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23 December, 2012

Dunblane 2.0: The Sandy Hook Elementary School Black Op

Well, it's been quite a while, and it's been over a week of investigation into this case of the Connecticut black op shooting. What I've found so far is pretty much the most bizarre case I've ever sleuthed. No revealed physical evidence, inconsistent to nonexistent eyewitness reports, no security footage, no amateur video or camera footage uploaded, and a seemingly bloodless and mayhem-free crime scene. The official story narrative is ever changing along with the weapons involved, and a constructed bad-jacket backstory on the 'lone nutter' shooter highly reminiscent of one they did on Lee Harvey Oswald.

Diligence is rewarded, and through my examinations of this case, I've uncovered a very strong person of interest and possible second suspect in these shootings. A suspect who very well may have furnished the primary .223 calibre murder weapon, and may either be a cut-out, or another gunman in the op.

I can affirm that this case is an exact replay of the Dunblane massacre and subsequent UK disarmament campaign. They executed the same thing black op in Australia with the Port Arthur shooting spree that psychologically manipulated the Aussies to give up their guns. This school shooting has every thing to do with a black op run to replay the massacres at Port Arthur Australia, Dunblane Scotland and Hungerford England. The aftermath of which produced in the UK, an opportunistic Snowdrop Campaign which led to government imposition of draconian gun ban laws and disarmament of the citizenry. Learn from these two bitter lessons US masses, and don't fall for the PSYOP. Keep your guns and defend your freedom and families from an ever encroaching tyranny. 2013 will bring austerity and ramped up fascism to the shores of America, and the last thing the self-imposed rulers want is an armed populace to contend with. Bullies never assault the armed or those who will fight back, they also never acquiesce once they secure a victim until they are confronted and soundly routed.

No one's grief accompanied by government sponsored media propaganda and hysterical rhetoric, should ever manipulate the masses into submitting to banning or the turning in their arms. No deceptive abrogation of constitutional rights should ever supersede the masses ability to defend themselves from crime and criminals, or a tyrannical government bent on wholesale plunder, gangster operations and enslavement.

"The media can play a vital part in campaigning, but are unlikely to achieve much without sustained public support. Without additional and novel elements to the campaign stories some newspaper editors appear to have a finite interest and grow tired of the issues, while others blur the issues by focusing too much on personal stories. But personal stories are important if interest is to be maintained and that is one reason why the involvement of the families of the victims was a key element in the gun control campaign. Many of us sacrificed some of our own privacy to further the cause of gun control."

Dr. Mick North, Gun Control Network, United Kingdom in a paper entitled "After Dunblane: Gun Control in the United Kingdom 1996 - 2001"

The above clearly outlines a blueprint-like strategy to be used to secure gun disarmament laws in the UK and beyond by the UK Gun Control Network and Snowdrop Campaign.

In the US, the crocodile tears of a president lamenting the deaths of children is nothing short of vile hypocrisy, especially from a man who callously orders drone strikes which have so far killed 168 innocent children in Pakistan alone. Synthetic emotive psychopathy from the leader of a country that also refuses to ratify by signature, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 193 countries at the UN have signed, ratified and accepted this 1993 human rights treaty except for Somalia, Sudan and the United States.

There are only two reasons that masses of children are targeted murderously, and one is for reasons of black ops terrorism. The other, is due to the assailant(s) committing a psychological terrorist attack, designed to calculatingly inflict maximum pain and horror. Violence against children usually means that the perpetrator of that violence were themselves either sexually, mentally or physically assaulted repeatedly. It was reported that Nancy Lanza was shot four times in the face by Adam Lanza before his alleged 'lone nutter' killing spree. If that was the case, the level of overkill used on the mother, reveals some deep and personal outrage he had for her. Or, made to look that way by operatives involved who terminated her.

If this was run as a classic black op, it would consist of a three-four person team with a recon/spotter, two wetwork operatives and a driver with a police/fire scanner coordinating the mission and warning of law-enforcement encroachment. If Adam Lanza was involved at all, it was as him playing out a programmed 'Call of Duty' gaming fantasy, only to be put down and left as a very convenient, very dead patsy. Either that, or he was just a scapegoat patsy and black ops mercs killed him and dumped his body at the school during the mayhem.

At the conclusion of the killing spree in Dublane, shooter and "lone nutter" Thomas Hamilton, allegedly committed suicide with not one, but two head shots from a .357 Magnum! According to information that came to light after the Cullen Inquiry, Thomas Hamilton died from two bullet wounds fired into the roof of his mouth, one bullet exiting above the left ear, and another through the top of his head. This evidence clearly points to at least one other shooter/handler on site and a covert black op behind it all.

* Below are many of the facts I've collected, often in the sequence I collected them. So bear this in mind that as you read to the end, there are updates to earlier reported information.


The facts so far:

Suspect One: Adam Lanza (20 years-old)

• Suspect found dead of alleged "self-inflicted" gun shot, wearing all-black, a mask and bullet-proof body armour.

The official story changes yet again. 27/12/12 the New Haven Register reported from Lt. J. Paul Vance (Connecticut State Police Department Public Information Officer (PIO) that Adam Lanza went into the Sandy Hook Elementary School wearing a utility vest, not a bullet proof vest. “It was a fishing type vest, a jacket with a lot of pockets; it was not a bullet-proof vest,” Vance said. A utility vest is readily available in any sporting goods store. While Lanza’s vest would have provided him plenty of storage for ammunition, it wouldn’t have protected him from gunfire.

• Again, the perp was found to have been wearing some type of mask. Why? If he was going to kill himself anyway? Masks are used for those planning some sort of escape later, or to evade identification. Now (15-12-12), police spokesman, Lt. J. Paul Vance stated that Adam Lanza forced his way into the school. I don't believe it happened this way, because they refuse to show the front door of the school at all. Also the first responders and police had to break windows to get inside the school. If the front door had been blasted away, why not enter that way?

• Judging from the length of time it took for the police to report how the perpetrator gained entry, and how they first reported erroneously that Adam was buzzed in, I do not believe the story they are stating that he walked up and shot through the glass with 6 rounds of rifle ammo. I believe that instead, the electronic security of the door was tripped and the element of surprise used by the perpetrators.

• Why did Nancy Lanza own so many weapons? It has been reported by family-friend Dan Holmes, that Nancy was an avid collector who often went target shooting with her children.

• 16-12-12 ATF Special Assistant Agent Gene Marquez said his agency "has not been able to uncover any evidence that the mother and the son were actively engaged in going to the gun ranges, practicing marksmanship, or anything of that nature." Several local gun ranges corroborated that fact as well.

• Weapons recovered consisted of one - Glock 9mm pistol (17 round magazine), one - Sig Sauer P226 9mm pistol (15 round magazine), and a Remington Bushmaster .223 calibre semi-auto rifle (30 + round magazine). Also allegedly recovered at unknown locations were a Henry repeating rifle, an Enfield rifle and a shotgun. A NY Daily News article on 14/12/12 corroborated that the Glock 9mm pistol, Sig Sauer P226 9mm pistol, and Bushmaster .223 calibre semi-auto rifle, were indeed the weapons owned by Nancy Lanza. The Daily News even goes as far as to actually state "Weapons used by Adam Lanza, 20, alleged shooter in Sandy Hook elementary school rampage" complete with an image of all three. There is no mention at all of any Glock 10mm which Adam Lanza was suicided with.

These are the weapons purported to have been used in the massacre and recovered at the crime scene

• Approximately 100 rounds were reported fired in the killing spree. Lanza was said to have only used the pistols, as the Remington semi-auto rifle allegedly remained in the trunk during the killings. To accomplish the expenditure of that many rounds with handguns, Lanza would have to have reloaded each weapon at least once.

