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23 November, 2010

Chemtrails? — What's all this about then?

I've seen them, they are real and I know the difference between a Chemtrail and Contrail. I thought that this would make a good case to examine as there is a lot of obfuscation and confusion swirling about it. It's ramifications are particularly troubling and everyone needs to turn their eyes skyward and begin documenting what they see and experience from these malignant streaks across the sky.

What are Chemtrails? 
A relatively recent (circa 1990 to now) man-made phenomena where long streaks of chemically engineered particulate matter is introduced artificially into the atmosphere by jet delivery. It is extremely covert by design but overt in deployment and implementation. In the course of my research into this I found much disinformation and state-sponsored propaganda out on this subject. Much of the shite put out is to readily dismiss these strange white streaks as Contrails. Nothing could be further from the truth as you'll find out as I did below.

Contrail photo by Versageek
What is the difference between Chemtrails and Contrails? 
Chemtrails are long trail aerosolised hyper-sprays primarily composed of micro particles of Aluminum, Barium salts and Strontium. They are sprayed over the skies from horizon to horizon often in grid or criss-cross patterns. Chemtrails form very long trails that dissipate extremely slowly over hours, and settle downwards from the sky down spreading outwards. Clouds that are touched by Chemtrails are turned into a milky, slurry that looks like smeared white pastel on a blue background. Clouds can also disintegrate after a spraying due to the Barium salts which. Contrails are composed of short-trail jet condensation that forms a short ice crystal trail that dissipates after a small amount of time.

What are Chemtrails composed of? 
Aluminum, Barium salts and Strontium particulate matter, that has been documented through testing of air, soil, water and hair samples collected from fly-over areas. These aerial sorties can also deploy anything, including pathogenic viruses, mass immunisations, bio-toxic materiel or desiccates such as Barium Oxide which dry up rainclouds and induce droughts. Barium Oxide specifically absorbs both Carbon Dioxide and water from the atmosphere. Which fits the agenda of the climatist fraudsters to a tee, the thing is, that depletion of Carbon Dioxide directly affect crop growth and output, not to mention Oxygen production by plants. The water depletion suits an agenda of drought which reduces independent crop production and drastically increases deaths due to lack of potable water sources. The next war will be for control of global water resources, as governments, the World Bank and corporate privatised interests are racing to purloin many international freshwater sources. According to an article by Dr. Vandana Shiva entitled "Monsanto's Expanding Monopolies", Monsanto is currently pursuing new "Aquaculture" business opportunities in emergent water depletions. 

What is the human health impact of using these toxic aerosols? 
Alzheimer's disease, respiratory infections, neurological problems and inducement of cancers. Engineered food shortages due to reduced Carbon Dioxide and drought inducement. Corralling of the global populace to purchase genetically modified food stuffs and seeds for sustenance and farming.

Chemtrail photo by Kalani Kordus
Why are they deploying these over the public? 
From all appearances, control, chemical/biological agents testing, attritional culling or compromise of immune systems of the population, potential introduction of lethal pathogens, weather manipulation, crop destruction and drought imposition.

Who is behind these operations? 
Scientists in the field of Geo-engineering, and due to the massive costs and logistics involved, some heavy financial backing from a number of sources. Rothschild money through a myriad of fronts is a speculative top suspect due to the inherent benefits that fall full in line with their known goals. Bill Gates is on record as contributing 4.5 million dollars from 2007 until 2010 so far, with Ken Caldeira (Carnegie Institution for Science) and David Keith (University of Calgary in Canada) as acting point-men. Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines is another documented big money donor. Another likely suspect party could be Monsanto, as they were primarily responsible for the production of chemical defoliants Agents Orange, Blue, Pink and White. They stand to gain favourably with independent farming destruction and a forced push to GM foods. Guess who just happened to develop an Aluminum resistant gene which they incorporate into their genetically modified seed crops? None other than Monsanto… wow, talk about coincidence!

What agendas do these fill? 
Ozone depletion, droughts in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere; respiratory ailments and infections, mass vectoring of viruses for depopulation. As well as destruction of soil for growing crops, attritional deforestation. Aluminised soil reduces plant growth by specifically disturbing root growth and function. It severely neutralises the Ph of soil so that crops have a difficult time growing as they prefer acidic soils in the range of 6.0 and 6.5.

