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17 September, 2013

Pavlov's Degeneration X


Spot on new Apple iPhone advert send up that tells it just like it is. For all those shiny new object, toy worshippers who believe this little hipster monolith has the consumer's best intentions at heart. Don't say I didn't warn you earlier here: and here:

Question: Are we really so conditioned and trained, as to accept a piece of technology that actively spies on it's user in ways that would have made Allen Dulles and J. Edgar Hoover sexually climax at the prospect? Seriously every new piece of technology seems to be vetted at Langley, Virginia, DARPA or the NSA and then delivered to Apple for production. Hiring the best alpha-state programmers to then market (at exorbitant prices mind you) the latest super-grass device they can create (with Asian slave labour). What level have we allowed some of ourselves to sink to keep bastards like these in business? And that business is being a front for live-time SIGINT intelligence data collection at a rate never known in world previously. It's one thing to be so stupid as to joyously share the most intimate, up-to-date and private details  of your life and whereabouts on known intelligence fronts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the lot, but where does it end? You're literally giving it all away and selling yourself down the river, and for fucking well what? To own the newest, most expensive spy device that's all the rage with people who are indoctrinated to become their own worst enemies? 

There's a saying, that to serve them is to deserve them, and just what has this place become? What have we allowed ourselves to degenerate into? C'mon people, man and woman up, and tell these media-sanctified abominations that they can take the lot of their spy devices, cock them sideways and shove them up straight up their infernal arses. Time to become analogue people in the free-range digital panopticon, or enjoy your shiny iFriend grassing you out at every turn.

Let's peruse a checklist of personal data collected from you by Apple technology shall we?

Voiceprints (SIRI/phone) ✓
Fingerprint(s) ✓
Your exact geo-location via GPS ✓
Up-to-date pictures of you, your friends and family ✓
Email contents ✓
Names, addresses and phone numbers of all your contacts ✓
Every detail of the items stored in your Calendar ✓
Surveillance audio taken from the built-in microphone ✓
Your browsing history and bookmarks ✓

Think MKULTRA is an X-Files fantasy? Guess what, you're well soaking in it.


  1. Thanks for this . . . humorous ad to say the least. And I agree wholeheartedly with your commentary . . .

    . . . fact of the matter is, the West is a decadent drunk, in love with itself. And these spying devices, privacy ripping devices . . . they all prey on the favourite vices of man in general: greed, envy, sloth, and most notably, pride.

    Before being able to fight these things properly, one must have been raised properly with moral values, by parental units dedicated to making a child better, not just people who had kids and put them in front of a TV.

    It starts at home.

  2. Indeed friend, true words indeed.

  3. HHQ:

    I am using this as a guest post today!
    and hello to slozo while I am here!

  4. Much thanks Penny, honoured and appreciative.


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