• According to Reuters (15-12-12), Chief Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver stated that the gunman in the school shooting used a rifle and the victims were shot multiple times from 3 to 11 times. Since the police claim the rifle was still in the trunk of Adam Lanza's mother's car, how could it have been used as the primary weapon? Unless of course, there were multiple shooters involved and they need to place that weapon inside the school to fit the morphing narrative.

• Nancy Jean Lanza sued Peter John Lanza for divorce on November 24, 2008 -- three days before Thanksgiving, Connecticut court records show. The divorce was finalised in September of 2009.

• During the slaughter, the school's intercom was turned on, something that would only be done by professionals, or persons trained in their tactics. The use of which is to instil chaos and terror, confuse amount of shots fired as well as direction. No school personnel would leave that equipment on deliberately, as it would only terrify the children and teachers and cause hysteria.

• According to the police dispatcher on the day of the shooting spree, an unidentified teacher called into 911, and detailed that he saw two shadows running past the gym towards the back of the school. The only male teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School was 25 year-old Ted Varga, so therefore it had to have been he who made the call.

• It was reported that school custodian Kevin J. Anzellotti ran through the school halls warning school staff and students, and checking that all the doors were locked from the inside. School staffer Shari Thornburg said that Anzelotti was also heard yelling at a gunman inside the school to "Put the gun down! Put the gun down". What this tells us is that Kevin Anzelotti actually saw one of the shooters and no one is interviewing him at all about what he witnessed.

• On 14/12/12 11:09 AM Danbury Police reported over their scanners that they were on the lookout for a PURPLE or MAROON VAN in connection with the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Radio dispatch further relayed, "Two occupants with possible ski masks that may be involved with this incident. Exit 8 heading down Stoney Hill towards the center". At 11:10 dispatch continued "They may be involved with this incident. Also we are getting reports one of them maybe wearing a Nun outfit, heading towards Danbury, Stoney Hill, purple van — unknown plate. At 11:17 AM dispatch reported, "People in the van had masks, one was dressed in what appears to be a nun's uniform… outfit". 11:17:29 AM: "Is 1089 available to go on route 8 and make a post for this purple van?" Unidentified police unit responded, "Yeah, I'll continue to Griffin… once I get to Griffin we'll figure it out. 1089 will post for that vehicle." Dispatch responded, "Alright roger that, I'll try and get more information on the van".

• News reports Friday suggested that Nancy Lanza had worked at the elementary school. However, at a news conference on Saturday, Superintendent of schools in Newtown Janet Robinson, said there was no record that Nancy Lanza had ever worked at the school as a full-time or substitute teacher, or in any other capacity.

• Neighbour Gina McDade said Nancy Lanza was a "stay-at-home mom" and not a teacher or part-time employee of Sandy Hook Elementary, as some media reports stated. This is the second person of knowledge to make this statement, and it is very important. For it indicates that Adam Lanza had no ties to, or reason to be at that school other than to perform the atrocity op. It makes no logical sense why Adam specifically targeted the school if he had no connection there. Even if he may have attended it 14 to 15 years previously.

• CBS News 16-12-12 at 3:26 PM reported the following: Adam Lanza then killed himself with a single bullet to the head from a 10 mm gun, and the bullet was recovered in a classroom wall. Clearly there is a problem with this, as originally, there was no 10mm weapon found nor reported at the crime scene. The Telegraph also is changing firearm evidence, as they stated that Adam "left a shotgun in his car" during the attack. This directly contravenes the police report stating that a rifle was found in the trunk of the mother's car that was driven to the school.

• There are now some suspiciously convenient details coming out, very reminiscent of the kind of synthetic backstory that was engineered for patsy Lee Harvey Oswald. The UK media is now circulating that Adam Lanza was a Goth who hung out with black trench-coat types at school and talked about "blowing things up" according to a former classmate Olivia DeVivo.

• At the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year, Sandy Hook Elementary School sent their revised security policy to all parents. In it they stated, "Every visitor will be required to ring the doorbell at the front entrance and the office staff will use a visual monitoring system to allow entry." What this denotes is that there were/are/was security camera monitoring at the school, particularly at the front door entrance. This means that when Adam or the perpetrators gained access to that front door as the police allege, it was all captured on video; at least live if not recorded as well.

• Analysis of photos of the school's front entrance and door would reveal much evidence and answers. However in my research for such images, I found them to be absolutely sanitised from both Google and Bing images. Bear in mind I was looking for old photos and not current ones!

• It was reported that the hard drive in Adam Lanza's computer was destroyed by blunt force using either a hammer or screwdriver. If one recalls the Virginia Tech shooting case, the hard drive of Seung-Hui Cho was missing and never recovered. The problem is in both cases, if you plan on shooting yourself, why would you give a toss if anyone finds it. No, the only reason to destroy or remove a hard drive, if someone plans on a suicide mission, is because they want to protect someone. Either that, or the accomplices Adam may have associated with, or black ops operatives may have destroyed it after murdering Nancy Lanza.

• The evidence has been suspiciously changed yet again, and now the media has morphed Lanza's .223 Bushmaster semi-automatic to just an outright AR-15. This of course accommodates the government's expansion of an anti-gun agenda and its propaganda, quite perfectly. Below is a news video compilation on just how the Sandy Hook Elementary School firearms keep getting changed.

• Police reported that they found Ryan Lanza's ID on his brother Adam's dead body. How? Ryan Lanza stated that he hadn't seen or talked to his brother in 2 years. What kind of ID was it? What if the black ops shooting team took an old ID that was at Nancy Lanza's residence, and planted it on Adam after they 'suicided' him to buy time and spread confusion?

• The Glock 9MM is the preferred weapon of choice for local and state police in the US. The Sig Sauer P226 is the weapon many Navy SEALs carry as a side arm due to its compact nature, power and reliability. An odd choice for a mother of two to buy, as are the other weapons purported to have been owned by Nancy Lanza.

• Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. H. Wayne Carver stated the parents identified the children through photos, allegedly to spare them some shock. This greatly deviates from normal procedures carried out by coroners and medical examiners. Why? Also, why were the children's bodies removed under cover of darkness, and such secrecy?

• The .223 Remington Bushmaster rifle type is the same one used in the DC Sniper black op.

• According to an unconfirmed report, a former high school classmate of Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman Adam Lanza has claimed that the 20-year-old was involved in satanism. Trevor L. Todd, 20, who knew Lanza distantly, told the National Enquirer that Lanza had a devil-worshiping page on the web, which had a black background, gothic lettering and the word “devil” sprawled across the top in red. He stated that he thought the page was “weird” and “gave him the chills”. This sounds reasonable, but with no evidence to back it up it could just be part of a bad-jacketing profile.

Here's some possibly interesting new information I just found on 31/12/12. Apparently there is some corroboration of satanic activity in Newtown Connecticut. It seems that the Church of Satan has a recruiting hub in Newtown, CT run by one Curtis M. LeBlanc. The addresses are P.O. Box 3184 Newtown, CT 06470 & (**** West Street, Newtown, CT – Early 40s – Est. $1M Home Value). LeBlanc is a Church of Satan Member and his responsibilities are assisting new members sign up. Here is what the satanic church is called in Newtown, CT: Church of Satan outpost, (AKA Church of Tiamat). Source credit -

• Why do we have only grainy, blurry, or black & white images  of Lanza, or ones of him as a child? Adam Lanza obtained a driver's license in July of 2010, three months after he turned 18, listing him as 5 feet 10 inches tall, with blue eyes and not an organ donor. Why don't we see that photo?

• Eyewitness News learned that Adam Lanza and his father stopped communicating about a year after the divorce in 2009. Why would a father sever communication from his son for 3 years?

