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23 December, 2012

Dunblane 2.0: The Sandy Hook Elementary School Black Op

Well, it's been quite a while, and it's been over a week of investigation into this case of the Connecticut black op shooting. What I've found so far is pretty much the most bizarre case I've ever sleuthed. No revealed physical evidence, inconsistent to nonexistent eyewitness reports, no security footage, no amateur video or camera footage uploaded, and a seemingly bloodless and mayhem-free crime scene. The official story narrative is ever changing along with the weapons involved, and a constructed bad-jacket backstory on the 'lone nutter' shooter highly reminiscent of one they did on Lee Harvey Oswald.

Diligence is rewarded, and through my examinations of this case, I've uncovered a very strong person of interest and possible second suspect in these shootings. A suspect who very well may have furnished the primary .223 calibre murder weapon, and may either be a cut-out, or another gunman in the op.

I can affirm that this case is an exact replay of the Dunblane massacre and subsequent UK disarmament campaign. They executed the same thing black op in Australia with the Port Arthur shooting spree that psychologically manipulated the Aussies to give up their guns. This school shooting has every thing to do with a black op run to replay the massacres at Port Arthur Australia, Dunblane Scotland and Hungerford England. The aftermath of which produced in the UK, an opportunistic Snowdrop Campaign which led to government imposition of draconian gun ban laws and disarmament of the citizenry. Learn from these two bitter lessons US masses, and don't fall for the PSYOP. Keep your guns and defend your freedom and families from an ever encroaching tyranny. 2013 will bring austerity and ramped up fascism to the shores of America, and the last thing the self-imposed rulers want is an armed populace to contend with. Bullies never assault the armed or those who will fight back, they also never acquiesce once they secure a victim until they are confronted and soundly routed.

No one's grief accompanied by government sponsored media propaganda and hysterical rhetoric, should ever manipulate the masses into submitting to banning or the turning in their arms. No deceptive abrogation of constitutional rights should ever supersede the masses ability to defend themselves from crime and criminals, or a tyrannical government bent on wholesale plunder, gangster operations and enslavement.

"The media can play a vital part in campaigning, but are unlikely to achieve much without sustained public support. Without additional and novel elements to the campaign stories some newspaper editors appear to have a finite interest and grow tired of the issues, while others blur the issues by focusing too much on personal stories. But personal stories are important if interest is to be maintained and that is one reason why the involvement of the families of the victims was a key element in the gun control campaign. Many of us sacrificed some of our own privacy to further the cause of gun control."

Dr. Mick North, Gun Control Network, United Kingdom in a paper entitled "After Dunblane: Gun Control in the United Kingdom 1996 - 2001"

The above clearly outlines a blueprint-like strategy to be used to secure gun disarmament laws in the UK and beyond by the UK Gun Control Network and Snowdrop Campaign.

In the US, the crocodile tears of a president lamenting the deaths of children is nothing short of vile hypocrisy, especially from a man who callously orders drone strikes which have so far killed 168 innocent children in Pakistan alone. Synthetic emotive psychopathy from the leader of a country that also refuses to ratify by signature, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 193 countries at the UN have signed, ratified and accepted this 1993 human rights treaty except for Somalia, Sudan and the United States.

There are only two reasons that masses of children are targeted murderously, and one is for reasons of black ops terrorism. The other, is due to the assailant(s) committing a psychological terrorist attack, designed to calculatingly inflict maximum pain and horror. Violence against children usually means that the perpetrator of that violence were themselves either sexually, mentally or physically assaulted repeatedly. It was reported that Nancy Lanza was shot four times in the face by Adam Lanza before his alleged 'lone nutter' killing spree. If that was the case, the level of overkill used on the mother, reveals some deep and personal outrage he had for her. Or, made to look that way by operatives involved who terminated her.

If this was run as a classic black op, it would consist of a three-four person team with a recon/spotter, two wetwork operatives and a driver with a police/fire scanner coordinating the mission and warning of law-enforcement encroachment. If Adam Lanza was involved at all, it was as him playing out a programmed 'Call of Duty' gaming fantasy, only to be put down and left as a very convenient, very dead patsy. Either that, or he was just a scapegoat patsy and black ops mercs killed him and dumped his body at the school during the mayhem.

At the conclusion of the killing spree in Dublane, shooter and "lone nutter" Thomas Hamilton, allegedly committed suicide with not one, but two head shots from a .357 Magnum! According to information that came to light after the Cullen Inquiry, Thomas Hamilton died from two bullet wounds fired into the roof of his mouth, one bullet exiting above the left ear, and another through the top of his head. This evidence clearly points to at least one other shooter/handler on site and a covert black op behind it all.

* Below are many of the facts I've collected, often in the sequence I collected them. So bear this in mind that as you read to the end, there are updates to earlier reported information.


The facts so far:

Suspect One: Adam Lanza (20 years-old)

• Suspect found dead of alleged "self-inflicted" gun shot, wearing all-black, a mask and bullet-proof body armour.

The official story changes yet again. 27/12/12 the New Haven Register reported from Lt. J. Paul Vance (Connecticut State Police Department Public Information Officer (PIO) that Adam Lanza went into the Sandy Hook Elementary School wearing a utility vest, not a bullet proof vest. “It was a fishing type vest, a jacket with a lot of pockets; it was not a bullet-proof vest,” Vance said. A utility vest is readily available in any sporting goods store. While Lanza’s vest would have provided him plenty of storage for ammunition, it wouldn’t have protected him from gunfire.

• Again, the perp was found to have been wearing some type of mask. Why? If he was going to kill himself anyway? Masks are used for those planning some sort of escape later, or to evade identification. Now (15-12-12), police spokesman, Lt. J. Paul Vance stated that Adam Lanza forced his way into the school. I don't believe it happened this way, because they refuse to show the front door of the school at all. Also the first responders and police had to break windows to get inside the school. If the front door had been blasted away, why not enter that way?

• Judging from the length of time it took for the police to report how the perpetrator gained entry, and how they first reported erroneously that Adam was buzzed in, I do not believe the story they are stating that he walked up and shot through the glass with 6 rounds of rifle ammo. I believe that instead, the electronic security of the door was tripped and the element of surprise used by the perpetrators.

• Why did Nancy Lanza own so many weapons? It has been reported by family-friend Dan Holmes, that Nancy was an avid collector who often went target shooting with her children.

• 16-12-12 ATF Special Assistant Agent Gene Marquez said his agency "has not been able to uncover any evidence that the mother and the son were actively engaged in going to the gun ranges, practicing marksmanship, or anything of that nature." Several local gun ranges corroborated that fact as well.

• Weapons recovered consisted of one - Glock 9mm pistol (17 round magazine), one - Sig Sauer P226 9mm pistol (15 round magazine), and a Remington Bushmaster .223 calibre semi-auto rifle (30 + round magazine). Also allegedly recovered at unknown locations were a Henry repeating rifle, an Enfield rifle and a shotgun. A NY Daily News article on 14/12/12 corroborated that the Glock 9mm pistol, Sig Sauer P226 9mm pistol, and Bushmaster .223 calibre semi-auto rifle, were indeed the weapons owned by Nancy Lanza. The Daily News even goes as far as to actually state "Weapons used by Adam Lanza, 20, alleged shooter in Sandy Hook elementary school rampage" complete with an image of all three. There is no mention at all of any Glock 10mm which Adam Lanza was suicided with.

These are the weapons purported to have been used in the massacre and recovered at the crime scene

• Approximately 100 rounds were reported fired in the killing spree. Lanza was said to have only used the pistols, as the Remington semi-auto rifle allegedly remained in the trunk during the killings. To accomplish the expenditure of that many rounds with handguns, Lanza would have to have reloaded each weapon at least once.

