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13 August, 2011

The Hollywood Industry Make or Break Game Exposed

Patrice O'Neal strikes again, this time revealing the secrets of the Hollywood industry make or break game.

During some late-night downtime I was fortunate to discover another clip of devastatingly brilliant material from the great comedian Patrice O'Neal. It is a must listen to clip as he exposes exactly how the Hollywood game works, along with the jewish/gay cartels and exactly how power and threat leverage is applied to individuals to force compliance to submit to a covert agenda. How honesty, truth and free speech are subverted to manifest a facade that propels forth a master-plan of social engineering. Using the examples of actors Mel Gibson, Tracey Morgan and Charlie Sheen, O'Neal reveals how celebrities are kept as short leashed prostitutes and the specific methods used to destroy or reward them for playing the game. The game where shameless fealty is rewarded with doors opened to deified fame and undeserved opulence. Then just as fast, how celebrities who speak out of turn are cast out, soundly punished in the public arena, and their careers silently destroyed.

The payment for success is submitting to absolute control and parroting the lie, and you will owe them a pound of flesh, your soul and a favour you better not refuse. You were synthetically rocketed to success and you owe the cartels and when you refuse to do whatever they command, you are shit out violently and smeared across the landscape. Mocked and castigated by your associate whores all eager to curry favour for that selected elevation. I find no difference whatsoever between how celebrities are manufactured and how pimps procure, break and prostitute their victims.

Be warned that the clip contains very frank and profane language, but if you can handle this blog, then you'll do just fine. O'Neal digs in and presents it all with profound, hilarious revelations spoken with introspection and absolutely candour. I've never heard any truths on the Hollywood machine broken down with such acuteness and clarity. I've no doubt that after listening you will walk away with knowledge and perspectives articulated as best as you have ever heard.


* Apologies to our international readers as the video/radio clip is unfortunately available in English only.


  1. Nice clip. I sorta like the guy, and it's nice to see these comedians pop up here and there with the political, unafraid take on things. Especially bringing to the fore the want for actual and frank discussion on important social matters . . . like his thoughts on the RIGHT to have an opinion - how true it is that this is illegal for many, many opinions.

    . . . as opposed to the boxed in paradigm most are resigned to: some quick turn of phrase learned from the MSM to put down whatever opinion or observation was stated. Then, it's the end of the discussion, and if in a bigger group, it's instant ridicule (more inane one-liners) or quips and later ostracisation (behind your back of course, my friend).

  2. Thought you might find that one a bit to your liking Slozo, it's funny but I'm seeing a bit more independent comedians coming to the forefront with what we collectively define as truth activism. I for one am glad that at least a few people in the entertainment industry are using the platform to speak out and educate. The larger name comedians are all selling out faster than tickets to a George Bush war-crime hanging.

  3. Well, the funny thing is (no pun intended), among the popular comedians, I see a real push for guys who solidly admonish aberrant behaviour . . . ie, independent thought. It's all herd mentality conditioning, in essence.

    A big one that I remember from back in the day was Seinfeld, for furthering the "toe the line" mantra. All it was, was making fun of people who did things most didn't. That's it! That was his whole schtick (no pun intended on the use of Yiddish phraseology with a jewish comic), to simply put down those who were different. And not "different" different . . . unacceptable in his respectable society different. And all sorts of weirdness and immorality were accepted as normal, but to go against the grain! Shameful.

    It's funny what realisations you come to when you frankly examine comedy bit by bit. 'Nobody' made me do this back in the day after reding a blog of his, and now I examine the motives and points of the comedian much more closely.

    But yes, I do agree - many more comics coming out that want to be the "political discussion, social discourse" kind. Real people of very decent intelligence, who question things. Which is half of what I consider REAL comedy in the first place:

    Noting social "normalities", examining them for what they are, and noting their absurdity.

    It's what the late, great George Carlin would do most brilliantly, at times. Especially late in his career.

    Keep up the keen research, HHQ. In all venues. Much appreciated, it is.


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