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04 March, 2012

False Flag 2012 and the Manufacturing of War

Art credit to the brilliant and venerable R. Cobb
Greetings all, although I have made my announced departure, I did promise that I would post items of a critical and vital nature if they arose. The timing may have been hard to pinpoint, but the warning has always remained impending and dire. The false flag terror-metre steadfastly on red, warning all to keep their vigilance at maximum. War and an accompanying false flag or flags are imminent, for the enemies of humanity are at a desperate cross roads and they are sprinting for the endgame finish line.
Never has the tension to provoke war(s) been so amplified than in the past weeks, with intelligence destabilisation operations running in Syria, Iran and more recently, Saudi Arabia. Due to this incessant and oft time covert game of escalation, the choking stench of war is now wafting in the wind.

Chickenhawks are doing the psychopath's war dance, and the ever-complicit media is manufacturing and regurgitating propaganda, like they were all promised cabinet positions. I guess what I'm getting at, is that all the signs are converging that Nutty-fake-jew (Netanyahu) and his criminal counterparts in Israel will be launching a suicidal assault on Iran sometime this week. Prior to this however they will be issuing marching orders and scripts directly to their government accomplices in the US, UK and Canada in particular. There WILL be a false flag launched, with Israel and the US as the prime orchestrators. Then in turn, their sights will be on Syria, Somalia and finally onto Saudi Arabia who will soon learn a nasty little lesson on making bargains with the devil. You see, the Saudi government has been historically more than a little complicit in assisting Israel and the US in destabilising the region. Never mind what they say, always examine  their actions. Honestly, I cannot believe that the Saudi government is truly that stupid, so then what exactly were they were promised to make such a self-destructive deal in the first place? One thing's for absolutely sure, is that their playmates will be turning on them like a slavering rabid dog. The man who helps the slaver will always in turn be enslaved, thus shall ever be the way of the Faustian deal.

What is most ridiculous about these new military campaigns, is just how predictable they are in their unvarying strategy. It usually runs a little something like this:
  1. Identify an opposition or group indigenous and hostile to the national government of a targeted nation. If there are none, use infiltrated intelligence operatives to actively seek and fund such groups, providing materiel and munitions. If there are none available, then contract disparate factions or criminal elements and create one; this synthetic construct is known as a pseudo-gang.
  2. Have the media begin promoting stories on this mysterious new group, creating plausible backstories and news items to promote the group as public supported freedom-fighters dedicated to fighting the corrupt regime. Further utilise media assets to strategically circulate stories of government terror and murder with images of infanticide, wholesale slaughter and assassinations. Then have "citizen" eyewitnesses (assets) come forward with media interviews and tales of atrocities to propagate disinformation and outrage.
  3. Have in-place intel operatives and assets begin committing high casualty false flag acts of bombings, sabotage and terrorism carried out by either "unknown assailants" or bad-jacket elements of a targeted foreign nation. This is to spread terror and chaos in-country, while heads of state, the UN and other agenda compliant international agencies begin a hue and outcry for military intervention. Supply contending factions with weapons and ordnance, in order to spread chaos, death and lawlessness, whilst targeting critical government infrastructures and communications.
  4. Escalate the strategy of tension and news propaganda to maximum, gauge public opinion for and against the national agenda. If citizen support for military intervention and war can be falsely galvanised, then proceedings for attack and invasion are implemented. If the support is not there, then a false flag terrorist act or acts, carried out by intelligence services is then committed domestically. Massive casualties will be incurred in concert with manufactured evidence. Assets in the targeted country will conveniently claim responsibility, or the media will advance stories of covert surveillance interceptions. Israeli intelligence and their fronts linked to them, will leak unsubstantiated reports, as well as "uncover" video allegedly from "terrorist spokespersons". Israeli intelligence will also supply manipulated field reports directly to US intelligence to misdirect and castigate parties they want surveilled or neutralised.
  5. Once the domestic false flag(s) has been executed by military and intelligence insiders, martial law will be surreptitiously made operational. The excuse will be disseminated that measure is necessary to restore order and rule of law. Most likely the false flag(s) will of nuclear or of weaponised biological nature. This will allow the spread of fear as well as provide opportunities for FEMA intervention. Consequentially, domestic dissent will be effectively outlawed, non-commercial internet communications shutdown to control information, citizens on government watch-lists will be arrested or rendered under NDAA. Under the cover of nuclear or viral contamination, watch-listed individuals and progressive groups can be detained and transported to regional detention centres under the auspices of medical quarantine. With terrified civilians captivated by fear, and  mentally terrorised with PSYOPS, they will look to the only authority in their lives. A Phoenix Project will be resurrected and citizens will be encouraged and rewarded for reporting and turning in any of their fellow countrymen who publicly oppose the war and/or criticise the government policies. So-called troublemakers or activists will be labelled terrorists and enemy combatants and have their rights summarily abrogated; to be incarcerated indefinitely under NDAA.
This is exactly what I see coming very soon, I pray it is undermined at every pass by conscientious and honourable individuals in the military and intelligence. Unfortunately, I doubt this very much however, as hope is the prayer and refuge of fools.

