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16 February, 2011

Evasion and Survival from All-Seeing Eyes & Keyhole Peepers

Privacy… Its constant invasion occurs so persistently that few can even keep up to secure their person. The surveillance state grows exponentially with zero accountability, zero oversight, vastly diminished safeguards and the agenda in total to create a world-wide monitoring of humanity. Everyone is now suspect, and those who protest are tar-brushed as either criminals, terrorists or outlaw insurgents. Clearly for the hard-working, honest lot, this is an outrageously repugnant condition designed to create an updated Phoenix Program (your Google homework if you are unfamiliar). An environment polluted with Stasi-like suspicion, grassing on one another, hatred, mistrust and ultimate divide and conquer stratagems. 

A mate of mine just recommended this video series to me and it's a brilliant televised programme on the means and methods in which we are all surveilled and tracked like suspect livestock. What make this programme novel however, is instead of the usual depressing shite of you are being watched and you're fucked PSYOP chatter, this instructs one on identifying these growing and illegal personal intrusions. Then  how to evade and eliminate these diabolically noxious invasions upon your person. What would it take to wipe the slate clean and live a life free of big brother? Security expert Anton Edwards takes the viewers on a fascinating journey of life both off the grid and under the radar. Mind you this was televised and obviously authorised and released by the same parties who employ these techniques. However, that is not important, and the critical part you should take away is the cunning and resourcefulness needed to secure yourself in dire times. Your own creativity and intelligence once inspired should fill in the rest.

View the series quickly while the links last.


  1. Hi HHq,
    How have you been?
    I can't really comment on these as my internet speed sux.
    i'm on wireless but it gets slowed down after so many looks interesting though.
    just popped in to say hi.
    Cheers A13

  2. Doing well A13 and busy as usual. Sorry you can't view the video, it's very relevant and edifying.

    Cheers and respect.


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