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12 December, 2010

Chemtrails Update

On to better business at hand. The ever gracious Magdalena from Cloud Watching in Ottawa has drawn my attention to a top shelf post that makes quite a proper update to my original Chemtrails post. It's entitled How to Stop Chemtrails from an author named William Thomas, and it provides a spot-on step-by-step on how to track the sorties of aircraft deploying Chemtrails back to their airbases. The post contains good advice and is a practical guide that can aid greatly in the documentation of this airborne chemical warfare and in identifying the parties from who it originates.

Chemtrail deployment in action
Below are also medical symptoms from reported exposure to Chemtrails:

Neck pain/stiff neck
Stomach cramps
Sinus problems
Dizziness/light headedness
Can't catch breath
Weepy feeling of sadness
No energy, or massive/light fatigue
Crying spells
Loose bowels
Feeling disconnected, "spaced out"
Can't focus thoughts/speech/confusion
Deep coldness
Tight chest/gets worse when laying down
Symptoms never seem to go away
Tests from doctors show nothing
Congestion in chest
Body pain
Dramatic mood swings/anger, sadness
Tightness in chest and/or stomach
Ear aches
Sinus problems
Sore throat
Tightness in shoulders both or one side going in to neck, head, and sinuses
Soreness all over
Dry cough
Metallic taste in mouth
Stomach acid problems
Heat flushes
Unexplained rashes
Short term memory loss
Nose Bleeds

For those needing a live demonstration of the difference between Contrails and Chemtrails please examine the video below:

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  1. Hi HHQ, I am so glad you are keeping this topic current!

    You may find this youtube link interesting - I remember this day actually, as there were so many dots and dashed and heavy spraying. This dude is in Ottawa too.

    Buffy (Magdelena)


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