• According to Reuters (15-12-12), Chief Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver stated that the gunman in the school shooting used a rifle and the victims were shot multiple times from 3 to 11 times. Since the police claim the rifle was still in the trunk of Adam Lanza's mother's car, how could it have been used as the primary weapon? Unless of course, there were multiple shooters involved and they need to place that weapon inside the school to fit the morphing narrative.

• Nancy Jean Lanza sued Peter John Lanza for divorce on November 24, 2008 -- three days before Thanksgiving, Connecticut court records show. The divorce was finalised in September of 2009.

• During the slaughter, the school's intercom was turned on, something that would only be done by professionals, or persons trained in their tactics. The use of which is to instil chaos and terror, confuse amount of shots fired as well as direction. No school personnel would leave that equipment on deliberately, as it would only terrify the children and teachers and cause hysteria.

• According to the police dispatcher on the day of the shooting spree, an unidentified teacher called into 911, and detailed that he saw two shadows running past the gym towards the back of the school. The only male teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School was 25 year-old Ted Varga, so therefore it had to have been he who made the call.

• It was reported that school custodian Kevin J. Anzellotti ran through the school halls warning school staff and students, and checking that all the doors were locked from the inside. School staffer Shari Thornburg said that Anzelotti was also heard yelling at a gunman inside the school to "Put the gun down! Put the gun down". What this tells us is that Kevin Anzelotti actually saw one of the shooters and no one is interviewing him at all about what he witnessed.

• On 14/12/12 11:09 AM Danbury Police reported over their scanners that they were on the lookout for a PURPLE or MAROON VAN in connection with the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Radio dispatch further relayed, "Two occupants with possible ski masks that may be involved with this incident. Exit 8 heading down Stoney Hill towards the center". At 11:10 dispatch continued "They may be involved with this incident. Also we are getting reports one of them maybe wearing a Nun outfit, heading towards Danbury, Stoney Hill, purple van — unknown plate. At 11:17 AM dispatch reported, "People in the van had masks, one was dressed in what appears to be a nun's uniform… outfit". 11:17:29 AM: "Is 1089 available to go on route 8 and make a post for this purple van?" Unidentified police unit responded, "Yeah, I'll continue to Griffin… once I get to Griffin we'll figure it out. 1089 will post for that vehicle." Dispatch responded, "Alright roger that, I'll try and get more information on the van".

• News reports Friday suggested that Nancy Lanza had worked at the elementary school. However, at a news conference on Saturday, Superintendent of schools in Newtown Janet Robinson, said there was no record that Nancy Lanza had ever worked at the school as a full-time or substitute teacher, or in any other capacity.

• Neighbour Gina McDade said Nancy Lanza was a "stay-at-home mom" and not a teacher or part-time employee of Sandy Hook Elementary, as some media reports stated. This is the second person of knowledge to make this statement, and it is very important. For it indicates that Adam Lanza had no ties to, or reason to be at that school other than to perform the atrocity op. It makes no logical sense why Adam specifically targeted the school if he had no connection there. Even if he may have attended it 14 to 15 years previously.

• CBS News 16-12-12 at 3:26 PM reported the following: Adam Lanza then killed himself with a single bullet to the head from a 10 mm gun, and the bullet was recovered in a classroom wall. Clearly there is a problem with this, as originally, there was no 10mm weapon found nor reported at the crime scene. The Telegraph also is changing firearm evidence, as they stated that Adam "left a shotgun in his car" during the attack. This directly contravenes the police report stating that a rifle was found in the trunk of the mother's car that was driven to the school.

• There are now some suspiciously convenient details coming out, very reminiscent of the kind of synthetic backstory that was engineered for patsy Lee Harvey Oswald. The UK media is now circulating that Adam Lanza was a Goth who hung out with black trench-coat types at school and talked about "blowing things up" according to a former classmate Olivia DeVivo.

• At the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year, Sandy Hook Elementary School sent their revised security policy to all parents. In it they stated, "Every visitor will be required to ring the doorbell at the front entrance and the office staff will use a visual monitoring system to allow entry." What this denotes is that there were/are/was security camera monitoring at the school, particularly at the front door entrance. This means that when Adam or the perpetrators gained access to that front door as the police allege, it was all captured on video; at least live if not recorded as well.

• Analysis of photos of the school's front entrance and door would reveal much evidence and answers. However in my research for such images, I found them to be absolutely sanitised from both Google and Bing images. Bear in mind I was looking for old photos and not current ones!

• It was reported that the hard drive in Adam Lanza's computer was destroyed by blunt force using either a hammer or screwdriver. If one recalls the Virginia Tech shooting case, the hard drive of Seung-Hui Cho was missing and never recovered. The problem is in both cases, if you plan on shooting yourself, why would you give a toss if anyone finds it. No, the only reason to destroy or remove a hard drive, if someone plans on a suicide mission, is because they want to protect someone. Either that, or the accomplices Adam may have associated with, or black ops operatives may have destroyed it after murdering Nancy Lanza.

• The evidence has been suspiciously changed yet again, and now the media has morphed Lanza's .223 Bushmaster semi-automatic to just an outright AR-15. This of course accommodates the government's expansion of an anti-gun agenda and its propaganda, quite perfectly. Below is a news video compilation on just how the Sandy Hook Elementary School firearms keep getting changed.

• Police reported that they found Ryan Lanza's ID on his brother Adam's dead body. How? Ryan Lanza stated that he hadn't seen or talked to his brother in 2 years. What kind of ID was it? What if the black ops shooting team took an old ID that was at Nancy Lanza's residence, and planted it on Adam after they 'suicided' him to buy time and spread confusion?

• The Glock 9MM is the preferred weapon of choice for local and state police in the US. The Sig Sauer P226 is the weapon many Navy SEALs carry as a side arm due to its compact nature, power and reliability. An odd choice for a mother of two to buy, as are the other weapons purported to have been owned by Nancy Lanza.

• Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. H. Wayne Carver stated the parents identified the children through photos, allegedly to spare them some shock. This greatly deviates from normal procedures carried out by coroners and medical examiners. Why? Also, why were the children's bodies removed under cover of darkness, and such secrecy?

• The .223 Remington Bushmaster rifle type is the same one used in the DC Sniper black op.

• According to an unconfirmed report, a former high school classmate of Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman Adam Lanza has claimed that the 20-year-old was involved in satanism. Trevor L. Todd, 20, who knew Lanza distantly, told the National Enquirer that Lanza had a devil-worshiping page on the web, which had a black background, gothic lettering and the word “devil” sprawled across the top in red. He stated that he thought the page was “weird” and “gave him the chills”. This sounds reasonable, but with no evidence to back it up it could just be part of a bad-jacketing profile.

Here's some possibly interesting new information I just found on 31/12/12. Apparently there is some corroboration of satanic activity in Newtown Connecticut. It seems that the Church of Satan has a recruiting hub in Newtown, CT run by one Curtis M. LeBlanc. The addresses are P.O. Box 3184 Newtown, CT 06470 & (**** West Street, Newtown, CT – Early 40s – Est. $1M Home Value). LeBlanc is a Church of Satan Member and his responsibilities are assisting new members sign up. Here is what the satanic church is called in Newtown, CT: Church of Satan outpost, (AKA Church of Tiamat). Source credit -

• Why do we have only grainy, blurry, or black & white images  of Lanza, or ones of him as a child? Adam Lanza obtained a driver's license in July of 2010, three months after he turned 18, listing him as 5 feet 10 inches tall, with blue eyes and not an organ donor. Why don't we see that photo?

• Eyewitness News learned that Adam Lanza and his father stopped communicating about a year after the divorce in 2009. Why would a father sever communication from his son for 3 years?