• Richard Novia, a former director of security for the Newtown School District, stated that although he was not able to give details about Adam's specific condition, he reported Adam Lanza did not have any violent tendencies. Novia continued, "In a security aspect, it wouldn't be what he would do," he said. "It was what they might do to him". He wasn't feared to be a danger to others, however. Staff were instead concerned that he could be bullied or harmed by others or could harm himself. "At that point in his life, he posed no threat to anyone else. We were worried about him being the victim or that he could hurt himself," Mr. Novia told the Wall Street Journal.

• In a police scanner recording the black Honda Civic Connecticut license 872-YEO is said to be owned by a Christopher Rodia and NOT by Nancy Lanza. Which would make total sense seeing the huge house she owned and her monied lifestyle, it just doesn't fit. Christopher Rodia is a 42 year-old formerly from Norwalk Connecticut and now rumoured to be living in Miami, FLA. According to some reports he's a petty thief and drug dealer (Oxycontin), which to me sounds like a cut-out, or another patsy setup with a car falsely registered in his name. (Credit to Godlike

Brand new information 27/12/12, confirms that the 2010 black Honda was not Nancy Lanza's, as her car was in fact a 2009 silver BMW parked in the garage attached to her home. Judge John Blawie granted motions filed Wednesday (26/12/12) by Danbury State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky to extend the statutory sealing period for the five warrants, including three for the Yogonanda Street home. The judge's order also covers the two other search warrants, for the 2010 Honda Civic Adam Lanza drove to the school and for Nancy Lanza's 2009 silver BMW. What this means is that any and all information related to what investigators find will remain suppressed to the public for 90 days!

   *** UPDATE 28, January 2013 ***    


Just discovered some great new photos of the Sandy Hook crime scene along with some inspired detective legwork by a duo of investigators who took it upon themselves to go down to Sandy Hook to take photos and ask a few questions from people willing to listen and respond. Do yourself a favour and check it out and make sure to thank them for their courage and dedication.


Suspect Two? Jordan Marsh, 26 years old


Person of Interest - Jordan Marsh

On 15 December 2012, just one day after the school shootings, Jordan Marsh attempted to steal a Bushmaster .50 caliber rifle from Riverview Gun Sales.  He was thwarted when an employee noticed that Marsh was leaving the store without paying for the $4,995.95 gun.

Marsh, according to the police report, then fled the store with the rifle, with two employees chasing after him. Marsh reached his vehicle, put the rifle down and pulled a knife on the employees, according to the report. Marsh then evaded capture on foot, but was eventually arrested by East Windsor police officers. A canister of pepper spray, in addition to the rifle and the knife, were seized by police. Marsh was charged with larceny in the third degree, robbery in the first degree, theft of a firearm and carrying of dangerous weapons. He was arraigned in Enfield on Monday and held on $2 million bail.

During the investigation, police in Hartford also seized an Windham .223 rifle from a Hartford hotel that Marsh had checked into several days earlier, according to East Windsor Detective Matthew Carl. Marsh allegedly had stolen this gun from Riverview Gun Sales as well, Carl said. Hartford police were notified of the Windham rifle located in the Hilton Hotel after the credit card that Jordan Marsh used to pay for the room was denied. According to Nancy Mulroy, Hartford public information officer, Hotel security, which accessed the room after the card was denied on Dec. 16, discovered the rifle and immediately contacted police. Riverview surveillance footage reveals that the Windham was stolen on 2012/12/11 at 16:56 PM (4:56 PM) according to the CCTV date and time stamp.

Check the date and time stamp! Marsh stole this .223 cal a full two days before the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. But that's just a coincidence right?

Here's what I discovered, In their article "East Windsor gun store raided after man caught stealing rifle" Eyewitness News reported the following: "In a video obtained by Eyewitness News, Jordan Marsh, 26, of South Windsor, can be seen stealing an AR-15 with a scope just four days earlier". That would make it Sunday, 16 December correct? Well, check the date stamp on the CCTV camera video of Marsh stealing the Windham .223 which clearly shows that the date was actually December 11th. The shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School occurred on Friday, December 14th… three days after Marsh's theft. The rifle was then said to have been recovered on Sunday the 16th in a duffle bag in Marsh's hotel room. What if the Newtown and Connecticut state police are lying and the .223 calibre kill weapon is a Windham, instead of the Remington they claim they found? Two ways to easily find out, test the Windham to see if it has been fired, and produce the Remington they alleged they to have found. Oh… wait a minute… Windham Weaponry make three AR-15 carbines which chamber .223 Remington rounds, the HBC, the SRC and the MPC. You see, Windham Weaponry used to be Bushmaster Arms. The owner of Bushmaster sold the company to Remington and then in early 2011, he bought it back and renamed it Windham Weaponry. Can anyone say literal smoking gun? Three law enforcement officers now state that the assault rifle used in the school shooting came from Riverview Gun Sales. Coincidence? BATF spokeswoman Debra Seifert refuses to detail  the alleged rifle purchase by Nancy Lanza. Seifert confirmed Thursday 20/12/12 that neither Nancy nor Adam Lanza are believed to have engaged in target shooting over the last six months.

My question is, Is it possible that this Windham .223 rifle was used in the school shootings? Only to be recovered, removed, and then taken back to Marsh's hotel room to be "discovered" and associated with another case altogether. Marsh stole the gun on the 11th and had it in his possession throughout the Elementary school shootings until it was found by Hilton employees in his hotel room on the 16th.

Marsh, whose most recent address was 485 King St. in South Windsor, is facing a litany of charges. He had previously received a two-year suspended sentence after it was discovered in June 2011 that he had stolen 12 firearms from the same gun store, Riverview Sales.

Carl said that Marsh indicated that he needed the gun because he was “being teased at work". This however directly contradicts the fact that Marsh had recently lost his job, according to his father's girlfriend Sharon Hodge. Hodge stated that Marsh had been working at The Eugene Steinberg Co. in Bloomfield as an apprentice plumber with his father, Steven Marsh. The owner of the plumbing business told Eyewitness News off camera he hired Marsh a month ago to give him a break, but now he's no longer with the company. He added the state needs a better safety net for mentally ill residents such as Marsh.

Okay, now I know Marsh's terror-plotter backstory and motive for the thefts are being concocted on the fly. Let's review… Jordan Marsh stole a dozen firearms from Riverview back in June 2011, to which he receives not jail time, but a two-year suspended sentence. Then, the story they are currently bad-jacketing him with, is that he went back two more times in 2012 and within the same week to steal more, allegedly to kick off his own shooting spree. Why? Because he was let go from a job his father got him after a month and supposedly "teased" whilst there? That's just 4 bloody weeks! Maybe I'd buy that if he didn't steal those guns in 2011, but he did, and no one seems to know just where that little arsenal went. If he was being teased in 2012, how does that explain him stealing the dozen guns in 2011?! Plus that .50 calibre weighs about 33 lbs with a full magazine, and sits on a tripod like a sniper rifle. That is not something to run around with like Rambo Jr., it is meant to be a stationary distance assault weapon capable of taking out targets at a long range. It is bolt action which means again it is for sniping and not running around with in shooting sprees. Factored in with that calibre of round, damage is both massive and lethal. You have to have training and some experience with that weapon, it is not something that Jordan just picks up on a lark for a bit of instant revenge. Plus, for some reason, Marsh seemed to have needed this gun bad, bad enough to pull a knife on two gun store employees. I wish There was CCTV footage of that incident, because I'd be able to tell a whole lot by the way he ran and how he handled a knife. He obviously knew what he was doing because he carried pepper spray as a back up and he eluded the two employees, only to be arrested shortly thereafter.