Cheers and Godspeed to all.


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  2. So Happy to see you here again HHQ :)
    Excellent post as usual and look forward to more of your offerings..I'm about to take a break myself for a while :)
    Many Regards and Cheers A13

  3. Many thanks A13, and enjoy the time away, it's always a pleasure hearing from you.

    Cheers and respect.

  4. Thanks dietary for your beneficent comments.

  5. Thank you for returning with the warning.

    However, briefly.

    May I ask a small but timely question?

    Where is everyone hiding?

    I'd like to get in line.


  6. Thanks Suzan, I assume you mean where will people hide once a false flag is initiated? The answer is nowhere, as it all depends what psychotic option these self-sanctified bastards wish to engage. If one happens to be caught in a targeted area it will be hell on Earth, but bear in mind that that utterly terrorist act will seal their fates. Only criminals and the hopelessly stupid will ever believe that anyone else but Israel, the US and perhaps the UK are the guilty party. They know this already and have to ensure that their tyrannical, murderous Reich is in place to terrorise the populace into submission.


  7. What whim brought me to check a page from a blogger who I knew didn't blog anymore, I don't know . . . but, 5 days after you posted this, I found it, somehow.

    I don't know about your prediction for it happening so soon.

    I've made many, many predictions (to myself) in the past that have been wrong . . . always way too early, in fact; and at the wrong times of the year. Basically, learning from my mistakes, my observations and conclusions for my next false flag attack date (the big one, I am talking about):

    1) It will take place in the fall or winter . . . Sept or later.
    2) It will happen on an auspicious date - auspicious for the death cult, which means, repeated numbers (doubles), with 11, 13 and 9 and 3 holding special significance
    3) Whenever you think it's JUST about to happen, there is always a pull back, then 6 months or so later, the real atack - with less of an "intro".

    That's what I've learned, by studying the past. 9/11, Pearl Harbor, Iraq War, etc etc . . . all follow relatively the same program. As you have pointed out many times, they are not inventive.

    Numbers are the key . . . and the symbolism surrounding them. They NEVER choose arbitrary numbers for key events. Never. Which is why, if we truly understand the system and guess well, we can better predict these things.

    My guess is Nov 2012. Probably the 9th, 13th, something like that.

    And sorry, my apologies: great to hear from you again, sir :)

  8. Good to see you back again... Just popped in as I saw Killing Joke live @ the Roundhouse on Thursday & thought of you.

  9. Greetings Slozo, I was hoping you'd stop by and thanks for your insight which I agree wholeheartedly with. Pinpointing Israel's war by proxy and associated US domestic false flag, is a dodgy affair to say the least. There are numerous factors, variables and of course their predilection for occult numerological pathology to consider. Making a logical determination from all of these inputs, added with the pressure of the acts looming immediacy, is an inexact science to be sure. It is week's end and thankfully nothing I asserted transpired to which I am very glad. I don't mind being wrong on all of my false flag predictions because it produces vigilance and awareness that are paramount in preventing, or at least putting eyes on the impending false flag component. The more of us who are aware of the players behind these operations, their motives, opportunities and historical patterns, the more they will have to second guess what they do. This in turn creates mistakes in which the guilty parties can then be routed and identified.

