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13 February, 2011

Intel Operative Raymond Davis Update

Intel Operative Raymond Davis Arrested by Pakistan Authorities
This is a follow-up to an original post by Penny, of Penny for your Thoughts. She is already running an investigation on the case which you can read here for context: US/Pakistan relations strained over so called "diplomatic" gun for hire Raymond Davis 

It appears that the Pakistani police have issued a five-page report that finds Davis guilty of cold-blooded murder. The report cites investigators' findings that the official shot each victim five times, including in their backs, and lied to police about how he arrived at the scene of the incident. It is also pertinent to mention that US officials till to-date could not produce any certificate which is granted to diplomats upon arrival in Pakistan by Foreign Office under Diplomatic and Counsellors Act of 1972.

Davis' Passport
Quoting autopsy results, the report says each man was shot twice in the back, and one was struck in the head. The report later contradicts that, saying each man was shot in the back three times. The shots to the back are cited in a list of reasons investigators rejected Davis's self-defence claim. The list also notes a lack of witness testimony attesting to a robbery; two empty bullet casings found outside Davis's car, indicating he shot offensively; and that the bullets in the victims' pistols were not in the chambers, ready to fire. "If it was an act in self-defence by the accused, he could have fired a shot or two on the lower parts of their bodies, such legs, as he was an expert in using arms," the report says. "The accused fired 10 shots, which negate his claim of acting in self-defence."

The report documents that Davis, a 'former' Army Special Forces soldier, first shot at the two men from inside his sedan, then got out and shot twice more at one, Faizan Haider, as he ran. Davis then took photos and called the US consulate before fleeing in his car and being apprehended by two traffic wardens. The consular motorcar that came to Davis' rescue, struck and killed an uninvolved motorcyclist Ibad-ur-Rehman, on the way to the scene police say. The vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with four occupants, jumped the median on Jail Road while traveling against the oncoming traffic. Also in the report, Davis reportedly told police that he arrived on the scene from the US consulate, but a GPS tracker in his car indicated he came from his residence. Previous to that, Davis told the police that he came directly from a bank.

Video of Davis' Interrogation at Pakistan Police HQ in Lahore

Davis' victim's bodies were found with five cell phones, two pistols and currency from Pakistan, Japan, Oman and the Philippines, according to the report, which does not indicate where those items came from. Pakistan television stations had broadcast leaked photos, allegedly recovered from Davis's cellphone and camera, that include images of bridges, markets that have been bombed and the road leading to the border with India. Images additionally included Madrassas (Islamic seminaries) and Mosques, as well as Cantonment areas (military camps) captured in his mobile that indicate that he may have been on a mission against Sunnis in Pakistan. The satellite phone and Global Positioning System (GPS) recovered from  Davis, was allegedly used for passing grid references of sensitive locations at various locations to Islamabad, Afghanistan and India. It is important to mention that certain circles within the US have admitted that Davis, the 'former' US Special Forces personnel was working undercover. Reportedly, he was an employee of the Special Activities Division that is associated with US Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) National Clandestine Service (NCS) and was involved in assassinations of important leaders in Pakistan, which Washington DC considered high value targets. Bob Woodward, in his book ‘Obama’s Wars,’ had confirmed the presence of 3,000 US illegal operatives on specific assassination assignments within Pakistan.

Pakistani media also have fanned speculation about the evidence discovered in Davis' car. Of which the police report state that items included an unlicensed Glock pistol, 75 bullets, a "survival kit," an infrared headlight, US and Pakistani currency, a digital camera, computer memory cards, a passport, a satellite cellphone, a box cutter and a portable telescope. On his person, Davis was found with Davis also carried multiple ATM and military ID cards and what was described as a facial disguise or makeup.

