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24 October, 2011


Greetings all,
    I have made the decision to discontinue blogging. I just can't continue carrying on in this current vehicle and need to move on. Will this be permanent? I honestly cannot say, but I do know that I need a critically intrinsic re-balance. I've spent too much time mucking about in the evil that the grimy little shitmops of the world toil their filthy hands in. I've seen too much and taken too much of it to my core, to the point where all I see is darkness, dread and crimes gleefully undertaken with zero consequences. I see an endless parade of victims whilst the culprits live gloriously and die peacefully and very old. Sickened by the traitorous enforcers too stupid to realise they are boiling with the other frogs in the pot. Rough dogs deluded to think they have cut themselves special considerations from the king by betraying the masses from whence they came.  Well-tired of the complicit mass media cheerleaders from hell with all their deceitful clangour.

I loudly question the state of the world and how it manages to function in such a terminally unjust, sickened and imbalanced condition. I'm an old soldier who's war-weary and battle-fatigued with the tacit acceptance of enslavement and abuse. Sure I see the valiant struggles of the Occupy Movement, but personally… I'm spent out of petrol and have been driving on fumes of well-exhausted fuel. It also doesn't help matters that I'm fundamentally misanthropic due to my extended tour of duty in slogging through the evil of men. I'm seeing people defined in terms of their vicious, selfish and cruel natures rather than the good they manifest. I don't think the problem is with humanity, I believe it to be within myself and how my sustained exposure to this horrid shite has distorted my perceptions rather badly. I've become saturated with negativity and all the good and brilliant things in my life have suffered from this fight which I've carried out as a priority over them. To restore a balance, my priorities must shift and I must walk a different path albeit towards the same direction. I feel what I'm currently doing is largely ineffectual and there are truth soldiers out there doing a much better and more consistent job. Seemingly tireless warriors with the perpetual means to regenerate themselves and keep moving onward. I've been at this for longer than I remember, in many different incarnations of progressive resistance and feel I've lost what fighting edge I once had. I began to feel as if I didn't give a fuck any more and all I had was running on the system's debt slave treadmill and this unending defensive war waged for freedom and a future.

In conclusion, I want to wish for you all the best of fortunes and promise for victory in the future. We will be victorious in this fight, but will need to become much more clever and perceptually wise to accomplish it. This course of advancement absolutely includes myself and I was by no means meant condescendingly. This is our fight, and our struggle and I must regroup to return much smarter and more effective to carry it forth. I am not taking the blog down in the hopes that some may find possible use or value for the information currently there. I want to take the time to thank every last one of my international supporters and contributors.

Cheers and respect to you all. Be seeing you somewhere and in some way on the frontlines.



  1. Many thanks for all your work.

    - Aangirfan

  2. A thud occurred in my heart when I read your first words.

    You've echoed so many of my own concerns, and the fight has been waaaayyy toooo loooonnngg without letup or any compensations for all our sacrifice.

    Rest up as long as you need.

    But come back strong.

    Or at least come back and report on the important events from time to time.

    I miss you already.

  3. Thanks & good luck

  4. HeiHuQuan,

    So sad to hear, but I completely understand, and wish you the best. You have something here to really, really be proud of. You helped a lot of people, and educated myself and others on many things, and you should take great pride in all those accomplishments, no matter how strongly you believe in others like myself flung about on the ends of the ethernet that you have never met face to face.

    Peace brother, and I sincerely hope you recharge to write another day - you were a strong, fighting voice against the illuminati, and a truly intelligent one capable of self-reflection to a greater degree than I have ever seen elsewhere on the 'net.

    You will always have my utmost respect, even if we never hear from you again.

    Continue to be good, do right.


  5. Thanks Aangirfan, keep up the good work on your site.

    Suzan, your blog Welcome to Pottersville2 is very under appreciated, as is the hard work that you tirelessly pour into it. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of reading it, there is a link in the right hand column. Good lady Suzan I wish for you the best of fortunes in the future.

    Slozo! You have been probably my most loyal supporter. Your honesty, and frankness have always provided excellent discourse from which I've always walked away rewarded. Your replies were always something to look forward to. Thanks for your very magnanimous words, and if I have anything imperative to impart in the future, I will post it here at Undeleted Evidence. Best of fortunes to you friend.

    You all are pretty much the only ones (save A13 who contacted me privately) who seem to even care to remark at all, which pretty much confirms that I've taken the right course of action.

    Be seeing you. Cheers and respect.

  6. Hey HHQ

    Well I for one will be sorry to see the end of your blogging days!

    I don`t think you should assume because people aren`t commenting, that they are not reading.

    For how many people I have reading I do not get that much commentary, except from the same persons.

    I can`t say why it is that way, it just is.

    I will drop you a line some time soon
    take care HHQ

  7. HI HHQ,
    gonna miss you babe!
    We love your work, as they say.
    see you on the event horizon, brother ;)
    much kudos.

  8. Know exactly how you feel mate, it does tend to work its way inward. Can't be this close to the beast and not suffer for it.

    Take a rest and rebalance, then come back.

    All the best.

  9. I have appreciated your writing tremendously. Whenever I saw you wrote a new post I lit a cigarette, sat back and enjoyed reading it.

    I don't think it's true to say you've lost your edge, though I can appreciate your needing to back away. Here's hoping it's only temporary.

  10. Anonymous, your comments are well appreciated and it's good to hear that you found my works of value. Thanks very much for your support friend.


  11. "I began to feel as if I didn't give a fuck any more and all I had was running on the system's debt slave treadmill and this unending defensive war waged for freedom and a future."

    I sometimes feel the same way. It's understandable. The evil in the world can be overwhelming. I will miss your writings and I hope you regain your equilibrium :)

  12. Missing you Hei
    and your words and take on things.
    Hope you are well :)
    Cheers brother A

  13. Doing well good sister A, as I hope are you. I just wrote a rather lengthy reply to your new post at The Rant Lounge.

    Cheers and may the best of fortunes rain upon you.

  14. Hello HHQ,

    I only found your blog about a month ago (via Mr. Friend's blog I believe). This "farewell" messaage struck me, because of the extremely heartfelt and articulate nature of the message as well the issue of growing weary in the fight. I have a blog as well, and have those times where I also struggle with staying in the fight, and need a break. All the best to you, and hope you find peace.

    My blog is Truthseeker Archive.

    I would also like to make you and your readers aware of a new message board and forum a friend of mine and I have just recently started, which is dedicated to COMPLETE freedom of speech and geared towards those of the "truthseeker" point of view. We would love to have you join.

    Here is link to forum:

    Knowledge is Power - The Uncensored Free Speech Forum

  15. Greetings SonofSaxon, apologies for posting your reply and bit tardily. Thanks much for your support and I'm glad you found my final post so memorable. I've taken a visit to your website and perused your topics, and found the posts both intriguing and edifying. I will make a point to pop down to the forum you've linked and check it out.

    Have a Merry Christmas to you and all! Whilst it's still barely legal to bloody say so. Zionists seem to find it as particularly repellent as a vampire to silver crosses dressed in garlic.

    May you all navigate through the encroaching hells surrounding us in 2012 successfully.

    Cheers, power and victory.


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