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09 September, 2011

The False Flag Murder Setup 2011

So I'm doing my usual news reconnaissance and what do I see? Articles like this at CNN and the BBC respectively:

Officials confirm 'credible but unconfirmed' 9/11 threat

9/11: US warns of 'credible' anniversary threat

ABC News
U.S. Citizen Linked To Al Qaeda Terror Plot on 9/11 Anniversary

Both stories alleged that an unspecified but specific and credible threat has been identified that possibly targets in New York or Washington. As I was composing this post, the initial stories were beefed up with "reports" of three individuals behind this alleged threat. An official said the plot was believed to involve three individuals, including a U.S. citizen,with two others said to be from tribal areas of Pakistan all possibly traveling through Dubai. U.S. officials believed the threat was a vehicle laden with explosives, but "the intelligence picture is not completely formed," the official said. "Not enough is known about the potential operatives and their plotting."

One article goes on to say that the threat is believed to entail a vehicle bomb, but "we cannot rule out other means," a U.S. official said. A senior law enforcement official involved in briefings about the matter told CNN Justice Department Producer Terry Frieden that his best information is that the three individuals had not yet entered the United States.

The information came in around noon Wednesday, one official said.
Other than that the articles are peppered with the usual deliberately enigmatic phrases: "Official(s)", "Source(s)", "Authorities", "Intelligence and Law-Enforcement Officials" and "Multiple Sources". Some of the article comments however are brilliant and a number are actually calling them on their shite and stating this is fear mongering and prep for a false flag. Here's some samples I grabbed before they were sanitised and the paid trolls were deployed:

10:03 PM EDT
Sep 08, 2011
oh sorry, I was to distracted by the economic meltdown to be distracted by this B.S terror threat that is no threat at all. I guess the poll numbers dropped too low or there is a draconian bill that needs to be passed. They found this evidence in the Bin Laden raid when they killed some poor guy and said it was Bin Laden. Hence the burial at sea. Everyone knows Bin Laden died a long time ago. Now it's a big deal? Silly Gov't scare tactics are for kids.So why now? Polls, prevent protests at the 9/11 anniversary or maybe they will sneak something tomorrow and this will keep the public distracted. Keep your eyes on the real news not the mainstream.

5 Minutes ago
This is probably total propaganda. I think they'll carry out a false flag attack, just to reinforce this whole "Everyone is a terrorist" "If you see something, Say Something" 1984 ideaology. Also, it will boost Obama's rating, just as it did for George Bush Jnr.


The US government is getting ready to stage a false flag attack on the United States (again) and blame it on middle class white guys who talk about The Constitution, the 2nd amendment, and 9/11 being an inside job.

Fascists are nothing if not predictable and this is becoming ridiculously transparent to see being played out as it is. What these actions belie is the depth of their psychopathy and just how truly stupid and gullible they believe the masses to be. I keep thinking and hoping that these twisted bastards are not as desperate and arrogant to pull off another sick massacre, but when I see an article like this it causes some trepidation to say the least. Worst of all is that they think that by propagating this out in the media they are covering and distancing themselves from the proceedings. Also, why does the government announce that they've uncovered a threat publicly, when discretion and secrecy would serve better in tracking down possible terrorists? Why advertise unless you have an ulterior motive, and when since do you have an unconfirmed threat that is also considered credible? Do they even proofread the shit they contrive and post?

This is what I denote as true terror chatter before a false flag is executed, and mimics much the same that was heard from nonspecific sources shortly after Osama bin Laden's death was faked earlier this year. According to unidentified intelligence sources, documents were recovered from the Osama bin Laden compound allegedly stated that there would be attacks on or around July 4th and/or the anniversary of September 11th. It has long been proven that Al Qaeda are a pseudo-gang creation of the CIA and their leader Osama has been dead since December of 2001. Since the attacks during 9/11 were an inside job primarily committed by Israel and US, then what remains is that if there's any chatter or threats of incidents emanating from dubious and unknown quarters, it is a setup for yet another synthetic terror incident. In other words, fake Al Qaeda + fake terror threats from the genuine perpetrators = false flag massacre 2011. Time will tell and as always, I hope I'm wrong with this reasoned prognostication, but if I'm not, remember you heard it here.

Remain vigilant all.


* I wrote this as a reply at Thirteenth Monkey but I think it bears repeating for my readers here.