• Richard Novia, a former director of security for the Newtown School District, stated that although he was not able to give details about Adam's specific condition, he reported Adam Lanza did not have any violent tendencies. Novia continued, "In a security aspect, it wouldn't be what he would do," he said. "It was what they might do to him". He wasn't feared to be a danger to others, however. Staff were instead concerned that he could be bullied or harmed by others or could harm himself. "At that point in his life, he posed no threat to anyone else. We were worried about him being the victim or that he could hurt himself," Mr. Novia told the Wall Street Journal.

• In a police scanner recording the black Honda Civic Connecticut license 872-YEO is said to be owned by a Christopher Rodia and NOT by Nancy Lanza. Which would make total sense seeing the huge house she owned and her monied lifestyle, it just doesn't fit. Christopher Rodia is a 42 year-old formerly from Norwalk Connecticut and now rumoured to be living in Miami, FLA. According to some reports he's a petty thief and drug dealer (Oxycontin), which to me sounds like a cut-out, or another patsy setup with a car falsely registered in his name. (Credit to Godlike

Brand new information 27/12/12, confirms that the 2010 black Honda was not Nancy Lanza's, as her car was in fact a 2009 silver BMW parked in the garage attached to her home. Judge John Blawie granted motions filed Wednesday (26/12/12) by Danbury State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky to extend the statutory sealing period for the five warrants, including three for the Yogonanda Street home. The judge's order also covers the two other search warrants, for the 2010 Honda Civic Adam Lanza drove to the school and for Nancy Lanza's 2009 silver BMW. What this means is that any and all information related to what investigators find will remain suppressed to the public for 90 days!

   *** UPDATE 28, January 2013 ***    


Just discovered some great new photos of the Sandy Hook crime scene along with some inspired detective legwork by a duo of investigators who took it upon themselves to go down to Sandy Hook to take photos and ask a few questions from people willing to listen and respond. Do yourself a favour and check it out and make sure to thank them for their courage and dedication.


Suspect Two? Jordan Marsh, 26 years old


Person of Interest - Jordan Marsh

On 15 December 2012, just one day after the school shootings, Jordan Marsh attempted to steal a Bushmaster .50 caliber rifle from Riverview Gun Sales.  He was thwarted when an employee noticed that Marsh was leaving the store without paying for the $4,995.95 gun.

Marsh, according to the police report, then fled the store with the rifle, with two employees chasing after him. Marsh reached his vehicle, put the rifle down and pulled a knife on the employees, according to the report. Marsh then evaded capture on foot, but was eventually arrested by East Windsor police officers. A canister of pepper spray, in addition to the rifle and the knife, were seized by police. Marsh was charged with larceny in the third degree, robbery in the first degree, theft of a firearm and carrying of dangerous weapons. He was arraigned in Enfield on Monday and held on $2 million bail.

During the investigation, police in Hartford also seized an Windham .223 rifle from a Hartford hotel that Marsh had checked into several days earlier, according to East Windsor Detective Matthew Carl. Marsh allegedly had stolen this gun from Riverview Gun Sales as well, Carl said. Hartford police were notified of the Windham rifle located in the Hilton Hotel after the credit card that Jordan Marsh used to pay for the room was denied. According to Nancy Mulroy, Hartford public information officer, Hotel security, which accessed the room after the card was denied on Dec. 16, discovered the rifle and immediately contacted police. Riverview surveillance footage reveals that the Windham was stolen on 2012/12/11 at 16:56 PM (4:56 PM) according to the CCTV date and time stamp.

Check the date and time stamp! Marsh stole this .223 cal a full two days before the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. But that's just a coincidence right?

Here's what I discovered, In their article "East Windsor gun store raided after man caught stealing rifle" Eyewitness News reported the following: "In a video obtained by Eyewitness News, Jordan Marsh, 26, of South Windsor, can be seen stealing an AR-15 with a scope just four days earlier". That would make it Sunday, 16 December correct? Well, check the date stamp on the CCTV camera video of Marsh stealing the Windham .223 which clearly shows that the date was actually December 11th. The shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School occurred on Friday, December 14th… three days after Marsh's theft. The rifle was then said to have been recovered on Sunday the 16th in a duffle bag in Marsh's hotel room. What if the Newtown and Connecticut state police are lying and the .223 calibre kill weapon is a Windham, instead of the Remington they claim they found? Two ways to easily find out, test the Windham to see if it has been fired, and produce the Remington they alleged they to have found. Oh… wait a minute… Windham Weaponry make three AR-15 carbines which chamber .223 Remington rounds, the HBC, the SRC and the MPC. You see, Windham Weaponry used to be Bushmaster Arms. The owner of Bushmaster sold the company to Remington and then in early 2011, he bought it back and renamed it Windham Weaponry. Can anyone say literal smoking gun? Three law enforcement officers now state that the assault rifle used in the school shooting came from Riverview Gun Sales. Coincidence? BATF spokeswoman Debra Seifert refuses to detail  the alleged rifle purchase by Nancy Lanza. Seifert confirmed Thursday 20/12/12 that neither Nancy nor Adam Lanza are believed to have engaged in target shooting over the last six months.

My question is, Is it possible that this Windham .223 rifle was used in the school shootings? Only to be recovered, removed, and then taken back to Marsh's hotel room to be "discovered" and associated with another case altogether. Marsh stole the gun on the 11th and had it in his possession throughout the Elementary school shootings until it was found by Hilton employees in his hotel room on the 16th.

Marsh, whose most recent address was 485 King St. in South Windsor, is facing a litany of charges. He had previously received a two-year suspended sentence after it was discovered in June 2011 that he had stolen 12 firearms from the same gun store, Riverview Sales.

Carl said that Marsh indicated that he needed the gun because he was “being teased at work". This however directly contradicts the fact that Marsh had recently lost his job, according to his father's girlfriend Sharon Hodge. Hodge stated that Marsh had been working at The Eugene Steinberg Co. in Bloomfield as an apprentice plumber with his father, Steven Marsh. The owner of the plumbing business told Eyewitness News off camera he hired Marsh a month ago to give him a break, but now he's no longer with the company. He added the state needs a better safety net for mentally ill residents such as Marsh.

Okay, now I know Marsh's terror-plotter backstory and motive for the thefts are being concocted on the fly. Let's review… Jordan Marsh stole a dozen firearms from Riverview back in June 2011, to which he receives not jail time, but a two-year suspended sentence. Then, the story they are currently bad-jacketing him with, is that he went back two more times in 2012 and within the same week to steal more, allegedly to kick off his own shooting spree. Why? Because he was let go from a job his father got him after a month and supposedly "teased" whilst there? That's just 4 bloody weeks! Maybe I'd buy that if he didn't steal those guns in 2011, but he did, and no one seems to know just where that little arsenal went. If he was being teased in 2012, how does that explain him stealing the dozen guns in 2011?! Plus that .50 calibre weighs about 33 lbs with a full magazine, and sits on a tripod like a sniper rifle. That is not something to run around with like Rambo Jr., it is meant to be a stationary distance assault weapon capable of taking out targets at a long range. It is bolt action which means again it is for sniping and not running around with in shooting sprees. Factored in with that calibre of round, damage is both massive and lethal. You have to have training and some experience with that weapon, it is not something that Jordan just picks up on a lark for a bit of instant revenge. Plus, for some reason, Marsh seemed to have needed this gun bad, bad enough to pull a knife on two gun store employees. I wish There was CCTV footage of that incident, because I'd be able to tell a whole lot by the way he ran and how he handled a knife. He obviously knew what he was doing because he carried pepper spray as a back up and he eluded the two employees, only to be arrested shortly thereafter.