.50 Calibre sniper rifle allegedly stolen by Jordan Marsh

Hodge said that Jordan Marsh has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and had been living in their South Windsor home until Jordan was kicked out last week after he neglected to take his medication and started behaving erratically. “He’s very ill,” said Hodge, adding that Jordan Marsh started exhibiting mental health issues after he sustained a traumatic brain injury in a snowmobile accident seven or eight years ago. Hodge said that when Jordan Marsh is taking his medication, “he’s fine. He’s well-liked”. But when he stops taking his medication, Jordan Marsh starts “hearing voices,” Hodge said.

Riverview store employees were not aware that Jordan Marsh had taken 12 guns from the store in the first incident until they was alerted in June 2011. He received a two-year suspended sentence this past May for the crime. Neither were store employees aware that the Windham .223 found in Jordan Marsh's Hartford hotel room had been removed from the store until alerted by authorities.

Marsh isn’t the only person who has stolen a large number of guns from Riverview Sales, according to police.

In 2007, Riverview Sales owner David E. Laguercia notified the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives that 33 guns were missing from his store, according to a Hartford Courant story. Of those 33 guns, 28 were recovered when police searched the home of Brian H. McClelland, who was a frequent customer of the store and helped out on occasion, the Courant reported.

Carl said that the store’s owners were not aware that the weapons had been taken until they told by police.

When asked whether, in taking all three incidents together, there was a systemic problem with Riverview Sales keeping track of its potentially lethal inventory, Carl said “absolutely.”

“They were unaware that firearms were walking out the door,” Carl said. “How many guns [have been taken from the store] that we are not aware of?”

Eyewitness News had an opportunity to go in the store Thursday and discovered that the handguns are all in cases, but the long guns are on racks that anyone can walk up, grab and leave with.

Riverview Gun Sales in East Windsor was raided the afternoon of Thursday 20/12/12 by federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The BATF raid was reportedly to investigate the rash of firearm thefts and the stores questionable records.

My hypothesis - What if this Jordan Marsh character was actually one of the second shooters? Unlike scrawny, meek Adam Lanza, Marsh looks like he can handle himself. Or, perhaps he could have been another black op team member who's task was to specifically secure untraceable guns for the operation? Was Riverview Gun Sales security truly so lax that people could just saunter in and walk out with assault weaponry on at least four separate occasions? How many guns in their inventory that were stolen match the guns reportedly found in Nancy Lanza's home and at the Sandy Hook Elementary School? Maybe Nancy never bought any of those guns, and Riverview either faked the paperwork to cover missing firearms, or was coerced to do so by government interests for the official story. I'm finding it hard to digest that Nancy Lanza, a mother of two buys a semi-automatic rifle the same type used in the DC Sniper killings, a shotgun and two handguns favoured by the Navy Seals (Sig Sauer P226) and local and state police (Glock 9MM). I don't buy the propaganda of her being a 'doomsday prepper' because according to family and friends, she lived a pretty high-profile, ostentatious lifestyle. So-called preppers live under-the-radar for the most part, and tend to not announce publicly what they're doing.

Be sure to also check out this brilliant new video! Phenomenal compilation illustrating shooter frame-up, exposing fake crying and a suspicious FEMA exercise scheduled THE VERY SAME DAY AS THE SCHOOL SHOOTING!

   *** UPDATE 18, December 2013 ***   

In case you were wondering, the image below illustrates just how a crime scene is utterly destroyed to preserve a contrived "official story" and eliminate inconvenient truths and troublesome evidence.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School crime scene in the fall of 2013. A cover-up in full force, with all incriminating evidence removed or destroyed, and all on-site contractors silenced and threatened with serious legal actions to preserve absolute secrecy. (photo credit: Vigilant Citizen)



  1. Excellent write-up, I learned a lot more than what I was able to research myself.

    For me, like all psy-ops which involve multiple perpetrators but only officially have one lone nutter, these are the main points that convince me readily this is yet another false flag of sorts.

    1) multiple reports of more than one assailant - many more references that you actually left out, my friend. The chasing and apprehension of the guy in camo pants by the woods, a few first hand accounts of viewings, etc.
    (none repeated or highlighted by official sources after the first day however)

    2) Nothing fits the official story.
    Weird gun collection for an older lady, guns fit the profile of a swat team/ex military person, lone nut is incapable both physically and mentally of the crime accused, the main gun accused was said to have used was in the trunk of a vehicle (shown on Buffalo News on day of), too many people saw more than one person, ridiculously cantradicting accounts of assailants, entry, firearms, etc.

    Close-up of the front entrance of the school? A classroom with gun casings and bullet holes? A shot of the school hallways? Any fucking picture of the school at all?

    Where are we, in fucking dream land? Is this how the media NORMALLY portrays the biggest news story of the year? I think not.

    4) The agenda
    Immediately afterward, a media blitz - well planned beforehand - on the agenda intended to be propelled by the tragedy, gun control. Sure smells like psy-ops!

    5) No interviews with first person accounts on television . . . and certainly no live interviews!
    Why would they want anyone contradicting key points of the fallacious narrative? And this guy, HHQ, that you point out saw an actual perpetrator . . . I don't think he is long for the world if he decides to speak, I have to be honest with you. He is in imminent peril.

    the list could be longer of course, and you've covered much of it as well - but that's what coes to my mind after reading your piece.

    God to hear from you again.

    1. Greetings Slozo, in point # 1 of your reply, yes I did leave out information that was already covered by Penny and Aangrifan. I don't like to step on investigations that others already covered, and want to state for the record that I fully endorse their findings. There have been so many revelations of multiple shooters, but with the same information repeated over and over. I wanted to bring out as much different information as I could finGreetings Slozo, in point # 1 of your reply, yes I did leave out information that was already covered by Penny and Aangrifan. I don't like to step on investigations that others have or are running, and want to state for the record that I fully endorse and support both of their findings. There has been so many revelations of multiple shooters, but I kept finding the same information repeated over and over. I do believe that there were multiple gunmen which is why I laid out my black op scenario (1 recon, a driver, 2 wetworks killers and one dead fall guy). I really endeavoured to bring out as much different information as I could find, and I believe that this Jordan Marsh angle is a spot-on lead. I concur with you that he will probably end up suicided in jail, but right now he's safe because of two things: one, they're running a mentally ill yob spoiling for revenge backstory up on him. Two, no amount of people are looking at him being connected to the school shooting case at all, either as another shooter or as mission weapons procurer. When they do, he will have to be silenced, as it is now, no media is talking to him at all. So for now, he's off-radar in terms of public scrutiny. Another question is, how do we know Marsh is actually still in jail, or if that's his real name. Special ops would have a guy like that pulled quietly by citing national security and flashing high intel credentials to local law-enforcement. He's literally stolen weapons before and never saw jail time. Why? Especially in this terrorist-paranoid police state we have, and does anyone else think that Riverview Gun Sales seems like the go-to place for easy firearm theft? In fact, a little too easy, examine the surveillance video, or the still-shot of Marsh's theft of the .223 Windham, and you'll see two employees behind the counter conveniently not paying attention as Marsh picks up the rifle and just saunters out.

    2. Well, after reading aangirfan, I have been convinced frankly. That one video of the little girl - an eyewitness, something that I can analyse very well myself and pick apart - telling her story and answering questions gave me so much of what I need to know. And Aangirfan's suppositions are excellent and acked up with very good research, my hat off to him/her on this one.

      1) The girl never talks about gunfire. Even when asked the direct question about it.

      Knowing how bloody loud gunfire is inside a building, and considering that there is no physical evidence or anything given whatsoever to even verify actual bullets being spent . . . her account immediately makes me realise it's a "no planes" scenarion. Something so obvious and repeated, everyone thinks it couldn't be anything but true and uses it as a starting point . .. and yet, it's totally false.

      There was no real gunfire, hence: there was no actual shooting at the school.

      (my memory recalls mention of the PS system being left on . . .? recorded gunfire fed into the PA system to simulate same maybe?)

