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29 June, 2011

False Flag Alert Now on Red!

If you view to the top right side panel, you'll notice that I've changed the False Flag warning to red. This is because of earlier this year there was strategically leaked propaganda from intelligence fronts and pseudo-gangs like the Taliban and Al Qaeda stating there would be attacks made on or around the U.S. July 4th holiday or around the anniversary of September the 11th. As we all know the identities of the true parties involved in engineering the last synthesised terrorist assault, namely Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom. We as citizens of this planet need to be especially vigilant for them loosing another upon us and murdering scores more people to advance their sick Zionist agenda. One which includes further enslavement of the masses, more fake terrorists and laws to link dissidents to them, not to mention more war for resources and civilian sacrifices for fun and profit. More wars upon us to reduce the population through covert and devious means chemically and biologically. More poisoning of the food and more just abusing the general shit out of the citizenry too scared, harried and distracted to resist and fight back.

Eyes open all, the next American false flag will bring hell to the door of all but those who orchestrate it. They may launch it anywhere, at any time but they really seem to love doing it with surreptitious chatter warnings. The revelation of the method and all that you know. Also the inside-job scum will most likely target the U.S. as they get way more mileage than those they engineer in other countries around the world. Once they do this time, any semblance of a life even remotely considered 'free' will be gone, crushed under a long-planned fascist future. Again, if you see fit and wish to alert others to this warning, feel free to copy the image below or smaller version to the right and use it where you see fit. Make stickers or T-shirts if you'd like as well.


July 5th Update!
Well, July 4th has passed without incident, and none are more happy of that fact than I. For whatever reason, be it incorrect estimation on my part or rescheduling on the part of the conspirators I am glad to see nothing happened. Will there be another false flag planned targeting the U.S.? Of this I have no doubt as the war criminals, zio-thugs and engineers responsible are in a desperate situation that they will execute rash decisions in order to further their master's goals and extricate themselves to an advantageous position. Will they be able to execute it and remain unscathed under such global scrutiny of awakened individuals? That only vigilant eyes and the will to report suspicious activities and evidence fast to the masses can possibly stave it off. Israel has garnered top position on the people's terrorist watch list and will be on-radar in the coming months as well as their partners in complicity which you can document and list from this source: Ryan Dawson's War by Deception Director's Cut

I truly hope that September 11th, 2011 passes as uneventfully for the U.S. citizenry as this July 4th. Keep all senses awake and aware during the coming months. As a reminder I am keeping the False Flag alert on red until after September, after all these are the dates the accomplices and perpetrators have issued through their pseudo-gang front patsies.


  1. The USS Enterprise has come into play in the ME.
    This is a ship that is highly decorated and has a "brand" name.
    It is being decommissioned next year.
    Have you noticed the news has gone quiet on Syria?
    I wonder????

  2. I've noticed that the MSM lot of wind-up parrots has been quiet on Syria, and quite a lot of other matters of importance lately. A little investigation bears out that there are a growing number of hot spots and incidents going on simultaneously throughout the world. The news illusionist's game is "If we don't report it... it never happened". That's why we in turn say fuck them and do it ourselves better than they can.

  3. Hi HHQ, I think there are Many small versions of False Flag attacks happening in concert at the moment..all over the a tide, some are amped up..some are deliberatley keept under wraps, all for some kind of extra psych keep the sheeple on their turning up and down the volume on a sound system.
    slowly bringing certain events to climax..then.backing off, like coitus interruptus.
    the strategy of tension.
    Cheers and many regards to you :)

    P.s..there is a new rant @ the lounge ;)

  4. Hi there, just made my way over here from Penny's blog. I hope you don't mind, but I've added the False Flag Warning System image to my blog, with proper credit back here. That image is simply phenomenal, and cuts straight to the point.

    Thanks! I'll be stopping by more often now!

  5. A13, good to hear from you again and you are correct. One false flag is too easy to be broken down, analysed and evidence exposed fast nowadays. I think they've learned from 9/11 and 7/7 and will execute either a number of simultaneous one or ones sequentially. This way there will be too much going on and they can escalate panic pervasively. In any case, they seriously underestimate the tenacity and collective intelligence of those of us who know better.

  6. Welcome John Friend and thanks for your support and use of the image. I compiled it to get the word out fast and concisely. Please use it as you progressively see fit.



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