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05 December, 2010

Brilliant Documentary 'Human Resources' - Must View!!

Greetings all, quite the busy week here to be sure. In any event you must check out this brilliant documentary entitled 'Human Resources' (kudos to Cryptogon for unearthing this one). It concerns the exposure of the genesis and agenda of the social conditioning and large-scale human engineer of the masses. It's available in large format here: Human Resources or right here below.


  1. Its important to see the gradual and organised compartmentalization of mass humanity.

    A worthy , small and comparatively cheap book is 'The Medium is the Massage' by Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore.

    Makes one htink about the Human Resources and Management Training programmes that foisted on already intelligent people by Management gurus etc.


  2. Utterly brilliant! Thank you for this one HHQ, I have forwarded the link off to a few non-believers and fence sitters to ponder!

  3. You're very welcome, glad to assist. Seeds cast on fertile soil bear warriors of resolute mind.

    Cheers to you Aferrismoon, for your literary contribution.


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