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23 June, 2012

False Flag 2012: UK Olympics?

In my previous post, I made mention of the possibility of our shit-demon enemies staging a false flag, synthetic terror attack at the 2012 Olympics. I'll keep things very short here as by now we all know the motive (war against Iran, and Islam-centric targets in the Middle East, as well as naked, raw fascism inflicted in the home countries). The opportunity, in addition to the means to carry it out, speak for themselves. As for the perpetrators, look no further than the usual crime conglomerate comprising the military, intelligence and governments of the Israel, the US & UK. 

And where would we be without the occult significance of it all? The opening of the Olympics in London begins 27, July 2012, which is in itself sports occult numerology of 27-7-2012 which breaks down to 7-9-5. Which in turn adds up to 21, and which further breaks down again into 3. I'll leave the rest to skilled numerologists to decipher and analyse further. As you'll also see, no sigil or gang signature was omitted, as the logo itself of the 2012 Olympics clearly reads the word: ZION.
I just discovered this brilliant video (below) which I believe best illustrates this impending scenario, in which these unholy bastards may callously and wantonly murder thousands to get what they want. I've a message to these sick monsters straight and true, to which I'm sure you will concur… Even if you succeed in your filthy mission, you will lose as no one but those with concurrent interests, or severely compromised mental faculties, will EVER believe anyone other than the US/Israel and UK carried this out. You are all vicious, conniving traitors who will be routed and ratted out by your associates, then convicted by civilian tribunal and hung for murder and treason. We are at your heels now for what you did on 9/11 and 7/7, and committing this act of desperate, criminal, terrorism will be your final undoing.

God save the Queen? Fuck her... God save the masses.


  1. Hey bud,

    I have long thought that this Olympics would be the start of many things - namely, the war of terror against he public. It really is a war to terrorise us, put us in a state of constant fear, making us so easy to mold and control and direct.

    Liked the video, keep up the good work. Will comment more when I have that time thing . . .

  2. Absolutely Slozo, and this time I believe they may be mad enough to possibly unleash that nasty, new weaponised H5N1 airborne influenza virus they've just created. You know, the one they genetically modified and weaponised, using deadly strains from the 1918 Spanish Flu. Then conveniently published the 12 step creation process, so they can in turn bad-jacket Iran, or Syria once the virus has been loosed upon the populace.

    This kind of reads like the plot of the film Three Days of the Condor. Where the lead character's (Joe Turner a.k.a. Condor) CIA department was to read through various books, newspapers, and magazines from around the world, looking for hidden meanings, unusual plots and new ideas that the CIA could utilise in covert missions. As if to mimic one of those literary plot devices, this potential type of 2012 Olympics, bio-terror false flag, was lifted almost entirely from Tom Clancy's novel 'Rainbow Six". In which eugenic eco-fascists engineer and genetically modify the Ebola virus (and code-name it Shiva), and then plot to infect the crowds at close of the Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Where they are to depart back to their home countries, and then spread the disease like wildfire, killing millions worldwide.

    Hopefully, these inside-job orchestrators are not that stupid, but they definitely are that desperate and foolishly delusional to try this devil's gambit. They're at the tables in Monte Carlo, losing badly, and in much too deep to simply fold and walk away. They need a win and only time will tell if these satanised clowns will slap down their bets and be willing to let it all ride on 33 black. However this time, the croupier and house know all of their tricks and diversions, and they're playing fully against the house's odds.

    Cheers friend, talk to you soon.

  3. Hmm. I actually don't think they will do the virus thing until later, during a time of mass confusion (war). I do think they plan it though, and I think it'll be directed at certain races / genetic types. They might have perfected it enough to accomplish that goal now . . . and I feel it'll be against the chinese. I think the bird flu that hit China and killed hundreds of thousands (yes, you read that correctly) was a test run. They always have a test run.

