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29 August, 2011

Psychopaths With God Complexes, Nature's Fury & the Tao

One's true place in the universe is dictated by their knowledge and acceptance of it
Greetings to all, besides my other rather significant responsibilities, I've been down for a wee bit due to a right nasty lady named Irene who blew through town, soaked me for all I was worth and then departed in an angry huff. Obviously I'm referring to Hurricane Irene who delivered a bit of sustained chastisement, to those so drunk with arrogance, they straight fancy ideas that they run planet earth and control everything. Delusions of grandeur taken to a self-deified obscenity, an audacious god-complex if you will. Insanity reflected in finding the largest or most dangerous animals on earth and killing or captivating them to display superiority. To the person whose mind has been twisted in this manner no threat can ever be tolerated without a show of force to satiate their pathology. A psychosis so profound it thinks it can destroy asteroids with missiles and seriously ponders war with China or contaminate the skies with Chemtrails to manipulate the atmosphere. Do I think that the military and research and development mad scientists at DARPA and other Luciferian labs have found ways to try and manipulate weather and seismic activity and attempt to weaponise it? The answer is yes, with the caveat that they can influence and perhaps induce certain conditions but that they cannot control it any more than they could a feral animal. How an earthquake can devastate only the Haitian side of an island shared by the Dominican Republic and spare one whilst devastating another is mighty evidence. Nature is not a force that exacting nor discriminating in that regard.

The nature of life on this planet dictates absolute laws of harmony, humility and the knowledge of your place in the universe. Unfortunately we live amongst clinical psychopaths who embrace satanic principles and do quite literally whatever they see fit, seeing any challenge to it as a threat to be addressed or neutralised. When I witness uncontrolled acts of nature displaying it's intrinsic force and ultimate power I have to say it is a definitively humbling experience. The Tao describes this peace. This universal oneness with one's environment both internally and externally, and the precious balance that one must attain to be harmonious with the whole. This divine communion and harmony is the essence from which chi flows and meditation conscious and sub-conscious is the conduit to attune to it. You are here in the moment, you impart no cause and you receive no effect. Sublimate into the landscape, for it is you and not you at the same time. Ego and self-awareness are anchors that impede and must be released and their destructive effects dissipated. They are a learned arrogance.

No, I don't enjoy the discomforts of a natural onslaught, but in the western world even living reduced to the very basics, is considered a very luxurious lifestyle by contrast to the living conditions endured by many daily throughout the world. So, the petty losses of what we've become accustomed to are nothing by comparison to someone living in the Sudan, Palestine, Iraq, or even our fellow country-persons under our very noses. People callously abandoned for their immediate inability to fatten the coffers of the international chancres (bankers). These particular individuals are commonly designated as homeless people and to the governments and central banks they are considered worthless, useless eaters. You see, one's innate worth or value to a these self-sanctified pricks is based upon your personal productivity and as long as you toil arduously and put food on their table, you will always be rewarded with the crumbs and discards cast from that table. Your inability to generate taxable monies renders you obsolete in a system engineered by empathy and remorse vacated parasites.

The game is nothing more that a massive gambling establishment and those trying to survive or beat the system by adhering to the rules are playing against the houses odds. House wins nearly every time except for the get-rich-quick personalities they dangle before you singing the siren's call of "You can be rich just like me". There are very few rich people or people of means who make/made their fortunes honestly and the grand majority generate their wealth through criminal activities of some sort or total moral depravity. The means to fast wealth is sociopathy and psychopathy which require you to depart with your soul in order to gain membership in this exclusive community. When I say soul, I am referencing it as the inherent empathy, rectitude and compassion for others that was instilled in you that incorporates your humanity. Plundering thieves desire these low qualities because they are the common denominator that binds them together based upon their rapacity and a total disregard for anyone but themselves. 

Just some personal musings I thought worth a share from my recent experiences.

 It's not my usual outrage infused news and educational offering, but herein lies that internal/external balance I strive to personally preserve.



Those reading this please stop by the Twelfth Bough and avail yourself of A. Peasant's post on spotting psychopaths. It is accompanied by a video that showcases the subject quite brilliantly -- a true must see.

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  1. There are very few rich people or people of means who make/made their fortunes honestly and the grand majority generate their wealth through criminal activities of some sort or total moral depravity.

    Ain't that the truth. Glad to hear that you're well & it I agree that it helps to take time out to remind oneself of your place in this psycho ruled world of ours.

  2. Great Post HHQ, and you are entirely right..
    one hopes that these psycopaths get instant karma and soon..a mass awakening of what these parasites actually are and do is required now so that the rest of us who are not psycopathic can live and create a world in peace for all to share...we are all connected. wah doh.
    Peace and cheers A13

  3. Thanks AR, it's that balance that affirms and hones our humanity. A life out of balance fosters misery and disease.

    A13! Always good to have you stop by and I concur emphatically with your observations. Peace and sincere good will do much to progress this world and I've nothing but hatred and enmity for those monstrosities who would see this destroyed.

    Cheers and respect.

  4. beautifully stated HHQ. so true that the inconveniences wrought by the storm are nothing compared to the monumental struggles of daily life for billions of people on this planet.


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