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16 November, 2010

L'ouverture Officielle

Greetings friends, comrades, the truth-starved, the disaffected, and enemies both foreign and domestic, welcome to my war journal of sorts.

So... wot's all this then eh? Just decided it was time to throw my lot in finally to share and learn in this blogging effort.

Cheers and thanks for stopping by, pull up a chair and make yourself at home.


  1. HHQ!
    bravo, bravo.
    I am so glad to see you do this!!
    You have always had so many excellent things to say, interesting commentary and points of view,that had never occurred to me
    Of course I am putting you in the side bar Pronto!

  2. Thanks Penny your brilliant dedication has always been an inspiration and I am very honoured and humbled that you have placed my blog in your side bar. Much thanks and sincere respect!

  3. HHQ, I love the background you choose for your blog - stunning!

    And as Penny has already stated, I too am looking forward to reading your site in my meanderings through the net!!

    Buffy (Maggie)

  4. Buffy thanks, after many versions I decided to go with this one as it was the easiest to read and had the most uplifting theme to contrast the oft times harsh future content. It was conceptually Taoist in that no matter the machinations of evil, Earth still retains her majesty and beauty to inspire and grant solace.

  5. Great looking blog H, might have to tart up my own a tad. Love the background. A good looking site lends the information contained more weight, rather than something that looks thrown together.

    Kudos to ya, looking forward to your insights.


  6. Thanks much for the compliments and support mate!



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