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04 July, 2011

Phenomenal Work

Greetings all, I've just discovered a bang-on, brilliant presentation that you absolutely must see. Three hours of perhaps the most concise and thorough video on 9/11, the Oklahoma bombing false flag and Israeli espionage and terrorist participation. If you, or perhaps someone you are edifying on the realities of the world, want to be brought up to speed on the engineering of these false flags, I implore you to watch this video. Guaranteed that you will learn and see evidence that you've never seen nor heard before on these crimes.

You may say to yourself "Come on already HHQ, for fuck's sake, I'm burned out and tired of hearing about this 9/11 stuff already!" I am much the same way, but I am very glad I chose to invest the time. I think what is tiring about the whole affair is that there are so many contrary and competing theories, not to mention strategically introduced disinformation that one just gets done-in from the information overload and sorting. Also, the great number of us already know the principal parties behind staging 9/11 and other false flags globally and are frustrated and enraged that they will die contented old men and women without ever seeing the end of the hangman's rope.

This video is different however, as Ryan Dawson has put a Spartan amount of work into breaking all of this down, researching and then compiling corroborative videos, and presenting outstanding and genuinely startling evidence. Judge for yourself and feel free to share in the comments section below.

Excellent presentation from the tenacious Ryan Dawson of

Cheers, much respect and a crisp salute to Mr. Ryan Dawson for this outstanding work!


  1. Hi HHQ, bravo to you for finding this..
    i haven't watched it YET..three hours is pretty long and i'll have to make some time to sit undisturbed (kids asleep) to watch it, hopefully later tonight..since it's the morning here.
    thanks for letting us know about this and i'll be back after i've watched it.
    Cheers and many regards A13

  2. Chère dame bonjour! Three hours does seem daunting, however it is presented in an absolutely compelling manner that moves along at quite a nice pace. I'm just as glad to have found this valuable video and pass it along to my well-versed and knowledgeable audience.


  3. Hey HHQ!

    we made it through the long weekend!
    A temporary sigh of relief?
    I will check out the movie.
    My hubby has set things up in a way that we can watch stuff like this on the television, which is great, cause I don't like sitting in from of the computer too long.

    Wondering, have heard a theory espoused that digital tv allows you to be watched in your house. Have you ever heard this?
    It is something I want to look into, when I have more time.

  4. Yes thankfully no false flag for now in the U.S., but the coast is far from clear. Keep eyes peeled for sudden and strange stock market changes and an increase in governmental agency or military drills. Those are but a few choice tips to help foresee a synthesised, and co-ordinated catastrophic terror event. I would think that since the twisted, demonic bastards are salivating to use a nuclear device on their own people this time. What better cover to drown out the radiation from them setting up a false flag device than the Fukushima fallout or perhaps another reactor much like the ones that were in jeopardy in Minot North Dakota and Nebraska? Let us not forget that news story run on October 14, 2006 by the Cleveland Indy Media Center. The story reported that during a full-scale helicopter Aerial Background Radiation Survey of New York City, by Anti-Terrorist officials looking for radiation signatures of potential "dirty bombs", they found 80 unexpected hot spots around the city. The one that registered a particularly high spike of unusual radiation was located within the area of the Israeli Embassy.

    As for the digital TV reverse transmission capabilities, I've long heard that this was something completely within their technological capabilities years ago. I had even heard that this was explored initially by engineers in the Third Reich as they developed rudimentary television technology.

    I can tell you about a personal experience which the readers can take or leave, but it occurred nonetheless. I was once on holiday and was introduced to a middle-aged man who worked as an electronics engineer at the very creepy little town called Celebration in Orlando Florida. I've seen the place and it is reminiscent of houses you'd find from the 'Stepford Wives' film and had a similarity to it much like the Village from the old TV programme "The Prisoner". In any event as he was relating what manner of work he did there and his thoughts of the place in general. He stated that one of his duties was to set up the cable and televisions in the homes and that they had what he called 'Reverse Transmission' capabilities that Disney wanted installed in all the homes in Celebration (FYI, the mini-town community is completely run by the Disney corporation). Meaning that the televisions in all the homes were used as surveillance devices, and while they were watching TV they were being visually recorded themselves. When I expressed some surprise and scepticism at his story, he said that the technology wasn't that complicated at all and that the television cable industry was looking into covertly mainstreaming it through the cable boxes. That was in around 1995, that I had met that bloke.

  5. Good find HHQ, I'll check this video out soon!! Also, here is an excellent video if you guys haven't seen it yet:

  6. Thanks JF, I've seen Missing Links and it too is an exceptional well put together truth documentary. I recommend it to any reader who has not seen it yet as it contains some great info.

  7. Okay, I"m behind (and thanks for the video), but I just read the Vanity Fair essay about the redacted parts of the 9/11 docs and how the report was so bad and that Bush protected the Saudis who were protecting bin Ladin, etc., etc., which has led me to think that this is just the latest limited hangout.

    After all, why now?

    Except that it presents the killing of Osama as real, gives cover to many of the guilty (I think), and breathlessly presents bits of unknown info (to most people anyway) as a come-on to increase their integrity and veracity quotient (which is nil), which will be needed next event.

    Things are heating up, I believe.

    Any opinions here or am I too late with this?

  8. Never too late for posting replies on posted material no matter how old. I like to think of the material as discussions that can always be brought up, especially if the contributor is adding something new and completely relevant. Yes we are currently in the calm before the next engineered storm and every once in a while we get a wafting stink of their manufacturing of it. Maybe even some back-door leaks by some conspirators or their underlings working as double-agents. The one thing I must reiterate is to be able to get information out fast and true to possibly thwart it. If the next first-degree massacre cannot be averted, then we all must act equally fast to gather evidence of the crime and guilty parties. One thing is that when the next false flag is carried out, the internet will be suddenly down as part of that attack to prevent communication and exchanges of information. This includes strategically disabling cellphone communications in the affected area, along with email and instant messaging capabilities. Also, I would not rule out police and military attempting to confiscate phones, cameras and any other digital recording device from victims and survivors.

  9. Great video link as always, HHQ. I make time for your videos, ever since your first couple . . . all of them quality, and you did not disappoint this time. Time well spent.

    It's way too quick in parts with the flashes of people and things without explanation for the cursory or first time 'investigator' or person out of the loop . . . but it is, overall, excellent. Very familiar with the author.

    Will be passing it on. Only time will tell how long it lasts before it is taken down . .. my guess is, not too long.

    Keep up the solid work.

  10. Thanks much friend, both your loyalty and faith are very much appreciated. Thanks for your investment of time and review that will hopefully have others view it as well.



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