Where do they spray these poisons? 
Stratospheric aerosolised dispersion as they term it is performed all over the world, with some areas receiving more attention than others.

Chemtrails photo by Erdhummel
What other effects does this spraying have? 
Aluminum in particular, bio-accumulates in the body over time, eventually becoming Aluminum Oxide which can cause serious and deleterious neurological damage which doesn't flush out, much like lead. Aluminum in large quantities in the environment with long-term exposure is carcinogenic. In addition, there are significant and established connections between Aluminum and Alzheimer's Disease, known to be caused by an accumulation of Aluminum toxins in the brain.

Chemtrail Component Toxicities Due to Excessive Exposure

Aluminum - Toxicity symptoms include:
  • Muscle weakness
  • Bone pain
  • Fractures that do not heal, especially in ribs and pelvis
  • Altered mental status
  • Premature Osteoporosis
  • Anemia
  • Impaired iron absorption
  • Impaired immunity
  • Seizures
  • Dementia
  • Growth retardation in children
  • Spinal deformities: Scoliosis or Kyphosis
Barium Salts - Soluble Barium compounds are poisonous. High exposure affects the nervous system causing cardiac irregularities, tremors, weakness, anxiety, Dyspnea (shortness of breath) and possible paralysis.

Chemtrails photo by Galouse
From my research into Chemtrails, a discernible pattern emerges that falls in direct line with Eugenocidal blueprints for the management and abrasive culling or compromise of the populace. It is literally polluting the atmosphere with metals and components that affect the health and the welfare of the citizenry at large.

* Postscript 11/27/10 - I've added some new information to the post today, thanks to Buffy's site Cloudwatching in Ottawa which contained some very spot on info. Keep an eye on old posts here, as I may add new, important data from time to time to preserve them as a possible resource to others. If I do, I'll postscript with the date of the update. Cheers.

  • What in the World Are They Spraying? The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup - A recently released documentary produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger 
Watch the documentary in 7 parts here: What in the World are they Spraying? 


  1. Hi HHQ, this is a subject near to my heart. They spray almost every day here in Canada's capital. I first started noticing this a decade or more ago. Having grown up doing lots of skywatching with my dear mum (we'd stare at the clouds finding shapes of all sorts) I knew there was something up with these 'persisitant' contrails.

    They are most certainly NOT contrails, by any stretch of the imagination. I have some pics of my own up on Cloudwatching in Ottawa, but I admit I haven't updated that blog in a while (nor my other one - life is in the way these days). Albeit to say, that this is deeply disturbing. I think Penny has a link to the Cloudwatching blog on her site, check it out if you like.

    Is this weather manipulation? Geo-engineering? A delivery method for bacterialogical or viral weaponry? Who knows? I don't profess to have an answer, but it is NOT kosher, that is for sure.

    I notice that on particularily heavy spraying days my nose becomes runny and my throat rather sore and raspy. Even my cats sneeze on these heavy days. Makes on wonder....

    Thanks for mentioning this as more folks should really look up.


  2. HHQ, the video you've linked to is amazing, one of the BEST I have yet seen wrt aerosol spraying. I have also seen these deposits on my own pond in my little backyard in the city. Good think my fish weren't there this summer, wondering now whether I should even bother replacing my old liner next year of just fill the darn thing in.


  3. Thanks much Buffy, more eyewitness testimony and evidence documentation needs to be collected on these criminal operations. Of all the conspiratorial crimes this one has the least exposure, despite occurring in plain sight and leaving destructive evidence. When I witness these myself and see the planes delivering their harmful payloads overhead, I often wonder what kind of scum would willingly perform this. The answer is obviously someone who would gladly sacrifice his own health and family. Do these bastards truly believe that their loved ones are immune from the effects of these synthesised toxins or worse?

    One thing for sure is that the dialogue and interest in this needs to be significantly amplified and disseminated widely before it's too late. I will definitely check your cloud-watching blog and cheers to you for doing your part!

  4. wow, i'm about halfway through the documentary. it's overwhelming, and i'm pretty cynical.

  5. Awww shucks HHQ, you made me blush! Thanks for the kind mention. I guess now I will have to keep things a little more current there!! (Kicks self in butt for being so darn lazy ;)).

