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14 May, 2011

A New Kind of Pathetic

Actual action figure of Obama done up as a Team 6 Navy Seal
G.I. Jackass, dignity sold separately

Just when you thought things couldn't be more ridiculous and obscenely pathetic. Apparently a Connecticut company has worked up an action figure of Barack Obama suited up in fatigues, posing as a Navy Seal Team 6 member, complete with an M1-A4 assault rifle. I thought someone was taking the piss for sure until I noticed mainstream media doing virtual infomercials disguised as news to publicise it. What's more absurd is that to actually use his image, wouldn't that also mean that someone in the White House had to authorise it, which would further mean that it is tacitly endorsed as well. Clearly at this point there is no bottom to the barrel when it comes to pushing this Bin Laden death hoax. What's worse still yet is that there was a precedent for this rubbish previously, when some war-criminal loving, knuckle walker manufactured an action figure of George W. Bush in a US Navy fight suit. Does anyone else smell government-sponsored or subsidised front companies masquerading as simple toy manufacturers?
The consummate poseur Bush fancied as a Naval Aviator

America's greatest zero... G.I. Joke, drug import gear sold separately
I can just see the adverts:

Act now 'cause they're goin' fast! The brand new Obama action figure with Israel-first death grip. Hey America's there's a new hero and he's taking no prisoners (unless it's to an undocumented CIA rendition site) — Obama the Team 6 Navy Seal! You can now have this Navy Seal guarding your home. Real Homeland Security from the man who was there* and served to accomplish the impossible. Killing a suspect Pakistani who just sat down to read the day's paper in Abbottabad, who kind of, sort of, looked maybe like Osama Bin Laden.

When you buy the Obama Navy Seal, you get the G.I. Joke G.W. Bush figure for FREE!! That's right, FREE! That's a 100 Federal Reserve pseudo-dollar value, for the low price of just three payments of $33.33 plus shipping and handling! Plus, if you act now, you'll get all these amazing accessories absolutely free!
  • Zionist lackey membership card, signed by an actual member of AIPAC
  • A pre-authorised, official US military recruitment form for entry into real combat**
  • An exclusive "I went on a military kill mission, and all I got was this fake Osama death photo" T-shirt and Raymond Davis shammy
  •  An official Zionist lackey membership card, signed by an actual member of AIPAC
  • An authentic, replica Osama Bin Laden war journal, complete with glow-in-the-dark death certificate and secret, terrorist nuke attack plans in English and Hebrew
  • An Al Qaeda CIA asset decoder ring and pseudo-gang mobile video mini-recorder
  • Barack Obama 3-D birth certificate colouring page and distraction poster
  • The "How to Stage Fake Deaths" handbook with Insta-DNA test utility belt and coupon for 20% off the Deep-Sixer sea burial catapult system
  • A genuine, imitation US Navy Seal Team Chickenhawk graduation certificate signed in authentic enemy baby blood
  • A "Securing Freedom Through Deprivation" bumper sticker
But wait… there's still more! While supplies last… you also get the commemorative CNN and BBC junior propagandist badge, government script and microphone! Now you and your friends can parrot state-scripted news, make baseless horseshit up, and shill for government and corporate interests just like the professionals!***

* Obama present in fully operational spiritual capacity only.
** Actual combat may damage your health. Side effects may include death, dismemberment, irreversible insanity, uncontrollable serial killing for fun instead of for a flag or corporation, disillusionment, depression, and thoughts or acts of suicide. If you experience any of these, please confront the PSYOPS agent who convinced you to kill for empire.
*** Must pass Israel-first fealty and Loyal Supporter of Zion screen test first.


  1. haha, you are *wicked* HHQ! "signed in authentic enemy baby blood" ! -- nice touch. i honestly did not think anyone could possibly be less believable in a military costume than that dumb fuck W, but i was wrong.

  2. Indeed, the desperation and the failure to sell and offload this excrete onto the public, gets worse and grows deeper day by day.

  3. Next up?

    G.I. Jane (Sarah)?

    Wait for it!

    (and our "thanks!")

  4. Hi HHQ!!
    I want to order the Bush doll, with removable strap on cod piece!!! and glow in the dark double dong!!hours of fun there ;)
    exce;lent post
    cheers A13

  5. Suzan: Caribou Barbie would do better as a sock puppet or marionette than an action figure.

    A13: Wow what a reply, took me off guard on that one. You are creative, that's for sure. By the by that removable strap-on DD may fit the Bush doll, but it's an accessory included with the Condoleezza Rice and Janet Napolitano figures.

  6. HHQ...Chuckle chuckle chuckle...
    what accessories go with the hilary doll? a baphomet headed vibrator? and a size 25 Cuban cigar?
    lol... ;)
    Cheers bro.

  7. Hey HHQ!

    for some reason your latest post did not appear in my dashboard, which It should because I follow you so...

    who the heck knows?

    The obama doll is over the top and I would think any normal decent human would think it shameful.

    But the world seems to be lacking in normal decent people.

    Thanks for the laugh, and that is all that thing is worth, a laugh!

  8. Blogger made some pretty abrupt and rude changes last week, and perhaps that is a part of it. Or, it may be related to the new theme change, or even something else altogether.

    As for baby's first Reich doll, you are spot on, as any decent being retaining vestiges of their humanity would find this 'Obamination' repellent.

    It speaks volumes of sociopathic narcissism, like some updated Roman emperor blind, stinking drunk off of his own power.

  9. Tell ya the truth, Hei Hu Quan: I find any doll - a toy made for children - holding weapons meant to kill other humans pretty sick. The Obama likeness holding the gun . . . yeah, it's a middle finger at the adults, sure. But that doesn't fucking affect me one bit.

    On the kids, however, it's a different story.

    I always knew that shit was bad, all the war and killing and weapons advertising our kids get as "normal and acceptable" in our society. But now that I have my own kids, it's something so much more poignant and clear to me. You see, having kids brings home the reality and paradigm of how children learn, how they soak up info, learn what is right and what is wrong, what is ok, what is normal. And fighting the shitstorm of war advertising is a tough battle, friends.

    We see Obama.

    Our kids? They see a happy, confident man holding an automatic killing weapon while wearing a shirt with an evil looking death skull.

    Death and killing, we are taught, is cool.

  10. What more can we expect from a sex and death cult, but the glamorisation of the things they believe in most. We are currently in a war that was not of our design or making. It was thrust upon us by those who seek to deprive us of freedom and a progressive, prosperous life on our own terms. Unfortunately, the tools to extract us from this situation, and protect our survival are intelligence and guns (in that order). A gun is a tool, nothing more, it has no logic or reason of it's own and one can be killed by a screwdriver or hammer just the same. Guns used in the hands of the righteous are truly just tools to secure peace and security of family and community. This is an ugly but unavoidable truth. In the US, it is the private ownership of guns that keeps the sociopathic elite from going full bore on the populace. So to counter this, in the US, the prime weapon of choice used by these evil bastards is PSYOPS which gets much more mileage than using gunfire. For it convinces its victims to police themselves and to invest in fantasies to keep from challenging this onslaught on all fronts. It's a long term strategy that has benefited them since its inception.


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