.50 Calibre sniper rifle allegedly stolen by Jordan Marsh

Hodge said that Jordan Marsh has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and had been living in their South Windsor home until Jordan was kicked out last week after he neglected to take his medication and started behaving erratically. “He’s very ill,” said Hodge, adding that Jordan Marsh started exhibiting mental health issues after he sustained a traumatic brain injury in a snowmobile accident seven or eight years ago. Hodge said that when Jordan Marsh is taking his medication, “he’s fine. He’s well-liked”. But when he stops taking his medication, Jordan Marsh starts “hearing voices,” Hodge said.

Riverview store employees were not aware that Jordan Marsh had taken 12 guns from the store in the first incident until they was alerted in June 2011. He received a two-year suspended sentence this past May for the crime. Neither were store employees aware that the Windham .223 found in Jordan Marsh's Hartford hotel room had been removed from the store until alerted by authorities.

Marsh isn’t the only person who has stolen a large number of guns from Riverview Sales, according to police.

In 2007, Riverview Sales owner David E. Laguercia notified the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives that 33 guns were missing from his store, according to a Hartford Courant story. Of those 33 guns, 28 were recovered when police searched the home of Brian H. McClelland, who was a frequent customer of the store and helped out on occasion, the Courant reported.

Carl said that the store’s owners were not aware that the weapons had been taken until they told by police.

When asked whether, in taking all three incidents together, there was a systemic problem with Riverview Sales keeping track of its potentially lethal inventory, Carl said “absolutely.”

“They were unaware that firearms were walking out the door,” Carl said. “How many guns [have been taken from the store] that we are not aware of?”

Eyewitness News had an opportunity to go in the store Thursday and discovered that the handguns are all in cases, but the long guns are on racks that anyone can walk up, grab and leave with.

Riverview Gun Sales in East Windsor was raided the afternoon of Thursday 20/12/12 by federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The BATF raid was reportedly to investigate the rash of firearm thefts and the stores questionable records.

My hypothesis - What if this Jordan Marsh character was actually one of the second shooters? Unlike scrawny, meek Adam Lanza, Marsh looks like he can handle himself. Or, perhaps he could have been another black op team member who's task was to specifically secure untraceable guns for the operation? Was Riverview Gun Sales security truly so lax that people could just saunter in and walk out with assault weaponry on at least four separate occasions? How many guns in their inventory that were stolen match the guns reportedly found in Nancy Lanza's home and at the Sandy Hook Elementary School? Maybe Nancy never bought any of those guns, and Riverview either faked the paperwork to cover missing firearms, or was coerced to do so by government interests for the official story. I'm finding it hard to digest that Nancy Lanza, a mother of two buys a semi-automatic rifle the same type used in the DC Sniper killings, a shotgun and two handguns favoured by the Navy Seals (Sig Sauer P226) and local and state police (Glock 9MM). I don't buy the propaganda of her being a 'doomsday prepper' because according to family and friends, she lived a pretty high-profile, ostentatious lifestyle. So-called preppers live under-the-radar for the most part, and tend to not announce publicly what they're doing.

Be sure to also check out this brilliant new video! Phenomenal compilation illustrating shooter frame-up, exposing fake crying and a suspicious FEMA exercise scheduled THE VERY SAME DAY AS THE SCHOOL SHOOTING!

   *** UPDATE 18, December 2013 ***   

In case you were wondering, the image below illustrates just how a crime scene is utterly destroyed to preserve a contrived "official story" and eliminate inconvenient truths and troublesome evidence.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School crime scene in the fall of 2013. A cover-up in full force, with all incriminating evidence removed or destroyed, and all on-site contractors silenced and threatened with serious legal actions to preserve absolute secrecy. (photo credit: Vigilant Citizen)


23 June, 2012

False Flag 2012: UK Olympics?

In my previous post, I made mention of the possibility of our shit-demon enemies staging a false flag, synthetic terror attack at the 2012 Olympics. I'll keep things very short here as by now we all know the motive (war against Iran, and Islam-centric targets in the Middle East, as well as naked, raw fascism inflicted in the home countries). The opportunity, in addition to the means to carry it out, speak for themselves. As for the perpetrators, look no further than the usual crime conglomerate comprising the military, intelligence and governments of the Israel, the US & UK. 

And where would we be without the occult significance of it all? The opening of the Olympics in London begins 27, July 2012, which is in itself sports occult numerology of 27-7-2012 which breaks down to 7-9-5. Which in turn adds up to 21, and which further breaks down again into 3. I'll leave the rest to skilled numerologists to decipher and analyse further. As you'll also see, no sigil or gang signature was omitted, as the logo itself of the 2012 Olympics clearly reads the word: ZION.
I just discovered this brilliant video (below) which I believe best illustrates this impending scenario, in which these unholy bastards may callously and wantonly murder thousands to get what they want. I've a message to these sick monsters straight and true, to which I'm sure you will concur… Even if you succeed in your filthy mission, you will lose as no one but those with concurrent interests, or severely compromised mental faculties, will EVER believe anyone other than the US/Israel and UK carried this out. You are all vicious, conniving traitors who will be routed and ratted out by your associates, then convicted by civilian tribunal and hung for murder and treason. We are at your heels now for what you did on 9/11 and 7/7, and committing this act of desperate, criminal, terrorism will be your final undoing.

God save the Queen? Fuck her... God save the masses.

13 May, 2012

False Flag Alert: US

Illustration by David Dees

A high potential for a possible long planned false flag has recently surfaced. As readers know, I've talked quite a bit on the subject as I've tried earnestly to alert people to its imminence. So far, I've been happily errant on predicting what is never pre-announced, and of this I've been grateful. Nonetheless, when events and circumstances begin to converge like dark clouds on the horizon, and indicate a possibly violent incident, I feel it's appropriate to sound an alarm. You see, the threat of an impending false flag has never diminished, and has been there covertly lurking in the wings. Just laying in wait for desperate and irrevocably psychopathic monsters, to issue the murderous command to their terminally servile underlings. The motive for a false flag has always been there as well as the means, however the issue has always been waiting on opportunity. The cat is well out of the bag in terms of 9/11 & 7/7 exposure, and the cowardly culprits are now terrified of being caught red-handed. I honestly believe that a contrived terrorist incident could have been launched earlier, if not for the incessant, direct-to-target reporting on the blogosphere. This, in addition to the enhanced cognition and vigilance of the citizenry-at-large loathe to play victim again. Our ability to report and document, with incredible speed and accuracy, has cost them dearly in their fascist campaigns. However this time, their contingencies include logistics to declare martial law and sever the civilian information exchange that continues hindering their plans.

This new assessment of mine is based upon some recent convergence of facts and evidence, that indicate that they may use the upcoming NATO Summit In Chicago, USA to stage a low-yield nuclear false flag operation either this coming May 20th or 21st. Mike Rivero of advances a very convincing hypothesis, that they may even use a low-yield nuke. Either secreted in the bowels of a docked ship's bilge, or perhaps magnetically adhered and concealed elsewhere on it. Another red flag is the fact that Chicago area medical facilities are training and preparing quite "coincidentally" for radioactive contingent emergencies. It's also quite normal for a major city to be virtually shut down and the citizenry alerted and prepared for evacuation. According to a Red Cross internal memo sent to volunteers and emergency services in the Milwaukee area, the Red Cross chapter in Chicago stated "The American Red Cross in southeastern Wisconsin has been asked to place a number of shelters on standby in the event of evacuation of Chicago". When pressed on this memo, the Red Cross said the evacuation plan was not theirs alone, and their direction came from the City of Chicago and the Secret Service. After all, this financially destructive and logistically absurd level of tyrannical preparation occurs during every NATO summit right? As an added bonus, they can also hijack the term 'May Day' afterwards, and not un-coincidentally, the term mayday in ship and aviation emergency parlance is a call of distress.

