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05 September, 2011

9/11 PSYOP 2011 Propaganda Gone Wild

From the brilliant comic DIESIRAE by Justin Wertham and Spain Rodriguez
In the coming days most of you in the US will be subjected to some form of a sustained agit-prop campaign. It is a focused PSYOP organised to take full advantage of the anniversary of the engineered, black ops terrorist massacre dubbed 9/11. Evidence has revealed that the perpetrators of this egregious act of terror came from coordinated elements of the intelligence, military and government entities of Israel, the UK and the US. It was malice aforethought, planned in advance and executed with psychopathic zeal and cold murderous conviction. Nearly 3,000 people were callously slaughtered, not by 19 box-cutter wielding "terrorists" with the power to stand down a nation's air defences. But by wicked, calculating psychopaths hunkered down in control centres, orchestrated under the cover of exercise drills just like 7/7 and the recent events in Norway. All of this is now becoming common knowledge to all but the cognitively impaired and that is the problem. You see, now more than ever, the growing evidence, testimony of eyewitnesses, Investigators, crime scene videos, and financial trails have all led to the doors of the real perpetrators and accomplices. Criminally culpable, traitorous scum who have conspired with known terrorists (Israel) to use any opportunity to accelerate their agenda at all costs. Of which includes use of false flag mass murder and Zionist ordered bad-jacketing of Islam and Muslims to achieve their goals of perpetual war for profit and conquest. In addition to satiating long-planned subversions and erosions of personal freedoms to manifest a hell-world, comprised of fascist mass control and the maximum extraction of financial holdings from their citizen hostages.

The law of physics dictates that for every action there is equally powerful reaction, and that has appeared in the form of resistance to this criminal onslaught. With a massive, spreading awareness of these abominable activities and a dedicated drive to expose and route the perpetrators. This in turn has prompted the response that you are now witnessing, in a carefully orchestrated propaganda push of unified lies, calculated distortions and clever manipulations designed to indoctrinate the gullible with 'Official Story' 2.0. It is an exercise in futility as this is an info war they've long ago lost, and those who have had their eyes opened to reality will NOT be going even one step backwards. In programme previews vomited out by the media that I've surveilled, I've seen no avenue left unexplored from use of the children of 9/11 victims, to 9/11's effect on the Muslim community, to how we are now "all Americans" showing a diverse array of peoples. A concept which on its face seems to be a positive use of unity messaging, however when the timing is examined and used in the context of 9/11 agit-prop it comes off as patently disingenuous and exploitative. The subliminal subtext of the advert being of course that, "we are all Americans who buy into the massive lie".  The hard joke of it all is that that the very self-same, criminally complicit media that went about shilling for the war, and acting as the official horseshit salespeople for the government, are now in overdrive trying to keep the lie alive. You see the lie is all they've got and the system perpetually functions and sustains itself off of the LIE. Without mass global acceptance of the lie, the system will cave in under weight the combined weight of its hypocrisy, deception and fraud. This makes keeping the lie alive an absolute imperative that now must go to absurd lengths in order to justify its falsehoods. They must perpetually create more and more outlandish fabrications to retain their credibility with a growing consciousness who are now on to their game. Shite stories are further adapted and updated, and the evidence to support them poorly and hastily manufactured, so the lie can be repackaged and resold ensconced in emotive trappings of contrived empathy.

When all of that terror-marketing is expended and when all else fails, then the last resort is the juvenile tactic of name calling and bad-jacketing. The most inane of which is the ever misapplied invective of anti-Semite, a term whose impact expires as soon as it is uttered. First off, as most know their definition of the word is faulty to start with and if properly applied would have to do with attacking and denigrating peoples of actual Semitic extraction namely Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, Afghanis, Saudi Arabians, Iraqis, etc. Pretty much all of the countries currently embroiled in and targeted for destabilisation operations. That's just got to be a coincidence though right?

Malcolm X once said that "A cat can have kittens in an oven, but that won't make them biscuits" which means that just because you invade a country and then fill it with Ashkenazi immigrants to occupy it, that it does not make them somehow Semitic. So from its relatively recent bastardisation, the word has been undermined, manipulated and illegitimately used wholly without substantiation. It was only through repeated strategic misapplications against enemies of Zionism that it gained any ground in the first place. It was once used as an effective tool in the birth and expansion of Zionism and in truth if a proper imprecation were to be used, the true term should be anti-Zionist and not anti-Semite. However now that Zionism and Israel have supplanted even the archetype evil of Nazism, and through rampant wolf-cry overuse, it has lost all power in its abusive mislabelling.

