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26 July, 2011

Rats on Radar

For probably the first time in history Israel's intelligence services are catching public relations hell and serious blowback on the internet. Ever since this synthetic Norway terror incident, nearly everywhere I turn, I see fingers pointing directly at the premier global false flag engineers. I am amazed and a bit awe-struck at the level of clarity and astute intelligence that I'm witnessing in the course of my web travels. I see internet sleuths digging hard and fast into the evidence and running background checks on Breivik and his Zionist connections. I see posters unearthing crimes long forgotten and uncovering connections once hidden and cold. For once the proper parties are on the radar which is great for the world because by doing that, you hem in their terror operations. This simple activism is saving peoples lives for now anyway, because like the arrogant shitmops they are, they'll reach a point where they don't give a toss who's on to them. For the mask will have dropped and their true, ugly face exposed for all the world to see. If everyone is scrutinising the guilty parties, then they can't very well run their false flags, terrorist incidents and the like without having someone call them out for it. This simple phenomenon and the truth about what and who they are is out of the bag now, people are seeing for themselves reality once hidden. The shadows are now well-lit and the rats can no longer do their demonic work with obscurity and strike without being noticed. Truly, they have no one to blame but themselves as desperation lashes them ever onward with one reckless, hasty and ill-conceived action after another.

No one buys the victim routine when they cry and scream it standing over dead bodies with blood-soaked hands and an Uzi tucked in their belt. You say you do it for self-preservation and security, but who protects us from you? How do nations preserve their citizens against your black ops, espionage and other blatant acts of war? Long gone are the days of that magnitude of gullibility and ignorance. So keep killing innocents, sniping children for fun, using banned white phosphorus on the defense-less and starving. Keep engineering terrorist massacres using pseudo-gangs and intel cut-outs, keep stealing passports to hide behind others while you do your crimes. Keep running Ecstasy, arms and sex slaves, persist in harvesting organs of the poor, the compromised and the victims of your war crimes. Don't worry about any competition because Pol Pot and Hitler combined got nothing on you, you're running head of the pack. You won. Too bad the grand prize is an international tribunal and a firing squad, or the long drop at the end of the hangman's rope. Not to worry either as all your friends, lackeys and willing accomplices will climb all over one another to rat you out to save themselves.

Do I seem a little pissed off? Yes, I am, and standing in the good company of millions of others, whom you casually rob, manoeuvre, exploit and kill with impunity to advance Zion, country and מקום לגור (lebensraum) whilst making a profit. We're fucking well tried of seeing ourselves and members of our global family spied on, harassed and harried, defiled, defamed and manipulated to further and serve your sick interests. We're good and bloody tired of watching you run about the world like a psychotic, racist brat who sets up terror sprees and assassinations when you don't get your way or feel your interests are threatened.

Excuse my rant, but I've seen one contrived terrorist affair too many, one mass slaughter with an engineered agenda too many and one fucking vile infestation of rats getting away with it for too long. There is simply too much sorrow, blood, tears, pain and loss inflicted incessantly one God damned planet, and I've the feeling that he's sitting this one out waiting for the world to stop screaming his name for help.

* Postscript - Before any conniving jackass seeks to distort this as some diatribe against Jews, allow me to short-circuit that little horseshit faster than a celebrity goes to rehab. This is about Zionist entities that live to serve an agenda and will use a Jewish person to advance it just as fast as they would anyone else. If you didn't glean that from the post you are either illiterate, cognitively retarded or an operative looking to concoct a bad-jacket. Furthermore, if you can't discern Jews from Zionists, then you probably can't distinguish between Italians and the Mafia nor Nazis from German people.

Those looking to educate themselves further on what this post is truly about need only go to a chap by the name of Jeff Goodall who wrote posted this great piece entitled: Israel: Agents, Assets and Sayanim

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  1. Thanks for that great post HHQ,
    well said, and articlates precisley how i feel too.
    Plus your postscript is highly accurate and to be commended.
    Cheers and respect to you.


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