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03 May, 2011

New Warning System Instituted

Greetings to all,
         With the insane public relations agit-prop of the Osama Bin Dead (since December of 2001) hit being foisted upon the masses, the threat for a devastating, state-sponsored, false flag terror attack has never been higher. The very self-same parties (Israel/UK/US) responsible for 9/11, 7/7, the Madrid Train bombings, the Mumbai attack, and a host of others, have shown the world just what they are capable of, and how far they are willing to go to secure their agendas. No amount of premeditated, terrorist murder too large and no amount of risk and subterfuge too great to accomplish the orders of the Rothschild empire. They have proven themselves to be wicked beyond measure and will do whatever it takes to carry themselves forward to their long-awaited endgame.

The half-concocted, invent-as-you-go Osama Bin Laden PSYOP, is perhaps the most ridiculous and shabby attempt to conjure up synthetic nationalist zealotry I have seen since just after the 9/11 inside job. Complete with staged jingo celebrations at 1:00 AM in Washington DC and New York, and a carefully planned operation engineered as to not interfere or overshadow the Royal Wedding proceedings. There's so much information that I can't even compose it due to time constraints, but I will find the time soon and issue a proper analysis.

What I do want to get out straight away is a new False Flag threat warning system I created that I'm instituting here at Undeleted Evidence. If you find them of any value please go ahead and use them at your blog, site or wherever you feel is appropriate. You can even make stickers of them if you desire and post them accordingly. It may seem trite but I thought it might be a useful tool to get the word out. There's only the two, because that's all that's needed and Level Blue designation is for the period we're in right now. The Level Red, should be unfortunately instituted very shortly and I will change them to reflect the actuality at my site.

While listening to the compelling and in many cases, nauseating information parade, and sifting through the evidence and assorted data on this pseudo-assassination, I was struck with a thought. That this all is a one-two punch setup for a big false flag delivery. Whatever these bastards have planned it's been in the works for some time but they've been having a rather rough time pulling them off and selling it to the masses. You see much to their dismay a great number of us aren't functionally retarded (no slight at all to the genuinely mentally challenged) and can actually spot the same ops played over and over again by the same parties who benefit the most.

You see an organic insurgent or revolutionary would never attack the very people they are trying to organise or gain sympathy from. Mike Rivero from once made the brilliant analogy to the effect that it would be like soldiers from the American revolution burning down hospitals, blowing up common marketplaces and raping women, and then trying to get the populace to join them. Organic revolutionaries don't do that, but… synthetic pseudo-gang groups and artificially synthesised outfits like 'Al Qaida' and 'the Taliban' do because that's what they're trained and paid to do as part of global destabilisation operations. They commit the acts of terror and their backers work the back end establishing laws and instituting martial powers to subjugate the masses. Once their freedoms have been sufficiently diminished and the laws in place to bad-jacket anyone who resists or dissents as a "terrorist", then you have in place the world they've persistently tried to manifest for centuries.

It's the masses that have always been the problem as it takes sustained PSYOPS running in all manner of flavours to contain them. Add to that suitable diversions and distractions and you can dissuade an angry mob for a time. But you've got to get those numbers down to a manageable level through famine, war, engineered pestilence and poisoned air, water and food resources (GMO, radiation). Some of them also have the audacity to be inhabiting coveted lands complete with water, oil and mineral resources essential to keep a sick and dying parasitic system on life support. That's where strategic destabilisation comes in and hey you can get paid twice!! Once when you offer IMF and World bank loans at gangster rates to allegedly alleviate suffering, and then again when they default and you plunder their resources that they put up as collateral. To keep those pestiferous people in line, just throw a couple of dollars at some psychotic, western-trained military asset, wind him up and watch him go to work violently suppressing the troublesome populace. Just a few gory or brutal examples and they all fall in line.

But I digress, the point of the post is to warn people and educate them post-haste that we are in dangerous and desperate times. We are all standing in potential ground-zeroes where we can become the next casualties to be exploited mercilessly for the next war and the next. Taking the collective corpses and literally draping them up in the flag and then sending the lot up the flagpole for a bit of cheap rallying. Sousa drones in the background as Muslim effigies are burned and an obscene update of Kristallnacht is visited on those who pray 5 times daily. In the next days and weeks the Truth communities better get moving and push out as much reality as possible. Already the governments are creating a bloodlust amongst the blind nationalists. They are going to castigate and begin branding us all falsely as "potential terrorists" to divide the looming threat of the masses. They're working damn fast too, already the site(s) have been under sustained and coordinated DoS (Denial of Service) attacks. At Penny For Your Thoughts, her latest post has had Ass Shitstain, oops.. I mean Cass Sunstein and other military organised counterparts like AFNETOPS pseudo-readers, stopping by to verbally sabotage and create dissension.

Remain ultimately vigilant everyone, on high alert for any suspicious False Flag activities and report them immediately in the blogosphere. If they are successful in running another very nasty one out, we are all heavy in the shit.


