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13 September, 2011

All Safe... For Now. Thanks to You All!

No government-sponsored false flag murder spree on 9/11 as anticipated, much to humanity's relief.  Big thanks and congratulations to every single blogger, truth activist and cognitively independent conscientious rejecter of the cover-up. Big ups to every concerned and sincere seeker of justice, to every soldier for truth, to every investigator, and to every researcher. YOU all are to thank for scaring these bastards back, and causing them to stay their filthy little murderous hands this time. We've set too many vengeful eyes upon them and the furtive shadows they slink into are now exposed to light. They can't move like they did before, and your awakened and awakening perceptive consciousness is now keen to their every move. Now when they pull black ops the guilty parties are called out before the blood has dried and the smoke has cleared. They are hemmed in and know it, and no amount of propagated media horseshit clad in pseudo-unity, with transparent attempts to manipulate emotions and instil false national pride will ever reverse it. The truth may be covered but it doesn't remain so for long and the cat has clearly departed from the bag long ago.

These bastard perpe-traitors simply cannot afford to run another gambit in the same manner they had previously. They cannot afford one single slip-up, not one mistake, which tips their hand, for their live literally depend upon it. We cannot drop our guards and must remain vigilant of the enemy within. For the next false flag to be committed will sound the death knell for the liberties (tethered freedom) you currently ignore and apathetically abandon. They will hem you in and make sure you have zero latitude to retrieve it, reduced to be nothing more than a pathetic slave on death row. Sustaining yourselves on the synthetically manufactured "food" shat out by their conglomerates. Every aspect of your life will be under their all-seeing eyes and you will enjoy all the comforts of livestock, or you will be branded a troublemaking undesirable, to be hunted down and terminated as an example to perpetuate terror amongst your fellow hostages.

So, will they commit another false flag in the near future? The answer is yes, for without it the Al Qaeda bogeyman dies and along with it your orchestrated fears. I absolutely know with reasoned intuition that Israel will carry out something nasty before the 20th of this month and blame it on Palestinians, with weapons magically  "traced back" to Iran or Syria. I believe they will carry out a false flag and possibly sacrifice some of their own, perhaps in a Sephardic quarter of Israel. Something monstrously dramatic that will allow them to once again perpetrate the perpetual victim façade to the world to extort exactly what they want. Something to make the UN pull their support immediately for a Palestinian independent state. The Israeli IDF recently ran a drill at their weapons of mass destruction production facility in Dimona, and we all know about the military/intelligence community's propensity for using drills and military exercises as covers for black ops. I wonder what other drills they have scheduled for the week leading up to the 20th?

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