since post-9/11, the giant, star-spangled Golem and its skinny, rat-like Israeli controller perched atop its shoulders, have had their way with the world. Bullying, terrorising and murdering wholesale to steal what they want and to make grisly examples of anyone who dares challenge them. From resource-rich country to country they destabilise first with state-supported criminal elements who begin campaigns of terror and destruction. Then they utter broad pronouncements and threats to their targeted opposition linking them to crimes against humanity. Then with or without the support of the bribed and extorted international community, they move in for the kill. This has not gone unnoticed by their rivals and others with equalising weaponry, who have decided that they will not be trod upon as victims and slaves. Not too long ago Libya stood up, Gaddafi moved to reject the central bankers and start his own central bank with gold-backed Dinar. He stated and made moves to sell Libyan oil for gold instead of the dying-on-the-vine imperial fiat dollar. Shortly after, the US and western interests invaded, and had mercenaries summarily execute Gaddafi publicly in the street sans trial or charge. The bankers needed their example and got it in spades for all the world to see. There will be no free-range nations and all who fly a national flag will be under the thumb and protection of the Red Shield vampire mob.

Putin for one has drawn a line in the sand, as has China as well, albeit with a calculated lack of publicised fanfare. China has decided to make decisive financial moves to covertly establish a gold-backed Yuan and make deals for resources they need. Russia has begun severing central bank tethers by taking control of their own central bank, stockpiling gold and establishing deals for energy reserve resources such as gas and oil. Militarily, they by contrast are openly sick to death of the swaggering US conqueror incursions and have publicly announced their opposition to it all with declared logistical and implied military support for Iran and Syria. Stating that they would get personally involved if these countries were ever invaded. Then tensions heated further during the Snowden affair when Russia tired of the threats and barking decided to grant him full asylum. When Obama and his administration registered their dismay and disapproval, Putin diplomatically told them to cock it sideways and use it as a suppository. Now, we are faced with a military standoff over Syria that makes the Cuban Missile Crisis pale by comparison. All it takes is a raving, delusional sociopath the likes of John "Old Dummy" McCain, John "Bonesman" Kerry or Chuck "Zion-friendly" Hagel to green light an illegal invasion and the doors to hell will open wide. Be vigilant denizens of the US, this Labour Day may very well spawn the birth of a horrific new false flag, whilst everyone is lulled and captivated by state-approved festivities.

Source of top email (Since removed from The Daily Mail's website, but located here: Daily Mail - U.S. 'Backed Plan to Launch Chemical Weapon Attack on Syria and Blame it on Assad's Regime'