I should also point out that the night of September 11th will have a full moon. We all know how satanoids particularly relish that and factor it in with their death rituals. I don't like the mounting number of occult and politically opportunistic convergences I'm seeing on this date. The only thing to stop it is to keep doing what we're doing and keep pumping out the truth. It's monkey wrenching their plans by shaking their confidence that they can get away with it again. Also, that much pressure is sure to cause them to make mistakes and hasty missteps, and all they need do is make that one critical error that is caught full out. That one red-handed error that can't be reversed or dismissed with lies, and then the whole show is undone like dominoes.


  1. HHQ, we must be on the same waqvelength here..i just updated the post i did today before i noticed that you were onto it too...

    We must keep ontop of this one ..we know how "they" love anniversaries don't we.
    and YES..we hope we are wrong..but this one just sticks out like dogs balls doesn't it?

  2. Yes I hate to say it but my instincts and intuition is on high. They do love anniversaries almost as much as they love opportunities and there are too many convergences of agendas. Israel needs a distraction to take the Palestinian state proceedings at the UN on the 20th. They also need to escalate their demonisation of all things Muslim to drive Zionism forward. The US needs another false flag to distract people from the collapsing economy and to get American nationalism back to the days of mindless jingoism and open support of imperialism. The UK needs it to tighten the wristcuffs about the bollocks of the average citizen and make Britain the premier model for surveillance states.

    We definitely are on the same page mate and this one does stick out like dog balls... in 3-D.

    Cheers and respect.

  3. This is why I've been worried since the "details" of 9/11, the London, and European "attacks" were exposed.

    They are not smart at all. Just craven, vicious and without boundaries.

    Be very afraid.

    After all, the monsters are now in charge.


    Why advertise unless you have an ulterior motive, and when since do you have an unconfirmed threat that is also considered credible?

    Do they even proofread the shit they contrive and post?

  4. I don't fear, I just get pissed. I won't give these criminal scum what they want, which is our capitulation to their state of constant fear. Their implementation of the strategy of tension, played and replayed for maximum effect. When you fear you are weakened and you are not living life. Be cautious and vigilant yes, but fearful? No. Don't give them that power over you, we've acquiesced much to much to them as it is. It's time to take our power back from the psychopaths.

  5. They do have a facination with numbers. Sept 13 (9/13/11) is another date where something could happen, another favourite number of the illuminati or whatever you want to call them.

    After that, I look November 9 (11/9/11) as a very ominous date . . . could be the financial crash, maybe. Nov 13th just as bad. They also like fire . . . so I suppose the France nuclear accident could be a manufactured event as well. Fire on the 13th is huge in the occult . . .

    I mentioned it to Pen before, but a good source for occult info in particular is "the spaceman" (his nick) on am640, a radio show every Sat night out of Toronto. It's a funny one, as when you listen to an entire episode or two (each one about 2 - 3 1/2 hours) you wonder how they could keep him on the air . . . but he does have some either wrong or disinfo stuff on there as well. Well, it is a conservative talk show that helped get Rob Ford, current mayor of Toronto, hired - one must never lose sight of facts in the face of hope and belief. At any rate, despite his glossing over of anything Israel, jewish, or anti-nuclear, he does have a lot of occult knowledge, and how the elites work it into their stuff. A good way to predict when events might happen. You can google him up on the net if interested, he got me searching for a lot of the info I have on occultism and numerology and how it fits in with the illuminati events and sacrifices.

    But yeah, bottom line is that double numbers signify an important/big event; the number most worshipped is 13; 11 is the number of Aquarius (11th sign) and a big sign of the anti-christ, as I think they believe he ushers in the age of aquarius; 6 is the number of man (created on the 6th day) etc etc. Space believes that the illuminati are closely trying to follow the King James version of the bible, and one cannot deny this much, it's all there.

    Which means, we should be able to parse together what will happen in the future somewhat. Well, I try to, anyhow.

    Keep it up HHQ, good stuff as always!

  6. As always Slozo you bring up excellent points to remember. Numbers play a big role in their games of death worship and destruction, not so much for their metaphysical value as much as for these reprobate bastards' belief in them. Much to my and many other's relief they did not play their hand yesterday. Will they push the button in the near future? You better believe they will, because it's the only hand they have left to play. The progression of the undermining of personal wealth, freedoms and the sheer numbers of outraged and perceptive masses is taking too long. These petty enforcers are on a timetable set by the central banking concerns and time is fleeting and not on their side. The book of Revelations in the King James version of the Bible is not a book of prophesies in my opinion, it is a blueprint being followed for their endgame.


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