Police have not located the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado that arrived on the scene, and US officials have declined to comment on it. According to the police report, several items "fell" from the car as it sped away, including 100 bullets, a pair of gloves, a compass, a black face mask and "a piece of fabric with an American flag drawn on it.
There has been some speculation regarding the backgrounds of Davis' victims, Faizan Haider, 22 and Mohammad Faheem, 26. It was reported and then denied as expected that these two men who were killed were really agents of some Pakistani secret agency and were following Davis around as he went about on an important spying mission for the US. Mozang, is known by Lahore citizens, and is reputedly a hotbed of international intrigue. Perhaps Davis had to get rid of two ‘assets’ to protect either his ‘sources’ or the nature of his mission. 
The US State Department is busy using threats, cajoling and other attempts to invoke diplomatic immunity for Davis under the Vienna Convention. However, it has been alleged that Raymond Davis himself has already confessed to the Pakistan police authorities. The confession has been video recorded (see above video), and in it he states that he is a technical consultant and that he is associated with US Consulate Lahore as general staff and is not a diplomat. One wonders that if they are unsuccessful towards securing his release if US intelligence would then move to terminate Davis whilst in police custody, as now he would become a serious liability for what he knows. In the custody of the Pakistani authorities who are well-versed in the use of torture guised as interrogation techniques, the CIA in particular would definitely not allow Raymond Davis open his mouth and reveal their damning secrets to other agencies.

  * NEW UPDATES! *  

Thanks to the ever-sharp eyes of the conscientiously diligent A13, for spotting this. The Times of India has reported that Faizan Haider and Mohammad Faheem, the two men murdered by Raymond Davis, were assets working for ISI Pakistan Intelligence. According to a media report obtained by the Times of India, the two were tasked to tail the American because he was spying and "encroaching on their turf". The ISI, believed that Davis had crossed "a red line", necessitating that he be followed, four unnamed Pakistani officials stated. The men Davis shot had been following him for at least two hours, and recorded some of his movements on their cell phone cameras, one of the Pakistani officials said. Police found pistols on both the dead men, who were riding a motorcycle. As a matter of course, Pakistani intelligence agencies often use operatives riding motorcycles to tail people. 

In late January, Davis was asked to leave an area of Lahore restricted by the military, the officials said. Davis' cell phone was tracked and some of his calls were made to the Waziristan tribal area, where the Pakistani Taliban and a dozen other militant groups have a safe haven, one official said.

That the ISI sent the equivalent of "hired guns" to trail Davis is a sign that the relationship between the US and Pakistani intelligence agencies is at a "low point," according to all four officials. As a matter of record, in October 2010, Pakistani intelligence uncovered and helped reveal the name of the CIA station chief in Islamabad, forcing him to leave the country.

2-15-11 Update - A13 has supplied yet another valuable link here: Evidence From the Raymond Davis Crime Scene, from the Therearenosunglasses's Weblog. It features some great photos of the items found on Davis' person and in his rented car. As I respect the investigative work of others, please go there and read the post for more cracking information.



  1. very interesting story. i had come across it a few days back and poked around a bit. today Peter Chamberlin has a good link, basically saying this is much much bigger than we know, and the Pakistanis have the US by the cojones this time:

    "It is clear that Mr. “Davis” shot the Pakistani operatives knowing full well who they were. The Pakistani authorities have informed the the media that they are very well aware that Mr. Davis was in touch with the “Pakistani Taliban” (TTP). There is conjecture that Mr. “Davis” walked into a trap laid out by the ISI. In fact his contacts were actually ISI agents. All that he said and did is in the hands of the Pakistanis. Mr. “Davis” thought that by shooting the two operatives, he would eliminate the evidence against him. In fact, it made matters worse. Other operatives who were in the vicinity had already taken the necessary precautions. The ISI has leaked information to the media that Mr. “Davis” had crossed a “red line”.

    Clearly, the Americans have panicked because the know that the Pakistani side knows much more than it is prepared to admit in public. This is typical behavior when spies are caught with their thumbs up their noses. There are clear indications that Mr. “Davis” has broken down after sustained interrogation in police custody, and has spilled his guts–making the Pakistanis aware of explosive stuff. Its not that this stuff has surprised the Pakistanis. When you have 3000 of these guys running around the country–something gives. "

  2. What an excellent follow up HHQ!

    "Bob Woodward, in his book ‘Obama’s Wars,’ had confirmed the presence of 3,000 US illegal operatives on specific assassination assignments within Pakistan."

