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16 April, 2011

Forged Endorsement, Faked Consent

A quite appropriate mural by Abe Ayad on his store in Cleveland USA
The title was "Israel thanks US for funding rocket defense system", however the more accurate title should have been "American hostages robbed of $205 Million, money delivered to kidnappers and terrorist accomplices". The former was the actual news-story title that was calculatingly published on Saturday in the US, you know, on the day that has the least attention paid to the news. That's because they didn't want any American really catching on to the theft and transfer of goods whilst it was fresh.

The story, Israel thanks US for funding rocket defense system details just how Israel's prime minister Bin-jammer Nutty-fake-jew, oops… I meant Benjamin Netanyahu, has thanked President Obama and the U.S. Congress for $205 million in aid to develop a new Israeli-made missile defence system. The aid was approved Friday the 15th of April, despite the fact that it was never even approved or voted on by any American taxpayer, making it a crime of embezzlement. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Saturday that the assistance reflects "America's unshakable commitment to Israel in critical times." Wrong scheissekopf, you see the term 'American' is not synonymous with the term government. Just because a thief has possession of your credit card doesn't mean they get to swipe payments on it in your name. No one except criminals or the mentally ill endorse genocide disguised as defence from attack, because usually no one is that stupid to buy a false premise built on a foundation of fallacious deception.

The article continued on to say, "Israel first used its Iron Dome defense system last week, shooting down eight rockets launched by Gaza militants toward Israeli cities. Experts say Iron Dome is the first system in the world capable of intercepting rudimentary rockets used by militants." Which worked out in the real world more like "If you build it they will come", by the way the Palestinians magically had the pre-cognition to know the Iron Dome system was coming, then wait, and finally launch a very timely salvo of eight rockets at it. How bloody convenient, for those Palestinians to wait until the whole system is set up and then graciously assist in the testing for the Israelis.

Mossad engineered Qassam missile, with tell-tale Hebrew writing
Hopefully footage was taken, so those American investors in Zionism can make sure they got their moneys worth. One also hopes the Israelis made sure they used munitions that didn't come direct from a children's missile signing, or have still have 'Made in Ramat Gan' manufacturing stamp plates on them. They might as well though, because that's where a number of those שווא הדגל (Hebrew for False Flag) missiles originate from. Israel's standard operating procedure has been to cross Lebanon's border or select a remote secluded spot, and set those bottle-rocket Qassam rockets on timers or remote launchers. Then have them aimed at virtually non-populated areas of Israel, fire away and blame Hamas or some other convenient Palestinian scapegoat before the smoke has even cleared. If there happen to be any Israeli casualties, then it's textbook false flag and just makes the propaganda so much easier to sell. Unfortunately for their machinations, the glorified missiles never seem to actually hit anyone or anything of importance. Thus frustrating the ability of the Israelis to somehow justify sniper murdering children or dumping white phosphorus upon Gaza once again. History and evidence illustrate that Israel and false flags go together like racism and Zionism, or flies and shit depending on which apt analogy you prefer.

$205 million dollars and what they US government was just threatening to shutdown due to budgetary "shortfalls" last week? Upwards of 25% US citizens unemployed with some facing starvation hardships, and this money expropriated to pay for a missile programme that Israel could pay for with pocket change? How is this in any way other than fucking outrageous? The worse thing about it is that the US government knew that this was back-dealing horseshit. Which is exactly why they covertly pulled it off on a Friday behind people's backs, and then quietly mentioned it to their propaganda mills for print on Saturday. Schools are closing, teachers laid-off, petrol and food at an all time high, illegal wars to the tune of trillions and dole millions for a nation that spies on you. Makes sense... as long as porno and beer is still available, and sports and fantasy is blaring on the telly then what's there to complain about eh?

Child abuse Israeli style. Infused with blind hatred,
Israeli children sign murder missiles headed for Palestine


  1. Hey HHQ I loved that you included the picture of the brainwashed signing the missiles.

    Amazing isn't it? If the Israelis really loved their kids, would they get them to participate in that type of activity?

    Would they encourage them?

    Perhaps they take class trips to do that all together as one massive brainwashing project.

    They are supposed to be so righteous, so democratic and so "chosen"

    Despite all the claims made by the Israelis and on their behalf, the actions such as in that picture, speak volumes of the true agenda of Israel, it's government and the brainwashed inhabitants

  2. Thanks Penny, no decent parent would ever subject their children to such sickness and it's the parents I'm levelling my gaze to when I see shite like that. The parents of those children are obviously mentally ill, Zionist extremists who want to inculcate those serial killer values into the next generation. It's scenes like these that Israel wants sanitised from public view, for it exposes their true soul. Funny, even though the Nazis had the Hitler Youth, I don't recall ever seeing them made to autograph bombs to kill people ( and if anyone twists that into some kind of endorsement for Nazis or Hitler Youth, they're an imbecile.)

  3. Hi HHQ,
    As Penny said, how sick are these A$$holes that think it's OK for kids to sign weapons that kill other kids..foul vile creatures.
    This iron dome farce is disgusting as it has been proven the catalyst for the gaza strafings that enabled the funding approval for their weirdo "defence" system that won't eve stop the kassam rockets that get fired into their own (israelis), in my opinion.
    I did a similar post here if you didn't see it.

    Another excellent post HHQ!
    Many Regards to You.
    Cheers A13

  4. Cheers good lady A13, I did check out your very informative post on the 11th of April. Your points prophetically salient and sound as always. I don't know how anyone can view this dirty transaction and a host of other wicked collusions between the US, UK and Israel and come away believing that Israel does not hold the tether round these nations and others' necks.

  5. Great post.

    Problem is, most have not seen these pop-gun styled "rockets". Yeah, bottle rocket maybe. Once you see these toys, you can only shake your head at the cognitive dissonance of what the Israeli headlines blare in regards to what precipitated their deadly response. It's bloody disgusting. Besides the fact that, as you say, I would think the majority, if not all, are not fired by palestinians.

    A made-up people fighting made-up wars to make a made-up country. Showing made-up pictures and telling made-up stories, and as always backed with heaps of made-up righteous indignation.

    A people could not be more full of shit.

  6. Thanks Slozo, you are absolutely spot on. Religious fraudsters with an imposter history, and "birthright" to a country that was outright stolen and used as a command centre by the Rothschilds. Then utilising espionage, strategic character/physical assassinations and extortion to advance their monstrous goals. Followed up by the offloading of horseshit public relations to propagate a phony victim persona. Everything Israel and the Zionists have ever obtained for themselves was secured through theft, deception, blackmail, spying, murder and genocide. That is their method of operations and the signature of as you stated "A people (who) could not be more full of shit."

    Cheers friend.

  7. I love, love, love this essay!

    If only we could get the word out to the Faux Snooze crowd.

    I choose you to make the signs for the marches.


  8. Thanks Suzan, glad it had an impact on you and you found the information of merit. As far as the Faux News crowd, they're walking about in a waking coma, whilst the psychotics in power coil about their very necks. Too cowardly to know, too arrogant to care.




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