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30 December, 2010

The Devil's Call Box

In the course of criminal research and investigation, its twists and turns takes you to, and through, many different avenues whilst in your quest for evidence and the core truth. You sift through many sources with an open mind and well-trained eyes, paying strict attention to details that can either be overlooked or missed in haste. I suss out every viable source and lead no matter who and where the source, if there's merit to it and it cross-corroborates to other verified information, facts and evidence.

That being said, during some of my normal sleuthing forays, I discovered this video on satanic ritualism by David Icke. Before you readily dismiss it I need to ask that you instead keep the baby playing happily about in the bath water this time. There are a good many lot of researchers running all about now, and high-profile personalities, with some sincere and dedicated, and others running full divisive agendas or state-sponsored disinformation campaigns. So there is a lot to scrutinise and vet out to gather good information from possibly questionable or contaminated sources. In my opinion, this particular video clip featuring an interview with David Icke on the practises of inner-circle satanism, is probably the best breakdown of it I've heard outside of information and points I've collected and articulated on the matter myself. I meant that with all due humility, as examinations of this criminal enterprise at its core, are often superficial and wanting, often leaving more questions than answers. This video however, provides good context and a concise, but thorough consolidation of the information from a perspective that few have entertained, but many have pondered. But I'll let you be the judge however and share your own evaluations and information on the subject and clip. Don't get me wrong, when Icke wanders off into the land of reptilloid shape-shifters he's absolutely fuck all mental, and working to the service of sabotaging and ridiculing the work we all do. However, every once in a while he must add fundamental truths to his well water to masque the subtle flavour of poison.

Satanism in the real world and lurking about in the underbelly of this world, is not what is presented through the mass media. It has to do with the channelling of evil that can best be explained as Icke explained. That every day radio waves, cellular data and WiFi are all around us and running through us invisibly, yet if you have the proper device to 'tune in the frequency' you can manifest a physically tangible medium. It is much the same in satanism, or the diabolical force that exists parallel to the known world we exist in. There are some human monsters infesting our world dedicated to evil and trained in the nefarious occult mysteries of tuning into that frequency and actually bringing forth demonic entities. These entities thrive in the raucous vibrations of unchecked evil that our planet is fast degenerating into. Death, lurid sex, murder, defilement and mocking of innocence, and pain as entertainment on a stage grown global via the internet. The wicked force that was once shrinking in the shadows, now hears the orchestra queuing up its theme song and soundtrack with an audience that clamours like seals awaiting fish. Run up to frenzy by a chorus line of (s)elected, tarted-up cheerleaders and foul priests for the beast.

I can tell you from personal experience that evil is real and palpable to those sensitive enough to discern it.  Animals are distinctly aware of it, as their instincts have not been bred out of them as in the case of their two-legged brethren and sistren. Once you've felt and experienced evil's presence you know it ever after. It is not urban legend, and it's not fucking Scooby Doo or Ghostbusters, for if it was so ineffectual and produced zero results, then why would the assumed "elite" roll all through it like a dog on a rotting carcass? Why would they dedicate so much time into changing this planet to their hellish vision and dedicate so many resources into its existence? You and I may not believe in a physical devil, but they've got some version of it in their address book that can be called up to party, but never leaves empty-handed. The payment is always some defilement, some wantonly sadistic and destructive dedication that's actually a two-fold win as all the participants must sink to this level.

Diabolical evil is known by many different names but the practises in the worship of demonic wickedness is remarkably the same no matter race or culture. It's always about the blood, the defilement and destruction on an innocent, the primal terrorism, and cruel mocking murder, followed by ingestions of their victims remains or life's fluids. Languages may have been borne out of the fall of Babel's tower but these horrid little operations have stayed faithful and consistent, always with the promise and gift of power or material benefit. There is a legacy to this and a history as long as there has been festering corruption and conspiratorial evil.

Satanic cults work much like Freemasonry which of course is a closed-rank cult after all. You have people who fancy arcane, occult knowledge, who gravitate close to its proximity and onto the radar of cult members ever-scouting for recruits to fill the bottom ranks. What they promise in return for obedience, loyalty and hands willing to get dirty is entry into a secret network that provides physical, material benefits to its rank and file. You've just joined a gang or an army and you're now a soldier in ranks. Membership in this does have it's benefits and units, divisions, and theatres of war. Depending on your place in the hierarchy your rewards could be that corporate position you've always desired, political office, sex on-call, drugs on-call, cars, jewellery, money, power, property, and the like. Whatever the appetite they have a flavour to entice those weak to its influence as long as you know your place and rank. You get what you desire as long as you remain a functioning loyal cog in their machine, and maybe someday you can get to meet the president's wife. Or if you're an exceptionally right nasty, but useful bastard, you can buff the knob of one of the wizards behind the curtain with the Red Shield emblazoned upon it.

