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30 August, 2011

Terrorism as Counter-Insurgency, Plus a Norway Terror Update

With a potential false flag incident just days away, I want to share this brilliant article with you all which sums up the well-worn tactic utilised by the engineers of false flag terrorism… the "Suicide Bomber". Entitled: Suicide Bombings - A Favourite US Counter-Insurgency Tactic, the article by Signs of the Times (, delves deeply into the crux of state-sanctioned and organised mass-murder terrorism used as a tool of counter-insurgency. Please take the time to brief yourself with this extremely valuable information, the effort spent will be well-rewarded.

The recent Nigerian UN bombing on Friday, 26, August 2011 is a good example of this kind of criminal activity. Where 18 people were killed in an explosion targeting the world organisation's office complex in Abuja. 15 of the 18 victims were UN staff and of the remaining three only one was positively identified as Ingrid Midtgaard, a 30-year-old lawyer from Norway. Ingrid, who joined the UN Country Office Nigeria in November of 2010 was an Associate Expert on the Nigeria Country Team of the UN Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Ingrid Midtgaard had been on leave from the Department of Civil Affairs in the Ministry of Justice to work as a junior expert for the UN. She started in the Civil Division in 2008 and worked on international matters, with particular emphasis child abduction and legal matters. Midtgaard was the third in the Justice Department's civil division who have been killed by terrorist bombs in just over one month. In June 10 - 11 2010, Ingrid Midtgaard and Kristin Ugstad Steinrem, led a seminar in Estonia entitled the 'Nordic Baltic Seminar on International Child Abduction'. They were present as advisers representing the Royal Ministry of Justice and the Police, as well as  the Department of Civil Affairs, Norway. If you recall my post here: on Moustapha Akkad, you'll note that some "terrorist attacks" can be used as a cover for assassinations. Another infamous method I'm sure you're all aware of is the use of plane crashes, heart attacks, induced fast metastasising cancers and "suicide" to mask contracted political murders. In this case was Midtgaard targeted for her work specialising in international child abductions or for fighting trafficking, corruption and crime in Nigeria? Did she run across an international crime network with connections on high, and have evidence of their crimes? It's just speculation at this point, but one item of interest is that this type of bombing has tell-tale signatures and operational methodologies usually used in Mossad engineered false flags, including the scapegoating of a "Islamic terror group".

Another favoured False Flag tactic? When exercise drills go live!

In other news items skimming low under the radar, it appears that Norway's Beredskapstroppen special tactics team conducted an emergency exercise drill prior to and on 22, July 2011, that mimicked the attack carried out by Anders Behring Breivik and his unidentified zio-terrorist cell accomplices. This drill was staged four days in advance, up to and in addition to the day of the incident concluding within 26 minutes of the explosion in Oslo. Norway News also reported that Breivik and his still unidentified strike team, had prepared a second, bigger bomb at a farm about 137 kilometres north of Oslo rented in Breivik's name. According to Norwegian military sources the bomb weighed 1.5 tonnes and was live and primed for activation; by contrast the bomb set off in Oslo weighed an estimated .95 tonnes.

By now does anyone still harbour fantasies that Breivik was operating alone? I mean for fuck's sake how does someone move explosives of that weight without attracting attention, much less put one into place while under constant building CCTV surveillance. Now, I simply can't be the only one who thinks that the best way to move something that big into place, in plain sight, at an already anticipated  and protected target, would be to do so under the cover of an exercise drill. More suspicious is that Norwegian police reported that on 27, July 2011, they discovered and DESTROYED other explosives found at the isolated farm. The Politi (police) also conveniently refrained from providing any details on the quantity, type or condition of the destroyed evidence explosives.