    AP - yeah it's deeply disturbing, we can take care of what we eat, how we exercise and what not, but this we cannot avoid, we can't simply stop breathing, nor can we put up giant domes over our gardens. It's criminal.

  6. Greetings HHQ!
    Tardy as always..what can I say?
    This is not a topic I am well versed in. Or have had much time to really dig into, but, buffy aka Magdalena is the go to person for me on the subject, so the pressure is on her now to keep the blog updated!
    I will however watch the documentary, which I did hear of, but had not seen.
    When I do, I will be sure to leave some thoughts on it.

  7. it truly is. yesterday our skies here in SE Massachusetts were totally clear. today they were absolutely covered. criss-crossing, rainbow patches, everything. it is amazing that people don't seem to notice it either. about a year ago i started talking to some friends about it and they seemed to be humoring me, as evidently i am wont to "carry on" about these things.

  8. Penny, that is what the dedicated community of internet sleuths and researchers is all about. We all have various specialisations in different areas, which only enhances and strengthens the power of the information. We all have one another's backs as this as a progression towards truth, freedom and victory.

    A.P., what can be said more of those entrenched in indoctrinated servitude? We've all been trained to be consumers, dupes, worker bees and servile facilitators. Some of us dared to question, dream, learn and demand our due. Those laughing now will not be laughing later... guaranteed.

  9. We've got snow in UK again so I'm guessing it's a gradual shutting out of light, cooling the world's temperatures. As they were pushing global warming for so long, being the inverse Talmudic creeps they are, I should imagine this was them telling us in plain sight that they were actually cooling our world.

    It's probably just a massive swindle to make us all energy dependant even more than we are now. They probably have free energy by now for their own use.

  10. Indeed friend they see us all as livestock and herd us any way they can, to acclimatise us all to this illusion. Taxes, jobs, sports games, holidays, celebrity worship, pop music, pop programmes on the telly all gamed to bind us to single mind herd thinking. Independent thought, creativity, joy, freedom, family and community are all threats to be done away with and discouraged.

  11. Hi HHQ, just a quick note to let you know they are spraying here today. Some nice dots and dashes, which look more 'natural' once they've spread out.



  12. Yes, it's pretty bad. Last week I saw a Chemtrail run through a cloud bank and the billowy cumulus cloud it was adjacent to, was literally taken apart before my eyes in about 15 minutes. It was sad, enraging and disgusting to witness. The evidence of this really needs to be circulated and accepted more so that people can bring the proper pressure down on the heads of the architects and facilitators of this monstrous crime.

  13. Meant to post this earlier:

    Saw the video with the wife, and that is by far the best one I have seen yet on chemtrails. I was somewhat doubtful before, and now I have to say (after a week of being aware and looking) that I am convinced as you are of the nefarious black ops taking place right in front of our eyes.

    Thanks so much for posting this.

    Question though, and it's an obvious angle that no one seems to follow:

    Why has no one followed the flight paths, or tried to figure out where these planes are taking off from/landing? Especially in more remote areas like Alaska say, it's be easy enough to narrow it down to an airfield or two and then be able to go through which planes have the capability of spraying flew out when (you'd have a good idea of timeline), then track down pilot, company, get sample of spray, etc.

    It's the one thing that keeps nagging me with this chemtrail thing. Even if we narrowed it down to all of these planes flying out of military installations/airfields, it'd be a start.

  14. Absolutely Slozo, the very next step in pursuing this matter would be to trace planes to their source. Then move on to working up the criminal food chain until the pilots, their paymasters and their paymasters are uncovered, all the way up to the principals who order these crimes.

  15. Hi HHQ and Slozo,

    You may find this link helpful as to what we can do, I thought of it when slozo mentioned the flight paths as I believe there are directories for that.

    Here is the link, it's also on my rather ignored (by me) blog:

    Optional: Use “Flight Explorer” to find all commercial and military flight plans for the place and time your video was taken. When Mark Steadham did this for Houston in the winter of 2000, he discovered that identified airliners and military aircraft at the time of his observations were simultaneously leaving plumes lasting 22 seconds and four to eight hours respectively. Combining stratospheric temp/humidity date with “Flight Explorer” can make a convincing case for chemtrails. If you don’t want to futz with “Flight Explorer”, go directly to Step 4.

  16. Big ups to you and your information Magdelena, I will definitely investigate the site and new data. Much thanks!



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