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03 December, 2010

Secret Weapons for Quiet Wars

Rothschild caricature by Charles Léandre 1898

We as individuals and as the masses, possess within our personal arsenals a powerful secret weapon. It is however double-edged and most times given away and then used against us. It's mightiest power however is when is kept in its sheath, or just not wrested from our grip. That weapon I'm sure you're all are sparked to know… is Compliance.

For some it is like a commodity to be readily traded or willingly acquiesced to any and all who demand, which is exactly how slaves are born, used, and summarily discarded. We are bred by cowards and indoctrinated to serve specific roles central to the function of the machine that propels and expands the empire of evil. If we are lucky we break the cycle through the inspiration of extraordinary individuals, some of whom you see listed at this blog. Or we make the break because we can't take any more and life becomes so desperate that action is demanded, when the spirit of defiance reaches critical mass. Desperate times require responses that rise to the level of the pressure that threatens to enslave. Then it becomes proper survival and self-preservation, it becomes defence of loved ones and the propagation of the people. Driven by will, fuelled by rage, kept full on course by steeled determination and the need for victory. This is what determines the outcome of war, who wants victory more and their will to have it no matter the cost, no matter the sacrifice. Need and example, look at Viet Nam, Somalia, and in smaller ways, Romania settling accounts with Ceauşescu.

The predator scum who slither about in pursuit of business that drips with blood, agony and the cries of the innocent are operating at full tilt and in near plain sight to all who bother to look. The freedoms that we knew have shrunk to the size of hope we have of a saviour to come a remedy a dark and dire situation. We are being pushed, surveilled, herded, harassed, setup, plundered and exploited mercilessly; harried and killed incrementally. What does that leave those trapped in a cold war fast heating up? The means to use what you've got to secure what you need and the opportunity in which to do it.

This December 7th, a scant five days away, a powerful event is being quietly promoted, organised and circulated through the citizenry of Europe. It concerns a similar event organised in the U.S. earlier which failed due to apathy, ambivalence and lack of advertising. It calls on everyone who has bank accounts to withdraw all of their money at once from these thieving houses for the red shields (Rothschilds). For once the target has been correctly identified with no convenient distractions or generalised suspects such as the Illuminati, Jesuits, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Alien greys, or shape-changing reptillians. No just flesh and blood, ordinary criminal scum who hide in shadows and names are whispered. The failed American idea was resurrected in France and is now spreading to Ireland, Greece, the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and beyond. Any mention of it will be avoided and sanitised from the mass media so don't hold your breath waiting to hear of it from you local propaganda venues. You will also not here one word of it's success, but will see it's absolute effect revealed in the stock markets, no matter how they manipulate it in vain. It will drive a dagger straight into the heart of Hell without a shot being fired. Absolute effect committed through peaceful means that send a message louder and more devastating than an atomic bomb.

People are now correctly identifying the source of their torment and protracted pain. The cowardly puppet-masters who use money like a thug uses a knife in an alley. Their grand Ponzi scheme is being exposed widely as the greatest single confidence game and swindle the world has ever known. This is their Achille's heel and they bloody well know it and have done everything in their power to keep this knowledge a secret. Well, the cat has departed the bag and on December 7th a day that will "live in infamy" for them will be realised. The chancre bankers of course will plan for this and enact contingencies such as limits to the money that can be withdrawn on that day. The simple work-about will of course be to withdraw 1,000 to 2,000 Euros every week and purchase physical gold and silver assets. Don't worry your assets are about as safe with you as in a bank being leveraged to their wealth and interest. It's actually safer as those who believe their money is safely insured by the FDIC in the U.S. and by the central banking houses will be in for a rude awakening. As the FDIC as reported by Bloomberg is going broke to the tune of negative 21 Billion dollars as of a banking profile in February of this year. They are already robbing the taxpayer's by tapping into a $500 Billion credit agreement and banking institutions are failing, with problem banks standing 860 and rising. To date in the U.S. over 149 banks have failed to the cumulative amount of $93.7 Billion dollars that the FDIC will not be getting revenue support from. What does that mean? It means that when there's a massive economic collapse, whether organic or engineered, and the average American citizen goes to get their money, all they will get is literal promissory notes which they can cash straight in rubbish bins.

The official site for the European bank run is here: Bank Run

So remember, remember the 7th of December, and withdraw an amount that the Rothschilds must subtract in sorrow from their count.


  1. "People are now correctly identifying the source of their torment and protracted pain. The cowardly puppet-masters who use money like a thug uses a knife in an alley. Their grand Ponzi scheme is being exposed widely as the greatest single confidence game and swindle the world has ever known."

    goodness, I wish I could write so well!

    according to this site
    8 more banks closed this Friday, but, if you check the FDIC site, It looks as if they have not updated bank closing in 2 weeks.

    how long can they hide the obvious?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The answer is, they can't they're just playing games to postpone the inevitable. It's the old MSM stunt of "If we didn't report it, it never happened". It is absolutely not in the FDIC's interest to keep the listed bank collapses current, especially because each bank that goes under represents a loss of capital into their coffers.

    Thanks for the writing accolade, but I and others know that YOU indeed write very well. Inspirational to say the least, and among the best of role models for the other budding lady warriors in the trenches.


  4. You really think that the Masters of the Universe are just "playing games" to stave off the inevitable? Really?

    I certainly don't know about that one, HHQ . . . it's reported widely enough, covered by every single one of their disinformation unitsoperating at places like Huff Post and the Daly show. The set up of the system to fail is key, for me . . . they are not stupid (otherwise they would have lost control of us - they have not), and they know the system will soon implode, and frankly make no great pains to hide it really.

    I believe it is all part of their plan. It makes sense from a control standpoint, because any collapse allows further consolidation - buying up of huge amounts of assets at very low prices. It makes sense from a disempowering standpoint, because the masses will take the fall for a Wall Street hit - higher prices for food, crazy gas/oil prices (wait until the war right after!), loss of jobs, etc. Tonnes of people out there that, in the end, will be looking to be saved.

    And when the economy picks up a tiny bit again, and that homeless guy is allowed to work for one of the few enormous corporations left in the world for a pittance - boy, will he be eternally grateful.

    And lastly, the economic disaster will most likely be used as final impetus to instill a no more cash money system, full of security measures meant to protect you, of course (see: swindle you, watch you, have you under their thumb).

    So honestly, I really like your writing, love the research you have done HHQ . . . don't get me wrong. But I fail to see where all this optimism comes from, considering that history almost always dictates future events.

  5. Slozo, of course it is of the best prudence to expect that things will roll their damned course to an inevitable conclusion. I'm human and though I don't expect much by my fellow earthlings, eventually things must break down to entropy. As I stated in the post, it all pretty much boils down to compliance and how our acquiescence to these bastards only assists in our enslavement. I don't however believe that all will go gracefully into the darkest of nights. There will be war in short order, of this I am convinced. But again, only time and our actions will bear out the course. If I believed otherwise the efforts of myself and others providing elucidation on the realities of this madness would be for naught.


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