      2) The girl clearly states that the first brush with danger was officials (she says policemen, but she's a kid - could be any uniform person) telling her about the danger.

      Sure doesn't sound like she was in any dangerous situation.

      3) The kid talks easily, and she has a relaxed demeanor. The OPPOSITE of a child who has been through a traumatic ordeal . . . never mind a mass shooting with a hail of gunfire.

      _ _ _ _ _

      This is a total cluster-fuck psy-op, and I am very convinced so far it's one that had a pedophilia ring background to it as aangirfan has postulated.

      I can't tell you how blown awa I am by this, or how further I could possibly sickenede by it . . . but I am.

      The mind boggles.

  2. HHQ:

    In the audio I have posted we have reports of multiple shooters including at one point the mention of a man, face down outside of the school....

    We have Lanza allegedly entering the school at the front, but multiple reports of more then one shooter at the back

    We have the drug issue which seems to be being scrubbed?

    I will link this over at my place
    Excellent work HHQ

    1. Christmas greetings Penny, thanks for your link over and I hope the information at your site, Aangirfans, A. Peasants and others gets traction to get people to question and examine this black op/PSYOP. You are correct about the report of the shooter at the back of the school and I've read one account from someone that stated that the door to the school gym was left open. This would imply that instead of Lanza shooting his way through the front door which is absolute rubbish, there may have been an inside-man/woman working undercover. An examination of staff backgrounds, looking for lengths of employment or whether they have have a failing or vice that they could have been compromised with may substantiate this supposition. In your first point, I absolutely believe there were multiple shooters as eyewitnesses stated. As for the drug issue, yes we need to confirm this for sure as it will explain how Lanza even fits into all of this as a patsy. The media is reporting that Lanza has had psychological evaluations done on him and I've no doubt that there is a psychiatrist he was associated with that they're sanitising out of the story. Just like Dr. Lynne Fenton who was the alleged Aurora Colorado shooter James Holme's psychiatrist/handler who was a staff psychiatrist for the US Air Force. Fenton served at Wilfred Hall Medical Centre, Lackland USAFB in San Antonio Texas. Lackland AFB was where the notorious MKULTRA programmer Dr. Louis Joyon "Jolly" West received his operational training and perfected his mind control techniques. So you see it's a little hard to talk about the prescribed psychoactives without revealing the programmer who provided them.

      Cheers and respect.

    2. Joyous Christmas to you Slozo, I agree with you on this highly unusual victim behaviour. I noticed it as well, and when young children especially go through a very traumatic incident, they shut down, withdraw or act out (reflecting the chaos that has just intruded upon their world). Small children thrive off of the safety of the scheduled and predictable, and when something nasty upsets that they will cling desperately to the things that provide them safety and security reassurance i.e. mum, dad, siblings, pets, home or a favourite stuffed toy. They don't want to be left alone with any stranger and definitely don't ever want to return to school. Instead, they will cling tightly to their mothers and fathers and will experience an emotionally retraction. They won't just talk of an incident like it was matter of fact, or with calm lucidity as any child psychologist will attest.

      First there was the weird, out-of-character behaviour of the victims and parents. Then there was that stumbling jackass Chief Medical Examiner Carver, who acted more like a first year intern, than a seasoned medical professional. Falling all about his words, avoiding questions and acting alarmingly erratic. This whole case stinks to high heaven, my instincts are on red alert and spotting red herrings nearly everywhere I turn. I will say this, in terms of covert black ops school shootings, the architects have apparently tightened their game, in terms of information suppression. You can look back as far as Columbine and see each subsequent school shooting erasing more publicly available evidence, sanitising facts and avoiding the release of video or photographic images to analyse. They know that especially since 9/11 that the public has many hundreds of skilled and knowledgable individuals who will dedicate their time to scrutinising every piece of available evidence. What they return with quickly are reports and analysis that pulls apart the lies and deceptions, and indicts the guilty parties in the court of the internet. So the only stunt they can pull is a retraction of the information, suppression of witnesses and pumping out misinformation through conventional media channels.

      I think that many of us who've seen so much of this vile rubbish have stumbled onto a new tactic. One that is very troubling, because if we entertain the hypothesis that this may well be an engineered hoax. Then we the must in turn accept how massive it was in scope and how many were involved in its manufacture and performance. I always try and keep an open mind, especially concerning investigations, but the ramifications of this if revealed to be true is staggering. It would be as much a political house of cards to the state as the 9/11 false flag. If its cover were blown, it would signify the end of anyone ever believing the government or its accomplices in the media EVER again. It would accelerate a civil war from cold to hot.

  3. Merry Christmas. Excellent research here!

    - Aangirfan

    1. Thanks and best of fortunes to you for the coming New Year Aangirfan. Much gratitude for your brilliant coverage and the link over.

      Cheers and respect.

  4. Good work.

    I'm sure you've seen that video of the long-gun in the trunk many times. I'm no expert on guns but to me that doesn't look like a Bushmaster. What do you think?

    1. Greetings Freethinker, I have seen the video and context here is key, I do believe the shotgun-looking long gun they pulled from the trunk was during the night. That leaves many hours where earlier police reported .223 may have been removed and replaced with the gun the media captured on film. We still haven't seen any of the alleged weapons removed from the crime scene. We saw images of the firearms used by Charles Whitman's killing spree at the Texas within 24 hours. Why all the subterfuge in this case, with the alleged shooter dead?

  5. Got here via aangirfan linking to the article. It is good work. Perhaps a big false flag with lots of avoidable errors to lead one along the garden path, the only victims being patsies, but why? Perhaps to hide the kidnapping of just a few children as well as to support the shredding of the constitution. Maybe other problems were solved at the same time as the... distraction? The monied psychos like to multi-task their atrocities.

    All the best for the new year.

    1. Thanks Clothcap. I'm still waiting to see actual tears roll down the faces of any pictured victim or 'grieving' parent. There is a lot of profoundly unusual behaviour in the aftermath of such a huge tragedy. However I'm going to keep following this and eventually the truth will reveal itself. If this is indeed a synthesised PSYOP, no amount of money, coercion or compromise will be able to sustain a hoax of this magnitude.

  6. PS
    Check the photo here -
    4 ppl in the woods.

    1. Thanks for the link CC. I've seen that screenshot and the actual video footage the day of the shooting. It actually depicted two police officers chasing down one second shooting suspect and putting him down on the ground. Veteranstoday needs to tighten up their reporting and research or they'll shortly lose credibility.


    2. actually he was correct - there re 4 ppl in that video/shot - VT has it right. Watch the video again - and keep your eyes to the left/almost furthest left.and you will see a figure/person who is crouched down..then as the 2 policemen take down the one fellow - the figure gets up and slowly walks towards the top of the screen -- there is no denying that its a person. Again keep your eyes to the right of the main action (W/NW) of the main action -- theres a video that points it out clearly on youtube, plus Ive seen the footage on its own,seperately,..and the footage is the same-so, theres nothing funny/no photo/video shopping/editing. Its easy to miss the first time around, but once you notice it - its not at all hard to see. just FYI - and it was this footage that got me researching into the "High strangeness" of Sandy Hook

    3. Thanks Anonymous, I took another look and could barely make out the fourth figure. I was able to track down a much more clear version here:

      Only problem is I'm having difficulty discerning if that's another police officer or a suspect. There's only an instance that he appears just out of the trees in this one. The figure looks as though it's wearing dark blue with a patch on the right shoulder as he makes his way up the hill.

      I've no doubt there were multiple assailants involved, I just want to make sure that is exactly what that figure is. I wish I had the means to run a close up on that video. If any reader has can do this please email me screenshots which I will gladly post for clarity.

    4. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have to say re: your not being able to tell if it was another officer.