    These conspirator's pathologies are very predictable, based upon their insatiable agendas and historical past crimes; however pinpointing an accurate timeline for its commission is not. I truly wish I had the keen ability to produce a spot-on date and save thousands if not millions of lives, but regrettably I do not retain such a gift. I can only make calculated, speculative postulations based on an analysis of available evidence.

    Your statement "3) Whenever you think it's JUST about to happen, there is always a pull back, then 6 months or so later, the real attack - with less of an "intro"." is key friend, and I concur. It makes pathological sense to publicly "pre-advertise it and gauge the reactions and mood of the public. It's preconditioning of fear and the instillation of a telegraphed prediction of sorts.

    Always good to hear from you friend, I and I'm sure the readers here, are grateful for your well-reasoned foreshadowings.

    Cheers and respect.

  10. Greetings Majestica, so happy you were able to catch the lads live. If you have a wee bit of time to spare, I'd love to hear what you thought of their performance. I am eagerly awaiting the release of their new album and lyrics. If ever there was a band whom embodied the times and horrors of this repugnant, dystopian world it is them. They inspire not despair but transcendence, unity and the progressive will to set things right in this generation.

  11. HHQ,

    As always, you are too liberal with compliments. Especially when I forgot to do the rundown on my "evidence" - the major wars, and false flag events, initiated by the death cult/illuminati controllers and the dates and even times they started at. It's at least a good exercise for me to review it, been a while since I have done so:

    June 28, 1914 (6/28/1914) assassination of archduke, 'mini-false flag' used as trigger for WW I
    July 28, 1914 (7/28/1914) World War I begins
    May 7, 1915 (5/7/1915) sinking of Lusitania, to get US into war [note: officially 1,198 deaths]
    Nov 11, 1918 (11/11/1918) - end of WW I

    * November 11, 11th hour, used as a "memorial day" to commemorate the death, destruction and reordering (11/11, 11:00am)

    Aug 31, 1939 (8/31/1939) Gleiwitz Incident, false flag attack on own radio station by Germany, blaming Poland
    Sept 1, 1939 (9/1/1939) Hitler invades Poland, WWII begins
    Sept 3, 1939 (9/3/1939) England, France declare war on Germany

    Dec 7, 1941 7:48am (12/7/1941) Pearl Harbor attacks
    Dec 11, 1941 (12/11/1941) US declares war on Germany, Italy

    Aug 19, 1953 (8/19/1953) Iranian coup d'etat / US and British false flag

    Aug 2, 1964 (8/2/1964) Gulf of Tonkin attack by US
    Aug 4, 1964 (8/4/1964) fabricated story of attack on US in Gulf of Tonkin
    Aug 7, 1964 (8/7/1964) "Gulf of Tonkin Resolution" (effectively declaring war on Vietnam)

    Sept 29, 1983 (9/29/1983) Multinational Force in Lebanon Resolution

    Aug 2, 1990 2am (8/2/1990) Iraq invades Kuwait

    Jan 12, 1991 (1/12/1991) Gulf War I war declaration
    Jan 17, 1991 (1/17/1991) first aerial bombardments on Iraq

    Feb 28, 1993 (2/28/1993) - April 19, 1993 (4/19/1993) Waco compound seige / attack

    April 19, 1995 9:02am (4/19/1995) Oaklahoma City bombing (supposedly performed on purpose to coincide with 2 year anniversary of Waco)

    March 24, 1999 19:00 hours (3/24/1999) - NATO "undeclared war" bombing attack on Yugoslavia begins

    Sept 11, 2001 8:46am [first plane] (9/11/2001) false flag attack on twin towers, NY city, USA
    [note: attack supposedly initiated by AA flight 11, with crew of 11, 76 pasengers, 5 hijackers. 9:59am, first building collapses. Final official death tally: 2,996, including the 19 hijackers]
    Sept 14, 2001 (9/14/2001) - 3 days after attack - Afghanistan War Resolution

    Oct 7, 2001 (10/7/2001) - Invasion of Afghanistan
    March 3, 2003 (3/3/2003) - Gulf War II war resolution

    March 20, 2003 (3/20/2003) - Iraq bombing/invasion begins

    March 11, 2004 07:37am [first bomb explodes](3/11/2004) - Madrid train bombings (false flag terrorism) [note official death tally: 191, and general election takes place 3 days later]

    July 7, 2005 (7/7/2005) - London false flag bombing attacks [note: 52 people killed, + 4 bombers (56 total)]

    I am sure I have left out some important dates and flase flags . . . but just going through it quickly now, this is what I can come up with.