    And, China and the Chinese are a perfect target . . . genetically pure overall, not a lot of mixing of races within the nation, etc etc. All makes for, unfortunately, an achilles heel of sorts. Trust me, HHQ, my personal fears about this touch home just as they must touch you now that I share this with you. Wo de lao po shi zonguo ren. (due bu qi, wo de pu tong hua bu hao de)

    My best guess:
    - Olympics start, war with Syria, then Iran goes hot with Israel
    - some false flag event happens involving jews getting killed during the Olympics, could be combined with Big Ben hit prophecy.
    - US, west get involved, and there is lots of drama about Olympics as the "backdrop" that serves as cover for crap going on

    - second phase of ongoing huge prtracted war with Iran, Russia and about to be China (things getting tense) is release of deadly virus to mainly chinese

    This "hunch I have about this is from thousands of hours of research into all of the false flags, all of the possibilities, but most of all . . . becoming experienced with, and getting a sense of, reading the "illuminati" tea leaves. They always have precursors, fals eimages beforehand, things to prepare us mentally for each occurrence and move.

    Trust me, I hope I am wrong, but . . . I have a bad feeling about it. Real bad.

  4. Thanks for the follow-up Slozo, and I have to agree that your scenario seems to be the most plausible. Israel will definitely figure prominently with any ethno-specific bio-weapons, as a while back, they were sharing research and development with the South African government, specifically one Dr. Wouter Basson. The problem is that if Israel and their enforcer the US, decided to commit this psychopathic atrocity, China would know immediately. When huge numbers of countrymen started dying, Chinese intelligence and their forensic scientists would quickly arrive at the conclusion that this was a bio-weapon. Then they wouldn't hesitate to launch a nuclear offensive that would turn Israel into a charred shit-stain and the US into a smoking parking lot made of green glass. However, not before the US and UK delivered their payloads in turn, leaving a good part of the Earth a radioactive wasteland.

    There is a Chinese saying that states: 我显示的表面,是您多数欲望发现的表面, translating to the more western: "The face that I display, is the face that you most desire to see." Meaning that some façades never reveal true intentions or actions, just what one subjectively interprets to satisfy their fears. More realistically meaning that the tenacity and intelligence of Zhong Guo Ren should never be underestimated.

    These are the coming days where people's wills, wits and mettle will be tested, and failure will be death. We would all do well to plan for contingencies of every kind and makes profound steps towards our own survival. The war against the masses is heating up every day to the point that there's assaults on every front. Many are just too weary and insulated to care because it's off in the distance and hasn't affected them seriously… just yet. I too share your apprehensions for the future, and at this point I don't know how most everyone can't read their environments and see the hell train fast approaching.

    Struggle for peace, plan for war.

  5. Hi Hui, picked up your comment about Mike Rivero on Aang Irfan. So true, so true. He is one of Them sadly. Based on your accurate comment to this effect I am glad to say by deduction that here on this blog I must be in good company. Best wishes,
    Carol A. Valentine

  6. Thanks Carol, I just call it like I see it, and I've had my fill of Mr. Rivero's truth games. The litmus test for anyone professing to research and expose the truth, is just how far they are willing to go. I dialogue with anyone sincerely seeking to uncover the nasty bits of business that threaten us all. This is how we learn from one another and expose fact from fantasy. Put whatever facts and evidence you have on the table, and we'll scrutinise and sort it out together. If it comes to naught, then we toss it or mark it as shite and move on.

    When you have someone who makes a point of dictating the direction and focus of investigations, or dismisses even mere questions, then you have a gatekeeper. When you have established no-investigation zones set up to protect crimes and criminals, you have a traitor and someone leading the people astray. I used to have faith in different 'truth personalities' in the past, but now my allegiance is to the truth, no matter where it leads. I don't follow leaders because I'm my own leader, and I don't give away my leadership to any charismatic pied pipers. The key to victory in this war against us, is to be leaderless, question everything that seems odd and focus in on facts and evidence.

    We have to realise that as our enemy becomes more desperate, they will go to great lengths to cause dissension, confusion and misinformation. Our most potent strength is unification along our commonalities and goals and not our differences. Their most effective weapon is PSYOPS, and they have every single flavour of pied piper personality at their disposal. From Alex Jones to Jesse Ventura, from Julian Assange to Mike Rivero. They know that all they have to do is to mix in sugar to disguise the poison to make it attractive and digestible. Ultimately, the best thing one can do is look at them for what they can offer in terms of good information, then chuck them in the dustbin and move on when they deviate from the path. Their credibility is only as good as the veracity of their information and their dedication to this struggle.

    The path and destination is what is important and not the ride nor driver who transported you there. No one should submit blind faith to any personality and follow them like lemmings off of a cliff.

    Cheers and respect.


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