      A. If it was a police officer - then why would he stay crouched down, and not help his partners in apprehending the person they were chasing - especially when he was further up ahead of the entire pursuit? All he had to do wouldve been to step out, to go the right/pull his weapon = well ahead already of the officers& the man they were in pursuit of, and stop the chase...and clearly identify himself-- if anything least to not be confused as a suspect/shot at?

      B. Ive seen some of the clearest footage, and in none of it -- can you tell if the figure in question is, black, or green, camo -- much less can a badge even be seen. At best one might imagine that from the play of light/shadow as the person moves.

      C. Why would an officer already be way out in the woods - esp when the pursuit was just beginning..and the helicopter was following the officers as they *first* entered the woods in pursuit of the person they caught?

      Again - it is while/during the point the officers are busy apprehending/narrowing down on the one fellow -- that the person who was staying still/ crouched only then began moving *slowly* AWAY from them/the scene of where the officers had penned the guy down. Only at the end - where the Helicopter footage zoomed in on the main action in the woods does the video come close to allowing the viewer any sort of idea of whom was who/what type of outfits they were wearing -- and this is well after the the "crouching person" was well out of view....and even then its only apparent theyre wearing dark clothing.

      I think you are doing a great job looking into this, and allowing ppl to speak. I only wanted to clarify a few things for others who might be reading.

      This clip, it starts off w the footage we are talking about, and it clearly shows the footage of the pursuit into the woods and just how far ahead the "crouching person" was -- and IMHO also shows that his actions, and demeanor are not those one would expect of an officer acting in SOP in concert w his fellow officers -- particularly if he didnt want to mistakenly be shot creeping about like that...and then tip-toeing off to...where? Certainly not back to where the other officers had the man on the ground.

      Im only posting this clip for the footage - and not anything else said/implied by the video uploader - it was just the quickest/clearest I could find that showed all of which Ive referred to.

      Thank you again for your time.

    5. Greetings Anonymous, thanks for taking the time to break down your analysis of the footage. You make very good and convincing points that I'm willing to concede to. Again, any close up shots of that shadowy figure would greatly aid in corroborating an identity or better description of this suspect. There must almost be more raw footage of this chase that was taken and that too would reveal much. Time will tell in this case and eventually the truth will out as they say.

    6. This video of the figures in the woods MUST be viewed full-screen and at 1080p resolution!

      At about the 2 second mark, the first person is running from right to left and becomes mostly obscured by the large building (gym?). At Full-Screen and at 1080p, watch the head of the person as he reaches about 25% of the roof's width.

      His head stops dead for a moment! I've examined the footage for other digital anomalies and artifacts and don't find an explanation. In fact, the only other example that somewhat matches the effect is even earlier with the same runner. When he hasn't quite reached the large building, his head seems to snap back and his stride is thrown off slightly at the same time.

      Notice too that the running man shows these oddities right about the time he would come into view of anyone set back in the shadows of that shed with the door open.

      Oh, and I did a comprehensive shadow analysis which revealed the footage to have been shot at between 12:00PM and 12:30PM, far later than the estimated time that would comport with the official timeline.

      Just trying to grasp what I'm seeing here and whether their actually is manipulation of some kind.

    7. We need more and better footage from Sandy Hook, but alas these and other critical evidence is being clearly suppressed. Obviously to take measures like these and to threaten citizen investigators and journalists with wholly illegal arrests for speaking the truth,they must have something to hide. Connecticut law-enforcement higher ups are just constructing a fantasy official story and biding their time until the public moves on and forgets. I've news for them, we never will, and the conspirators in this crime will one day answer to a bitter justice for their complicity and treason.

  7. Bravo! Im so glad that you have made the connection with the Dunblane op and subsequent voluntary disarming of the British population, which even exceeded the expectations of those who organised it. They knew that by using children the pre-planned media outcry could be total and irresistible, anyone daring to question the truth being cast as insensitive.

    Well done.

    1. Cheers Anonymous, the connection pretty much made itself as soon as the US government immediately ramped up their citizen disarmament campaign. It was like they had it in their hip pocket just biding their time until their op was finally set in motion. The vomitous lackeys in the media bray all day long about guns being the problem, and boldly lie about mass support for it. The reality of course is that gun sales in the US have exceeded all time records recently. Does that seem to reflect a public consensus on the masses willing to give up their firearms?

      Have a joyous celebration for your New Year.

  8. Excellent research on that Marsh character. Any gun store I've ever gone to they watch you like a hawk when the hand you a weapon. If dozens of guns walked out of that store than it was on purpose. Interesting that the perp says he 'heard voices.' I wonder if those voices told them to go into the store and steal the guns.

    1. Indeed, that has been my exact experience too with gun shoppe visits in the US. Starviego, if you have a regular web page, or site with your research, can you please reply back with it? My readers and a larger audience need to be aware of the great work you've done exposing the Columbine black op.

      Readers, Starviego is a top shelf investigator and excellent researcher whose work you need to seek out.


    2. Detailed information on the Columbine mass shooting, and many others, including Sandy Hook, can be found here:

    3. Thanks much Starviego, I added it to the blog roll at the top right.

  9. good effort!! might be interested in this particular perspective on this quite obvious con-job!

    the so-called "official story" is unravelling right before our eyes in record/"real time" on the 'www' far it can go and if it can stop the gun-grabbers is, @ this juncture, uncertain.....will need some very public figures to start questioning it all, i think, to put a halt to this civilian disarmament agenda.....if the US is disarmed....the rest of the world won't have "a prayer"! :(

    1. Thanks Jimbo, I'll be sure to check out your link. Unfortunately, I've no doubt that the US government will run more black op shootings in the very near future. They will target children for the maximum psychological effect, and I estimate that they will be much brutal in scope. These are the very same people who committed the 9/11 false flag and innocent human life means absolutely nothing to them.

      The US is in a key position in the world in regards to an armed populace. It is one of the reasons that it has forced the government to utilise strategic distractions and psychological manipulation tactics, rather than force. They know that force would be a mistake and they would lose because they can't count on everyone in law-enforcement and the military to carry out that level of treason. Hence why they are turning more and more to drone deployment, that they will use to carry out terrorist assassinations and intimidation killings.

      The governments of China as well as Russia publicly support the disarmament of US citizens, because it serves their interests if they were to ever consider fighting a conventional war and every invade. Unarmed people are easy to victimise as history will readily corroborate.

  10. Great article! other oddities to add would have to include: Gene Rosen, who lives right next to the fire station - the gun taken from the trunk of the car is actually a saiga shotgun and not a bushmaster - Christopher Rodia has connections to a guy named Uzar who manufactures full auto weapons - the number of rounds fired (minimum 3 per victim to as many as 11) and the pattern of those shots (kids faces unrecognizable) indicates a full auto or select fire weapon and professional shooting capabilities resulting in multiple hits in small groups.
    I was also struck by the photogenic quality of many of the dead students. There are multiple pictures of the Parker girls showing the satanic hand sign and even one with an adult in the background flashing the sign.
    Supposedly there is a large church of Satan in the Newtown area.

    1. Thanks Bittercritter, yes the very paedo-like Gene Rosen is a lying, odd bird for sure. Readers should check the video at the end of this post to see for themselves. Your information on this Uzar character connected to Rodia is very valuable.

      One of the biggest challenges of this whole affair has been to sort out fact from fantasy and actual verifiable information is very hard to find. There are huge amounts of hearsay and I've tried my best to put down as much possibly relevant details as I could. Examinations of this case are best done with many contributors to scrutinise the may facets of evidence, and try to make sense of it all.

      More than anything we need eyewitnesses to step up and provide anything they have. This shooting will never see conventional justice and facts and evidence are being suppressed. Why?! The alleged lone nut shooter is dead according to their 'official story' so they have no legal reason to not publicly release all the information they have. Unless... they obviously have something to hide.