For some background on May Day, an astute reader named Slozo, had contributed the following in the comments section, which I am adding into the post:

"I was looking up what sort of trash might be on Wiki on "National Workers Day" (May Day) when I ran into this VERY interesting tidbit that adds another explosive tie-in of Chicago to May Day:

From Wikipedia, "History" (of May Day)
"International Workers' Day is the commemoration of the 1886 Haymarket affair in Chicago. The police were trying to disperse a public assembly during a general strike for the eight-hour workday, when an unidentified person threw a bomb at them. The police reacted by firing on the workers, killing dozens of demonstrators and several of their own officers. "Reliable witnesses testified that all the pistol flashes came from the center of the street, where the police were standing, and none from the crowd. Moreover, initial newspaper reports made no mention of firing by civilians. A telegraph pole at the scene was filled with bullet holes, all coming from the direction of the police."

In 1889, the first congress of the Second International, meeting in Paris for the centennial of the French Revolution and the Exposition Universelle, following a proposal by Raymond Lavigne, called for international demonstrations on the 1890 anniversary of the Chicago protests.[5] May Day was formally recognized as an annual event at the International's second congress in 1891.[citation needed]

Additionally egregious, is that the government enforcers have set up what they call a militarised Red Zone perimeter in Chicago. Within this zone area, they state that they will declare martial law, patrolling and enforcing their security directives with paramilitary weapons and materiel. Urban warfare drills and cross-department paramilitary exercises will be conducted within the Chicago area. A no-fly zone with zero-tolerance, shoot-down orders, will also be established over the skies of Chicago during the summit. In addition, anti-missile batteries will be created to form a virtual missile shield within the city's boundaries. How can this all happen in a US city? Well, the citizens of Chicago have a dual-national (US/Israel) mayor named Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel has been investigated and documented as being a placed operative for the Mossad, who got his start as Chief of Staff in Obama's administration. His vetting for that office revealed that back in 2008, he had/has an active active FBI counter-intelligence file on him. It makes sense considering that his father Benjamin M. Emanuel, was a member of a known Israeli terrorist organisation named Irgun. Now he slithered his way to becoming installed as Chicago's mayor and its citizens will now get a first-hand glimpse of what it kind of feels like to be a Palestinian for at least two days.

Even if no false flag does occur what this NATO summit does produce, is acclimating the populace to an encroaching military/police-state. It's sets a sickening new precedent designed to produce a chilling effect on protesting deteriorating conditions, and confronting those who are its architects. These psychopathic criminals and their retinue of lackeys and enforcers, are chomping at the bit to use violence as means of political suppression. Using power and violent force to make brutal examples of those who dare protest, whilst utilising this terrorism to shock people into silent obedience. The cruel irony is not lost that this week, the US government just chastised the Russian government for brutally suppressing protesters. True, unfettered hypocrisy that knows neither shame nor bounds.

Here are but a few rather impending and intersecting circumstances that may make create an opportune moment for them to engineer and launch a synthetic terror attack. Bear in mind that the UK/US/Israel  triumvirate may also entertain a contingency to execute a multi-pronged attack. Perhaps staging another bit of nastiness at the London Olympics. My thinking is that this time they don't want isolated incidents that don't get them the mileage they are seeking. That these inside-job terrorists may instead be coordinating multiple attacks, to instil into the populace an all-consuming hysteria. An encapsulating, driving fear of uncertainty, chaos and impending doom. A ploy meant to drive the mindless to underwrite any and all Draconian measures for the illusion of security. Irreversible confiscations of freedom which will well seal the fate of their enslavement once implemented.

• Israel's Knesset has now unified both Likud and Kadima parties, forcing a Netanyahu (Nutty-fake-Jew) back-door power-play. Thus providing the zio-lunatic with a broad, new latitude, and a prime window to pursue his zealous attempts to ignite a proxy war against Iran. A war he intends to instigate and/or provoke, then have the US, the UK, and any other nation they can cajole, threaten or sucker into fighting it for him.

• The European Union is fast crumbling into a globalist's nightmare, as their economic austerity shell game is now experiencing critical blowback. Iceland has relatively broken free of the central banking scam, with Greece attempting to extricate itself and Spain and Italy's citizens organising to do the same. The new French President Francois Hollande, has outright expressed the intent to no longer utilise the US dollar as a medium of exchange. In short order, the support legs from the table of exploitation are buckling and slowly removing themselves, making a domino effect collapse a certainty.

• The true US figure for unemployment is at 40% making around 59 million Americans currently existing in a desperate and decaying living situation. Due to the gleeful outsourcing of jobs to the internationally enslaved and intentionally impoverished, there are extremely diminished sources for employment. Those whose unemployment  benefits have terminated are forced to exhausting their 401K savings (if they have them) and turning to government food stamps to subsist. All others who have no means available to them for support are faced with very desperate prospects to sustain themselves. That's about 59 million hungry and enraged people sick of being abused by a system that views them as nothing more than flesh commodities to extract the maximum amount of revenue from. What will happen when those people are driven to action to provide redress for their suffering? The government and military know, and that's why we are witnessing the increased militarisation of the local and regional police, as well as the public display of new urban warfare technologies and armaments in the streets. Drones will be soon be deployed as a counter-insurgency tool in the skies of the US. Some will be controlled by the US military, while others managed and piloted by (believe it or not) Israel and other domestic contractors. There will be no oversight, no legal protections, just a transplantation of the methods and murderous tactics used in Pakistan.

• US presidential candidate Ron Paul is increasingly winning delegates, which is publicly exposing the rigged election process and forcing the criminals behind the rigging to make more and more foolhardy and obvious moves to block him out from the election. Here's something else to consider for the upcoming US elections. I recall that during the reign of G.W. Bush, the idea began to be promoted as far back as July 2004, to suspend the national elections in the event of a major terrorist attack inside the United States. Well, with Ron Paul experiencing massively attended rallies, winning more delegates a growing public support of his candidacy. I can see Obama institute this contingency on the tails of an engineered false flag attack, as it would set a precedent and bypass the fact that he could not win an honest, un-tampered election. Lets be clear, he is now a dictator with the presidential lamination worn clear through. The truth is, is that his puppeteers desperately need him in place to retain their endgame momentum and Mitt Romney is just a media sensationalised distraction.

• Despite the insertion of spies, agent provocateurs, derailment operatives, agents of co-option and saboteurs, the Occupy Movement is progressing and slowly building strength and mass support. Their calls for revolutionary change may be diverse, but one message is very clear, they are anti-bailout and anti-austerity. This more than anything is the biggest threat to the Rothschild banking gangsters, as is the possibility of them further galvanising the masses to resistance and action.

• Currently there are wars being waged on two failed fronts Iraq and Afghanistan. Failed that is, unless you view them in true mission — as rapacious resource plundering, securing Opium crops and performing a genocidal Crusade on the behalf of Israel. With other imperial wars manufactured and fomented, Israel and its willing henchman are positioning themselves much like Rome before its fall. Largely by over extending their imperial military commitments, and in the case of the US and UK, facing financial ruin at home due to acute cases of financial parasite infestation. The madness and hubris is so shockingly dire, that they actually entertain deranged notions of engaging in conventional war fare with China and Russia.

The self-sanctified criminal class who have assumed and installed themselves as our leaders, need to create an immediate and dramatic diversion. They don't give a damn how many mass-murders they have to commit, nor how much suffering they wreak upon the masses. Until we recognise this as a relationship of escalating abuse, we accept the condition of us as livestock, to be done with as they desire.

