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29 April, 2011

A Day in the Life...

Just discovered this video which demonstrates quite effectively what it feels like to be a Palestinian citizen under siege. This is only a glimpse into the daily hell that is life in Gaza that is often revealed in testimony and written evidence, but this video allegedly uploaded from an Android cell phone, brings their reality into razor sharp focus. Hopefully those who choose to look away or distance themselves from the ongoing atrocities, will invest some empathetic time in viewing this video documentation. Check the video out quick, as Zio-Tube has a nasty little habit of censoring videos damaging to Israel, Zionism and their agenda. The nation and people who would psychotically do this to another perpetually and unprovoked, deserve neither mercy nor pity when ultimate justice comes a-calling.


In a historical move meant as a show of solidarity to occupied Palestine, On April 29, Egypt has stated that they intend to permanently open their shared border at Rafah. For those who may not know, the Rafah border is the only way in and out of Gaza that does not pass through The Fatherland state of Israel. Egypt's Chief of Staff of armed forces Sami Anan says the opening of Rafah is not a matter of Tel Aviv's concern. “Israel does not have the right to interfere in Egypt's decision to open the Rafah border. This is an Egyptian-Palestinian issue,” Anan wrote on his Facebook page. When it is implemented, it will effectively break Israel's illegal and genocidal blockade that was inflicted upon the Palestinians years ago, after they had the 'audacity' to elect Hamas. "The intention is there to open it on a permanent basis to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians, but all the mechanics on how it is going to work are under study," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Menha Bakhoum stated. She further said the issue was being studied "at all levels" but did not say when this might be implemented. The bold action also marks an end the collusion of Egypt with Israel that the Zionist fuck-puppet Mubarak had set-up. A stipulation exists however, in that only travellers who have registered before April 20th, and holding permits will be able to pass in both directions.

Egypt is also restoring full diplomatic and other relations with Iran, much to the chagrin of Israel. However, one should pay close attention to a possible subterfuge move, as the government of Egypt is not composed of the Egyptian warrior youth and citizenry. It is composed of the military who for many years enforced the policy and intelligence directives of Israel by proxy. While the public announcement of reconciliation with Iran and Hamas seems positive and organic. It is possible that Israel is playing a backdoor game through their Egyptian military assets to try and take out two birds with one stone. The two things that Israel wants achingly badly is war declared on Iran and the Palestinians dead or removed to parts elsewhere to satisfy the Zionist Lebensborne Programme in Israel. I can envision a setup where planted weapons (preferably WMD's) conveniently linked to Iran, are suddenly "discovered" at the Rafah border crossing en-route to Gaza. Israel wants that border closed and will leave no connivance or false flag unexplored in order to accomplish it. Israel is also looking for both a pretext and an engineered opportunity to recapture the Sinai Peninsula as well.


  1. "they are inhuman." exactly. i personally do not think i can ever forgive what they have done to the palestinians, and i am way over here. i also agree that extreme caution is called for whenever anything seemingly good happens, like the Rafah opening. we see today how many people are so easily duped.

  2. Indeed AP, what the Israelis have done systematically and gleefully following the same Nazi playbook, stands amongst one of the greatest evils perpetrated, if not the most egregious. These are some wicked times and the world seems infested with evil bastards... for now.


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