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03 February, 2011

Desperate Provocations

With the zio-puppet Mubarak digging in his heels and arrogantly proclaiming that he'd leave in September elections, it appears that his bid to buy time for his regime has backfired. The Egyptian people now energised with the possibility of freedom and self-determination, have suitably rejected this ploy and continued to push for revolutionary change. With this Mubarak and his despotic regime have effectively been shown the door and given due notice. Clearly, they and their Israel/UK/US masters are now fully desperate, and in preserve-the-game mode. Egypt is a critical area in this Israel-led, hell triad's (Israel/UK/US) retention and expansion of the Middle-East destabilisation, conquest and division strategy. 

If Egypt manages to slip from their loosening iron grip, then a true domino effect will occur throughout the region. To the architects of this oppression, this bold, new challenge from the masses cannot be allowed to be victorious. As such, they are implementing every measure at their disposal to derail it back into despotic tyranny with a pseudo-democratic facade. It's a vicious cycle that preys upon people's fervent hopes for peace and change utilising state-of-art PSYOPS deceptions, false promises and garden path illusions. It's change filled with no-change behind the door, promises that expire as they are uttered, and sudden conflicts between religious, ethnic, tribal and political groups. Some of these groups are organic and some put together by intelligence, funded expressly to incite and exacerbate tensions and commit acts of terrorism and sabotage. These entities would be properly classified as pseudo-gangs organised by the military and intelligence apparatus of foreign powers. Usually belonging to the former colonial nation that subjugated the nation in question, and established the neo-colonial government, in a continuity of parasitic control with a native leadership face.

What we are currently witnessing today in Egypt, is the deployment of this phase of operations. Freedom-minded people everywhere need pay close attention as it follows a script and blueprint long ago refined on the blood and misery of millions. The model is never deviated from much because it works with unerring accuracy. Its techniques are changed to suit the environment and barometer of the masses anger, and think-tanks endlessly play out scenarios based upon intelligence reports. There are certain human behaviours they count on and socially engineer conditions with PSYOPs to create circumstances favourable to military and intelligence manipulations. Already the hyenas like the IMF (International Mother Fuckers aka the International Monetary Fund) are circling, waiting for the next leader to be installed so he can be approached to sign on the dotted line and sell-out Egypt. Exchanging their vital natural resources for Rothschild's bribe lucre and enslaving the people with a terminal debt that cannot be paid as long as the new puppet regime remains in power. 

Right now the earnest freedom-warriors of Egypt are engaged in a full force struggle at all levels to wrest themselves from the hellish enslavement they've suffered through for so long. In their country right now however, there are spies, assets, agents provocateurs, enemy police, enemy military, saboteurs and government collaborators, along with mercenaries, foreign agents, thugs-for-hire all actively doing their part to undermine and derail a powerful fight with international support. On the gigantic chessboard of Egypt this is all being played out pitting conniving ploys against clever, resourceful strategies and a determined will to be free. The Egyptian masses are us and we are them, they seek the same freedoms that we do, they want the same evil that oppresses them done in, just as we do. They want to enjoy the best things that life has to offer, peace, good family, loyal friends, prosperity and security. The Egyptian populace demand life and not existence, just as we should as well.

Wednesday, the battlefield in Egypt has suddenly gone violent due to a sudden, concerted and deployed campaign of covert ops. While the peaceful and effective protests were commencing, the enemies of Egyptian freedom attempted to cutoff international communication by taking down the internet. Then they set about identifying any and all leadership of the masses and assessed their strengths and tactics. This phase catalogued the strength and weaknesses of the revolutionaries, and they expended military to fortify key positions (Suez, the Suez canal and border of Gaza. This was employed to contain any exponential expansion of revolutionary activity into those areas, to limit support and secure the areas. Egyptian police and intelligence assets and operatives next took up sniper positions to murder and cause chaos, then the Egyptian Museum of Cairo was broken into and artefacts were stolen and mummies vandalised which turned out to be the work of police agents. Earlier today this campaign was escalated to attacks on journalists, paid thugs being allowed by the police and military to run riot with weapons, and organised pro-regime forces attacking demonstrators. According to an Al Jazeera report, after Mubarak's evening speech, gangs  began forming, with witnesses on the street claiming that they were being paid 50 Egyptian pounds ($9.00 US). To further prove collusion, the Egyptian military erected several barricades before Tahir Square where anti-government forces held a mass demonstration, and the army allowed these thugs through each one. The pro-regime gangsters specifically attacked journalists, foreigners and anti-government demonstrators. Camel and horse riders bearing Mubarak supporters attempted to plough through crowds of protesters, and at least six were pulled from their animals and judiciously beaten.

The world is watching and oppressed peoples throughout the world are documenting the tactics of organised fascism. We are watching, and learning from it all.


  1. great summary HHQ! it is very tricky to observe for all the reasons you mention, all the various parties mixing it up along with the Egyptian people.

  2. Thanks, AP, sussing this all out has been a bit daunting, as I'm sure you're working through as well. The fact that it is so complicated, either means that we are getting better at seeing through to the truth, or the gangsters in power know this, and are putting in considerable effort to muddying the waters.

    I've been thinking on this and think the best way to distill this to its essence is to put together basic questions and run all of the known evidence and collected information through it. I concentrated the post on the Egyptian revolutionaries as they seem to be organically sincere. Still, the particulars are difficult to verify as we are all dealing with potentially contaminated and poisoned news sources, and I'm not reporting direct from Tahir Square or the streets of Cairo. We do the best we can through all of this and present the information as honestly and forthright as we are able. The strongest feature we have is the cross-collaboration, exchange of information, theories, summations and collective investigator acumen. Just as your trade-phrase, we run our own damn think tank.

    We can count on one thing however, and that is the one thing that never changes… the triad of evil (US/UK/Shitrael) and their agenda of plunder, conquest, murder and subversion. That always runs like a train on rails and is as predictable as the stars at night. It is the one constant that we can calibrate our information and evidence against.

  3. absolutely right. it is a collaborative effort and it has to be. as James said the other day to me, this is like the blind men describing the elephant.

    Mostaque Ali put a comment at Aan's asking for a focus on the particular US/UK/Israeli parties working for the embassies and NGOs. names and faces sort of thing. so we may try to take a stab at that...


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