Then there's yet another possibility altogether. That the escalated militarisation of Chicago along with the intangible threat and other ensuing "security" chaos, may itself be a diversion. Intelligence operations and strategies often utilise the use of diversions as a cover for the execution of their true missions. For example, during 9/11 the inside-job terrorists used the crashing of planes into the towers as a diversion, to cover the previously planted military-grade thermate and explosives used to take down the WTC buildings. While everyone is looking at the destruction above, shape charges and other destructive ordnance was used on the columns inside and below. Another diversion was used during Benazir Bhutto's assassination, when an explosion was discharged by members of the hit team nearby, whilst the assassins executed Ms. Bhutto. Sirhan Sirhan was a programmed hypno-assassin, proven to be both a patsy and a diversion during the RFK assassination. I think you get the point, but what if this NATO Summit with all its bully and bluster is just that… a diversion? Getting everyone to focus on events in Chicago, while the government lackeys and conspirators then stage their actual false flag incident at an entirely different location. This level of deception and  subterfuge is completely within the realm of possibility; we can all surmise the why, but cannot discern exactly the when or the how.

So, as always, the watchword is vigilance. Whether you are in the military, law-enforcement, intelligence, the financial sector,  are emergency or medical personnel, or simply one of the masses listen up. If you see, or hear of any information relating to false flag terrorism, or are ordered by superiors to be a traitor and assist in an inside-job terror operation, you need to report or leak it to trusted blogging journalists full-stop. That way it may be prevented by sheer exposure, the world to be forewarned and the culprits routed. If you are an accomplice to establishing this fascist hell-world, and believe you're safe and protected by your gang and handlers, remember the Night of the Long Knives. That was when the security forces and thugs that assisted in the establishment of the Nazis were betrayed, targeted and  summarily murdered. Why? Because they outlived their usefulness and were considered a threat, due to their expertise and the secrets they harboured. Too unbelievable? How many of you and your family have reservations at the self-assumed elite's bunkers, tucked away inside mountains or re-conditioned missile silos? What is in place to shield you, your loved ones or family members from the dystopian world you are helping to engineer?

Here's some bitter truth to swallow, your controllers don't give a solid shit about you, and you are only as useful to them as a tool in which to achieve their agenda. After your obsolescence, you will either be executed, incarcerated in a regional camp or mental institution, or perhaps simply discarded back to the masses and family members you sold out and betrayed. This is the New Order retirement package they've prepared as reward for your loyal service to them.

04 April, 2012

Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men?

The satanic façade and masquerade of a closet elitist

Friends, enemies and good readers, as anticipated, Killing Joke have released their latest CD Monday. However, going forward, I cannot in all good conscience support them any longer due to the fundamental contradictions they display. On the one hand, they produce vibrant, articulate musical outrage coupled with a unifying message, performed with organic thunder with deftness of musical proficiency. This, in contrast, appears to be only one facet of their being and beneath it lurks some diabolical affiliations and seriously nefarious interests that I personally cannot abide by, much less promote. I'm a man of truth and always have been, no matter where it takes me or to whom its barrel is levelled. Truth is truth, and reality is undeniably reality, stark and unyielding. It has always been my mission to wield this particular sword with the utmost objectivity and to the best of my mortal ability. If we don't have simple, raw truth, then all that remains are lies and the accompanying delusion which binds us to that which we are attempting to transcend.

Through email correspondence with a regular reader of my blog, who's a rather steadfast fellow on the path of justice and veracity. I was alerted by him to some rather disturbing facts about Jaz Coleman, Geordie Walker and Killing Joke in general, that I had somehow overlooked. Namely the matter of their affiliation with satanism in the form of lauding the works of one Aleister Crowley, and his particular brand of Golden Dawn/Ordo Templi Orientis magick. This, in addition to their incorporation of Rosecrusianism, Kabbalah, Druidry, elements of Freemasonry, and other occult sources of unholy power. This is not conjecture and instead a great part of this is readily admitted by Mr. Coleman himself in interviews. By Killing Joke's own admission, and in other biographical documents, they state that these are the interests that they infuse into their persona and music. So, therefore, this wickedness is summoned and carried forth into the minds and consciousness of their fans an audience. These satanic works and the long dead Mr. Crowley, all represent everything our collective enemies love and the impetus of everything that currently slithers beneath us, undermining our security, lives and freedom.

It was no joy for me hearing that in 1982 when Jaz Coleman and Geordie Walker effectively disbanded Killing Joke and moved to Iceland. They did so to seek solace and space to enact an elabourate, demonic ritual known as 'Abramelin Working' . For a frame of reference, Wikipedia defines this satanic invocation as follows: "During the period of the work, the magician must daily pray before sunrise and again at sunset. During this preparatory phase, there are many restrictions: chastity must be observed, alcoholic beverages refused, and the magician must conduct his business with scrupulous fairness.

After the preparatory phase has been successfully completed, the magician's Holy Guardian Angel will appear and reveal magical secrets. Once this is accomplished, the magician must evoke the twelve Kings and Dukes of Hell (Lucifer, Satan, Leviathan, Belial, etc.) and bind them. Thereby, the magician gains command of them in his own mental universe, and removes their negative influence from his life. Further, these spirits must deliver a number of familiar spirits (four principal familiars, and several more associated with a set of magical word-square talismans provided in the Abramelin's Book Four).

The magical goals for which the demons can be employed are typical of those found in grimoires: the practitioner is promised the ability to find buried treasure, cast love charms, the ability of magical flight, and the secret of invisibility, to list a small number of examples".

The post continues by stating: "For Coleman a one world government is necessary to curb the irresponsibility that’s grown from corporate manipulations of the populace, and to somehow control the dangers of over population and wars that have marked the 20th century".

What does Jaz think of conspiracies that he alludes to in Killing Joke's songs? In an interview for Invisible Oranges he promulgated "I don’t care for the whole conspiracy culture. I certainly don’t buy into most of it. But I do buy into the fact that there is a secret history of the world. There’s two histories. There’s a history for the ordinary, and there is a history for the initiated or enlightened. It’s always been the case throughout history". He continues, "You could also live in a state of fucking paranoia as well that drives you mad. A lot of the things that drive conspiracy theories are phantoms. What makes you think anyone gives a flying monkey about half of our lives? Most of us aren’t terrorists or terrorist material, and I think half the time all the conspiracy culture is fuelled by fantasists. But it sells, doesn’t it?" It certainly does Jaz, quite a Janus-like turnabout, for it seems to reveal that for him, so-called conspiracies are nothing more than a band marketing gimmick to lure in the youth.

Coleman then pontificates on his view of how the state of the world should be managed. "The biggest problem is how to tell the subcontinent of India not to reproduce. Part of it is education. Gandhi tried this – [offering] free radios for sterilisation. There needs to be mass education and taxes on people for every child. In schoolbooks, there should be no positive associations with childbirth. That would be a good start." Really Jaz? More than a bit hypocritical, since you bloody well have three fucking children of your own. For crypto-Eugenicist promoters, what they say is never, ever, supposed to apply to them or their brood, that's rules for the rabble.

On global management he states: "The only logical answer is to divide the world into four blocks. The Americas, the European Union, The African Union, and the Asia-Pacific Union. Then a world council that will be annexed onto the exiting U.N. That’s the only way to solve all of these problems effectively at once. And now you see! It could still go two ways. It could be the dream of Beethoven and Schiller, the brotherhood of man. Or it could be an authoritarian model. We have a choice there also". Well done Jaz, you've managed to articulate the exact same rubbish and agenda that our enemies wish to create. That's just a coincidence though eh? Cut the world into more easily managed sectors for the predators to control and if it wasn't for their rapacious greed (Greece financial plunder), it would be well on it's way.

Like a loose thread in a ratty, old sweater, the background on Jaz Coleman and his bizarre philosophies and bankrupt postulations come apart the more I pull at it. I'll leave any further investigation to those in dire need of more vomitous examples, as now I am thoroughly sickened and ashamed that I ever recommended them to anyone. I apologise, for in my zeal and haste for promoting the progressive, I let sentimentality and loyalty get the better of me and I should have absolutely fucking known better. Now I feel cheated, deceived, betrayed and pissed off, and I'll come away with this an even harder and distrustful man, more well for the lesson.