  11. I do remember seeing a media video live of the broken glass doors in front of the school. I will try to find it and post it for you. But I did see somewhere that the doors were indeed broken because I discussed with others school security and the fact glass doors are not at all a deterrent for anyone who does want to enter a school. As to why (or if) the responders entered the windows....I don't know. I have not seen any other reports claiming they entered through the windows.

    1. Anonymous, I and the readers here need to see that bit of critical evidence. Can you please reply back with a link we can examine? If I can verify that this indeed did occur, I will update the information in my post to reflect that. As I stated in the post, there was a person who reported that the door to the gym was left open (unlocked or left ajar, they didn't say). If this was fact, then it implies an inside person who facilitated that.

    2. sorry to "sling" (yet!!) another lot of stuff @ ya!!....but.....this 'thread' on the glp forum has some good back-ground, too!

      (i have been trying to get them to "merge" all the relevant 'Sandy Hook' threads into one specific sub-forum!!....because...there's TONs of good info' on there....but....unfortunately, no luck so far, eh?!?)

      from my under-standing of the situation.....the school janitor (they call them "custodians" over there!) was in on it.....whether wittingly or unwittingly.....apparently, his young daughter attends the 'they' may well have either threatened her or held or hostage to get his co-operation (these low-life maggots will stop @ absolutely nothing...they are completely and utterly without any sort of conscience or feelings....cold-hearted MONSTERs!!) was the school janitor who, apparently, admitted a couple of these psychopath assasin bastards via a back entrance and, then, killed the school's power with a master-kill-switch which effectively neutralised the CCTV coverage!!

      what needs to happen is a full-blown independent investigation by a committed, determined, competent and trust-worthy team of top-notch Private Investigators....a coupla doz' @ least!!

      that, of course, would cost $lots$, so, a high-profile org' like the NRA really needs to jump into this boots and all....once they have gathered sufficient evidence to rebut the co-called "official story", then, it would be time for some prominent public figures to "break cover" and start asking some heavy-duty questions in the public square....but...of course, they can't do that w/out hard evidence...i'm sure there are many high-profile public figures who have got major, major doubts abt this whole incident!!

      oh....BTW....Happy New Year.....for wht that's worth these days, eh?!? :(

    3. Hey Jimbo, thanks for the new link, it took me hours to sort through it all. For a good part of it, the discussions were on course and the reports very enlightening. Then after user GreadyGenius alleged that he received an intimidating cease and desist email from his ISP Time Warner, information began to decline. GreadyGenius went on to detail that — 'the email was just from his ISP, TW (Time Warner?). The email from the ISP stated there was an ongoing investigation in a matter he recently posted "information" about, and that he needed to delete it on for legal purposes. Then it states in a disclaimer there are legal grounds for prosecution if the email he received is "transcribed". So, it appears that something that particular user on the forum exposed is the truth. Truth which threatened the vast morass of perpetrated misinfo, lies, distortions and omissions propagated in this case.

      I didn't read anything about the custodian being an inside-man at the forum, but it's possible it was posted and then removed by this GreadyGenius. He did say that he deleted his posts to comply with the cease & desist threat and his IP was banned. Can you please confirm who it was who posted the inside-man info? As you may have read in my Christmas eve post to Penny, I believe that there may indeed have been an inside-person at that school. An accomplice who may have allowed the killer(s) and Adam Lanza entry into the school for a quieter, surprise attack.

      I've seen the video of the alleged school front-door breach and the shattered glass entry is not the front door, it is a glass panel directly to the right. An entry breach that could have very well have been a point of entry made by the tactical/police teams to enter the school.

      Jimbo, you stated " was the school janitor who, apparently, admitted a couple of these psychopath assassin bastards via a back entrance and, then, killed the school's power with a master-kill-switch which effectively neutralised the CCTV coverage!!" I would agree with your speculation on the inside-man custodian providing entry for the assailants. However the cutting of the school power couldn't have occurred, as the school's intercom was on and broadcasting during the shooting. There is CCTV footage from the school but it has been confiscated as well as any video from nearby traffic cams. There is definitely footage from the security camera on that front door but that is being suppressed along with other telling evidence.

      I've been to numerous forums attempting to retrieve corroborative evidence and the paid trolls and saboteurs are out in full force. They hijack threads and derail good information by fomenting discord and inciting in-fighting amongst the forum ranks. They are ham-handed, predictable and easily thwarted to those schooled in their tactics. Unfortunately, in a good many case they are successful in their missions as users readily swallow the bait and the thread soon self-destructs due to the sabotage.

      I'll tell you one thing to look for when the next black op shooting is deployed, and that is a complete smothering of any news information. The engineers of this op will learn from their mistakes in this crime, as well as their severe underestimation of the netizens ability to track down and analyse any pertinent information fast. Another thing to watch for in this shooting case is just how many law-enforcement officers in Connecticut, suddenly retire or resign. This cover-up is huge, but not every officer is willing to conspire in criminal complicity or commit acts of treason.

    4. g'day again!!

      yeh.....sry abt that....i think the stuff abt the janitor is on one of t'other glp 'threads' eh?!?.....yr "best bet" would be to simply type "Sandy Hook" into their forum search engine and take it from there!!

      (from memory: what they were saying was that he killed the power to the whether or not that killed the power, period...not sure....but....they were saying that the power did go out just before the shooting[s]/if any began!! for the school intercom....again...not sure...perhaps it had a back-up/battery system)

      didn't know abt "GreadyGenius" getting threatening emails from the Illuminati/NWO shills...personally...i wouldn't take any notice of an could be any-one impersonating any-one, eh?!?....of course: if they rang me land/line or knocked on me front door.....well...that'd be quite a different matter, eh?!?

      the bottom line here is, like i said, eh?!?....they really need a full-blown, independent investigation into this....that means that the NRA and a few of its wealthiest supporters/sympathisers have gotta "bite the bullet" and go for it.....until's just all speculation on the "www", eh?!?.....
      this is a top priority matter....because....the sooner the major doubts abt this is planted in the public's mind, the harder it will be for them to "pull off" some-thing similar, too, eh?!?

      i'm not worried abt the trolls and the you said, they're easily spotted...and....any-way....the more decent and honest forum members are exposing them pretty quickly, any-way!!

      best of luck to you for 2013!!

  12. Hi and thanks for the wonderful post. I am debating with some dude on FB who claims his family know about the shootings and claim that people were killed and also a Judy Silverlight who is apparently a school speech therapist who weirdly does not appear on the manifest for the school. No med staff could get to the scene, can anyone actually find pictures of the body of the kids. I immediatly thought Dunblane reading about this too. I was reading a website called SCUM (Scottish Cover up Merchants) and it seems that Dunblane and Lockerbie are linked. Until I see proper evidence of the school and stuff, I am still maintaining that kids weren't killed. I also seen a video online that all the US shootings happened on PRIVATE property?

    Thanks again

    1. That would be me who has the family connection to Judy Silverlight.. And she is, in fact, the speech pathologist for Newtown Elementary school system.. All you would need to do to have confirmed this is go to google and type "Judy Silverlight" and speech pathologist and you'll see two results.. this blog post.. (that's how I found your comment) and her name in the results tied to Newtown.. (yet you didn't type Newtown into google) If you don't want to go the google route, you can just follow this link..

      (it's the link that shows up from google)

      Just scroll down the school manifest to page 9 under "speech/language/hearing" and you'll see Judy Silverlight's name..

      You can also confirm that her husband, Terry Silverlight, is the drummer in my parents' band by going here and scrolling down our band's roster..

      My name is 'J' canaan greene, (as you know me on facebook) and my parents are Len Greene and Elizabeth Greene.. As you can see, they're the band leaders.