The entire operation is shielded and protected from on high unless you're a Marc Dutroux, a Henry Lee Lucas or other usefully expendable little fish. Some times you do the time, protect your masters with silence and you live out your life fat and in comfort. Maybe you are even covertly released from prison, or have your execution conveniently staged? After all who's going to check? Who's going to be granted access to you. You're protected as long as you keep your mouth shut and the operations are compartmentalised if you don't, though you'll succumb to kidney failure, cancer or an inmate's shank long before there's any trial or investigation. Depending on your material ambitions you can be a Dick Cheney or Michael Aquino, or you can be a Charles Manson or a David Berkowitz.

Anyway, check out the Icke clip and always keep a sharp, open mind. Assess and sort out what is of true corroborative value, then chuck out the useless chaff and you may find a few gold nuggets amongst the detritus.


  1. Wishing you well for the New Year, HHQ!

  2. Best of fortunes to you as well Penny!

    Cheers and a raised glass.

  3. very good video HHQ. it seems that some of the conflicts in the world have to do with control over these spots on the earth. i'm thinking of the Preah Vihear temple on the border between Cambodia and Thailand for example. i did a post on that a ways back and found this interesting site describing these 'great circles' around the earth, comprised of these various landmarks. pentagrams too.

    also, Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks AP I'm glad you provided your stamp of approval on its merits, I truly hope it convinces others to watch it as well. There's a lot of good information in there that answer persistent questions regarding this type of criminal madness.

  5. Hiya HHQ, it's funny but I had always dismissed Icke as a 'loon'. Then I was working with this younger man, who said, "Oh come on, you have an open mind, listen to him!". So, me of course having an open mind, did. While I do dismiss some of his more 'way out there' notions, I think he certainly has something to offer in the road to deprogramming oneself from the myriad of lies we are constantly bombarded by.

    I haven't a problem thinking in terms of energy, which of course can be neither created or destroyed, merely transformed (very buddhist). I recall reading at 12 'The Tao of Physics' and I must say it changed my world view and still influences me to this day. The opening paragraph described what I has seen since being a small child, I was awe struck that I was not alone in this view.

    I just watched the video at Penny's about the consumerisation of our children. To me, this is all the same sort of thing - manipulation of the thought processes, the destruction of the ability to imagine and exercise critical thought.

    Boy, it's overwhelming. It's an assault on all fronts. Thank goodness I am done with having kids. Thank goodness my own parents encouraged me to always question everything, to use my imagination and to be wary of those selling 'solutions' and 'truths'.


    "Five years ago, I had a beautiful experience which set me on a road that has led to the writing of this book. I was sitting by the ocean one late summer afternoon, watching the waves rolling in and feeling the rhythm of my breathing, when I suddenly became aware of my whole environment as being engaged in a gigantic cosmic dance. Being a physicist, I knew that the sand, rocks, water, and air around me were made of vibrating molecules and atoms, and that these consisted of particles which interacted with one another by creating and destroying other particles. I knew also that the earth's atmosphere was continually bombarded by showers of "cosmic rays," particles of high energy undergoing multiple collisions as they penetrated the air. All this was familiar to me from my research in high-energy physics, but until that moment I had only experienced it through graphs, diagrams, and mathematical theories. As I sat on that beach my former experiences came to life; I "saw" cascades of energy coming down from outer space, in which particles were created and destroyed in rhythmic pulses; I "saw" the atoms of the elements and those of my body participating in this cosmic dance of energy; I felt its rhythm and I "heard" its sound, and at that moment I knew that this was the Dance of Shiva, the Lord of Dancers worshiped by the Hindus"

  6. Greetings Buffy, it is indeed a war on all fronts to obstruct us from the true power which is our birthright. Our connection to that which is beyond ourselves is not some abstraction it is real. The essence of that realisation lies in the Tao which seeks to establish that universal harmonious balance and our place within it. Satanoids don't respect anything because that open blasphemous defiance is part of the affront to the natural order which they seek to destroy and insert themselves as the equal of. This universal power is masterless and ageless and to channel its force, is to be one with it, as you were on the beach that day. Monks and spiritual students dedicate their whole lives towards this harmonisation in addition to the sublimation and control of their lower, base senses. Satanoids practise the exact opposite, towards goals of material reward through the exaltation of evil and desecration of good.