As those of you who know me virtually through my writing, you know that evil and the worship of it is something I cannot stomach, condone nor ignorantly propagate. Had I taken the time to investigate them further I would have, should have sussed it out, and perhaps I carry the guilt of failing to do so.The dialectic reality is that one cannot server two masters, and the fact that Killing Joke has these inherent contradictions, makes me as both a (former) supporter and fan confront an ugly actuality that Jaz and company are perhaps taking the piss at our expense. Using our collective and growing hunger for justice to propel another more covert agenda. Go to and watch the intro which is an interview with Jaz, interspersed with some rather repugnant and symbolism laden publicity shots (VigilantCitizen and Aferrismoon should have a field day there).

Once again I learned the lesson eternal — always… always…  be careful of whom and what you ally yourself to, always be focused and vigilant. In all honesty though, I had been a fan of Killing Joke pretty much when they started and I never saw this dark side until very, very, recently. With the advent of the internet, now nothing can be concealed for long and evidence can be found with persistence and patience. Lately it seems Jaz has become more candid, more open about their dark proclivities and its influence .  Since discovering this new and rather ugly reality, I've struggled with trying to resolve this contradiction and my moral response to it. I could just ignore it all and accept the music at face value, but I've reached a crossroads and cannot reconcile the two. So, what we have is a band seemingly all about energising their audience with catalytic lyrics that reveal and inspire progressive ideas. Converse to this, is that the band plays about with satanic powers, performs rituals and is influenced by the satanic personages whom manifested and articulated them. Rolling about in the very same dark arts worshipped and utilised by those who seek to enslave us. As they revel in and incorporate into every aspect of warfare they deploy as PSYOPS and vile policy against us. Evil no longer hides in shadows, instead it lurks in the plain sight of the 'Revelation of the Method', mocking us all as a "killing joke".

I think this all has affected me so profoundly is because I was such an a fan of theirs for many years and sung their praises. That being said, if I didn't pass this information onto my readers, I would be derelict in my duties and an outright hypocrite. To conceal this truth would undermine the foundation of truth that I've established here and that is something counter to everything I stand for and believe. So here we are, and it is what it is, and I am coming from a political standpoint and not a religious one. Though I am versed in the teachings of many religions, and taken the best teachings from each, religion has always been a personal matter that I am perpetually analysing and updating. It doesn't have a place in political investigations which require sharp eyes, lightning analysis and objectivity.

Ultimately bands, much like favourite leaders or personalities, are to be viewed as simply tram rides, that you board and ride for a short while and then disembark when the journey has ended. Only a fool rides all the way to the end of a line they do not command the direction of. Mindlessly dispensing full trust only to conclude embarrassingly that they should have gotten off well earlier. History well documents case after case of people who rode their trams with mad drivers who jettison their vehicles whilst driving, leaving all to perish. Or the driver who runs it straight off a cliff killing all passengers aboard. So-called leaders and all personalities are just bus rides for your journey and edification, just keep your eyes open and try not to sleep past your stop. At one point I rode the David Icke and Alex Jones bus lines, as well as a number of other trams travelling towards my destination. At the time they all seemed proper, fit and mapped to my journey, and I travelled on them until they diverted from that path. To which I promptly stood up, disembarked at the next stop, boarded another tram and rode a bit further on that line. This is life, and you must take control of navigating your way to where you need to go. This has served me well in all my years and I encourage you all to do the very same. Which is why it's nothing for me to ring the bell and get off the Killing Joke bus. I'll keep walking down the road and then board another travelling in the correct direction.

Venerate the destination and never the method of travel.

Cheers all.


Cured in the Underworld – Killing Joke in Perspective -

Invisible Oranges Interview Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke) -

15 March, 2012

Hit the Accelerator! Das Jahr von KMFDM

Artwork by Brute, image credit to Policezombie at Deviantart

Music moves, it lives, it breathes and when it's at its best, it catalyses. It ignites the embers of people's souls slowly atrophied by servitude and dissipating dreams. It's the high octane fuel that inspires us all to transcend ourselves from the mundane and the trivialities of the material world. Music has the power to incite, the power to drive us to something larger than ourselves. Tapping into its modulating cross-frequencies, integrating the extra aural electro-stimuli with the intra synoptic impulses inherent inside ourselves. Stoking imagination and aspirations from thought, to feeling, to movement; and it is for this very reason that the most powerful and progressively influential of it is suppressed, marginalised, censored and co-opted. What remains is exsanguinated, commercially-engineered, life-dulling, corporate and intelligence approved rubbish. Horrid, cookie-cutter slop dumped into the mass consumption trough, for trained livestock. Soul-deadening products slathered with a sugary-sweet and glittering veneer, of the best that marketing dollars can buy. They have to, to cover that flavourless, generic taste, and effluence that can gag the heartiest of maggots. Music must have an organic, vital heart at its centre coupled with sincerity of feeling, and must tell a tale either lyrically or through its music, or it is simply D.O.A. and bin filler. It needs to be fluid like water and whether it's soft and tranquil, or thunderous and feral, it must move! To excite and inspire with its ever-changing flow.

Great, organic music is a good friend that is always there for you from the highest to the lowest times of your life. It never betrays, never pesters and is always there to bring to mind memories and personal milestones. Music is life, and it is also a sonic weapon of influence and potency, oft-times it is anthemic. As an example of what I mean, I'd like to share the song below with you. For I believe it is the perfect soundtrack of rage that defines the times that we the struggling masses are currently striving to survive and surmount in victory.

I listen to a diverse musical catalogue but somehow the times we live in, matched with my reaction to it does not scream symphony or contemplative piano concertos. There's a place for that, but I'm not in that place right now. I'm sorely pissed off, enraged at the affronts to my freedom and the gross threats to life and future by preening, sanctimonious demons fancying themselves as our overlords. I'm caught up in a war I didn't start, I didn't want, and have to fight it defensively every single day. The azure blue heavens are now choked with Chemtrails coke-lining the sky with ominous darkness looming on the horizon. The days may appear sunny and bright, but there's always that underlying faint whiff of oppression lingering in the atmosphere. This is what life is under occupation with fish tank freedom is, with existence managed by slavering predators afflicted with god-complexes. There is no beauty in this, it's ugliness to its very core that despises every virtue, and every fine and innocent thing.

So the landscape of war needs suitable musical accompaniment, in the form of primal rhythms that electrifies the consciousness, awakens the warrior within, and galvanises energy to action. Everyone is different, but I think that deep down in all of us that have not had it extinguished, lies this common, tribal war dance instilled in us from ancient genetic blueprints. It is a call not relegated to a specific gender by any means, as history has eternally documented ferocious women warriors determined in every aspect to defend home, neighbour and country. This is the universal fire within that we have been taught to sublimate, dismiss or unleash only in the service of false nationalism and corporate interest. Listen to KMFDM's thunder-queen valkyrie, singer Lucia Cifarelli and tell me if you think that she's doesn't exude the very words she detonates. Now that's a powerful, bona-fide warrior woman without question.

Free Your Hate (lyrics)

Silence is golden
Ignorance bliss
Better off not asking
What you'd rather forget

And as the vice grip choke holds
All of our freedoms are meeting their end
And for the wars they wage
Numberless troops lie wounded or dead

The beatings will continue
Until morale improves

Free your hate
Crusade in the days of rage
Perilous folly
Rise up against your fate
Free your hate
Crusade in the days of rage
Tireless cunning
Stampede and break your chains

Terror at gunpoint
Torture at large
Enemy combatant
Labelled a threat
Without trial or charge

Repetition of history
Messenger, prophet, martyr for god
All for once and for all
Reclaim your power
The tyrant must fall

The beatings will continue
Until morale improves

Free your hate
Crusade in the days of rage
Perilous folly
Rise up against your fate
Free your hate
Crusade in the days of rage
Tireless cunning
Stampede and break your chains

(Nixon speech sample)
I am... a revolutionary!
Violence in America today, it's not caused by the war, it's not caused by repression, there is no romantic ideal involved. Let's recognise these people for what they are… They're the same thugs and hoodlums that have always plagued the good people.

