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24 February, 2011

Special Relationships

To be very clear, the United States is Israel's bitch, Israel calls the shots like a dirty pimp and has the Statue of Liberty turning tricks on the very streets she calls home. "Bitch, you better not be late with my money!" is the mantra and if you're late you get beaten with a Zionist coat hanger and called an anti-semite or Holocaust™ reparations payment denier. Whatever money Ms. Liberty makes, is whatever money the pimp takes and it's never, ever enough. If you have any doubts on this parasitic relationship one need look no further than the article below.

It appears that whilst we went about the slave affairs we know as daily life, this little bit of nastiness was quietly enacted. While airplane travelling US citizens are being dehumanised and degraded through TSA checkpoints like they were going to prison, Israelis get a wave straight through. While Americans of all ages, sexes and religions are being routinely humiliated and sexually molested by dullards, perverts and sociopaths with authority complexes, Israelis get a special pass courtesy of Fatherland… oops, I mean Homeland Security. There's a special, very selective club apparently, and you ain't in it, because guess what?! You're not from Israel. Why should Israelis go through the time, irradiated hassle and of Naked Body Scanners? That's for you stupid, goyim scum, care of your ever-accommodating host country. Now Americans can be treated just like their Palestinian counterparts without ever having to leave the country.

According to a Ynet News story entitled "Israelis to Receive Expedited Clearance in US Airports", Israel joined a special US programme called 'Global Entry' that allows Israelis specially expedited clearance upon arriving in the US. The Foreign Ministry and US Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for the Private Sector Douglas Andrew Smith, agreed on February 6th of this year that Israel should take part in this special programme. Global Entry would facilitate shared use of the biometric database in order to ease the customs and security checks for Israeli travellers arriving at American airports. How ironic that the biggest global terrorists, and a country who's military and intelligence have been historically exposed as instigating violence, and committing wanton acts of false flag mass murder get a pass to breeze right past security. That the country behind engineering some of the most horrific acts of mayhem, destruction and death can now skate on through security checkpoints. As the security for US airports is already conveniently outsourced to Israeli companies such as ICTS it is a very convenient arrangement. One need only consult the Russians about the Israeli ICTS subsidiary Security Partners Ltd. running the security onsite at Domodedovo Aeroport, and how well that worked out recently.

The article continues that Israelis by the hundreds will be able to participate in the programme using the same automated biometrics checks available at Ben Gurion International Airport. The Netherlands already takes part in the programme, and a few other nations are waiting to join it as well. In Israel, travellers currently use a special plastic pass that has their identity and passport number and feed it into a machine that compiles the data and issues a slip within seconds, allowing them to pass through without having to stand in queues. The US will determine the criteria by which it will decide who is qualified to enroll in the programme. Which is probably simply defined as qualifying anyone bearing a passport from Israel. Daniel Ayalon, Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister, applauded the move, saying it was the first step toward the cancellation of U.S. visa requirements for Israelis. A subject that Ayalon promoted in a conversation with Homeland Security's Douglas Andrew Smith. 
Way back in November of 2009, The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano has announced the publication of a new proposed rule to establish the country’s Global Entry initiative as a permanent programme. According to the DHS, the programme currently reduces average wait times by more than 70%, with more than 75% of travellers using Global Entry processed in under five minutes. At Global Entry kiosks, members insert their passports or lawful permanent resident card into a document reader, provide digital fingerprints for comparison with fingerprints on file, answer customs declaration questions on the kiosk’s touch-screen, and then present a transaction receipt to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers before leaving the inspection area. The DHS says the proposed rule poses federal regulations that would end the current pilot and make Global Entry permanent—allowing US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to expand the programme throughout US international airports. Those members currently participating in the pilot will have their time credited to the five year membership as proposed in the rule, so there will be no break in membership or need to re-apply when the programme becomes permanent.



  1. Horay your'e Back!!
    You did a great job on this one, it's amazing the sources of this type of exposure come straight for their own media.
    They have no shame.
    Cheers Mate A13

  2. Yes back again, with still no reason why they shut down my blog to begin with, but that's a bit rhetorical eh? In any regard, it's good to return victorious and get back to business once again.

    A13, first off much thanks to you, Penny and AP! You lads out there better torque up your game, because these ladies are some very serious warriors. Better role models of feminine brilliance and dedicated commitment you simply can not find anywhere and they are a constant inspiration.

    As far as the post and the source for it, you are correct A13 it is directly from Israeli media. The only reason I can fathom why they produced it, is that it's braggadocio and arrogant display of entitlement and power.

    Cheers to all and let's keep the salvoes of truth flying.

  3. HHQ!
    First thing this a.m. and what do I see at the dashboard?
    Your back....
    Three cheers and all that stuff.
    I don't know how you did it and I imagine you are now on some sort of "$hit list".
    That said, it is great you got your blog back!

    Thanks for the compliment, blushing....
    now the pressure is on ;)

  4. oh stop... you make the ladies blush !

    seriously, however, this story is absolutely appalling. and i'm not surprised at all that it comes to this. Israel -- where racism is a feature not a bug.

  5. Penny, yes and it's good to be back, and if fighting evil and exposing murdering criminals puts me on the so-called shit-list, then I'll wear it like a shiny new badge.

    AP, yes the story is both appalling and sickeningly real. Pretty bold and overt they are getting now with the perks of their "special relationship", a relationship which is fully and insatiably one-sided in its composition.


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