    It's funny, but . . . there are more summer dates than when I remember doing this before. It's defnitely worth it for me to go over these numbers myself now, again, and re-examine some of the patterns and consistencies. Also, I think it bears considering that for each major war - WWI, WWII, Vietnam War, Afghanistan/Iraq II wars . . . each was preceded by a false flag attack of some sort. One could also include Iraq I as being preceded by the "false flag" promise of the US's Rumsfeld to Hussein that the US would not attack Iraq if they invaded Kuwait, which of course was a lie/trick to be able to then point a finger and justify the invasion.

    ffa = false flag attack

    6/28/1914 ffa, 7/28/1914 war

    8/31/1939 ffa, 9/1/1939 war (Germany)
    12/7/1941 ffa, 12/11/1941 war vs Germany (US)

    8/2/1964 (8/4/1964) ffa, 8/7/1964 war

    9/11/2011 ffa, 9/14/2001

  12. Slozo, in the short time we've exchanged information, I've never had pause to think that what you've proffered requires proof. You proven to be competent, forthright and organised, with an eye for justice and objective fact-finding. I often give praise where it is due and that has always been my way. If ever I do feel that someone may be errant in some fact or other, I prefer to ask queries instead for clarification. I then offer counter-evidence and explorations in order to get to the core of the truth through common exchanges of analysis. I am completely flexible to adapt to quickly changing information and new proofs garnered by evidence.

    Thanks for the very important listing of false flags. Readers would do well to read these over, to witness for themselves the history of synthesised terrorism used as cover for manufactured wars.

  13. Hands Off Iran

  14. Hands OFF IRAN !!!

  15. HHQ!!! It feels like what was lost has been found
    How are you?
    This is me grinning :))

    I am so glad to see your back.
    Better late then not at all?

  16. Greetings Penny! I'm not back permanently, but I did promise you and the readers here that I would post news I felt was of an imperative nature. My last post was a bit of a cathartic indulgence however, and I thought the readers could use some positive, unity inducing rage in the form of KMFDM.

    I really wanted to write a post on the Tolouse false flag in France. I went back and forth deciding whether I should post my investigation or not and was hoping that you or another blogger would pick up the story (Aangirfan posted some reports). Finally, I waited too long and now the story is growing cold to all but those in France. Plus, I really didn't think anyone would really care and that also played a role in my decision.

    The incident has all the earmarks of a coordinated Mossad/Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (General Directorate for External Security, DGSE) operation. I was monitoring it as it happened for weeks before in French news and spotted a pattern and specific moves that intelligence uses in the attacks. Then the night this patsy Mohamed Merah is holed up with police and tactical teams outside, I knew he wasn't coming out alive. Sure enough, the next morning the official story is that he was killed in a desperate, suicidal 'attack' against the police.

    Now the truth is beginning to surface that he was an informant for the Direction Centrale du Renseignement Intérieur (Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence, DCRI) and had travelled to Israel from Jordan and then went to Afghanistan. In Israel he is alleged to have spent three days before departing by way of the Allenby Bridge back to Jordan. Le Monde broke this part of the story and personally, I believe Merah was in Israel longer than is being sanitised and creatively re-scripted as damage control. I believe it was there he was trained in his role as patsy, operative and informant and I don't believe for a minute that he committed those attacks all by himself. His brother knows some damning information on those connections and that's precisely why he's being detained and coercively debriefed. The terrorist attacks and murders that culminated in this particular false flag, were professionally executed, coordinated and engineered by Israeli and French intelligence. The US and their ever complicit media allies used it as a distraction away from the rape and murders committed in Iraq and blamed on a "lone nut" Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales. The reality in that case is that the atrocities were planned at least a day in advance and committed by teams comprised up to 20 US soldiers.

    In any event it's always good to here from you and hope you and family are doing well.

    Cheers and respect as always.


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