Free your hate
In the days of rage
Free your hate
In the days of rage

In the days of rage
In the days of rage

Free your hate
In the days of rage

Free your hate
Free your hate
Free your hate

In the days of rage
In the days of rage
In the days of rage
In the days of rage

The music I'm featuring in this post is from the German band KMFDM whose abbreviated band name is, Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid or, No Majority For The Pity, a rather clever rearrangement of "Kein Mitleid für die Mehrheit" or "No Pity For The Masses". If you've never heard of them, give a listen and read along with the provided lyrics which are just as bang-on as the beat ballistically propelling them. Counter to the media propaganda and lies, KMFDM's stance is anti-fascist and progressive revolutionary, and they've been around for many years with a massive inventory of songs recorded. Through their different incarnations KMFDM's core has remained uncannily solid, and they have always been stridently consistent in their driving, clever, truth-provocative anthems. In their latest re-work of their song "A Drug Against War", they have remodelled it into version called "A Drug Against Wall Street" and dedicated it on 15, October 2011 to the Occupy movement. For more information on them and their work go to their official site at

WWIII (lyrics)

I declare war on the world
War in outer space
I declare war in a nutshell
War all over the place

I declare war on every government
War against all odds
I declare war on your inner sanctum
On your blood thirsty gods

World War Three
Be all that you can be
World War Three

I declare war on the axis of morons
All out war on complacent consent
I declare war on the war against drugs
Rape and slaughter of the innocent

War on big brother
Warmongers and profiteers
War on your dogma Dubya
Armageddon's engineers

World War Three
Be all that you can be
World War Three

War in a heartbeat
I declare war on so-called civilisation
World trade globalisation
Organised disinformation

War on ambassadors of pretence
War on MTV and CNN
McDonald's, Walt Disney and Bethlehem
On Christina, Britney and Eminem

I declare war on the world of anti-choice
On violence unilaterally
On the amassment of murderous high-tech toys
And all crimes against humanity

War on the moral majority
On corporate dot-com imperialism
On mindlessly bumbling stupidity
And police-state terrorism

World War Three
World War Three - Be all that you can be
World War Three - Be all that you can be
World War Three

Hope you enjoy it and find it as inspirationally and explosively energising as I do. Hit the accelerator and play it loud!!

Cheers all.

04 March, 2012

False Flag 2012 and the Manufacturing of War

Art credit to the brilliant and venerable R. Cobb
Greetings all, although I have made my announced departure, I did promise that I would post items of a critical and vital nature if they arose. The timing may have been hard to pinpoint, but the warning has always remained impending and dire. The false flag terror-metre steadfastly on red, warning all to keep their vigilance at maximum. War and an accompanying false flag or flags are imminent, for the enemies of humanity are at a desperate cross roads and they are sprinting for the endgame finish line.
Never has the tension to provoke war(s) been so amplified than in the past weeks, with intelligence destabilisation operations running in Syria, Iran and more recently, Saudi Arabia. Due to this incessant and oft time covert game of escalation, the choking stench of war is now wafting in the wind.

Chickenhawks are doing the psychopath's war dance, and the ever-complicit media is manufacturing and regurgitating propaganda, like they were all promised cabinet positions. I guess what I'm getting at, is that all the signs are converging that Nutty-fake-jew (Netanyahu) and his criminal counterparts in Israel will be launching a suicidal assault on Iran sometime this week. Prior to this however they will be issuing marching orders and scripts directly to their government accomplices in the US, UK and Canada in particular. There WILL be a false flag launched, with Israel and the US as the prime orchestrators. Then in turn, their sights will be on Syria, Somalia and finally onto Saudi Arabia who will soon learn a nasty little lesson on making bargains with the devil. You see, the Saudi government has been historically more than a little complicit in assisting Israel and the US in destabilising the region. Never mind what they say, always examine  their actions. Honestly, I cannot believe that the Saudi government is truly that stupid, so then what exactly were they were promised to make such a self-destructive deal in the first place? One thing's for absolutely sure, is that their playmates will be turning on them like a slavering rabid dog. The man who helps the slaver will always in turn be enslaved, thus shall ever be the way of the Faustian deal.

What is most ridiculous about these new military campaigns, is just how predictable they are in their unvarying strategy. It usually runs a little something like this:
  1. Identify an opposition or group indigenous and hostile to the national government of a targeted nation. If there are none, use infiltrated intelligence operatives to actively seek and fund such groups, providing materiel and munitions. If there are none available, then contract disparate factions or criminal elements and create one; this synthetic construct is known as a pseudo-gang.
  2. Have the media begin promoting stories on this mysterious new group, creating plausible backstories and news items to promote the group as public supported freedom-fighters dedicated to fighting the corrupt regime. Further utilise media assets to strategically circulate stories of government terror and murder with images of infanticide, wholesale slaughter and assassinations. Then have "citizen" eyewitnesses (assets) come forward with media interviews and tales of atrocities to propagate disinformation and outrage.
  3. Have in-place intel operatives and assets begin committing high casualty false flag acts of bombings, sabotage and terrorism carried out by either "unknown assailants" or bad-jacket elements of a targeted foreign nation. This is to spread terror and chaos in-country, while heads of state, the UN and other agenda compliant international agencies begin a hue and outcry for military intervention. Supply contending factions with weapons and ordnance, in order to spread chaos, death and lawlessness, whilst targeting critical government infrastructures and communications.
  4. Escalate the strategy of tension and news propaganda to maximum, gauge public opinion for and against the national agenda. If citizen support for military intervention and war can be falsely galvanised, then proceedings for attack and invasion are implemented. If the support is not there, then a false flag terrorist act or acts, carried out by intelligence services is then committed domestically. Massive casualties will be incurred in concert with manufactured evidence. Assets in the targeted country will conveniently claim responsibility, or the media will advance stories of covert surveillance interceptions. Israeli intelligence and their fronts linked to them, will leak unsubstantiated reports, as well as "uncover" video allegedly from "terrorist spokespersons". Israeli intelligence will also supply manipulated field reports directly to US intelligence to misdirect and castigate parties they want surveilled or neutralised.
  5. Once the domestic false flag(s) has been executed by military and intelligence insiders, martial law will be surreptitiously made operational. The excuse will be disseminated that measure is necessary to restore order and rule of law. Most likely the false flag(s) will of nuclear or of weaponised biological nature. This will allow the spread of fear as well as provide opportunities for FEMA intervention. Consequentially, domestic dissent will be effectively outlawed, non-commercial internet communications shutdown to control information, citizens on government watch-lists will be arrested or rendered under NDAA. Under the cover of nuclear or viral contamination, watch-listed individuals and progressive groups can be detained and transported to regional detention centres under the auspices of medical quarantine. With terrified civilians captivated by fear, and  mentally terrorised with PSYOPS, they will look to the only authority in their lives. A Phoenix Project will be resurrected and citizens will be encouraged and rewarded for reporting and turning in any of their fellow countrymen who publicly oppose the war and/or criticise the government policies. So-called troublemakers or activists will be labelled terrorists and enemy combatants and have their rights summarily abrogated; to be incarcerated indefinitely under NDAA.
This is exactly what I see coming very soon, I pray it is undermined at every pass by conscientious and honourable individuals in the military and intelligence. Unfortunately, I doubt this very much however, as hope is the prayer and refuge of fools.

Cheers and Godspeed to all.