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13 January, 2011

Why We Fight Back

Brought to you by the House of Rothschild, coming to a neighbourhood near you.
The sheer power of the lens. For those who distance themselves from the intensity and empathetic rage, the reality this image evokes, you are already dead upon two-legs. You traverse the Earth pulseless and whatever substance that pumps through your veins has long ago been supplanted by enemies who've seduced your conscience, perverted your soul. What happens to one of us, especially those who need us most, happens to all of us.

I discovered this absolutely heart-wrenching, haunting and angering image whilst mucking about in the internet on research reconnaissance. Unfortunately in my haste, I didn't preserve the context or details of this image, which reveals its profound effect on me. For me it sums up exactly why we fight back, hopefully it does for you as well.

Victory over adversarial evil begins with the harnessing and unification over one's own power to change the circumstances over which they are victimised. Each single one of us represents a measure of force that when combined is an insurmountable force capable of achieving the seemingly impossible. You just have to want it, plan, and commit to its manifestation. It's not alchemy or some arcane science it is the inherent power of your humanity and will to transcend that which enslaves, or seeks to kill or control you.


  1. HHQ, i saw the same picture somewhere the last day or two. haunting. if i remember where i will let you know.

  2. found it: aangirfan

  3. Much obliged A.P. and apologies to Aangirfan for forgetting it was your site that I was compelled to appropriate the image from. Unfortunately, I was unable to track down online, the backstory to the picture, other than it was taken by photographer Tom Stoddart during the US, UK, France, Belgium, Israel, orchestrated genocide in Rwanda.

  4. You forgot Canada. Canada had a hand in that one.
    It may have been minor, but as in Haiti, the hand of Canada is the hand of a dirty dealer

  5. Yes, absolutely Penny, nicely done as always. There were a number of other aiding and abetting nations who profited quite nicely from the open genocide, just as in Croatia-Serbia. If Eugenocide of such magnitude can occur in such a relatively small period of time, the masses should worry at just how organised this death machine has become. Our greatest power now to avert repeats of these operations, is to defuse them well before they get started. This can be done through vigilance, well-coordinated information dissemination and the early capture exposure and capture of the agents provocateurs and other false-flag operatives.

    Apparently, just this level of vigilance has transpired in Tunisia, as German, Swedish and French western destabilisation and terror mercenaries were routed and arrested this weekend. They were caught with wigs, disguises, ammunition and weapon caches. There's video footage of some of it here: Detention of the Group of Foreigners in Tunisia

    Shades of the SAS terrorist operatives caught in Basra, Iraq in 2005, to be sure.


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