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06 March, 2011

New Post at Suspicious Deaths - Moustapha Akkad

Greetings all, thought I'd do some very necessary posting at Suraci and my other site Suspicious Deaths which has been woefully neglected due to a number of very good reasons. In any regard, I've researched and composed a surprising report on the producer and director Moustapha Akkad of the "Halloween" film series fame. Have a read here: Suspicious Deaths - Moustapha Akkad and you'll find some very interesting information and a most intriguing story to be sure.

Cheers all.


  1. Hey HHQ, I read your whole Suspicious Deaths blog in one sitting a while ago. Educational, intriguing. Nice work, thanks.

  2. Wow, nicely done Anonymous, make sure you extend a hearty gratitude to Suraci. It was he who originated the site and invited me to participate and assist in running it.

    It takes concerted efforts to track down and research the stories of the prematurely demised individuals (read: murdered) at the site. Very glad you discovered it and found it of interest and value.

    Cheers friend.


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