      Judy has gone to more than a dozen funerals of the victims.. she was close friends with the principle and the school psychologist and she knew many of the children AND their families including the Parker family.

  13. Greetings Holistic Chemist, I'd be very interested in hearing more on what the FB user's family know and possibly saw regarding the shooting. I don't know if anyone has seen any images of the crime scene at all including any of the casualties. I do know that Connecticut law-enforcement has cordoned off the area with no trespassing signs, boards on the windows and a wall established that separates the school from the primary killing zone. Why all of this subterfuge and secrecy if there's nothing to hide?

    Can you elaborate on what you know about the US shootings committed on private property? That is something I had never come across looking in this and the other shooting ops.


  14. just came across this Y-tb/audio from a serving police lieutenant in the US who is "chucking it in"......some sort of martial law planned in the US within a few weeks....prblby by Easter/2013!.....VERY disturbing.....this is all gunna happen real quick.....those US citz who aren't prepared must start preparing NOW!!.....before it's too late!!.........CIVIL WAR is coming!! to the United States!!.....2013 is the Year of Doom!!

  15. Thanks Jimbo, I'll be sure to check this link too.


    1. i find it interesting you didnt post my response concerning that it IS a fact that there were 2 men in those woods in that footage (the figure you can see to the left of the main action where the 2 policemen were bringing a man down) Keep your eyes to the left of the screen - it is clear as day the man is crouching until they begin to the bring the one man down> then he stands up, and slowly walks the NW..remember keep your eyes on the left and watch that only

    2. Greetings Anonymous, I never censor helpful and progressive information. Check the comments section again for I did indeed post your comment and reply to it. I was having some not at all benign issues with Blogger holding back user comments and then releasing them sometimes a few days later, or placed in my Spam folder. Apologies as it seems yours was diverted in that way. If that ever occurs again, please send your comment again and I'll be happy to post it.

      Cheers and a good new year!

    3. Apologies returned. Thank you-and I do now see my response. I appreciate you taking the time to explain what the issue was. I kept this tab/site open as I didnt want to forget about this thread as its been a good source of talk about this - that also hasn't (on the whole) been filled w too too much of "out there kind of talk.
      I try to always keep occams razor in mind...and remind myself that the simplest explanation is *often* (but not always)the best explanation. But right from day-1 this story has not passed the "sniff test", so to speak. I mean - the first info coming out about the so-called "lone nutter" was said to be Ryan Lanza - and ( I recall being somewhat astounded when I read this later, and it was from a very well known News Agency (online source) ) that HIS FATHERS body was found in his apartment? What!? I mean, fine - I could accept that the wrong identification was due to he having his brothers ID and that his girlfriend (and her friend, as well, I recall)
      Who/why would someone (who was sourced as from being an anonymous LE) leak such erroneous information? That was WAY WAY out of the ballpark - and implied Peter Lanza body had been found - in an apparently searched apartment (obviously would have been for that to even be said)
      So, it seems disinformation was being leaked from the start OR They had scripts w variations/contingencies that couldve worked for them should the situation work out differently -- and that tells me that there was (in this hypothesis)planning for variables that might arise in this situation - which would seem to say that what intelligence activities that were involved (seemingly so) were probably very compartmentalized (not unusual).
      I heard about what was broadcast over the PA, but I also noticed, esp in the early interviews, --that no child spoke of that in their recollection of what they *heard*. I heard where a teacher told her class it was a drill (the banging sound), and another child said they thought it was just the janitor knocking some stuff down(even though "100s of shots fired" wouldnt sound like I wouldnt think, even tho I know sound can become garbled)...but nothing about the screams, etc over the PA -- and just wanted to point that out..
      Many others have already addressed certain other issues like the inconsistencies in the nurses story (1st she said she looked the gunman in the eye, AND knew his mother , a teacher there (except NOT) - then in a later interview she changed it to say she only saw his knees/down)

      Thanks everyone for getting on this - I think the sincere search for the truth - honors those who did die - best.

    4. Thank you Anonymous, it's contributions such as yours that keep clarifying and adding to the analysis of what we have amassed so far. Thanks to all the contributors to this discussion, please feel free to add any relevant comments to this post. This case is far from having any definitive shape to it and all we have is questions, but very little conclusive physical evidence. We'll keep this going, so keep sending in the leads, suspects, observations and hopefully, some exclusive evidence that can break this case.

      Cheers and respect.

  16. Rocksome Blog!!!...Espavo...

    1. Thanks much Lisa, glad you found the information of value.


  17. some other links for you to ponder...

    "above top secret forum ;

    "global research article on same" by Prfssr James F Tracy of Florida Atlantic University;

    (prt) quote, re: abv.........

    Inconsistencies and anomalies abound when one turns an analytical eye to news of the Newtown school massacre. The public’s general acceptance of the event’s validity and faith in its resolution suggests a deepened credulousness borne from a world where almost all news and information is electronically mediated and controlled. The condition is reinforced through the corporate media’s unwillingness to push hard questions vis-à-vis Connecticut and federal authorities who together bottle-necked information while invoking prior restraint through threats of prosecutorial action against journalists and the broader citizenry seeking to interpret the event on social media

    (nice 1, eh ?!?)

    **well....that's abt it from me.....i'll leave it up to y'all to sift through all that considerable info' there, eh?!?**


  18. one final *post-script*

    i'm an avid Sherlock Holmes fan!

    i just recalled this particular quote from the famous detective earlier today!!

    "the principal difficulty in your case" remarked Holmes in his didactic fashion "lay in the fact of their being too much evidence. What was vital was over-laid and hidden by what was irrelevant. Of all the facts presented to us , we had to pick just those which we deemed to be essential and , then, piece them together in their order so as to reconstruct this very remarkable chain of events." ("The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes; The Naval Treaty" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Berkely Medallion Books, 1963 edtn)

    kinda "sums it all up" wrt this Sandy Hook incident, eh?!?

    a huge amount of dis-info, inaccuracies, ½-truths, obfusctications and out-right lies are being peddled both the media and "the authorities"....the truth is being camouflaged and buried by beaucoup BS!!...we have to sweep away all these red herrings and false leads in order to discover what really happened!!

  19. Indeed, too true Jimbo. It's a daunting task at best, as indicated at Godlike Productions. No sooner does a user post up a seemingly verified fact, then it is contradicted by contrary, but convincing information later on. The paid military or other bastard pseudo-persons (software created virtual users, read about them here: are using this to their advantage posting as multiple users.

    The game's afoot eh Watson?

  20. thanks for share.

  21. Very good info so far, thanks!
    Have you looked into the orientation of the parked cars in front of the school? On Dec 14 all cars were parked nose to tail, compared to other days, nose to nose.

    To me, the really big question is "why is so much so obvious?" What do they want to achieve with this psyop? To divide the citicens of the U.S. Why? The cun control thing is also too obvious...

  22. Greetings Anonymous, yes, I have seen that evidence. In addition to CT law enforcement moving the alleged Lanza transport car with the rifle they first reportedly they discovered in it. Very suspicious how that car was suddenly and inexplicably moved from its initial location in the crime scene. Then suddenly post-move, the police are able to produce a shotgun from the trunk conveniently captured by a media source.

    As sick as it appears, the intent of this false flag type event was indeed to go after guns and abrogate the US second amendment. They are following the exact disarmament operations deployed in the aftermaths of the Dunblane, Hungerford and Port Arthur massacres. Sandy Hook was by no means the last engineered, government sponsored massacre. Due to the absolute zealous desperation of a government bent on disarmament and subjugation, we should all be vigilant of them enacting more and more synthetic violences against innocents and children to achieve their psychotic mission. The more we shine a light on their criminal black ops and provide information exchanges and open dialogues, the more they fear getting caught red-handed executing it the next time.


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