  7. Hey HHQ, first off thanks for your thoughtful reply to my rather disjointed post!

    I just wanted to clarify that I didn't write the excerpt placed after my sig. That was the opening paragraph to Capra's Tao of Physics, which inspired me so much, from childhood throughout my own life experiences. He just wrote it so eloquantly I had to quote it. My own experience was actually in my backyard, laying in the sun and feeling the 'buzz' of life and the universe all around me, above, below and through me. It was astounding and still sends shivers down my spine. I recall that moment often, when meditating, when pondering existential thoughts, when simply enjoying what life offers me. I think of it when I get frustrated at the world, it helps to center me.

    I should really re-read Capra's work, as now I surely would find the physics far easier to understand than when I was 12. (Gotta say though, it did help develop my love of science and respect for mathematics as a pursuit).

    Cheers and happy arbitraty new years! ;)


  8. No worries Buffy, all worked out fine and the intent of your message, well intact.

    Have a brilliant New Year, and best of universal harmony to you.

  9. Well, it's yet another classic case of a disinfo agent - someone we absolutely cannot trust one iota - giving us some truth perhaps, mixed with some stuff that sounds right to us but has no proof of existence, mixed with disinfo.

    David Icke, like most of these agents (or potentially mind controlled puppets), served in the army (RAF). He also worked for the BBC as an anchorman/reporter/actor reading lines. He did this for a few years.

    He then became involved politically with the Green Party, rising to some acclaim and appearing on talk shows and debates.

    Icke himself then states that at that time, he felt a presence always with him, and a voice told him to read some book on channelling. Then he met the author of that book (Betty Shine) and later came up with the fact that he was . . . the son of god. To top it off, he continually wore turquoise track suits, the colour was the best for positive energy, don't you know.

    During that time, he made "friends" with another woman (while married with kids) and had her move in with them at one point, and she later bore his child. His answer to reporters on the relationship? "If you resonate on this higher level then you see not two ladies, but two bodies with energy patterns".


    He then became a channel for the Christ spirit, predicted the end of the world in 1997 with several disasters, and in the interview where he declared this instantly became a laughing stock.

    Later, Icke came to where he is today . . . he talks of 9/11 truth, of the illuminati and their control devices, etc etc - in short, most of what people who are awake agree with. ECEPT for, the . . . reptillian aliens who interbreed with us and control us. That part is not so much believed.

    Are we that desperate that we should believe a person like this, HHQ? Seriously? How would you be able to seperate the fact from the fiction? Do we need a guy like Icke to tell us about 9/11, satanism and the ruling global elite families?

    IMHO, Icke is a creation by the PTB for two reasons: predictive programming, and ridiculing the truths that people like us talk about by mixing in batshit crazy talk.

    After much research and reading on him and his writings, I now avoid him.

  10. Slozo, while I understand and agree with your contention, I need to clarify some things. First off, I thought I made clear my approach to this information in my post. Icke actually has nothing to do with any of it and I just used his interview as a vehicle in which to convey some very spot on facts and information concerning satanic practises. The information is good as I vetted, cross-referenced and corroborated it myself according other verified sources and evidence. I do not put out disinfo or other such shite and work very hard to research good data to present to the investigational table. If it's not of great value, and merit I would not pass it on to my readers, for I have respect for all of them and many are astute sleuths in their own right. If we do not investigate EVERY source diligently, then we are not truly doing our service to get at the truth.

  11. Fair enough, HHQ.

    I know you explained your point well right off the bat, I get it . . . but I am only concerned about using those sources because of the potential disinfo involved. If you say that you have actually verified many of his references and contentions, fair enough - I will take you at your word, as you have come off as very sincere in every way to me, and have my full respect.

    However, there is still the point about others looking in - guilt by association, and the general dismissive value that a character like Icke represents.

    I would humbly put forth that in my opinion, we (we, as in the truth seekers of the world) would be better served avoiding such connections . . . after all, you are educating people, and don't want any potential newcomers getting the wrong idea - in any way.

  12. We are of the same accord friend and I appreciate your well-found faith in myself and work. You make a solid point about the edification of the newly awakening readers. In the future I shall try to endeavour wherever and whenever practical, to source from less contaminated sources. I hope you found the other information within the post of good value.

    Cheers and respect.


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