  1. Excellent post HHQ,
    This is a set up to stage a FF event to cement their control.
    It's a strategic release..a strategic "death" and in a strategic time..Obvious..
    Pakistan will go down, they are neighbours to Iran..Strategic..They will be scapegoated as aiders and abbetters to OBL and punished accordingley, and watch for NUKE fears there...and include india for historical and preferential reasons..
    The Target of the FF will be "Western" guess is Germany..i just posted on it and i pray to god it doesn't happen, but i see the signs and language in the media..I see the motivation and i also see the consequences..which is,
    More support for the c words that enslave us and perpetrate and lie like the demons they are...Keep us safe oh masters..blah blah..fill our heads full of shit cause the truth hurts too much..prozac, porno, sports and strugle keeps us occupied and happy..(sic)
    Cheers to you and keep up the good fight..
    Bravo Brother.

  2. HHQ, I put it up.

    Absolute vigilance is a must!
    I absolutely am of the opinion that something is up. It could be Pakistan or it could be Syria.

    As I said in my post, there are a number of situations that would get a boost from a false flag.

    Sadly, many, many innocent people will die.

    That just breaks my heart.

    Hearing the news of Ghaddafis grandchildren, 3 of them aged 6 mos to 2 years.

    What did they do to anyone?
    Born in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    So many kids die the world over, why?
    We as a whole should relish life, the gift of life, as short as it is, it should be cherished.
    Instead, death is cheered. War, destruction, killing.

  3. Thanks A13 & Penny, vigilance is key as is the ability to discern facts quickly and disseminate them out to the public. The international truth community, citizen journalists and bloggers are winning the information wars simply because we can't be outworked and far outnumber the PSYOPS agents. Too many great investigators and web detectives with brilliant skills at analysis, are working collectively on the crimes, identities of the conspirators and enigmas of this madness 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We collectively cannot be matched, nor outworked, so their criminal endeavour is doomed to failure.

    The False Flag aspect of all of this is the most troublesome. The death worshippers are clearly against the ropes and behind in their sick little timetable. This creates in them a desperation and recklessness that will hopefully prove to be their ultimate undoing. Time will tell...

    p.s. - Penny, thanks for putting up the threat advisory, I truly believe it will make readers more aware of this reality and the urgency behind it.

    Cheers and respect as always good ladies.

  4. I agree, HHQ - it really feels like a strong set-up for a false flag. And the pieces are now in place and the army/forces freed up for the final move against Iran, where I think it may start in Syria first for a warm-up.

    I do think the false flag may want to include the US, and yet be international . . . it needs to have Europe involved somehow, so Germany is not a bad guess at all. Hmm . . . come to think of it, many large american bases in Germany too - could be a large explosion at an american base, to get the US sacrifice, the German sacrifice, the sympathy tip on those brave slaughterers of innocents.

    If I have any better guesses, I will share. Like you said, lots of info to sift through quickly now.

  5. Greetings Slozo! I concur, the murderous bastards may indeed decide to play out their terror in Germany. However,the problem is that Europeans are generally not as stupid as the average indoctrinated Yankee Doodle Dummy. So a false flag in the US gets considerably more mileage from the accompanying agit-prop and knee-jerk nationalist rage wind-up.

    Whatever these criminals plan will involve the wholesale ritualised sacrifice of thousands. These state serial killers will do it without the slightest hesitation and any remorse.

  6. HHQ;

    need you to drop by and tell me what you think of this lobbyist for Pakistan.

    My bullshit meter is blaring.

    Looking for some feedback?

    You should have some good insights since you have been at this a long, long time.

    Even though I am starting to feel like an old warrior.

    Like, nothing surprises me anymore

  7. Thanks, will do Penny.


  8. gotta go to work, but check out this Theirry Meyssan piece, which i think dovetails with yours.

    "The basic political issue is to know why the United States decided to snuff life out of the mythical character they had created - the real man having been dead for nearly a decade.

    For the simple reason that Bin Laden’s combatants have been embedded for several months in operations where they must no longer figure as enemies of the United States, but as allies. This turnaround could not be managed without the elimination of their virtual commander.

    Assuredly, over the coming months, international television networks in chorus will be telling us that the jihadists who had fought in the ranks of the CIA in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Chechnya against the Soviets and the Russians, strayed towards international terrorism; but that they returned to the rightful path after Bin Laden’s death, and are once again ready to side with "America", this time in Libya, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain."

    is this not very similar to what you wrote here:

    "it would be like soldiers from the American revolution burning down hospitals, blowing up common marketplaces and raping women, and then trying to get the populace to join them."

    same idea. the enemy integrates and we'll get a *new* enemy, even worse than the old one.

  9. Many thanks AP, the post was very interesting with a number of key points. I particularly found this one of value: "In the counter-revolution unfolding in the Middle-East, the United States and Israel are reenacting the division tactics laid down by all the empires before them: leaning on religious fundamentalism in order to eradicate nationalism."

    Too true, and you and Mr. Meyssan are spot on about them pulling a new PSYOP on the public by showcasing 'flipped' Al Qaeda assets.


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