Fancy some more strangeness? In the middle of his terror onslaught on Utøya Island, Breivik actually called the Politi to allegedly surrender, telling the control worker on-call "Mission Accomplished". The call then ended abruptly and Breivik asserts that he was ignored by the police, whereupon he then went on to kill 20 more people. His lawyer Geir Lippe told the Sun: "He (Breivik) wanted to capitulate. If he had received confirmation that his message was understood, he would have stopped his mission". Was Breivik seeking some sort of planned cue to terminate a mission? Evidence that indicates this is the fact that he called the Politi 10 TIMES during the massacre, but only got through twice! This also corroborates the eyewitness reports that he was in communication with other parties during the murder spree. During his two successful calls, Breivik identified himself as 'commander and used his full name,' according to his lawyer Geir Lippestad. Adding that Breivik said he had wanted to hand himself over and 'used the word 'surrender', and asked police to confirm that this was accepted'. If this is indeed verified as fact, then Breivik was contacting someone in the Politi for a mission termination cue. While waiting for the police to call him back, Breivik paused in the midst of the shooting spree and considered whether he should take his own life or continue on with what he termed his 'operation'. He finally decided to continue until the police arrived,' Lippestad disclosed.

Based on blood test results, police prosecutor Paal-Fredrik Hjor Kraby stated that Brievik was also under the influence of drugs during the shooting rampage, but refused to elaborate on what they were or their quantity, naming only Anabolic steroids. Breivik's lawyer, Geir Lippestad, stated his client had used drugs to keep him 'strong, efficient and awake' during his murder mission.

Additional evidence surfaced in a Norwegian television report exposing more information that that the Norwegian police services made suspiciously inept actions that delayed their arrival in Utøya. These new facts were acknowledged and conceded to by the Politi service themselves. One key item in their report pointed out that the Politi and Beredskapstroppen could have boarded a boat only 670 metres from where the carnage was taking place, instead of departing from a quay more than three kilometres away. Instead, the Politi and Beredskapstroppen who trained and practised in drills for just this type of emergency committed one preventable mistake after another. Actions so blatantly incompetent that they can only be viewed as suspect, due to the situation. Seasoned professionals making excuses and errors that no rookie policeman would ever make in an emergency where people are being cut down by gunfire and time is of the essence.

A government official in the U.S., speaking on the condition of anonymity, stated that the admitted Norway terrorist traveled to New Jersey for a week in 2004. The official said Anders Behring Breivik visited Newark, N.J., for a week in late July 2004 as a tourist. Norway participates in a U.S. visa-waiver program, and Breivik did not need a visa to travel to the US. Now how's that for convenient? Also, for anyone familiar with Newark, N.J., USA, and from what I understand, it is NOT a location desirable or of interest to tourists traveling half way across the world to see America. However it may be of considerable interest to those who may be seeking a clandestine location to meet recruiters seeking patsies for false flags. 

Just this past weekend, on 28, August 2011 the police in Norway have arrested a man after seizing weapons and explosives at his home near Oslo. The man reputed to be a known right-wing extremist, was said to have a police uniform in his possession just like one Breivik used in his masquerade. However, officials are refusing to comment on that. The suspect was detained in police custody after a threat was reported. Is he a member too of the cell Breivik's alluded to?  Or is this just a scheduled distraction being run out to corroborate the official horseshoe they're painting on Breivik to confuse and obfuscate his Zionist handlers?


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  1. OMG!!!!!!!! HHQ!!

    I was thinking it was just me, but, it's you too!
    I just left a comment at WinterPatriots about the woman in Nigeria, the one lone foreigner in that "suicide bombing"
    My gut instinct tells me this was a hit on the Norwegian, and another terror attack on Norway.

    I don't know if you have seen my post?
    I imagine you were otherwise occupied, btw, glad you are ok!
    But, my socks are knocked off right now, so just let me rant away.....

    for background read this post-

    I left this response to slozo
    well this is part of it

    "If my theory is correct, there will be more moves on Norway, perhaps not as obvious as Breivik? Or even more so."

    Additionaly over at winterpatriots I left this!

    "WP, did you happen to read the piece I put up about the Norway Sovereign fund? The inspiration for Libya's sovereign fund?

    And I am going to leave this here, hope you don't mind?
    The UN bombing in Nigeria- Did you happen to notice that one, just one, foreigner was killed by the "suicide bomber"?

    *A young woman from Norway.*
    11 UN staffers all Nigerian
    1 Norwegian
    9 civilians-3 unidentified
    (I am assuming they are all Nigerians)
    What I am most interested in is the 1 Norwegian.

    The Norwegian woman's name Ingrid Midtgaard
    She was there to work against organized crime, human trafficking and the illegal drug trade.

