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31 January, 2011

The Psychopathology of Celebrity Worship

Ahhh… the lure and trap of celebrity, with it's empty promise to satiate the insatiable. The deceptive cure-all for everything, from poverty, to deep-seated insecurities and personal attention deficits. The in-club that always sells more memberships that it can bear, but always has room for those to queue up, fawn unquestionably and buy celebrity endorsed rubbish. When I was young I never understood this phenomenon and always thought celebrities as nothing more than grossly overpaid pompous shits. Cretins propped upon godlike pedestals to be worshipped as the golden calves of our age. Set above the law and clearly apart from the mundane common man, this type of repellent personality is something I've always found abhorrent and disgusting.

That being said, I've stumbled upon another brilliant documentary entitled 'Starsuckers' that investigates this industry on many different levels. It explores and defines society's programmed deification of celebrities, the manufactured psychopathological need to follow and emulate them as well. It delves into the empowerment of these preening narcissists politically to advance state agendas. In short it is a powerful film exposé on the techniques of mass mind subversion and conditioning. Exploiting humanity's inherent predisposition to follow and emulate the successful or avail themselves to the proximity of individuals whom exude these traits. How they explicitly target the young to indoctrinate them to become complicit consumer drones following glamourised pied pipers. News is now 'advertainment' sanitised of anything that threatens to provoke independent thinking and jeopardise status quo, and at it's core it's direct spoon-fed propaganda. 

It is profoundly disturbing in its implications and predatory cunning. I think viewers will be especially be awestruck at the documentary's exposure of the Live 8 scam in the last video segment. Bob Geldorf is a right cunt, a soul-abandoned shamble of a predatory perpetrator. I truly hope he's one day struck down by a solid frozen load of shit/piss amalgamate straight fallen from the loo tank of an airliner cruising at 51,000 km.

So, give it a go, invest a small bit of time and feel free to chat up your take on it here if so inclined.

Starsuckers in it's entirety can be viewed here: STARSUCKERS

Cheers to Slozo and Penny for alerting me to the links that were suddenly taken down.


  1. Sounds like a must watch! Does Bono figure large in that one? I guess I will find out.
    Do you recall the scandal some time ago that much of the live-aid money was wasted/missing/squandered or something like that.
    I am going to see if I can find a link
    of course Geldof denied it. BBC apologized.
    But, this is typical of, so called, 'charitable fundraising'.
    Especially foreign "fundraising"
    Look at Haiti, all the money that was raised..
    Where is it?

  2. Plundered outright Penny, it wasn't just taking a piss at besieged African's expense. Eugenocidal strategies were employed to ensure the food and resources that did make it was conveniently stolen, sabotaged, left to rot or sold on the black market with ZERO international military protections. Live Aid and its sick joke sequel Live 8, were calculated rip-offs and entertainment marketing ploys. Blow the dust off of a bunch of irrelevant geezers, trot them out on stage and watch the CD sales go through the roof.

    I don't trust any of these high-profile charities whatsoever and never give them shite. Instead I prefer to donate directly to causes which definitively make a difference, or provide resource donations directly to those who need it. That way some cunning, middle-predator never makes a six-digit, salaried career, off the blood and misery of men, women and children. Fuck the lot of these so-called charities, who are allowed to fester and prosper simply because they fulfil a covert role in ensuring the state policy of attrition of the poor peoples of the world. It's poverty by design, implementing any and all means to achieve their strategic agenda of world control and enslavement.

    The peoples of Tunisia and Egypt have declared enough and are going about to see their freedoms secured. When do we all reach this point in the west?

  3. I finished the third installment, and had to go to bed a few nights ago, and thought I would finish it off tonight. It had looked promising, and I was looking forward to it.

    They are all pulled now, unfortunately.

    "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by The Works International." is what it now proclaims . . .

    . . . curious, that.

    If you can find another link to it somewhere, would love to see it, HHQ. Keep those videos coming, they have all been rippers so far.

  4. HHQ:
    your links are dead. The video is gone due to copyright infringement.

    The first part is here

    I don't know about the rest.

  5. Penny and Slozo, you're back in from intermission, I've sorted it all out and sourced a proper link in which the film can now be viewed in its entirety. Cheers to you both for alerting me to those links that were summarily taken down. Where there's a will, there's always a way.

  6. Finished it off now, thanks so much for the second link, much appreciated.

    Confirms and reiterates what I always suspected about the whole Live Aid thing.

    Dia Evil.

  7. Glad to assist as always. Dia Evil... absolutely my friend, without question, nice catch.

    Cheers on that.


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