One recent example of this was dramatised very recently was the ADL's (Anti-Defamation League) pathetic attacks on the investigative Blogging community and Ry Dawson in particular. By the by does anyone else notice that the ADL who purport to defend against defamation, and to fight "… all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rights for all", ONLY perform this service to protect and defend Israel and Jewish people? This makes it always a good practise to view people and institutions by their actions. It is deeds and not necessarily words that always betray sincerity of motives.

In any event, the attack came in the form of an ADL contracted hack who attempted to perpetrate an obviously scripted hit piece launched from the ADL's website. The crux of this propaganda attack (which I will refrain linking to) was primarily aimed at defaming 9/11 Truthers who have the temerity of exposing the Mossad and Israel's role in the commission of the terror attacks on the WTC. The hit post had no credible evidence to prove its bankrupt conclusions and accusations, and instead reverted to the usual pathetic broad brushing of anti-Semitic this and that. One focal point of their vitriol was centred on Ry Dawson, whose dedication to justice and truth has exposed some of the major criminals behind the orchestration and execution of 9/11. He has also caused Zionism some consistent and serious damage with his excellent investigative commentary and videos expose their crimes and naked, unfettered brutality to the world. You can watch his latest documentary here:

One last thing I want to leave you with is this great post from that exposes how Israel made huge profits from 9/11. I've read many accounts of this before, but this post compiles the evidence brilliantly in a manner that is incontrovertible. 

Check it here: Israeli Investors Made Huge Profits From 9/11 Event 

Below is a video from the dedicated hero Ry Dawson 
and his retort to the ADL's slanderous hit piece. 


  1. Did you happen to notice "coincidentally" that new footage from flight 93 just suddenly appeared, just in time for the 10 year anniversary?

    My, my, my how curious the way that worked out?

    It is not just the US that has been getting their propaganda prep, in Canada there has been a steady stream of it ongoing for at least the past month.

    That and nazis

    I haven't seen this fellows film, I shall have to make the time...

    So the ADL "defamed" this person?
    Why am I not surprised?

  2. Nice piece - only 5 days until the total media mindfuck commences! Thanks for the Ryan link

  3. New Flight 93 footage in 10 years time? Well that makes sense considering it's their weakest link in the propaganda story. They also need that much time to compile enough fakery to sell it. The distant smoke really proves that the passengers fought back and that the airline wasn't shot down from orders on high. What a piss-take of a revelation. Guess they'll produce audio from the "missing" flight recorders next with English and Arabic fight sequences, instead of the pilot screaming that he's finally regained control of the plane from the remote controllers.

    Sorry to see that Canada hasn't been spared this onslaught and if there are Zionists in control can Nazi portrayals played ad nauseum ever be far behind?

  4. AR, thanks and glad to assist in Ry's defence, he's sincerely put a lot of himself out there in the pursuit of justice.


  5. HI Guys...and now we have the TAPES!!!! oohh..
    what a fracking joke hey....

    i did watch that 3 hour vid of ryans and it was very good!!
    and yes no wonder the ADL are all over him..
    great post HHQ and the terror headfuck continues as planned....
    Cheers A13

  6. Indeed good sister, the generated rubbish increases as the commemoration date gets closer. I don't know if the tapes "prove the building came apart", but the official story sure did.

    Yes, Ryan's focused work and research causes those criminal bastards no end of headaches.

    Thanks and cheers.

  7. Ryan is a credit to all americans - kudos to him for his tireless research and investigation, and the countless hours of effort he must be putting into his attempt to educate others. Huge respect for him. For others not familiar with him, I believe he originally gained some notariety and fame from the "abovetopsecret" website.

    Thanks for the video, HHQ. Great quote from Malcolm X about the kittens.

    We await the next false flag with trepidation.

  8. Indeed friend and thanks. I'm definitely not looking forward to these next few days. It's sickening to think that as I'm writing this, black ops scumbags may be physically putting the components of this new, engineered mass murder into place.


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