    Information on a UNODC source in Abuja said “she was assisting in backstopping in the anti-corruption related portfolio”. Her work also involved “supporting future programming in the areas of drugs and crime, anti-corruption and Justice Sector Reform”.

    that is a link to her picture

    I notice today information is harder to find on her since just yesterday.
    I am seriously wondering if this was a hit on the Norwegian.
    Call me conspiratorial, but, it is entirely possible that this is a *continuation of terror attacks on Norway*, taking place elsewhere, but still the Norwegians are going to be affected by this.

    I was going to do a post on this, and who knows may still but it bothers me.... It sure feels as if it was a hit"

    It feels as if it is a hit, HHQ.

    And also another terror attack to make the Norwegians feel insecure....

    Let me know what you think, but, right now I feel exhilarated that I am not the only one who saw something very suspicious in that "random" attack

  2. Greetings Penny, I just read your post today, and you are correct, I have been very busy lately due to my usual outstanding obligations, as well as weathering a hurricane. While I was researching and doing some sleuthing on the Nigerian U.N. bombing I discovered Ingrid Midtgaard and ran a background on her. I posted up the most compelling facts on her from what I found so far, and what she was doing in Nigeria as well as her role.

    Examining the Nigerian bombing incident, I noticed the same M.O. that the Mossad uses in their synthetic terror bombings. Plus, I find it very hard to believe that this Boko Haram group's public relations recruiting campaign consists of slaughtering their fellow Nigerian citizens. Boko Haram as you may know already is the "Islamic terror group selected as the guilty parties in the bombing.

    In fact, the Nigerian attack reminded me of the ones committed on the U.S Embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Sala'am, Tanzania on 7 August, 1998. At both locations the embassy's video cameras were turned off prior to the explosions. Did you know that the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Sala'am was formerly the Israeli Embassy compound until May of 1980? The embassy was located at 36 Laibon Road and consisted of a three-story Chancery, originally built as the Israeli Chancery in the early 1970's, with a four-story Annex added in 1980. Also, in both of those incidents the Israeli Defence Force and Mossad masquerading as rescue first-responders were on the scene before the smoke had settled. In the case of the Dar es Sala'am bombing, the US sent in an FBI team in to investigate and they were summarily turned away by the Israelis. Why? Well one reason is because the embassy much like other embassies around the world are often the headquarters and fronts for espionage activity. The other reason is that this particular terror incident introduced and established Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden to the public. Who received the most mileage from this setup? Israel of course, accompanied in tow by their accomplices the governments of the UK and US. So now what needs to be proved conclusively is the Mossad's involvement in the Nigerian bombing using local cut-outs, as well as details on what Ms. Midtgaard was involved in and why she was specifically targeted. Another nagging question is who are the two remaining unidentified persons killed in the Nigerian UN bombing?

  3. Hey bud, check out the ADL homepage


  4. Wow, the propaganda is in overdrive, I'm sure some GMO farmers could use that much collected toxic shit on the ADL's site to dump on their crops. Shows just how stupid they are as well, because people who're just waking up will look at the ADL's site, peruse their garbage and then go over to Ry Dawson's site and experience the truth for themselves. So the fools just gave Ry tons of free advertising. I saw his reply at the Information Underground and it was brilliant, concise and very well done.

    This coming week the perpetrators of 9/11 will be going all out propagating disinformation, crude vitriol, outright lies and the usual, feeble attempts at "anti-Semite" bad-jacketing. Desperation and panic are in the air and those who are now awake are hardly going to nod off back to sleep now. There are millions of freedom and truth seekers amongst the masses and their ranks grow larger daily. All we are now witnessing is the piss-poor attempts to gain ground in an information war they lost a long time ago. Anyone falling for their sanctified gobshite now is either benefiting from these criminals in some way, or they are cognitively retarded. Their ability to discern fact from fantasy has flat-lined and they are managing off of the fumes of their former consciousness (if it wasn't indoctrinated away previously that is).

    This propaganda war is one phase, expect an influx of paid lackeys, Hasbara trolls, military pseudo-personages, hacker attacks and DoS attacks on the progressive blogger community.

    Well, you know what they say: "You know you're straight over the target when you start picking up flak".


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