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17 January, 2011

The Insidious Mechanics of Planned Obsolescence

Just ran across this brilliant documentary entitled Pyramids of Waste which you can view here: 

It describes in rage inciting detail, exactly how the consumer markets have been rigged through calculated and engineered finite life cycles built into each and every product. It's not necessarily so, that the enslaved of China and Asia build absolute rubbish products for exclusive Western markets. It's that these Asian factories are contracted through proxy by the respective home corporations to build them exactly that way. You see, the corporate predator mentality matches the marketing mindset of a drug dealer. The idea is to make the product attractive and pervade the environment with illustrative delusions of how their product can make life better. The product is indispensable and the endorsement of the clientele will reflect that reality with living testimonials. However, the bitter truth in both cases, is to hook the ignorant on their shite products. Then through monopolisation of the market, bleed that customer through repeat business. Once the victim is drained and reaches the end of their pre-directed life-cycle, they are discarded, and a new, well-trained replacement is secured. One well mind-saturated with adverts and seductive ploys to buy, buy, reproduce (just once) and die. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Am I above all this? No, much like you, I wage a constant, concerted and persistent fight against this form of economic warfare. Knowledge is key in making this struggle easier, as is learning to live simpler as the rest of the suffering world does. What also makes this battle progressively acquiescent quite simply, is this film. Which clearly delineates the vampiric minds involved in setting up a system that deliberately produces products destined for fast track straight to the dustbin. Then these same rapacious bastards have the stupidity to actually believe that the same conned customer-base and their friends will return to buy yet another produced by them.

We have the means within our very hands to turn this about in short order. Very simply we need to return to developing the skills to produce needed top shelf goods at a very smart price. The internet is the common marketplace and all we have to do is host websites that advertise these products with consumer reviews of the associated products. If the 52" plasma telly is implanted with a fall-apart life span, then fuck it straight off. Instead, if you need one, purchase a reasonably sized model that has been rebuilt by a dedicated professional that will last for generations. 

Why do we put up with this and accept it as a normal, fair exchange at all? It's straight mental for fuck's sake, and intolerably unacceptable. The system is geared and ready for a conga line of suckers all queuing up to dispense money for well advertised, shiny rubbish. Most of which has been engineered to make spying and gathering intelligence on you easier and permission-free. After all we've been indoctrinated to accept this as status quo, and those most roused to this will never depart its control. Mindless material acquisition and possession does just that, it possesses one to accept false value. It's a psychopathological addiction that has married one's personal value and happiness to synthesised material objects. One that now defines who that individual is and then alters their life to accommodate it.

Don't get me wrong, people everywhere should have the ability to acquire things in their life that enhance its enjoyment how they see fit. However when this becomes an obsession, the identity is sublimated and what is of true and real worth is diminished significantly. Live with what you truly need and eliminate wants, for if you distill that want to its essence it will summarily evaporate. These purveyors of the infernal light view us all as cheap commodities, and nothing more than expendable livestock. If we let them, and accept this, they'll build planned obsolescence into us all and our futures as well. There is no merit in being a perpetual sucker in a corporatised system of voluntary servitude and monopolised, corralled consumption. A slave knows no tomorrows and has a their destiny an ignominious death the weight less than a feather.

View this video, see for yourself and pass it along to others if you find it of value.


  1. Hi HHQ.
    Being financially poor,i have bought old second hand material goods like a 15 yr old TV for $50(now had it for 6 years no probs) and it works fine with a cheap set top box. Also my stereo is the one i got for my 21st birthday and it's still pumping (it is 21 years old) my old Saab is 19 years old and still howling. point is, if we maintain these things they will last. If we are not persuaded by peer pressure or advertising wank to upgrade (to impress or fit it) we need to RElearn skills to fix things and maintain things, like the old car, it is mostly mechanical and doesn't reqire specialized diagnostic crap to see what's wrong.
    Planned obsolesence is for those with too much money and not enough brains to see what is happening.
    We try not to buy Made in China based on conscience, so we end up buying old or 2nd/3rd hand goods and tring to fix/ restore them.
    By the way, how is Suraci?? i've tried to get on to his blog and it says Blog not found??? Hope he is OK and hasn't given up on us.
    Cheers A13

  2. Nicely done A13, exactly the point, Cuba has been able to this with cars very long in the tooth, but as reliable as clockwork. What auto parts that are no longer available via manufacturer, they have industrial fabricators able to produce brand new parts based from the specs of an old one. This creates a consumer-controlled self-sustaining system that drives every corporate thief and banking scum into fits of rage and despair. The more we rely on one another and less on them makes these robber baron corporations obsolete and that is my idea of planned obsolescence.

    I heard from Suraci via email and he's doing fine and just taking a brief respite from the battlefield. Good on him, as he's a dedicated and skilled truth journalist, who's put in many hours work and research, to bring out the realities of life kept obfuscated.

  3. Amazing documentary, I found the translation for the non-English bits as well and it was worth the look. Thanks so much . . . a real eye-opener for someone whose eyes were already pretty open.

    Made me think long and deep on the way the whole system is set up, and how things would truly fall apart for almost all of us if we actually didn't follow it. Of course, it's planned that way.

    And A13 . . . it's not "MADE IN CHINA". It's "Made by third world labour HIRED AND DIRECTED BY A MULTINATIONAL CORPORATION that wants to make the biggest profit from you, the consumer, and any ill effect from the corporation's indifference to quality, health or safety is TOUGH SHIT!"

    Why do you think they push so hard to ensure it says "made in China" . . . its propaganda, meant to displace any blame for their utter indifference to the consumer! Remember those lead toys from China supposedly? I did the research . . . the stores that sold the products were all american; the distributors from places like New Jersey; the middle men, and actual producers all american.

    How anyone can consider a thing "made in China" when a peasant, uneducated labourer is doing as they are told in a production line is a joke.

    It's all USA corporation designed, USA corporation funded, and USA corporation responsible. And if it isn't USA, it's Brit or Deutsch.

    Please do not shovel corporate responsibility onto the shoulders of the poor workers of a nation across the world.

  4. Nicely stated Slozo and I'm glad you found the clip of meaningful value. The wretched, filthy system we are struggling against is compliance driven. The sooner the masses wake up to this, the sooner we all extricate ourselves from their control. However, very few are willing to face the inconvenience or rise to the level of discipline it will take to get there.

  5. HI Slozo,
    Thanks for the info on "made in China"
    i understand that these are "Made by third world labour HIRED AND DIRECTED BY A MULTINATIONAL CORPORATION that wants to make the biggest profit from you, the consumer, and any ill effect from the corporation's indifference to quality, health or safety is TOUGH SHIT!"

    i'm sorry if i offended.
    i'm trying not to support or endorse these practices.
    cheers A13


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