    When I first read up on this guy, this was exactly what had come to my mind.
    All the hired assassins...

    But, why try to recoup this guy?
    Why not just let the cards fall where they will?
    They have thousands of other cards in their deck to play.
    I wonder if the arrest of this guy is just the excuse the US needs to come down harder on Pakistan.
    Keeping in mind, not long after his arrest there was a suicide bombing (bomber dressed in school uniform)

  3. Hi HHQ,
    Here's a link to the Times of India online if you have't seen it.

    "Two men killed by American in Lahore worked for ISI: Report"

    You ,Penny and A.P are up on this one!

    Thanks for all this work, There is so much "theatre" going on it's hard to keep up.

    Cheers A13

  4. Thanks Penny and AP, I've since added the Pakistan police interrogation video and some very interesting other details, including more items found on Davis' person and in his car. I've also identified the other hit & run vehicle who ran over the bystander as being a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

    Penny - They want to recoup him for two reasons, one is that he knows too much, and secondly because they are trying to save face by denying they are running black ops in Pakistan. If Davis is found guilty, the cat will be publicly out of the proverbial bag.

    AP - Thanks for the great link, with more details being leaked, there is significantly more to this that it looks at surface glance. Between Davis' confession and the evidence found on him, clearly illustrate that he was definitely up to no good. If a person living in the US or UK was arrested and found with this many incriminating items, the headlines would scream out "Terrorist Captured - Plot Smashed!!" in all the headlines.

  5. A13, you are spot on target as always, very well done. I will incorporate this new information into the post ASAP. Speaking on the behalf of AP, Penny and myself, your contributions have been of exceptional value.

    Cheers and respect.

  6. Hi HHQ,
    I found this one @ there are no Sunglasseses blog

    It's a very interesting read

  7. Ringrazia molto A13, AP replied with a link from the same blog site yesterday which I checked out. I'll examine the new post right away. It's good to see so many investigations into this case and new evidence come to surface.

  8. Hi HHQ.
    The Truth always finds a way to rare it's beautiful head!!!!
    Cheers A13

  9. Hi HHQ,
    Since You, Penny and AP are doing such a sterling job on this Ray Davis "affair", i'll leave this here for you guys.
    Out of our Aussie media comes this:
    Pakistan Courts to hear US "Diplomat" claim.

    LINK :

    and a snip is here:

    "The United States has postponed a round of high-level talks with Afghanistan and Pakistan following failed attempts to get Davis out, and US lawmakers have threatened to cut payments to Pakistan unless he is freed."

    as i said to AP. Sounds like outright bribery to me. or even straight out extortion...
    Cheers A13

  10. A13, thanks for the link.

    That's all it is, is outright bribery as foreign policy SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Carrot and stick diplomacy that the captive nations of the world are getting their fill of. In the case of Pakistan however, it's the outraged masses that are driving their government to resist their masters and handlers. They have made it abundantly clear that they will not tolerate for a moment SOP and killers set free as birds. If the Pakistani government capitulates to the US's threats and demands the country stands a good chance of experiencing a serious popular uprising as in Egypt.

  11. The pressure from the public will only last for so long, I fear.

    Threatening to cut payments while constantly applying pressure to the government to help in the "war on terror" will force the very fragile government into action.

    Hope I am wrong, but..... the US can be very "influential" and I am putting that kindly.

    btw hhq, I have an interview up, you may just be interested in
    Hank Alberelli

  12. Time will tell, the people are slowly reaching critical mass and are well-pissed at being abused and infinitely robbed for so long. Thanks for the heads up on your Abarelli post, but I already knew ; ) I visit your site daily, often before I even check my own. Nicely done Pen!


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