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01 January, 2011

Aussie Police Task Force Unearths Global Paedophile Network

Here's an utterly repellant news story on how an Australian Police task force unearthed an international global Paedophile network. Strange however is despite the international implications this story only surfaced in Australia's Herald Sun and The Age newspapers. Can't suss out why that could possibly be. 

Obviously this is great news, however like anything else there is always more to it lying below the surface. Especially this part: "Investigative leads in Australia were sent to authorities in the US and Britain, which unearthed a network of parents who abused their own children and shared images of the assaults via the internet." 

You see what is not common knowledge is how protected these operations are and much like the popular American TV show "To Catch a Predator", they only target and arrest the small-time scum. The larger players in much larger sanctioned and networked operations rarely get exposed. They escape justice through legal obfuscations and high-level law-enforcement interceptions and contrivance. Case after case particularly in the US, has displayed judicial derailment and a re-violation of the victims in the courtroom. Evidence of a larger conspiracy or evidence of satanic activity is suppressed and sanitised. Then the game is rounded out with sabotage from False Memory Foundation CIA assets to ensure victims are ridiculed and their testimonies are dismissed. 

For the people and victims whose lives have been callously destroyed through legal impedance, they have been run straight into a corner. Left with no other means to punish the guilty they are left with the only available means at their disposal… to effect that punishment on the wicked themselves as did the heroic Drasius Kedys. The truth, which is as ugly as are these acts, is that the masses now know this as fact. Good on the legal system for choosing to protect utter shit at the expense of dispensing proper and swift justice which should be the death penalty for these sick offences. The moment a twisted bastard lays his or her hands upon a child, is the moment he or she gives up their right to suck air and share a planet with humans.

The story from the Herald Sun is below:

Australian Police Action Unearths Global Pedophile Ring

AN Australian investigation has unearthed an international network of pedophile parents who abuse their own children and share images of the assaults.

The operation by Queensland police, Task Force Argos, has led to the break-up of the major international pedophile ring of parents, with arrests in the US and Britain.

The breakthrough came when officers from Task Force Argos, a team of police targeting online predators, intercepted an email sent to a known Australian sex offender containing pornographic photos of children.

Investigative leads in Australia were sent to authorities in the US and Britain, which unearthed a network of parents who abused their own children and shared images of the assaults via the internet.

"All children have an absolute right to grow up free from the fear of sexual abuse and exploitation, and especially from those they trust," Brian Moskowitz, a special agent with America's Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, said after two US arrests.

The Australian information led British authorities to arrest the operator of an "open naturist" website open only to parents who abused their children.

The UK website operator and his wife allegedly abused their young son and daughter, filmed the assaults and distributed the images to other pedophiles.

A forensic examination of the couple's computers recovered "chat logs" that led US authorities this week to two fathers who resided in Texas and Michigan.

The men allegedly held Skype internet video sessions with each other and during the sessions abused their children.

On Monday when US authorities executed a search warrant on the Texas man's home, police say he admitted to assaulting his son just hours earlier during a Skype session with the Michigan man.

The Michigan man, a father of three boys, was arrested on Tuesday.
"Sadly, today's technology in the hands of a predator with access to children has put our children at greater risk than ever before," Mr Moskowitz said.


Below is a Lithuanian video clip with English subtitles of Drasius Kedys 5 year-old daughter describing her assault at the hand of the paedophiliac shitbanks who assaulted her. WARNING! Graphic and disturbing account that will suitably enrage you. If this was in US the CIA asset False Memory Syndrome Foundation would attack her account and paint her as a liar. 

D. Kedžio dukters pasakojimas from on Vimeo.


  1. HHQ:

    I can't watch that video, saw a few minutes and that was it for me.

    It is beyond what a normal decent person can take.

    It is too depraved.

  2. I totally understand 100%, it was a very harsh and difficult view for myself. The only reason I posted it with the disclaimer is to make this crime real to people who often distance themselves from it. Also, I wanted to put a face to display just whom the CIA-Asset front group the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) love to attack, ridicule and denigrate, in their zeal to protect paedo operations. This horrific shit will never stop until people of good and righteous conscience rise up to make it stop and punish the guilty with extreme prejudice.

  3. Two things I did note
    The girls consistency in what she said.
    The fact that she is just a small child is so obvious in her mannerisms, her sort of prancing about...the innocence of it all
    I do wonder at what the hell kind of mother she has???

  4. The same mother and fathers in that sick Aussie child pornography ring. I just heard today that in Japan there is a disgusting practise called Enjo Kōsai, which translates to "Compensated Dating". Where older Japanese men (read: paedophiles) pay girls ages 12-16 for companionship which more often than not incorporates sexual acts. The underage girls either prostitute themselves for material designer goods, or their parents do. This depraved trend has also spread to other Asian nations such as Taiwan, South Korea and Taiwan.

  5. HI,
    I have saved this article for future reference and will share this one here.

    There is so much of this happening. Look at the associated stories. This child was in STATE CARE when this occured. DISPICABLE satanic beasts.
    Keep up the good fight. A13

  6. HHQ! Its been a while! Byrd, from CC, and TIU ;) Ive often wondered what you were up to these days... Im glad I came across this and the mysterious deaths blogs. You also had such great information, and I missed it. Good to see youre still alive n kickin!
    Peace for now- Byrd.

  7. Byrd! Thanks and good to hear from you mate, glad to see all is well with you as well. Welcome to the blog(s) your comments are well-needed and as I recall were always quite insightful and spot-on.

    Cheers friend.



  10. Thanks for the link Anonymous, the website you apprised me of is a very good resource for anyone interested in keeping up on the Drasius Kedys case as well as the cases and evidence of organised paedophilia throughout Europe. I've made it a click-on link here: Droit Fondamental for ease of use to the readers, and here is the specific link you provided: Drasius Kedys: censor on political murder and here: PETITION FOR THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION ABOUT PAEDOPHILE CRIMINALITY IN LITHUANIA

    Cheers and respect.

    Merci pour le lien anonyme, le site Web vous m'avez informé que de est une ressource très bonne pour n'importe qui intéressée à continuer sur le cas de Drasius Kedys aussi bien que les cas et aux preuves de la pédophilie organisée. Je lui ai fait a clic-sur le lien ici : Droit Fondamental pour la facilité d'utilisation aux lecteurs, et voici le lien spécifique que vous avez fourni : Drasius Kedys: censor on political murder et ici aussi bien: PETITION FOR THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION ABOUT PAEDOPHILE CRIMINALITY IN LITHUANIA

    Acclamations et respect.


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