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11 December, 2010

COINTELPRO is Alive and Kicking

Over at the Penny for your Thoughts blog Penny had posted an excellent post on "Haiti & Cholera: Update, hints of a coverup?" I had composed and posted up a seemingly innocuous reply that was summarily removed a total of 7 times. The last one deleted the first part of a two-part reply. They just left the second part of the reply, that I had posted in two parts to attempt to surmount their censorship ploy. What they have done by their malicious actions is display that:
A) They actively censor writings they find out of line with their agenda.
B) They have given away that there is something that may reside within that reply that hurts their cause. It was a strategic removal that must upset something in their zio-ops.

In any event It does them no good as I've sent it directly to Penny and will now post it on here on my site in its entirety, though slightly out of context. That and a hearty and hale fuck you to both Google and its subsidiary Blogger. The truth will not be censored, and be revealed despite their shitty little, pathetic efforts.

The reply in its entirety was as follows:

Check this UPI article that states that the Haitian Cholera strain is a deadlier mutation similar to a strain found in South East Asia. The article is here: Haitian Cholera Strain Called Deadlier and it confirms the following known so far:

• The Cholera strain was deliberately introduced into Haiti. As evidenced by the Nepalese UN troops stationing of their toilets to dump into the Arbonite river, which in turn contaminated the water source. Anyone with a quarter or their mental faculties and any rudimentary military training, knows that you do NOT dump your septics into water sources. Therefore this can be viewed as calculated vectoring until conclusively proven to the contrary.

• The above article proves that this Cholera strain is NOT native to the area, and in fact has been traced to archetypical toxic strains seen in pandemics before the 1960's. This points to a laboratory engineered Cholera, and one that is specifically worse than ones appearing since 1961. There is additional evidence of this being synthesised, in that it is also genetically anti-biotic resistant. Additionally, it carries a third variant mutation that appeared in 2002 in Bangladesh, and this mutation was discovered as being found only in South East Asia.

• The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that some victims of this horrific strain can die within just 2 hours. As this mutated bio-toxin causes more intense diarrhoea, which is Cholera's most fatal symptom.

This is outright Eugenocidal murder bold and in plain view, carried out on marginalised populations through design, policy and action. Our fellow Earth citizens, that people have been indoctrinated by PSYOPs not to give a shit about. If we fail to care about their plight, then why should anyone care a solid whit about ours when some engineered calamity is levelled at us? The means, motive and opportunity are all sufficiently satisfied in this hellish operation.

We must realise that this is a war executed through very sophisticated means on every level. A war that is strategically implemented and adjusted to the intended target populations. The means, motive and opportunity are all satisfied in this hellish operation.


  1. I am guessing that the censors don't like any potential damning evidence or suggestion of same regarding deliberate introduction of new and deadly diseases/strains.

    And you're right, HHQ, the angle often given by the media for us to buy is to divide us, slowly, and to make each of us care less and less for our fellow man. Part and parcel of the desensitisation to murder and destruction and torture given to others that is in hyperdrive at the moment.

    Can you imagine how much work is involved in detecting and editing out what the PTB find undesireable on the net?


  2. Yes, the monetary expenditure and management must be massive. We still kick their arse soundly on any day, as we solidly outnumber them and work 24 hours daily, 7 day as week including holidays. They can never put in the effort to defeat the truth and evidence being revealed as we speak. That is why they are strongly planning contingency B. With some sort of takedown or repression of the internet, that will work without affecting their own propaganda ops and war chest revenues.

  3. Suraci wrote a post linking to this one.

    He wonders if the inclement weather might be softening people up, thus allowing less immunity to viral attack.

    In my job I don't sit in one office but go from place to place and I walk perhaps 5 or 6 miles a day.

    I haven't had the flu or a cold in the winter in 10years.

    Those who work in offices and shopping centres seem to have regular illnesses. One of the most common is Kindergardenitis, whence the children return to infect the whole family and then the office worker traipses off to work and infects their colleagues who may or may not be ill. This cycle can continue with fresh infection moving from school to home to office and back again.

    Recycled air in offices / malls , the lighting, lack of exercise [ which people make up for by going to basically an office with gym equipment, so no change there] are all locked-in conditions for mass infection.

    The infection might not be deadly , just get people to go to the doctor or chemist , something predictable, or merely keep people weak and stressed and thus unable to think and definitely not about things like Cholera in Haiti.

    These business centres all over the world are doubtless all designed by the same people while the working life too has been designed, as well as the new housing, all created to make one go mental and thus be open to dis-ease[ diseases we perhaps don't recognise as such]


  4. Absolute fact Aferrismoon, it's establishing many 'captive' control groups, and the viruses actually mutate through the infection of many parties. Cui Bono? (Who Benefits?) The pharmaceutical companies to be sure, while we as a people are being led to eat more and more rubbish GM foods which weakens us incrementally. This in turn drops our immunity critically and with the lack of exercise factored in, you have a population susceptible to opportunistic infections, viral or bacterial attacks.


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