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23 January, 2011

New Feature!

Welcome international readers!
To enhance your user experience, I've added a translator for my site, to assist in the translation of content to your respective native language. The feature is located in the top of the column to the right, just above the animated gif.



  1. HI HHQ, I appologise if i offeneded with my "aussie" translation of your welcome to international readers, i was being fasicious, but in no way meant to offend anyone, especially you, except take the piss out of us Aussies...we do that you know, it's part of our cultural cringe humor.
    in any case i could not appologise until now, as my PC was fubar'd with a motherboard major and i had to get it it back just about 1 hour ago so i'm catching up.
    Heads up to all your good work.
    PS suraci seems really snafud?? i emailed him to see how he is, i'm really missing his writting.

  2. Thanks for the apology A13, it wasn't clear that was the case, and I found it a bit contrary to the welcome I was extending to international readers who may not have understood the send up. I make great effort to create an environment reflective of the world community. We all depend upon on one another and our struggles are mutual, often the same in demand and purpose. If one of us is put to shit, we all are, and we won't be victorious in anything without this primary foundation of unity. All around the world we have the same central enemy, it's just the thugs, lackeys, facilitators and enforcers that differ.

    As far as Suraci, I've heard from him via email and he's shutting his site down. He stated that he was being targeted but didn't elaborate past that. I expressed to him to reach out to his friends and supporters and to please take all due precautions. I do hope that he realises how much his work is widely read and appreciated, but his safety is paramount.

  3. Thanks HHQ,
    Glad you understand i didn't mean to be rude :)
    I did have fun writting it though ;)

  4. No worries mate, you seem like an astute, top shelf chap. The Internet as you know loses a lot of verbal nuances that can be easily misunderstood.



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